Chapter One


The Seduction


The following is something that I never thought would happen much less to me. It started a few years ago. My stepdaughter, Dana, lived with us off and on though her years at the university. To say that I never look at her with sexual thoughts would be less than honest. After all picture now a beautiful 30 something year-old girl, 5’11”, 140lbs., big brown eyes, dark curly hair, 36” legs with a matching 38” D-cup.


What man would not have some of those feelings? We live in the mid-west in a mid sized city. After her graduation she married her school sweetheart and moved 1500 miles to the west coast. Due the distance the only times we were able to see her was the holidays and sometimes during the summer. But that was not often enough for me. It seemed like every time she looked even sexier than the last time I saw her. But as things go in the “sweetheart” weddings feelings did start to fade away after the third year. Each time she would come home and cry on both our shoulders. It often seemed to me there was more crying on mine than her mothers. As the final straw fell I was called and begged to help her move back home with us at least for the short term. I agreed to fly out there and help her pack and drive the truck back home.


When I got there I was surprised to see how well she was taking the break up of her marriage. After spending most of one day and half the other everything was packed and ready to make the move. We left the Bay area early one morning and hoped to make it home in two days.


The drive was un-eventful and late the first night we decided to find a place to stay for the night. As I was checking in Dana was standing beside me to hear the desk clerk tell me that he only had one room left and that only had a kind sized bed. Dana just smiled and told the motel worker not a problem that we were family and took the key from her and walked off. I know that I must have looked somewhat dumbfounded. I headed back to the truck, parked it and picked up the suitcases and headed to the room.


When I got there she was already in the shower. I called to her only to hear her tell me to toss me her robe. “It’s in the bag dad”, was the only reply as to where is it? I opened the suitcase to find some leather things. As well a chain type dog collar. Which was very interesting, as I never knew that Dana ever had a dog. As I started to turn to tell he I could not find it she walked from the bathroom with only a towel around herself. Oh damn, with a big smile on her face, not that one the other one.


She almost seemed embarrassed that I saw inside of her bag. She took the bag, removed her robe from it and walked off. When she came out of the bathroom I saw her white silk robe was about mid thigh and it was all I could do to not stare at her when she walked back into the bedroom. Her tanned body set off the white even more. After I came out of the shower I almost prayed that she would be asleep on her side of the bed. Maybe more for me as not to be tempted not to just up and rape her right then. Thank goodness I stayed in the shower long enough she was fully asleep. I slid into bed trying not to wake her and after some time drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night I awoke to feel Dana’s full breast pressing against my back and much to my surprise her arm around me.


It was not all that long before her hand moved and was holding my cock. My thought was this is probably the way that she slept with her husband. Oh my god how am I going to work my way out of this was my first thought. No matter how I moved or shifted she would not let go of my cock. Then I almost passed out when Dana whispered into my ear in that oh so soft tone. “Daddy, hold still and enjoy yourself!” “Because I know for sure I will.” I was in shock as what to do. So I did the only thing I could think of and that was just what she told me to. I held still and let Dana hold and milk my cock. “Daddy would you like to cum for me now?” I am sure she could tell by my voice I was about to and all I could say is yes I would love that very much. Just a couple more pulls and I went off on all the sheets.


She then whispered into my ear, “if you want more of this is only the start.” “I will talk to you more about this later on.” Dana milked me a little more then told me good night, kissed me on the ear and turned her back to me and went off to sleep. God it was like nothing at all had happened to her. Not another word was said about what had happened that night for the rest of the drive home.


Dana spent only a couple of nights with us. Then found a three-bedroom house about ten miles from us on the other side of town. It was such a beautiful place and very spacious. I brought the truck there and with lots of help from Dana’s friends and had everything unloaded in one day. I tried to check out everything around her new place to be sure it worked properly. Everything seemed fine and I left later that evening.


Again nothing was said about the trip back and what had happened in the hotel. I kept trying to tell myself it was a dream. But I knew it was not. Something I have dreamed of happening and as bad as I hate to say it wanted it to happen again and again. If fact at that point I know I would do anything at all to see it happen again.


At this point there is something I need to admit to at least myself. Sense the first time I saw her I wanted her. As time went on many things have changed. What I wanted now was something I cannot really believe I am about to say. I would give anything to be her submissive. Not just her sexual submissive. I am not looking for sexual intercourse. But more like a man to be used for her pleasures. To worship, pleasure, care for and serve.


To be around so she can use me when she wishes and also be told to go on my way when told to as well. I am not sure just how to explain my feelings as to what I want. I know that Dana can probably have any man she wants. To get anything she wants. But what I wish to offer her is a no-strings attached relationship. By that I mean to be there when she wants me and to be gone when she does not.






Chapter Two


Becoming Her submissive


A few days went by and then out of the blue Dana called me and told me that she needed some help with the plumbing in the kitchen. The disposal stopped working. I grabbed my tools and headed over. When I got there Dana was in a pink silk, almost floor length robe. She laughed and said, “sorry, you caught me this way I did not realize that you would be that quick getting there.” That was done with a sly smile on that beautiful face. Dana took my hand and took me into the kitchen.


The doors under the sink were already open as I lay down to check the disposal out. About the time I figured things out Dana kneeled down and allowed the robe to open far enough that I could see the matching pink silk thongs she was wearing. After looking for a second or two she said sorry I did not realize my robe was open daddy. That was said with that beautiful but sly smile on her face. All I needed to do was reset the breaker on the underside and it was ready to go. As I got to my feet Dana asked if I would like glass water or a soda before I headed home. “Yes please a cold drink would be wonderful”, I told her. “Take a seat in the living room and I will get that for you.


We moved into the living room with me taking a seat in the recliner and Dana on the sofa. Putting her feet on the sofa and laying back we started to talk. Even before much was said, she with her 38” legs laying on the sofa her robe again opened. Then I not only saw her panties but matching pink silk French bra.


“Daddy do you remember our trip back home?” “Sure baby”, I replied. “Do you remember getting into my suitcase?” “The one with the leather playthings?” “Well, mmmm, oh, I stammered and stuttered, yes I do.” “Do you have any idea what they are used for?” “I can guess what the leather cuffs and collar could be used for.” “That’s really about all I had a chance to see.” “Would you like to see them all and let me tell you about each one of them?”


Oh yes I wanted to see them all so bad but would that the right thing to do? Dana is one of if not the sexiest women I have ever see. But I am married to her mother. What the heck I thought to myself. “Yes baby girl I would love to see them all.” “That is if you do not mind sharing them with me.” She almost jumped off the sofa and ran to her bedroom.


She brought a briefcase and set it on the coffee table in front of her. Opening it she pulled out a pair of 2” wrist cuffs and asked if I would put them on for her. I just laughed and said if she wanted me to I would. The fact that I really wanted to probably played into my decision. Then out came the chain collar. It not only had a place for a lock but also three D rings on it as well. “Put this on for me daddy please, Dana Asked.” If I had gone this far why not a little further. After putting the collar on she came out with a small lock and locked the collar on me.


Dana smiled and said “don’t worry I have the key right here.” She then pointed to the key on her neck chain. “Before I show you anything else I really need to ask you something?” “All I want is an honest answer from you.” “If you want to think on it for a couple of minutes I understand.” “But do think on it before you give me your answer.” “Damn is that it?” “Yes daddy after I ask you what I am about to everything will change.” Not only for me, mommy and you.” “Sure you know you can ask me anything you want to and I will give you a honest and true answer to your question.”


“Daddy I have always loved you in ways you never knew.” “My question is really very simple.” “Will you agree to be my sexual submissive?” “ If you do say yes you will be 100% under my control and I will use you in ways you have probably never dreamed of.” “You will bath, dress attend to me in any way I want when I want.” There also may be times in the future that you will also be used by some of my friends.” “All females of course!” You do know that all of this will be just between you and me.


After a deep sigh and more thinking that was needed. I said, “of course I will be your sexual submissive.” “Although I am not sure just what all of that might be?” “I am more than willing to do my best to be what you want me to be Dana.” The smile on her face widened as she rose from the sofa and walked across the room to me. “Well she said lets get you ready to be my submissive right now!” From the pocket on her robe a tiny padlock came out and first she simply patted my cheek and then attached the lock to my collar.


“Now that’s out of the way I need to let you know a few of the ground rules daddy.”


1. Any time you are in my home and we are alone, you are my submissive, to obey without question or reservations.

2. You will refer to me as Ms S, or any other name I might choose.

3. You will be expected to give a monthly tribute to Me.

4. You will be serving me before and after I am with other men.

5. You will bath, shave, dress and undress Me.

6. When you are called to serve you will enter through the back door.

7. You will wear only, what I tell you when serving Me.

8. You will undress, attach cuffs, collar, and lay out the locks for Me.

9. Some times you may be gagged or hooded or both.

10. I have beautiful feet and you will worship them often. And always before I put them into a new pair of shoes

11. Although I will probably never have intercourse with you, should I choose to do so you must always remember that it will be Me that’s fucking you and not you fucking Me. If you do not understand the difference then your not the true submissive I desire.

12. There may come a time where I will have you serve other Women.

13. You may also be required to keep My house clean and picked up.

14. And any other things I decide to add to this list.


“Do you think you can live with this daddy?” “Yes Ms S I can and I will.”


She smiled that beautiful smile when I addressed her as Ms S. “I see you’re a quick learner.” “We will see, I lied about getting out of the shower I was just getting ready for a bath.” Ms S said. “But I think I want a bath now and you’re the one to give it to me. Actually today I want a bubble bath as I have real plans for tonight.” She continued.


From nowhere came a leash and it was attached to my new collar. Leading me to her bedroom I was ordered to undress her after I started her bubble bath. My hands were actually shaking as I started to remove her robe and got even worse when I unclasp her front closing French bra. Ms S’s beautiful 38-D breast tumbled out and I gasped, as they did not fall at all, only stood out with the thumbed sized nipples pointing at me.


She told me to go back into the bathroom and put on what was on the back of the door. Black tight terry wrap. Did she already know my answer would be yes to serving her? She moved into the bathroom ordering me to kneel on the floor to remove her silk panties. Again I almost gasp as I first saw her beautiful shaved pussy. She said nothing just put her hand on my head as a rest to help her into the tub.


She lay back and her breast almost appeared to be floating on the water. “So far so good my submissive, now wash me.” I picked up a wash towel and was getting ready to use it. Ms S said. “There is no use for that use your hands I am sure they will do a good enough job.” As she lay back in the tub and closed her eyes I started with those beautiful breast. As I did she laugh lightly telling me, “For some reason I thought you would start with my little puppies?” “You will be attending to them and me for a long.” She told me again she had though of this day coming for some time.


That many a night while she was with men she often though it was her step-dad she was fucking or better yet enslaving that gave her the best orgasms.


Check out my legs daddy, no “submissive!” Tell me if they need to be shaved. “Yes, Ms S”, was my only reply. Do it from my toes to here, as she pointed between her thighs. Now we are talking about over six feet of legs if you add two 36” legs together. But you know I did not mind it one bit. Now sub for the rest as she put each foot on either side of the tub. Wash me inside really good. You see I have a special date tonight.


After bathing her for some time she told me that was enough and she was through with her bath. She ordered me to get her silk robe and help her from the tub. I lay the robe on my shoulder and gave her a hand to get out of the tub. I put the robe around her from the back and then she turned around to face me. “Tie my robe, would you subbie?” “Look into my eyes and nothing else submissive”, she said. She then started to stroke my cock looking right into my eyes. “You want me don’t you?” “Yes Ms S very much so.” “We will see about that then.” “But first I have something else to do.”


She then led me back into her bedroom and ordered me to dress her. She had already placed some things on the bed and had a skirt and blouse hanging in her closet to wear tonight. “Kneel on the floor in front of me.” “Kiss me submissive. I knew just what she wanted me to do. First I kissed around her pussy then she helped me along and pulled me right into it. Telling me to lick and get inside or she promised me that I would be replaced.


For sure there was no way I wanted that to happen. So I did the very best that I could to please her. She grabbed my hair and it almost seemed she wanted my face inside of her. After who knows how long she told me to “stop.” My heart sunk thinking all was over. She turned around and kind of patted on her bottom and said lets not forget about this. I did not need to be told twice. I again jumped right in kissing and licking her beautiful bottom and then did the best rim job I know I have ever done.


She kept pushing her bottom back into my face, which told me I was doing something right. “Wow, she said time is sure flying by now.” Get me the skirt in the closet and bring it to me

It was a black silk a line hip hugger just below the knees covered with a sheer black covering. It fit on the top just below her hipbones. But I noticed that with a little light behind it you could almost see through both fabrics. “Now get the top for me.” The top was almost like the skirt. An almost see thru white tank top with spaghetti straps.


It was so small it looked like it was made for a little girl. The material was like a spandex and would fit like a glove. When I handed it to her she said, “oh yes get me the small box on my dresser.” I picked it up and took it to her. Inside were two loop earrings. About the size of a quarter and to me at least seemed to be too small for her style. She showed them to me and asked,” do you like these daddy?” Yes Ms S they are lovely. “Well put them on me then.” As I reached for her ear she started to laugh out loud. “Your so silly, they go right here.”


She then held up both of her breast. Then flicking them to make her nipples stand out even further. I did not think that was possible. “This one needs a bit of moisture suck the nipple for me.” All I was allowed to do was put my mouth on it for a few seconds. That’s all! Then the other nipple was treated the same way and she placed the second nipple ring in place and slipped her top over her head.


The silk top fit almost like a second skin. Her beautiful nipples as well as the areola were very visible. You could also see the outlines of the nipple rings she had just placed on them. “Do you think I should wear panties tonight?” I was totally unsure of the right answer. So I said, No? Ms S laughed and said well daddy I think I will wear them tonight anyway. “For me it’s a turn on to have a man taking them off me knowing what’s about to happen.” “Get the black silk thongs off the bed and put them on me.” I caught myself wanting to tell he she should not go out looking like that. But if I am truly to become her submissive it’s not my place to say anything like that. She did notice me staring right at her breast.


Telling me to look into her eyes and not there. She then ordered me to get her a vest type cover up to wear over her top. But again she laughed and told me that it would either be open or off most of the time anyway. I helped her to put it on and she buttoned the one and only button there. And that one was well below the breast line. Anyone could see her breast without trying hard. But something tells me that’s just the plan she had in mind.


I wanted to throw her down and rape her right that second. She was amazing to see. It almost seems like every time I see her she is more beautiful than before. “Well I have to go now.” There is this guy I have wanted to fuck for some time and it’s going happen tonight.” “Get the black heels from my closet and put them on me.” They had 4-5” heels and a thin strap around her ankles. “ You know the rules suck each and every one of my toes before you put them on me.” That was not a problem at all due to just having a pedicure and those beautifully painted French cut nails. I loved sucking each and every toe.


In fact, I would say that’s one of my favorite things to do for a Goddess. After somewhere around 10-15 minutes she spoke to me. “Oh daddy you need to stop doing that if you keep that up your going to get me off even before I have a chance to have that cock I have been thinking about for a long time.”


She then stood up and looked at me. “Do you think he will want me tonight?” That was asked as she posed and modeled for me. I must admit it did give me weird feelings that I had just bathed, dressed and heard from her own mouth what was about to happen. Ms S there is no doubt he will. “Well I have to be going and you need to clean up my house too.” “You can leave the collar along with leather things on the bedside table and oh yes, leave say $50 for each of the items I allowed you to wear.” “Consider that your tribute to me for what just happened.” “By the way I am sure something else will break around here within the next few days.” “Do you think you might want to fix them for me?” I will fix anything and anytime for you Ms S. “I can’t keep that hard cock waiting can I?” “Maybe next time it will be yours.” “Or perhaps I could at least let you clean me up after I am through with him.” I will have to say my heart sank knowing that another man would soon be fucking this beautiful body I just bathed and dressed. I am also sure he will notice those beautiful breast and nipple rings too.


“Bye for now my submissive daddy.” “I’m off the get that beautiful cock.” Ms S smiled and patted one cheek and kissed the other cheek as she turned and walked out the door. I did as ordered placed the money on the leather cuffs and collar and got her house in some order and left, through the back door of course.

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