This evening my wife begins her new career as a hooker and I just can't wait. At last she's going to get some real men's cocks inside her and I'm trembling with excitement and stroking my cock again.


We know a guy who lives locally who runs a local unofficial whorehouse and she's been saying for a while that's she's going there to earn some extra cash. He is known as the local pervert with horrible breath but he hs a massive thick ugly cock. I really hope he's going to give her some of it tonight.


She tells me that when she comes home after two or three clients that she will be too sore to fuck me but I can lick her sloppy cunt and arse and fantasise with her. Hopefully she will soon tell me that her married cunt belongs only to the punters now.


I'm going to give her a lift to the whorehouse and go in with her. I'm going to listen to her telling this pervert how she needs to fuck for cash and watch him looking her up and down.


Hopefully he will feel her up while I watch, groping her married tits, feeling her lovely round bum and grab between her legs. I hope she will respond (I'll make sure she's had a few drinks) and begin feeling his massive cock in his trousers. There will be a photographer there too to take some pictures to advertise her married cunt on the internet.


She will walk off upstairs with the photographer to take the pictures. As they go upstairs he will follow behind her and put his hand up her skirt . He will put his hand in her knickers while I watch, then turn and look at me while he fingers her arse and cunt for a minute. Then he takes his hand out pulls down her knickers a bit to show her lovely married arse and wallops it very hard.


She will giggle and hurry on up the stairs. A few minutes later I hear the two of them again in the bedroom laughing and gigling and I hear the sound of smacked flesh again. The all goes quiet and I can only imagine them ripping each other's clothes off and kissing deeply.


Meanwhile the pervert will stay downstairs with me and I will tell him that I want him to turn her into a total slut for him and all his clients. When the photographer has finished with her and told her that's his payment for taking the pictures, I want the pervert to go up there and ravish her with his massive cock as payment for using the room.


Then I want him to find all the biggest dicked, arrogant clients he's got to fuck the shit out of her day and night until all she can think about is cock. I want them to cum in her cunt and mouth and arse and hair.


When I pick her up I want to see her red in the face from excitement and covered in hot spunk. We will get in the car and stop in the nearest layby. We will go in the back and she will show me her tits covered in bite marks. She will roll her knickers down from behind and show me her lovely married arse, dribbling spunk, arsehole gaping, cheeks bright red from spanking and bite marks and bruises everywhere.


As I lick her clean she is going to tell me that she loved it and is going back again tomorrow for some extra fucking.

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