Sometimes My evilness takes a hold of Me, especially when men are tricky and selfish. Licking My thumb, I turn the page in My little "purple book", ah yes Bobby might like to play with Me tonight.


Punching the digits on My telephone a sexy smile takes a hold of My lips, "he is one fine ass nigger".


One ring.


Two ..




" You know who it is, its yer boy Bobby, leave it and I will holla back at ya."




"Dammit, get your black ass up and pick up the damn phone bobby, I need a favor from you."


"aight baby girl, you need some dark meat today? Does snowflake need that ass tapped?"


"Shut up nigga, I need to use you later, and stop with the snowflake shit. Do you want to play?"


"Maybe, tell a brutha wat it is, and admit you like being called snowflake."


Laughing, "Ok I like it, and you know it, and as for what I need, lets say I had a really bad date, that ended worse and I want to get even."


"For real babygirl?"


"Yes for real nigga this is not a play session. The key is where it always is, be in My closet with a limp one before 8, I want the little bitch to see it grow. Oh and be ready because this bitch has no idea", CLICK.


Flipping the pages with My thumb till I came to his name. Wow a big purple star by his name, what a damn shame. Dialing his number, I start mumbling out loud, hoping he would hurry up because I want this over with.


"This is Jeff", came through the phone after a half a ring.


"Hello Jeffrey, you answered fast. Oh its V in case you did not know, But I think you knew it was Me right? Right? Now how come I have not heard from you. Hmmmm, because I did not take you for a fuck them and leave them kind of man", I said to him rolling My eyes.


"I am sorry about the other night V that is not how things normally go, but you are a very sexy woman, and the charge was too much. I hope you can understand and give me another chance."


"Well I am calling you, and I want you to make it up to Me. Meet Me at Coyote's for dinner and drinks, at 6:30 tonight and do not be late."


"Thats going to be tight for me, why so early?"


Because I want desert after dinner, and I have something special planned, so be there Jeffery. Click.


The plan is set, now I just need to get out a few things for later, and then time for Me to get sexy. This is going to be a very interesting night..





Vindictive cuckold story part 2


Walking in I notice he was there with flowers. He smiled and started walking My way.


"You look stunning, as always, and these are for you", as he leaned in to kiss Me.


Turning My head swiftly so he gets My cheek, "Hello Jeffery, thank you they are beautiful."


Dinner passed slowly, but I noticed the time, so I perked up a bit and started to play footsie under the table. Licking My fingers, and smiling I purr, "I really want desert now, I have been waiting for a while to be satisfied by a real man, and now is the time."


"Let me get the check, and I promise this time will be better."


Reaching up I ran My hand across his cheek, refraining from slapping him, "yes, I know too this time will be better, now hurry up lets get out of here. Matter of fact I will head to My place, you follow."


Driving away, I turn up the music thinking about how sweet this man was trying to be. If I was a nice woman I would have let this go, but what fun is that? Laughing out loud, I press the gas, I need to make sure My black meat is limp.


Whipping in to the garage, I run in the door and bolt upstairs and toss open My closet to see bobby hard and stroking.


"Damn boy I really want this but, he will be here any minute and I want it limp when he see's it for the first time."


"Kiss it hi quick snowflake, and then I will make him lay down like yous say", waving his big black dick like it is saying hi to Me.


"Nigga please give Me a few quick pumps, then put it down and get ready for an interesting night."


His big black hands grabbed My hips, then spun Me around. Grabbing My skirt he pulled it up and ripped My panties off.


"You do not need these", then a few growling noises, and a "oh babygirl sweet ass".




"Damn it bitch I said pump it not kiss it, that comes later now give Me a few pumps and fast!"


I looked up in My closet mirror as this huge black man penetrated Me fast and hard. So dark against My skin, and the way his cock feels.




Reaching back I push him away, and stand up pushing My skirt down. Think about plaster, baseball, whatever, but make it go down. Also no matter what do not fucking bitch out on Me, this could be ugly."


"You so crazy bitch, now go get your lil white boy fool, because I need more of you."


Running down stairs giggling, My heart starts beating hard, I stop at the door, and turn the porch light on. Smoothing My skirt one more time and take a deep breath, "lets play", I said out loud as I opened the door.


"I was wondering if you were going to answer or not", he said nervously.


"Oh Jeffery I said i wanted desert, and I can not have that without you" I said giggling rather sadistically.


"Lets go upstairs, I am ready now, I need dick", I said to him as I grabbed his hand and pull him upstairs.


He made this happy man noise and said yes Ma'am, do not want to deprive the lady.


I pulled him in to the room and pushed him on the bed. He was smiling and reaching out for My hips. Grabbing his hands, I lean down so he has a face full of My milky white cleavage.


"Interesting choice of words you just used Jeff, since I did get so deprived the other night".


Looking kind of lost for a minute like he forgot what had happened, he then said, "I will make it up to you, let Me touch you."


Grabbing his tie, I slowly pull it off, while I am kissing him. Getting to the buttons, his shirt was off in now time. He started to reach out for Me, and I grabbed his hands again.


"Listen Jeffery, in light of the other nights, "premature" situation, i have decided to take control, that way we are both happy. I see you are looking a little perplexed Jeffery so let me break it down a little bit."


Walking over to the nightstand, I grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the drawer, turning slowly, I pull open My blouse, smiled and say, "lets get kinky tiny man".


He unbuckled his slacks, and they hit the floor. He then grabbed his boxers and pulled them down so he was standing there in his black socks.


Stifling the giggle that was dying to escape My lips, I barked out, "hands together." He stuck them front in center rather fast, as I snapped the cuffs in place. Looking down I notice he is glistening with droplets of precum.


"Dammit Jeffrey get up there and lay down before something bad happens, and do not touch it, I want to. Get your arms above your head", then I fasten his handcuffs to the headboard with a leather strap.


"I want to see that hot body baby, show Me more" he said.


I stand up over him and look down, smiling so very sweetly, "I know you want to see more jeffy baby."


Off the blouse comes, as I step up to stand so he can see up My skirt. "Look jeffy can you see My pussy, I have no panties on and it is wet, let Me show you.


I grab My skirt and hike it up so I can squat over his face, and dip My wet pussy on his nose, then rotate My hips to smear it around a wee bit, and to give Myself a fast clit tickle.


"Oh yes V please sit down on My cock it needs attention now.....



Vindictive cuckold story part 3


I stood up and jumped off the bed. I grabbed the ankle restraints that I had tucked under the end of the bed. I grabbed his first ankle and smiled up at him.


"Wow you are going all out aren't you", He said still eager to be kinky.


Reaching around I unhooked My bra so they were free and I made sure to give a little more bounce just for him. "Yes baby I want to be really kinky, don't you?"


Lost in breast bliss he said "Lets do it baby ride me, my cock needs attention."


I grabbed the other ankle cuff and put it on, then pulled the chain out from under the bed, and chained him down spread eagle.


"Jeffy is all tied up and ready to play, aren't you jeffy?"


"Yes baby I am ready to play, but can you not call me jeffy, it is so condescending sounding the way you say it. Jeffery, or jeff is ok, but steer away from the other okay baby. Now get over here and ride me My cock is ready to explode."


I took off My skirt and got up on the bed. He was thrusting at the air a little bit. "Tell Me jeffy do you always demand women take care of you like that?"


"Come on baby, straddle me, I need your tight box, it felt so good."


Standing up I stood over his head and dropped down so My pussy was above his face. "See My pussy jeffy, it was left very sad and neglected the other night."


"Your pussy looks so good, and smells even better. Why do you keep talking about the other night, I am making it up remember?"


"Well jeffy, because I was very pissed about the way you did Me the other night, or lack there of, I should say."


"My mood is fading V can we get back to me being tied up and you pleasuring me?"


I started laughing loudly, "thats what you think this is about? Me pleasuring you? Your mood is fading? You really have no clue do you?"


"Now you are scaring Me, you are suddenly bitchy."


"jeffy, and yes if I say that condescending thats because it is meant to be that way. You gave Me zero foreplay the other night, we laid down you climbed on, I did not even fucking feel you other than the spit of cock snot on My fucking cunt as you rolled off."


He went to speak and I slammed My hand over his mouth, "I do not want you to speak, not a fucking word. I am going to teach you a thing about how to treat a woman."


"If you have a small member then you need to use hands and tongue, especially if you have a premature ejaculation problem. FUCK ME!! Why does this always happen Me? Normally some ladies get one or the other, a small dick or premature ejaculation, I fucking get both!"


"Then you have the balls to tell Me to pleasure you? No that is not a real man, thats not even close. Matter of fact I think you need to see what a real man looks like."


His eyes widened, so I knew he was understanding Me loud and clear. "You need to see what a woman who is having pleasure looks like because you have never done that obviously."


"Did you really think I was meaning you were My desert? Do not try and answer Me because I do not want to hear your voice. No jeffy you were not the damn desert, you are just the fucking plate!"


Jumping off oh him I opened My dresser drawer and got a pair of thick opaque tights from My dresser drawer, then got up and shoved them in his mouth.


"Now then jeffy let me show you My desert", as I opened My closet to see bobby standing there, saying, "damn babygirl you were taking foreva. Look at you, daymn all nekkid and hot, where is this white bitch anyway? Doh, daymn, shit he is all stuck there, evil snowflake."


"look at his dick bobby, did you hear what he did to Me?" I asked him.


"Ya I did, and you kno lil white boys can not fuck like da niggas."


"Lets show him bobby, lets show jeffy what a real dick looks like. Get up here and straddle him, I want him to get a birds eye view, up close and personal.


I got up and stood over his arms that were tied above him, then I dropped to My knees so I was kneeling above his head. "Come on bobby, drop down here", and as I said that he did so. Jean clad crotch was right over his face, and clearly not limp.


Reaching down I unzipped his jeans, and pulled them open, and this semi erect black cock dropped out of the jeans and hit him in the nose. He turned his head fast, so I grabbed both sides to hold him in place.


I started to laugh as jeffy mumbled things through the tights in his mouth. Bobby was rubbing his now hard dick all over his face, "take that shit from his mouth I want to hear what da bitch thinks about big black dick."


I pulled out the tights and spit flew out with them and landed on bobby. He smacked him hard with his dick and called him a dumb bitch, I was certainly amused at him playing it up.


Now jeffy blurts out, "what the fuck are you doing V? Shit, this is., god damn, no way get that dick away from me."


I start rubbing his cheek, "jeffy you might as well calm down and go with this, because you were a selfish rude bastard the other night, and this is payback for being a DICK."


I got up on My knees and scooted down so I was over his face, and sat down so I was smothering him a little bit. I looked up at bobby and asked him in a sexy voice, Does My nigger want to fuck My pussy?"


Licking his lips, "damn baby you know I want to tap that. Bend over white boys face so he can see what a dick looks like while it pleases a bitch."


"Please V stop this now, I do not like this at all, untie Me, I am sorry about our last date, lets move on", He mumbled from under My ass.


"If you do not like this why are you so hard, your little pork link looks like it is going to bust." I said to him.


I scooted back so I could see his face and he said, "I took Viagra so that I could be better for tonight."


Laughing I said, "well then this will be a true mind fuck for you being hard and not enjoying yourself, Now watch how a man is supposed to fuck a woman, Fuck Me bobby, show him how it is done."


I flipped over, ass in the air and My face was against the headboard but I knew bobby's balls would be slapping off of his face in no time so I would deal with My head slamming the headboard just so the little weasel gets humiliated.


I looked over My shoulder, a bobby smacked My ass and then parted My lips. I was so wet, he slide in fast, and worked it all the way in.


"Wat ya think of that jeffy boy? Watch Me tear dat pussy up the way it should be done. Watch snowflakes fat ass bounce."


In between moans I askd jeffy how good does it look. He did not respond right away, so bobby answered for him, "his little dick is still all wet lookin. He lyin if he says he hates it."


I started to feel the tingle and then a rush of a huge orgasm about to take over, and bobby knew it. Pulling out he said "make the bitch drink you."


"Fuck you nigger put that dick back in My pussy he can taste Me soon enough, now make Me cum on that cock!"


"Yes Ma'am" he said then slammed his dick back in Me. I moaned and so did bobby, and I was sure jeffy let out a sound of some kind.


Soon I was panting as he hit My spot just right and I exploded. Groaning and moaning, bobby said, "damn girl that tight hole is going to make Me cum, I want to cum in your pussy."


I jumped off his cock, and said "no way I am not done with you yet."


I laid down so I was propped up against jeffy. "Now fuck Me hard, show him how desert is supposed to be." I came again and he started to tell Me he was going to fill My pussy.


I looked over at jeffy who looked scared and turned on at the same time an I knew that would be a good moment for the grand finale.


"Faster, nigger fill My pussy, make My pussy all Dirty!" I yelled. He groaned and pumped hard. Then pulled back a bit then jammed it in again. I felt him squirt deep inside Me, then he pulled out. Because of the way he was aiming, the last squirt that fired after he pulled out landed right on Jeffy's eye.


I turned to get a closer look at jeffy face and started to laugh, "Oh yes, I likey, yes I like that a lot. Look at you jeffy, you go to see what you thought you had all this time, but were clueless."


Flipping over on the bed I got over his face and was staring close at the jizz that was now running down his face, almost like tears.


"Jeffy, it looks like you are crying, oh wait that is nigga cum running down your cheek, let me wipe that for you."


I stood up and put My cum filled pussy right on his face and proceeded to "wipe" his face with My messy dirty pussy.


"See My pussy jeffy? Look how stretched and messy it is. Thats how a women should be after sex, panting, stretched , and happy. Then you cum when she says she is done, like bobby did."


I hope you learned to give more in the bedroom, because you suck, you will always suck. I am glad I was the one who got to teach you a lesson, because it was very fun."


I got off the bed and walked to My bathroom. "Bobby why don't you unlock tiny man there and escort him out, then come up here and clean Me so good I get dirty again. Oh and jeffy, never call Me again."


I started to laugh rather loud as I was shutting the bathroom door, "oh and make sure to tell girls upfront you are a wee man, with zero stamina, it will save you from being humiliated like this ever again."


Bobby returned and stepped in to the shower with me, "babygirl traumatized the whiteboy hard."


"Good, that was My plan nigga, now fuck Me again!"

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