For several years now my older husband has been unable to sexually satisfy me.


We agreed several years ago that I should be 'allowed' to meet other men to provide me with the erotic pleasures that I no longer get at home. Whenever we go out together I openly flirt with anyone that I fancy and my very shapely 34E 25 36-inch body usually ensures that I have no trouble attracting male admirers. I have had sexual affairs with a guy from work, with a couple of lads who drink at the pub in our village and also with a few of the guys who have 'picked me up' whilst I have been out with my husband.


Over the years I have become more and more Dominant with my husband and it now turns me on to tease and humiliate him. He has witnessed me being kissed and touched up by other men, but until last weekend he had never seen be actually being fucked by someone else.


I decided that it was now time that he experienced the greatest humiliation of all, so I placed an advert on the Swinging Heaven website. I advertised for young randy guys and I received over 200 replies. I chose to meet a young black guy from London who had his own flat and who said that he was more than happy for my husband to watch us.


We met at a pub, but after just 1 quick drink the lad wanted to get started. On the way over to his flat he told me that he had a young friend who would like to join us and he persuaded me to let him invite his frind along.


Once inside the flat we opened a bottle of wine and then, whilst my husband made himself a cup of tea, in the open plan kitchen the lad began to play with me on the couch. He opened up my wrap-over dress and he began to play with my breasts. He pulled up the hem of my dress and he began to caress the naked white flesh above my stocking tops.


His hand quickly found its way down the front of my panties and within just minutes of walking into his flat this randy young black guy was now stroking my pussy.


I was soon groaning with erotic pleasure and when he pushed his jeans down I willingly bent down and began to suck his lovely big fat cock. This is something that I refuse to do for my husband and I got even more pleasure from doing it whilst I knew that he was peeping at us.


I was now so turned on that, when the black guy took hold of my hand and led me into his bedroom I made no attempt to stop him. He put a durex onto his rock hard cock and he bent me over the end of his bed. He pulled the hem of my dress up and then, after moving my panties to one side he entered me.


He began to fuck me and within seconds he was making me take all of him. This hurt like hell and I cried out, but my new friend paid no attention. Fortunately the pleasure was soon greater than the pain and I began to encourage him to fuck me even harder.


Just as I approached my first orgasm of the evening we heard a knock at the front door. My friend called my husband and he told him to get the front door and to let his friend into the flat. He continued to fuck me and we soon had a young white guy in the bedroom with us.


The new guy had a quick play with my breasts and then he pulled out his cock and he made me suck him whilst the black guy continued to fuck me. For the next 4 hours these 2 lads fucked me in just about every position possible and they gave me a total of 5 lots of hot thick spunk. Hopefully this will not be my last erotic experience now that my husband is a true Cuckold.

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