She has stirred my coffee with my dick and had me drink it.


She had me eat dinner on all fours out of the cat's dish (she washed it first).


She sat me nude in the corner of our bedroom to watch while she made love to one of my friends. When they finished, she ordered me to masturbate while they watched. Talk about being humiliated!


She recently had me lie on my back with my legs and hips up over my face and jacked me off into my face. She says next time she's going to make me open my mouth when she does it.


A long time ago, she came up with the idea of having one or two of her lovers spend the night with her and have me stay in the empty bathtub all night with the stopper down. Then whenever one of her lovers had to urinate, they would urinate on me. She never actually got around to doing it, but it was one wicked plan.



Rocco Zameaze





my wife likes to make me hold her panties while she gets fucked it is so humiliating to be dressed like a sissy then be told that i am only good for holding her panties. the hottest 1 was when she met this hot hot guy in a department store, they were flirting very hard and she invited him out for a drink. when we met him in the parking lot she was making out with him in front of me and slid her panties off from under her skirt and had me hold them right there in the parking lot so he could finger her pussy!


i am not allowed to cum unless she has had several orgasms with real men and then she has me stand in the corner nose first like a punished little boy holding her panties up with my nose. she pulls my panties down and verbally degrades me as i stoke my little clit. i love her so much! 









As my screen name implies, I'm made to have sex with a blow-up doll. If you think just stroking off in front of her lovers is humiliating, try doing it in front of them while bouncing up and down on the penis of a inflatable male sex doll.


For other relatively private humiliations: Does she make you dress any special way when they come over? Answering the door to her lovers can be made really humiliating with the right clothes. Also, how about having you cook and serve them a romantic candlelit meal while you eat in the kitchen. It was a big turn-on for me. One of my favs has always been washing her lovers clothes for him while they make love - so he can be all fresh and clean when he leaves. (Sometimes, I've even had to take them down to the laundramat, even though we have a washer/dryer. IT was very erotic to be sitting there waiting while wondering what they were up to at home.)


Do you take and relay phone messages between them setting up dates? This is always very hard on the humiliation front - calling up a mate of yours that she fucks and telling him how much she wants to get together with him again and making the arrangements. (You should also try thank you calls, as in "_______ loved fucking you sooo much, she was just raving about! Thank you for making her so happy.")


The tub urinal fantasy is a good one. I've done it many times and it is BEYOND humiliating. For me, I like it best when she watches - seeing the looks on her face when our eyes meet - it makes you feel like soooo filthy. (Especially good when she holds his cock and aims it.)


Eating your own cum is humiliating, particularly when you shoot it in your own face and mouth. Have her give him a handjob and then feed you his seed while you are still all turned on from watching.


But the really humiliating thing to do in my view is rimmming her lover. Nothing says how low you can sink like your tongue in his ass. Doing it WHILE he is fucking her is a bigger physical challenge (all that motion) but I've found less embarrassing than doing it while they are paying attention to you.









Sit or kneel next to the bed while she is fucking her lover, and hold her hand. Eye contact can be very intense, and you should try to have as much of it as possible. After he has dumped his seed you should lick her pussy, and receit your wedding vows over and over while your face is buried in her pussy.


You should write a "History of Your Masturbation" paper and then she makes you read it in front of all her girlfriends at a party. Later she could show videos of you doing demeaning things around the house like hand-washing her panties, ect.



sissyboy mike






I humiliated my BF by making him suck guys clean after they fucked my pussy and ass. All the time I'd make him look me in the eye, and I'd say stuff like "keep licking my juices off his big cock, it felt sooooo good in my asshole, but I'm more pleased he spunked deep in my pussy, as I'm really fertile, and I want to watch you explain to your parents how you wanted me to have a black baby".


I also love videoing him sucking cock, and threatening to invite all his friends and family round for a home movie night!









My ex (she left me after a year and a half with her Bull) used to get turned by watching her Bull beat me and fuck me up the ass. She would rub her clit, legs spread wide, while he slapped me and made me cry like a baby and beg for him to stop. Because my crying really turned her on, he beat me even more. Finally, when he was fully erect from beating me, he would fuck me doggy style which really got her hot. He'd then force me to suck his cock clean and I'd have to watch them fuck to mutual orgasm, knowing that my crying just turned them both on all the more. I thought I hated it but now that she's left me for him, nothing turns me on more than reliving those moments over and over in my mind.








My new GF has a tremendous mean streak, She will grow out Her pubic hair, cuts them off when they get too long, and makes me try to swallow them. She says the look on my face with a mouthful of pubes is hilarious.

There will be pubic hair stuck in my mouth for a week!



Shrimp Dick






My wife makes me wear her lovers used rubbers and pours them on my pillow before bed!









when my wife and her b/f fights,and she needs to be fucked,i have to go to him and beg him or even bribe him to come fuck her,not with money,but things i will do for him,like washing his car,doing his laundry,cleaning his toilet etc

when they make up ,she enjoys hearing from him what i offered and she keeps laughing and making fun of me









well my Mistress on our first date (i'm not married, she is, and well she let's me eat her husband's cum fresh from the puss, so you could say i'm cuckolded in that she only keeps me around for my tongue, hands and lovely arse) had me kneel in a miniskirt and kiss her feet in public, she then verbally humiliated me in front of complete strangers before dragging me by the collar to her car, then she found an elusive spot where there was a chance to be found but it wasn't bloody likely, there she had me lick her for a full 3 hours.


Currently she seems to be planning having me serve her friends at a brunch, while wearing a maid uniform, if i pass for a woman i get rewarded, if not i get punished - i'll let you know how it goes...









my Gf accidently stumbled upon a very degrading form of humiliation. About 6 months ago, she was having sex with one of her bulls, and as usual, she had me dressed as a french maid catering to their every need. After what seemed like an hr, he finally announced that he was ready to cum, and released a huge load inside of her abused asshole. She ordered me to lay down beneath them, and when he pulled out, a huge glob of his cum splashed down onto my lips as I began to perform my clean-up duties. When she shifted her weight as she pressed her freshly fucked ass to my lips, a loud fart escaped her and sprayed more of his cum into my mouth. They both erupted in laughter, and as my cock hardened, I couldnt bear the embarassment. She kept teasing me and telling rich that the fucking sissy enjoyed that. From that point on, she always make it a point to squeeze out all her gas onto my face.



I am a total oral slave to her and the bulls that dont mind being serviced by a sissy. I have been used as a urinal from both sexes, and she is planning a party where all the guests will be able to use me as a clean-up slave and a urinal. She has decided I am to stay in the bathtub, and when female or male guests decide to use me, I am to perform any task they ask. I have only been used as her "fart slave" but from the sound of her phone conversations with some of her female friends, that is all going to change after the get together.










My wife came back from a date pretty late one night. Instead of having me lick her pussy directly, she instead lifted her skirt up, straddled my face and told me to look up. I saw the white string of a tampon hanging from her pussy. "Pull it out" she ordered. I pulled at the string and it slid out slowly. "Now suck it clean." I reluctantly sucked the hot wet tampon which was clearly soaked with her lover's cum. It was very humiliating, and I loved every minute of it.




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