I'll warn you now. There really are women out there that are born to this role; some know it already, some have to be coaxed at least at first, then take to dominance and cuckolding like a duck to water. Then there are some women who war with themselves emotionally for a long time to come. Pure, loving, loyal women who are torn between keeping their solemn, white-wedding vows of fidelity and indulging in sick dark fantasies to please her husband. The husband that lures his wife down this road does so at his own peril, and he deserves whatever outcome may happen. Beta-males, cuckolds, subs, choose your title, we're all fools for gambling our wives and homes in hopes of never-ending intangible humiliation. Good luck, said the cuck. But be sure you want it, because once it starts, you cant stop it. You started it, alright, but that's as far as your active role goes, once she decides to take the reins, you have lost your status. And it happens faster than you think.

I don't know how to begin, I'm no Mascarasnake at the writing and such. After months of talking, tears, testing the waters, she made it real, I remember the autumn afternoon. We were cuddling by the fire, drinking wine, I carressed her, her neck, the hollow of her shoulder, her tension melting with a sigh, from shoulder to breast, then sliding my hand under her sweater, She stopped me, firmly.

"No. No, this isn't right. I met a man. At work. Well, not at work, but on lunch, at a restaurant. Aw, what am I explaining to you for. Anyway. We talked. And talked. We've gone out a few times now, I got really drunk and even told him about you, and get this...he doesn't mind, he even likes the idea a little. So anyway, We have a date tonight, and I think this is it, so your days as my lover have officially come to close. Steven's my boyfriend now, Hon."

She held up my pouting face to look here in the eye the way a pet owner consoles a puppy shes just had 'fixed', saying "Aw, poor baby", but with a laugh and a gleam in her eye like it was a little bit funny.

"Don't you dare even think about complaining, do you understand me? You asked for it, over and over. You begged for it, didn'tcha? Yep, you knelt and prayed to me like a goddess, spent you time in worship, and now I am one, I'm your goddess, aren't I?" I merely nodded, "And who should a goddess make love to? You? A soft, poorly endowed graying man, or a sexy lover with a body like a greek god? And Steven is built like a god. It's meant to be. Go with it, because we aren't going back."

I wasn't aware that Steven was black until she brought him home for Thanksgiving weekend. It was a bit of a shock, but only because I already had consumed plenty of his spendings from my wife, she had me licking where it dripped; her thigh, her foot, the floor, as she returned from a date. The thought that I had a black mans DNA in me like that..thrilled me, scared me, omigod, a black guys cum, in me. It made me feel used and helpless. Feminine.





I guess I wasn't much of a man to begin with or I'd have fought harder to resist Kirstin's efforts to erase my masculinity. The more Steven became the man in her life, the more she felt compelled to make sure I wasn't. "Steven wants you soft," she'd say, "only room for one man in the house," her cheerful little mantras of emasculation.

"Too bad, you begged for it, you got it," was the stock answer to any complaint I had, no matter how legitimate, "You made your bed, now go make ours...!" as they'd laugh uproariously at my shame. I guess the closest I came to actually resisting was when the cb-3000 arrived.

"Kir, please," I begged, "don't do this, don't lock up my penis... please, I couldn't bear it. I need to be able to come, I'll go crazy without it, seriously. I've jerked off every day since I was in junior high, I can't just..ouch!" as she squeezed my balls one by one through the back ring. And to think, this was the first time her soft, graceful hands had touched my cock in months. She bought the pink model, by the way, just that much more humiliating. All that remained was the lock, and she fit it through the hasp, my whining had degenerated from words to a low plaintive moan of no..don't..please.

"Hon, a chapter of your life is coming to an end right now. You have to say goodbye. Goodbye forever, to making love. To having sex with a woman. You know my religion forbids divorce, and you asked me to replace you with Steven, so there is no chance you will ever again be with me, or any woman. No chance, I simply won't allow it. And your masturbation, eww, that's disgusting and it stops here and now. You think Steven and I enjoy hearing your little grunts as you shoot off from listening to our lovemaking? Like we were the live entertainment, just for you. It makes me feel manipulated, by you, somehow.Uh-uh. I told you it wasn't going to be like that. I told you if we did this, lived the lifestyle, it was going to be for real, and for keeps. I thought it was best to allow you to play with yourself while you got used to Steven moving in and taking over as man of the house, help you relax as you settled into your little bed in the guest room, best to let you spill your silly spooge a little while longer as you moped around, learning your new role. But, that's enough of that, I'm tired of finding your little dry crusty kleenex-pussies filling up the wastepaper baskets, and your chores have been slipping as of late. So say bye-bye, no more jerking, no more sex. You can take solace in the fact that you really weren't very good at it anyway, it's not something you should be doing any more. So this is it, honey, say goodbye to your cock."

Kirstin was shaking, she was so aroused by this, her cheeks and neck flushed, her pupils wide, I could smell her arousal, she was so beautiful, too beautiful to be so kinky, so dominant, she looked like a brown-haired Scarlett Johansen, radiant, elegant, my wife, my lover no longer. Our eyes met, I flashed back for a moment to the innocent girl I wed at the altar. Then she clicked the padlock shut, ending my days of being a man, ruining me.

"Omigod I am so wet. I'm ovulating I can feel it, and Steven wants to give me a baby, but we had to be sure you were serious about going through with this. Steven's not the nurturing, diaper-changing type, heck, neither am I, I guess, so we wanted to wait until we ended your sex life as a man before we started to plan a family. One day at a time, let's give you some time to get used to chastity. You've got nothing but time to get used to it, looks like its permanent, if I have anything to say about it. Sorry baby, but its your own fault. Yes you can cry, those herbal pills are starting to made you moody, huh? Shhh...that's okay, there there. You'll forget all about your nasty little penis once I take you with my strap-on, you'll see, but not right away. Soon..."



Kristen was a natural beauty, five-eight, long, straight, shiny chestnut hair past her shoulders, fair in complextion, of swedish descent, from a priveleged family, attending an ivy league school. She was gorgeous, but dressed simply, never wore nor needed make up, she was kind of a hippie when we met, our last year in college, back in '93. We went to some Grateful Dead concerts together and really bonded, fell deeply in love with each other, dancing to the passionate rhythms, camping under the stars, sitting by the fire and learning each others bodies, it was a heady, romantic time for us. We've been married for five years now.

Kristen is a long-lapsed catholic, who feels a pagan and wiccan philosophy of loving the earth is more spiritually fulfilling than "a patriarchal crucifixion guilt trip", as she'd put it. She has a respect for living simply, doing things naturally, eating organically when possibly, she has discovered the goddess within her. That is why when she decided the time had come to cuckold me for real, to replace me as her husband, to emasculate me permanently, that we would do it through natural herbs and organic compounds meant to feminize. Such bitter teas, such bitter roots. She would make me brew the teas myself , eventually, teasing me about how I was brewing my 'titty tea', a laughter in her eye as she watched me drink it all, always insisting I have another. "Two cups," she'd say,"just like the bra you'll need." Or, she'd say, "The teapots your soft girly ass."

I cried a lot. From her wonderfully taunting words, from the herbs, and from the sheer reality of the situation sinking in. My gorgeous loving wife has fallen in love with another man, who happens to be black. She wants him to live in our home, permanently, with her lover as the sole man of the house. I could leave if I wanted, she was all about being free, I could be free too, if I wanted. But I loved her with all my heart, I didn't want to leave, I didn't want to divorce, sell the house, and go on alone. I could stay, she said, and she would still love me for the rest of my life, but it would have to be different, between us. Okay, I said, sure. And she said I would have to be different. Ummm.

" As your wife, as the person who loves you most in this world, I'm going to urge, no, not urge. Insist. Yes, insist that you try to live the life you really wanted all along, your submission fantasy. I'm going to live out my fantasies, of being with a real man, a true man, as his wife, so what you and I had is essentially over. And I plan on being very submissive to this man, and we know you can't do that, right? Not while you're dreaming of sucking a woman's toes. Also, you know the two words a man like you hates to hear...size matters. And we know where that leaves you? With a very busy tongue. I really love you, and I want you to stay here, but you won't be the man in my life, not anymore. You will live out your fantasy whether you want to or not. Think carefully, the reality is so much harder than the fantasy, where you simply wipe off your little penis with a kleenex and put on espn. You will be more of a 'housewife' than a man. Are you ready to accept that?"

So there I was, slowly being feminized, my penis locked up in a chastity device, the cb3000. I wasn't allowed any sexual pleasure for this 'adjustment period' as I got used to the idea I was being replaced. On the nights she wasn't with him, which were growing fewer and fewer, She'd let me into her bed to please her with my tongue and her toy, a big black dildo, lifelike in all ways but its hugeness, yet from a direct cast moulding of a very well-endowed fellow indeed. Ah, there but for the grace of God go I, I thought. To have a penis so big, what must that feel like, to know you can make so many more women happy than the little dicked man I was. Kneeling, I worshipped her soft mound with my face, wet and shiny, her thighs tight against my ears, putting pressure on my skull as she flexes along with my licking. Building to her release, then tighter and shuddering through her orgasm, only sound a breathless oh, on her release. She rested a moment, then instructed, "This time with the toy..." giggling, as I knelt to the task, working the tool slowly, my tongue at her pleasure tasting also the slick rubbery dong, the lucky inanimate appendage getting the sweetest pussy I ever had, while my little dick puffed futilely against the pink plastic bars of its delicate prison, helplessly weeping precum that makes my thighs glisten with the drippings.

She can have me like that well into the night, slowing my wrist and tongue to a barely perceptable pace as she watches John Stewart and the Daily Show, then spurring me on as she clicks the tv off. She uses this time to ruminate on our perfect, future lives together, in her blissed out, between-orgasm state. Speaking dreamily, like the Oracle of Delphi casting predictions, she'd plumb the depths of cuckold possiblities..."This is sex for you now, you know. Your penis is not really suited to a woman's pleasure, the goddess intended you for other duties. You'll be such a't wait. I talked to my friend Allison who runs a cleaning service, they train maids , send them out to clean homes, top to bottom, train them hard. Alison Said althought they really have had only girls and women apply, she would be willing to train you, if you behaved yourself. Se said she would fell like it would be discrimination if she didn't give you the same chance to be every bit the perfect, fawning, mincing, curtsying maid. She wants you to come to her office of Monday, cleanshaven. Legs too..."

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