The start of my submission




She stood 5'6", with very thick shoulder length dark brown. Her green eyes , not only showed her intelligence, they commanded your attention. One look into them and you knew she meant what she said and there would be no other discusion. Her breasts were large and would fool you because she dressed in away to not to enhance them. Her ass has a very nice roundness without being overly large. Her hips just right in proportion to her waist, they curve out just at the right angle. Her face, plain. But plain can be so very sexy, especially when that plain face shows command and smiles that become sultry. Her name is Linda to everyone but me. I am to call her Mistress Linda.


We met when she was hired as a receptionist. I got to know her from going and out of the office for supplys and forms for my job. During that time she was employed. I noticed she would wear different socks. Not regular socks. They would have different designs on them each day. I would comment on them and sometimes just stop to chat with her and see what kind she was wearing for the day. No, I do not have a foot fetish. Though I have been know to kiss a few feet and only hers do I kneel and kiss. When she would wear her jean skirt, I would tease her and call her Mistress. Little did I know what works I had put into motion.


She found a new job and what little pleasure I had at work vanished. But the pleasure of still seeing her was still there. We emailed each other about different things and would write personal letters to each other. Then we started meeting for lunch every Wednesday. These meeting were good. To have a bit of lunch and good conversation was great. This went on for about 6 years.


Then one day at lunch she said, " I need to ask you something. And you had better promise not to say anything to anyone."

Naturally I promised and replied, "Go on ask."

"You have called me Mistress. How serious are you when you call me that?" she quired.

I was numb. How do I answer. Be honest I told myself. "Well, to be honest, if I was to submitt to a Mistress. You would be my one and only choice."

The warmest smile that I had every saw her put, greeted me. Her eyes saw I was telling her the truth.


"Good. Because I have been thinking. My husband isn't really sexually oriented as much as he once was. His staying power is not there. And its over way to soon. And from what you tell me. Your wife has lost her sex drive also."


I sat there and could not believe what she was saying and she went on.

"I know you like looking to see what socks I am wearing. So I am hoping that is a good sign that you would be submissive. Many nights I have thougt of having an affair, but it didnt appeal to me. Then I realized that if I was going to have sex with someone other then my husband. It would have to be on my terms. The control would have to be completely mine. When I thougt of who would let me control them, you calling me Mistress always entered my mind. I have thought of the things I would have you do as my submissive. Taking a breath she asked, "Now have you ever thought of me being your Mistress?"


She looked me with her eyes. I blurted it out all to quickly. "Yes, I have often thought of what it would be like serving you as a sub. And wondered what you would command and demand of and from me."


She smiled even bigger. "Good, I thought you may have. Now listen and listen carefully before answering. I am not into pain, giving or receiving. Everything else I may or maynot explore. The question is are you willing to submitt to me. Now listen carefully. I will demand the following: COMPLETE SUBMISSION. YOU WILL TELL ME THINGS TO DO THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO YOUR DEEPEST SUBMISSION. And before I accept you as my submissive you will have to pass a test. Pass it and I will train you to be totally submissive and to the point that I won't have to say anything you will know what to do next. Fail and we both lose. And its back to lunch on Wednesday. Which I enjoy and still will enjoy. One more thing. No hesititon on any commands. I will call you names. I will do things to you public so others can see your submission to me. Now do you a week to thing it over or do you wish to answer now.? and she stared at me. Her eyes complelling me to answer her now.

"Yes, i understand and I ask that you take me, and train me to be your submissive. I will obey. I will not hesitate.


With a big warm happy smile she informed me, Take next wednesday off and we will meet in the Metro Park at the statue at one.


And i will see just how serious you are wanting to kneel at my feet and to follow my commands.


We finished lunch and she hugged me and whispered in my ear. "Dont be late. This is only a one time offer. If you dont show then I will take it you had a change of heart. The offer will not be repeated. As I was leaving I thought, " What Have I just done. I will find out next Wednesday. And I returned home and thought and thought.





Part 2 Metro Park


Its Wednesday. Then only email i received from her was this morning. "See you at 1. Don't be late. DO NOT WEAR ANY UNDERWEAR." So i'm my way there now. And surprisingly, I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. Guess all the thinking of all the possibilites got me prepared. Even though I don't have any idea of what this test will be.


Well I'm here. Metro Park is a 45 minute drive. Its a large park with 2 lakes where lots of people fish, especially in the evening and weekends. It also has a walking/jogging trail with workout stations to do pushups, situps and other fitness workouts and boat rentals to row around on the lake. There are numerous picnic tables and pavilions neat the jogging.walking trail. A very cool place to come and escape the summer heat since its all surrounded by woods.. Far away enough so the chance of anyone local from where we live would be small.


There I see her coming now. Oh my god. She wearing her jean skirt. The one I always teased, but no longer, about her being a Mistress. My heart is bearing faster.


I wave and she waves back and soon is here with me. That warm smile of hers easing my nervousness a bit. But not for long.

"Last chance. Do you wish for me to accept you for sub training. or not?" her question quite serious and full of command.

"I beg that I be accepted for sub training. I am ready for my test and I shall pass. I want to serve you." was my response to her.

"Lets walk abit. I know right where you can take your test. It may sound easy. But it won't be that easy." her smile escaping as she informed me.

It was a very short walk. Being it being Wednesday the place was empty except for very few people jogging. The weather was excellent. Warm but not hot and just a touch of a nice breeze.


We went off the trail about 5 feet to picnic table. She sat on the edge of the table. I stood in front of her.


"Ok. If you want me to acept you, train you as my own personal sub. Your going to have to show me by taking care of my feet. Show me. I think your intelligent enough to know exactly what I mean." with that she lifted her feet to me.


Smiling at her as I saw her star studded socks. She was hitting all the buttons. I slowly removed her shoes and places them on the seat of the table. Slowly I rolled her socks down and off and placed them in her shoes.


Left foot in my hands I begin massaging. Her heel and tumbs over the soul and arches and over the bottom of her toes. I heard her little moans as I feft her relax. Now for the right foot. Again more moans. Just little ones that say" MMMMMMMM that feels so good" Once couple happend to walk by and made the comment "Someone is have a nice time." Mistress Linda smiled at them, replied, "And it promises to get even nicer."


Taking her right foot I leaned down and kissed her ankle, and the top of her foot. My lips kissing the top and the tip of each toe. Licking down the side of her foot over the arch and down to her heel. My tongue licked back and forth up over the bottom of her foot. She must have taken a bubble bath. I started smelling strawberries. Licking the bottom of her toes, I glanced up. Her eyes closed her light red lips slightly parted. Starting with the little toe, I softly licked and sucked it. Licking between the toes I licked and sucked the next toe and on up finially kissing licking and sucking her big toe. I must admitt, it was a joy. Her light pink painted toenail all wet from my sucking. It was awesome the reaction I was having. My cock, hard and pointing down my leg, was starting to ache for release. But I had another foot to do.

As i was giving her left foot the same treatment of being kissed and licked a woman walked by and I heard her chuckling.


"You will have to get used to that if you to be my sub." was Mistress Lindas response.

Continueing to suck on her toes. I finiall felt the flush of the redness leave my face. I hope she doesn't hold that against me for turning red, was my thought.


"Enough, we don't have alot of time. Put my socks and shoes back on." Kissing each foot on top before I rolled her socks up. Then kissing the top of each foot before putting on her shoes. Her ankles receiving a kiss after I tied her shoes.

Grinning she pointed to my hard cock. "Now that is what I like to see. She pulled me close to her. I felt her fingers rubbing the underside of my cock. OH if she keeps this up it, I will be cumming in no time.


"You surprised me. Your cock is a bit longer then my hubbys. Not but alot just a little. On the good side its alot thicker then hubbys. I think I may have find out if you know how to use it.

Those word was the breaking point. I moaned. Cumming in my jeans out in the middle of a public park in the middle of the day. I felt the cum on my leg and sure enough there was a huge wet spot. Now i know why she didnt want me wearing underwear.

"Thats quite a large wet spot. How longs it been" she asked.

"About 2 weeks' and again i turned red revealing that fact to her.


I felt her hand pulling my zipper down.


"Reach in there and get 2 of your fingers covered with your cum." looking me in the eye as she instructed on what she wanted.

Reaching in, I got 2 fingers well coated with my cum and removed my hand.


"Sniff your fingers. Then suck them clean." her eyes strearn waiting to see if I would obey.

Obey I did without hesitation. Her eyes softened and that warm smile washed over me and I knew she had me. She knew it too, well before today she knew I would obey and submitt.

"Now walk me back to my car. Pointing to the wetspot on my pants, " Now Im not the only one wet and she laughed. Againg I turned red which made her laugh even more.

On the way to her car. A young woman was walking and covered her mouth as she laughed at seeing my wet pants. She knew what it was and knew it wasn't from peeing myself. Mistress only smiled and squeezed my hand. And said. "She might not have noticed if you would have pulled your zipper up before we left." A big grin was on her face after tellilng me that.

After getting to her car, she got in and said "Look " and she pulled her jean skirt up and postioned herself. "I'm soaked from all of this." "I have never been this wet before. So one more thing and the test is over." My eyes followed her fingers as the slipped underneath her panties an dissappeared.


Her fingers came back out. Holding them up to my nose, I immediately sniff them. MMMMMMM she had a nice aroma. My mouth opened and she put her fingers in and i licked and sucked her juice from her fingers.


"Well, since you like the taste of my pussy and your own cum. I will accept you for sub training. You will address me as Mistress Linda in all our correspondance with each other. OH, and when we get together. the first thing you do is kneel and kiss my feet. I had better not have to remind you. "


She then pulled my head down and kissed me long with her tongue doing an amazing dance in my mouth. Whispering, "Bob, you going to make an excellent sub. Thank you for passing your test. I will talk to you later tonight on the IM." Off she drove.


Walking back to my car about 100 feet away. I thought. I'm only going to be an excellent sub because you will be an excellent Mistress, Mistress Linda.


The drive home was slow. Lots of grins and smiles crossed my face as i thought of many things that she would and will have me do. My fate is sealed, was my finial thought before turning on the street to my house.




The journey of the last few days have been fast, confusing and amazing. Mistress Linda's email later that night instructed me to send her links to all my favorite porn websites. The list in her words were, "A short list, but a very hot list." I was also informed that we would look at the sites together after she investigated them.


Two days laters on the IM, (instant messenger) we started to look at the sites. Mistress liked the femdom pics and cartoons where the male was on a leash and collar. She asked me outright if that would make me turn away from her if she collared and leashed me. My reply was that it would only deepen my submission. Make me want to serve her even more devotedly. Which Mistress told was good because I am only in training. That she hasn't laid claim for me to be officially her sub.


Mistress also liked the men cleaning up creampies and licking up cum from where ever the cum was to be found. "Make no mistake, you will not become a cumeater. You will be one. That is only one thing that you will called. There are lots more names for you to be." LMFAO followed that statement.


"Your such a perv, sub. You like women wearing strapons. You better be sure. You like men in panties. Again you better be sure. All these MMF and the guys sucking each other and cumming on each other. You had better be sure. Because sub, if you pass the training and I accept you for my own personal sub. All the things you have showed me. Well I'm going to see how many we can actually accomplish."


Now tomorrow is Wednesday, our lunch day. You will keep on buying my lunch. You will also buy or reimburse me for things that I may buy pertaining to my pleasure. Thats right MY PLEASURE, not yours. you will give up that privledge if I place you in my collar. See sub, I have many new thoughts since I have looked at those sites. Most appeal to me. I wont dress you completely as a women, but I have a strange feeling you better get used to wearing panties. That should keep you well aware of whom you serve." Then it was time to sign out and get to bed. Surprisingly I slept good. I knew deep in me that she will be surprising me with lots of different things.




The sun was warm the wind just a soft breeze. Standing beside my car I watched Mistress arrive. Parking beside me I all saw was a huge smile. Opening the door for her, I bowed, "Good Afternoon, Mistress."

"Your learning quickly, and thats a good thing. I'm thinking about stepping up your training. I'm new at this, but I do know what I except and will accept nothing less. Remember only I can end this now. Your committed to seeing if you can become my sub. That could take a long time. But thanks to your sites and the favorite pictures you lsubmitted to me for viewing have given my new ideas. Now lets go in and have lunch."


Lunch was good. Not another word of her plans or of my submission. Mostly consisted of what her hubby likes to do sexually, when and if he can get hard. Which was he sometimes liked to cum on her face and fuck her up the ass. The cumming on her face was ok as long as she was expecting it. But that wasnt usually the case. The anal she thinks she would enjoy if he would take the time to loosen her up. No chance of that happening.


The walk back to her car I walked beside her. I got a glare and an order of "You walk one step behind me sub. Always. That is wlhen your not on your knees serving me." I think I invented a new deep shade of red. I opened the door and closed it. "Put your head in here for a mnute sub." Her eyes I notices had softened. Her lips met mine for a few seconds. "Sub, get a cam for you computer on the way home. Time to step up your training."


"Yes Mistress, it is a good as done." was my response as her perfume intoxicated me. It was a soft fragrent aroma. Made my cock instantly hard.


"Good I will be on at 8 tonight. Have your cam ready." Another soft lingering kiss and then she drove off back to work. Which made me realize I had better get going and fast to make it back to work on time.


Its 8, I'm on the IM. No Mistress 8:15. No Mistress. 8:30 No Mistress. 8:45 "Hello sub. Good thing you showed me you will wait for me. Would have been a hard refraction to overcome. Now turn your cam on so I can see you."


"There thats better sub. Where is Judy?" she inquired.


"She is over at the neighbors talking to our neighbor Lisa. Seems Lisa wants her opinion on some interior decorations" I informed her.


"Take out your cock sub. Be quick about it." she commanded.


Immediately i pulled my pants and shorts down. Place the cam so she could see it.


"Not bad sub. But I want to see it hard. Start playing with it." was her order.


Slowly I started. My fingers running over my balls and cock as it started to grow. "MMMM its definitely alot thicker then my hubbys. Makes me want to lick and suck on it sub. Make me wonder what it will feel like inside me if we get to that point."


My cock growing fast as I read her words.


"Stroke if fast sub, I want to watch your cock cum. Want to see how big of a load you shoot. MMMMMMM that the way. Your balls I see are getting high and tight. You know I told you I like sucking cock. Just think, soon it will be your cock that I will be licking and sucking. That your cock will soon be in my mouth. Blasting out all the cum in your heavy balls. Go on sub, you have my permission to cum. Shoot it, I want to see it blast out and land on your belly. CUMMMMMMM NOWWWWWWW." she strernly ordered.


CUMMMMMMMM I did, it was a big load and ended up on my belly. Then I read. "We are not done yet. Time for you to clean up your mess. Clean that cum up with your fingers and I want to see you licking and sucking your fingers clean. Show me what a good cumeater you will be for me. Go on, better be quick or you will have some explaining to do to your wife. LMFAO"


Quickly I cleaned up the cum from my belly and showed her that I was her willing cumeater. She remarked how hungry I must have been. That she could hardly tell there was cum on my belly.


"Well sub, you have made me so wet. You want to taste me again don't you." she stated.


"Yes Mistres I desire to taste you again." I admitted.

"You will sub. You definitely will. I will determine when." She said as matter of factly.


"Time for me to take a long bath. I will play with my pussy in there. Also I will think of something to really step up the pace of your training. Your doing well sub. Keep serveing me without hesitiation or question. Hopefully you pass your training. Serve me with completeness and it will be difficult not to claim you as my personal sub.

Nite sub.


She signed off. I just sat there. She has the power. She has strength to rule me, make me her personal sub. I watched a show on tv. Well tryed to. All I could think of was her in a scented bath. Of what her fingers were doing. My cock was stirring. Coming back to life. I'd better get to bed before I jackoff again. Or attempt to see if the wife is in any kind of mood for sex. Not much chance of that happening either. Then it was off to bed and sleep. What will be next I wondered. Especally since she is stepping up the pace of my training. Sleep came faster then I thought it would.




Thursday evening as instructed by email from Mistress Linda, again I was waiting on line for her appearance. Only this time she wasn't as late. Also as instructed, my cam was ready. I was rock hard waiting for her wondering what she had in mind when she said she had a surprise for me. Actually two surprises. I was anxious none the less.


Like magic her words appeared.

"Good evening sub. I'm ready for you to turn your cam on."


"Yes Mistress, turning it on now.' replying with a smile that would not go away.

"Sub you look good this evening. Where is your wife?"she inquired.

"In the living room watching TV. She usually doesn't bother me when she watches her programs. But you never know when she may come in on me." I explained to Mistress.

"I understand that. Can you see her coming before she gets next to your computer?" She quiried.


"Yes Mistress, I have it set up so that I have plenty of time to click off the websites that I don't want her to see." I answered. That smile still wouldn't go away.

"Thats great and thats how I thought you would have it set up. Now for your first surprise. I'm stopping by your place on saturday. I require 150 dollars. Have it ready. Before you ask, all I will say is its for my pleasure. And don't ever ask me why I want money. It will always be for my pleasure.' was typed on the screen before I could even think about it.

"It will be ready Mistress. I will not ask why you want or what you did with it. I understand its for your pleasure. Your pleasure comes first and foremost." was my reply.


"Now for your second surprise." Up popped the request for me to accept her webcam. Now I was very surprised. I accepted and there she was on my screen. Lovely as ever. I watched as she started laughing.

"It sure did surprise you sub. The look on your face. LOL. she sent on the IM.

"Now I have been thinking, which is good for me but could possibly be bad for you, but it will be good for you this time. I will be back in a few minutes. Stay there and wait. I won't be long." then she was gone.


What was she up to now. I hadn't a clue. She was right . It didn't take her long at all. My jaw had to hit the floor. There she was, wearing a nice blue , on the skimpy side, a two piece light blue bathing suit. My cock went rigid. I hadnt been this hard in years.. I could see she was laughing at my reaction as she turn and showed me her ass and back and her legs and her big tits. They were alot bigger then I imagined. Then she sat down.


"Ok sub, I see you liked my unscheduled surprise. You have been doing very well and earned a small treat. Now quick take your cock out and show me how hard your cock is now." she commanded with a grin.

Not answering. I checked to make sure the wife wasn't coming. And out came my cock.

"Thats the reaction I wanted sub. Now put it back in your pants. I don't want you to get caught before we can have more fun."


Back in it went. Difficult, but back in it went.


"Look at my nipple sub. You got them poking out." she said as i watched her fingers running over them and rolling them. My god, they were long and very thick.

"Your enjoying the show. Thats good." she typed. Then her hands massaged both her tits. Her fingers sliding over the exposed skin of her tits.

"Now if you were here sub. I might let you kiss my nipple thru my top and lick them and maybe even suck them abit." She saw me starting to rub my cock thru my jeans.

"Stop, you will not touch yourself. Not untill I tell you that you can.

Remember, its my pleasure that has to be satisified. Not yours." she chided me.

"Don't worry. you will learn in time. If I accept you. Now wouldnt you like to kiss my tits all over. Lick them all over. and give them little sucks all over? MMMM hmmmmmmmmm Yes I see that you would. I swear your cock twitched in your jeans. Would you like to run the precum from your cock all over each nipple? Would you like to lick and suck the precum off them? Would you like to titfuck my nice big tits? Would you like to cum on them? Would you like to clean the cum off of them?" she teased as her hands keep running over and massaging and tugging at her nipples.

"OHHHHHHHH yes Mistress. So willingly I would do all the things you mentioned. was my quick reply.

"What if it was another mans cum on them. Would you still do all those things?" she aske with a very serious look on her face and in her eyes.

"Yes" was my quick response. I was praying it was the correct response.

"Why did you say Yes, sub?" her face becoming even more serious.

"Because to be your sub. I must do all you require and demand. There is no choice but to do as you command." I carefully replied.

"Thats correct sub. Your learning fast. Now there is no reason for you to turn red over answering a simple question. LOL." she told me.

"Are your balls acheing yet sub? she questioned.

"Yes Mistress they are." i replied.

"Good and don't you dare jackoff. You let that cum build up. LOL. " then she took her cam and gave me close up of her tits and between them. It was torture not to grab my cock and stroke it.

" Now I'm going to leave sub. NO JACKING OFF. Build up that cum for me." she typed in large bold letters. "I will see you tomorrow nite for a bit sub. Get a good sleep. And think of the day you may earn the privledge of touching my tits. Nite."


Then she was gone. My balls ached. My cock so damn hard. Still I resisted and denied the urge to stroke. Its my required duty to obey her even when she isnt present. Time to shower and get to bed. Wife just stopped in to say she was ready for bed. Following her I hoped sleep would come fast. With the hope of dream of serving Mistress Linda.



A wonderfully warm start of a Friday evening, when I received a text from Mistress Linda. Without much of a delay I was on the computer as instructed.

There it was, accept or decline her webcam. Not much of a choice there, its always accept. Then I got the message to turn on my webcam.


Instant hardon!!! There she was in black lacy thong panties and bra. Saying she looked HOT was putting it mildly. Her grin told me she was up to something. Then she turned completely around in a circle showing me all sides of her. She stopped when the view of her ass was directly in front.


"Do you like my ass?' was her question.

"Mistress you have a very lovely ass." I quickly answered. It was a very lovely ass. She kept herself in shape. Her ass so round. Looked so soft. The dimples above each cheek on the deep side. Even the sides of each asscheck still had little sunken in shape.

"I would like to feel your fingertips going over my ass. Then your lips kissing all over each cheek. Next your tongue licking all over each cheek." She grinned as her fingers grazed over each cheek as I watched and my cock ached from getting hard again and not cumming last night.


"Tell me sub. Do you wish to be my asslicker, my ass kisser? she agained teased me with questions which she already knew the answers.

"Yes Mistress, It would be wonderful to be your asslicker, your asskisser." I answered without hesitation.

"And would you mind if I decided to sit my ass on your face for awhile? she quired with a sly grin.

"Yes Mistress, I would love for you to sit your lovely round ass on my face for as long as you wish." was my response.

"Show me your cock sub. Just a nice look at it. I want proof that your turned on by my ass." she stated with another catlike grin.

I pulled my cock out. Hard as a rock. Then I started jacking it.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, I did not tell you or give you permission to play with your self." was the message with a stearn look in her eyes.


"Put your cock away. It nice and thick and reminds me of an old boyfriend. Don't know where he is now. All I know is the sex was very good with him. And his job took him out of state. Yes, now i recalled someone telling me he was married. Oh well, back to the matter at hand. Don't you dare jackoff tonite sub. We are going out for dinner and some shopping and maybe a late movie. Watch me dress sub. Tell me what you think as I dress." was her command.

Then she sat down and started with her thigh high nylons.

"Your legs are very shapely and lovely. I see myself kissing them all over from your toes up to your hips" her eyes went soft.

"Would like to be laying between my thighs sub?

"Yes Mistress."


Then she turned showing me her ass.


"Would you like your cock to be pressed on my ass sub? I know I would love to feel the hardness and heat from your cock on my ass cheeks. I especially would like to feel your thick cock in my pussy." she said as she turned around and ran her hand over her pussy.

Then I watched as she put on a dark skirt. and a light colored top. It was a simple outfit. but very intriging since I know what she was wearing underneath.


I watched as she applied her lipstick. She blew me a kiss afterwards. Laughing she applied perfume on her ankles, behind her knees on her belly button on her hips and between her tits, and on her neck by her ears.


"Well what do you think sub. Or is your cock so hard you can't speak? she laughed.

"Mistress you look very lovely. Your dressed in a outfit that not many can look that sexy. You will turn a few heads tonight Mistress. No question about it."

"Thank you sub. Flattery may get you to see some of me naked. LOL. flashed on the screen.

"Ok sub. I have to go. Don't jackoff. Remember the 150 dollars I will be pickingup tomorrow." she typed.

"Ejoy your evening sub. Bye untill I stop by tomorrow"


Then she was gone. Damn my balls were hurting bad. Something told me to obey and not jackoff. So I spent the next few hours wondering what Mistress was up too. She is diffinitely getting bolder and more dominate. I can see myself kneeling at her feet way to easilily. Oh well at least I will get to see her briefly tomorrow. I kept having the feeling tomorrow was going to be interesting. A day in which I had the feeling that my submissiveness was going to be tested and deepened.



It was sure a lovely saturday. The sun is out warming up the air to a very nice comfortable 72 degrees. Looks like a good day to mow the lawn and clean out the basement.

Ringgggggggggggg My cellphone brings me back from my thoughts of cleaning out the basement.

"Hello Mistress." I answered.

"Good Morning sub. What are you doing right now?" was her question.

"I was just about to mow the lawn, Mistress." I replied.

"Where is Judy?" was the next question.

"Its the last Saturday of the month. She had to go in to help do the monthly inventory. She won't be home till 4 Mistress.

"Thats good. I thought I remembered you telling me that before. I was just wondering if she still was doing that end of the month inventory. Here is what I want. Leave your door unlocked. Be naked and kneeling in your bedroom on your wifes side of the bed. No touching yourself. I will be over in about 20 minutes." she commanded and then click. She hung up. Didnt even wait for my reply.


Now I was nervous. But not that nervous. Even kneeling, waiting for Mistress, my cock was hard. My balls ached. Twenty Minute no Mistress. Thirty minutes no Mistress. The I heard someone walking down the hallway. If it wasn't Mistress, then I would have some explaining to do to my wife.


Then she was there. Standing in the doorway. Her Mistress jean skirt on. I knew she taking it up a few notches. She stopped in front of me.


Leaning down I kissed her toes and ankles. Her brown sandals looked fairly new.

"MMMMMMmmmmmm You a very quick learner or your very eager to become my personal sub." she said with a warm smile, "Which is it?"

"Both Mistress, I have thought even more of how I should serve you. And I am surprise at my own eagerness to do well and become your personal sub." I answered as I dared to look at her eyes.

"Good, because today will tell me a few things. Now stand." She commanded.


Standing up she turned me around and pulled my hand behind me as secured them with a plastic tie like they use to bind things together.

"Sit on the very edge of the bed and spread your legs." she ordered.

I sat, my legs spread my hand tied behind me. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled my head back and she leaned down and kissed me. My mouth parted open made it easy for the tongue to enter my mouth and my tongue found its way into hers. Her mouth tasted a bit odd. I was wondering then she ended the kiss.


"Well sub, hows does my mouth taste? Does it taste like cock and cum? It should. I gave Jim a blowjob right before I came over. Didn't brush my teeth. No mouthwash. No gum. Surely there is a bit of a coating of his cum in my mouth. So tell me. Your cock just twitched and there is more precum oozing out, It says you loved it. Now tell me." she ordered with a sly smile.

"Mistress I admitted it was an odd taste. Now I know why. My cock showed you the truth. I loved it." I answered while my eyes also spoke and told her that what I said was true.

"Good because today you will become officially a cumeater. A swallower of cum. I'm going to blow you sub. You know I don'w swallow, so I will be giving you, your cum to swallow. You will hold it in your mouth unitll I tell you to swallow. Understand?" she stated without a thought that I would even put up a protest.

"Yes Mistress, understood." I answered.


She was on her knees quickly. Her soft hand slowly stroking my cock. Her eyes looking up at mine told me that she was going to own even more of me after she was done.

The tip of her tongue licked my balls as she slowly pumped up and down. Her tongue sliding over my balls as she gently sucked on each of my balls. The flat of her tognue licking up the underside of my cock made me moan. I was hoping to last a respectable time, but my balls wanted release they ached so bad now. Swirling her tongue ove the head I knew she was getting my precum. Slowly she put her lips around the head. Slowly those soft tantalizing lips slid down my cock. Then up and back down as I felt her hands cupping and rolling my already tight balls.


Suddenly she went fasttttttttt. Causing me to moan loud. I couldn't take much more. POPPPPPPPP she took her mouth off my cock. She stood up.

Pulling me by the back of my head again. I opened my mouth and she put her lips to mine and she let all her drool from sucking my cock go into my mouth. It surprised me that I found the taste wonderful. It must of showed.

"Good boy sub. Told you I drooled and you will be getting more of my drool to swallow." she lightly whispered in a most sultry tone.


Back down she went. Starting slowly again. Up down. Up down. I felt more drool running down my balls and falling off. She took most of my cock in her mouth and held it. Then I felt her tongue sliding up and down the underside of my cock. I moaneddddddd louddddd.

POPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP back up she came. More drool to swallow.

With a soft whisper, "You have permission to cum when your ready sub."

Down she went. Fastttttttttt she slid her tight lips upppppp downnnnnnn. Her hand rolling my balls.


OHHHHHH to much OOOOOOOh way to much. My body started shaking as my cock blasted outtttttt its hot cummmmmm into her mouth. She slowed down then. But didnt stop sucking untill I was soft.


Standing up. Pulling my head back again. My mouth went open. Her lips right above my mouth. OHHHHHH she was really going to do it. Feed me my own cum. She just stayed there not moving only staring deep into my eyes. If her eyes were laughing. Because they knew this was the begiing of her ownership. Of her control. Of her dominance.

Then she released my cum. Down into my mouth it dropped and dripped out. Then she spit the last of it out into my mouth.

Standing there she smiled. I could see she was thinking.


"Swish the cum around in your mouth. Get all that cum coated thru out your mouth." she continued smiling as I slowly swished the cum around. "Dont stop untill I Tell you to stop."

"See sub, not only are you going to be a sexual release for me. But someone whom I will take out my sexual frustrations on.. Don't worry. I don't mean I will be beating you with whips and chains. I told you everything you do. You will do willingly. A good Mistress knows how to make you willing to do anything she desires. And I feel I am going to be a very very good Mistress. So sub. Pass your training and you will see just how good I really am going to be." she stated as she looked in my eyes.


Putting her fingers on my throat, she instructed me to show her all the cum in my mouth. I opened my mouth and showed her.


"Swallow now, sub, and become the cumeater that you know yourself to be. Do it now." her voice commanding, her eyes showing a little hardness, telling me not to disobey.

I swallow it all down slowly. It was as bad as thought. Actually tasted good.

"Show me its all gone." was her command. Opening my mouth I showed her not a drop left.

"Now lay down on the floor sub. Blowing two guys and you submitting to me. I have to cum. Lay down now." she said excitedly.


I watched as she hiked up her skirt and started to lower herself to my mouth. Her pink lacy panties were soaked. No mistaking that dark wet spot on them. It was a large spot. With a moan she started rocking and grinding on my mouth. She wasn't gently at all. She wanted one thing and that was to cum. I put my tongue out and pushed hard as i could against her panties. She must of felt it. She moaned and started going faster and harder. She was rising up a bit and coming back down. Then rocking and grinding. Her juice was seeping thru. I began to suck and she moaned louder and her rocking and grinding faster and harder. A long loud moan filled the room. I felt her hips bucking rapidly as she came long and hard. I kissed her pussy lips thru her panties. She just sat there. Even after she recouperated. Then she rubbed her cumsoaked panties all over my face, Over my forehead and my nose and my chin and over my cheeks. When she was done. She stood up.


"Kneel before me sub." Quickly I knelt.

"Take my panties off, but dont you dare touch my ass or pussy." she stearnly ordered.

Reaching up I rolled them down and she stepped out of them.

"Now suck my cum out from them." she said with a sly grin.

Putting them to my nose. I took a long deep sniff and started sucking her cum out of her panties.

"How does it taste?" she inquired.

"Delicious Mistress Linda. I hope you will give me more of your cum to taste and swallow." I mummble thru her panties.

"Oh you will get more of my cum. You will be getting lots of it."

"Now how does it feel to be an official cumeater, a cum swallower?"

"It feels new, exciting. Only you could bring this out of me this strongly Mistress." I smiled as I answered.

"There will be lots of things I will be bringing out of you." she continued, "You need a reward for being so pleasing today. So, those panties are now yours. Put them on now. Model them for me." she said as she laughed.


I slowly put them on. They felt really good, even with the crotch being wet. I turned around and Iwalked around the room for her.

"Now I have spent way to much time here sub. Me fucking your mouth wasn't planned at all. But I need to cum. Now 2 things."

"First, the 150 dollars. I need new panties, since you will be getting more of mine to wear."

"Secondly, You will wear your pantie to lunch and when we talk on the IM. You will wear only my panties. No one elses. Not even your wifes. Is that clear sub?"

" Yes, Mstress very clear."

"With the rest of the money I am going to buy surprises. I'm sure you will enjoy them."

Then she kissed me long deep with her tongue being slow in my mouth.

"I have to go now. Enjoy the taste of cum in your mouth. The next cum you swallow will be my husbands. The pictures you send me showed me how I can accomplish it." She grinned and then turned and left.


Standing there I looked at the clock. Wow, that was the best halfhour I have had in a long time. Well I better get dressed and get things done or Judy will be wondering why haven't I got anything done. The rest of the day I spent mowing and cleaning out the basement. Not to mention of her hearing her words of how I will be swallowing her husbands cum. My cock was growing hard again in my new pink lacy panties. It as all going fast and I started to admitt to myself that not only was i submitting to her, but letting her take ownership of me. My cock stirred again. The panties sure do feel good.




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