Birth of a MaleSub


Greg unlocked the door to his condo, and they both entered. It had been over three months since he'd gotten laid. Consequently, he had made a conscious effort not to show his true hunger to the young woman that accompanied him.


Nikki removed her waist length black leather jacket. Greg politely took it and told her to make herself comfortable. As he hung her jacket in the closet, he offered her a drink. She requested white wine.


Greg confirmed that he indeed had white wine. On his way to the kitchen, he stopped to turn up the thermostat. That was a little trick he had learned years ago. He knew that women were more likely to remove their clothes if they felt warm.


As he poured their wine, he thought about his good fortune. He had met Nikki only two hours earlier at his favorite neighborhood watering hole. She seemed so out of place, being such a beauty... and alone. Greg never really had expected her to accept his offer for a drink. After all, they were a mismatch.


Being 44 himself, Greg figured Nikki to be in her mid to late twenties. He'd somewhat expected her to address the age issue, but she hadn't. Since he usually passed for his late thirties, Greg saw no reason to bring it up himself. He was proud of his low mileage and years of effort at the gym.


Greg carried the two glasses of wine out to the living room where he found her inspecting the pictures on the wall. She accepted a glass, and then she sat on the sofa. He sat across from her in his easy chair, so that he could study her as they made small talk.


Nikki was even more beautiful than he'd been able to earlier determine in the dark and smoky bar. She wasn't overly pretty or feminine, but she had a raw, earthy, and exotic look that most men found irresistibly sexy. Her hair was long, dark, thick and wavy. Piercing steel blue eyes, pointed eyebrows, full pouty lips, and high cheekbones adorned her softly chiseled face.


Whenever her eyes broke contact with his, he would quickly glance down at her breasts. She had unzipped her tight, black, ribbed knit sweater far enough for him to see her ample cleavage and the top of her black laced bra.


Every time she turned away, he would steal a look at her long, defined, slender legs. She was not wearing any hose, but her legs were smooth enough to allow her short leather skirt to slowly inch up her thighs whenever she shifted her body for comfort. Another inch or two, and he might be able to see her panties, if she wore any.


Greg's cock noticeably responded to the visual delight seated across from him. The combination of his Dockers and boxer shorts gave his cock the freedom to create a crotch tent. With the exception of a strip bar, he couldn't recall the last time he had gotten a hard on from just looking at a woman.


Nikki shifted her weight again, and uncrossed her legs. Greg caught a glimpse of a dark patch between her legs, but didn't have enough time to tell if it was dark pubic hair or black panties. His cock swelled to its' full capacity. He fantasized about burying his face between her thighs and making her pussy feel good.


Nikki broke his reverie by requesting another glass of wine. He cursed himself for using the small wine glasses. Now he had no choice but to stand up and expose the huge bulge in his pants. He took her glass and quickly exited the room, feeling a little embarrassed.


When he returned with the filled glasses, he found her standing over his entertainment system running her finger along a shelf. He handed her the glass of wine and noticed that her finger had left a line on the dusty shelf.


"I haven't dusted for a while," he explained, smiling sheepishly.


"Typical," was all she said. She sat down on the sofa once again.


"So, I see that you were able to... ahem, compose yourself while in the kitchen," she commented.


"What do you mean?" he asked, knowing full well what she meant.


"You were rather aroused before I asked you for more wine," she explained with a devilish smile, looking him straight in the eyes.


"W-well, yes I was. You're a beautiful woman," he explained, surprised at her directness. He noticed that she had unzipped her sweater another inch or two while he was in the kitchen.


"Did you enjoy sneaking your little glances at my breasts and up my skirt?" she asked directly.


Why the little cunt had been cock teasing him all along, Greg thought. He felt a little annoyed, but saw no point in denying it.


"I suppose I did. As I've said, you really are beautiful and I..." he tried to explain.


"How old are you?" she interrupted, crossing her legs.


"Forty four," he responded.


"Hmm... A little older than I thought, but that's even better. When's the last time you got laid?" she asked in a matter of fact manner.


"It's been a while," he replied, off balance from her directness. He preferred to be honest, but he didn't want to be any more specific than he had to.


"How long of a while?" she pressed, uncrossing her legs and spreading them just enough to make her skirt climb up a couple inches.


"Going on four months," he reluctantly responded.


"One night stand?" she inquired.


"Yes," he replied.


"How many times have you gotten laid in the past year?" she asked.


"Hey look, what's with the third degree?" Greg finally objected, but he had allowed the conversation to go too far. Nikki's past experience told her that he could be controlled.


"Greg, haven't you wondered what a woman like me would want with a man like you?" she asked confidently.


He grinned sheepishly and admitted that he had.


"You obviously find me quite attractive, Greg. What do you like about me?" she inquired with that devilish smile of hers.


"Everything," he responded. Unable to resist any longer, he stood up and approached her.


"Sit DOWN Greg, we're not done talking yet!", she instructed in a controlling tone.


He looked into her piercing eyes, then docilely retreated back to his chair. She caught him glancing at her thighs. He quickly looked away.


"Go ahead and LOOK Greg. Take a GOOD look! When's the last time you wanted someone as much as you want me now?" she continued, shifting herself so that her skirt climbed still another inch up her thighs.


"It's been a very, very long time. If ever," he admitted.


"What do you think is the probability of having someone like me here again anytime soon, Greg?" she asked.


He unabashedly stared up and down at her body and thought for a moment.


"Probably not very good," he admitted.


"Listen to me carefully, Greg. If you play your cards just right, you'll have the chance to see a lot of me in the future. But if you fuck up just ONCE, I will walk out of your life forever. Those are the rules, Greg. Do you understand them?" she asked, spreading her legs just enough for him to see the patch of black between her legs once again.


"Yes," he replied. His cock was rock hard all over again, but this time he didn't give it a second thought.


"Have you ever had a woman tell you what to do, Greg?" she asked.


"No, I can't say that I have," he replied, knowing that he was about to for the first time.


"No, I didn't think so. I'm not completely heartless, though. I realize that for someone as inexperienced as you, there may be times when you'll be hesitant about doing some of the things that I require of you. So here's how it's gonna work, Greg. I'll give you just ONE warning. If you don't fall in line after that, I'll walk out of your life and we'll be done for good. Understand?" she inquired.


"Yes," he responded. He had read about women like Nikki before, but had always believed that it was all fiction.


"Good, I'm pleased! Tell me. What would you like to do now, Greg?" she teased.


"I'd like to take you into my bed and fuck you longer and harder than I ever fucked anyone in my LIFE!", he blurted. The words just came out. It was almost as though someone else had said them.


"FUCK?" she laughed, "I don't think so. Certainly not tonight. And probably not EVER! Here's the program, Greg. You're going to be MY play toy. You will do whatever I say, whenever I say it! What I want and WILL get from you is pleasure, amusement, and servitude."


"Aren't you pushing your luck a little bit? One day you're going to mess with the wrong guy, and he's gonna do whatever he wants with you," Greg suggested, his anger slightly rising.


"But you're not that guy, are you?" she quickly responded, effectively disarming his anger.


"N-no, I guess not," he meekly replied, feeling foolish for even bringing it up.


"No, I didn't think so, but it doesn't matter anyway unless you are at least a third degree black belt. I'm not stupid enough to play this game without being able to protect myself." she calmly explained, crossing her legs again. Nikki then allowed the heeled black shoe of her top leg dangle off the end of her bare foot.


"Okay, now back to my question. How many times have you gotten laid in the past year?" she continued.


"Three times," he sullenly admitted.


"That's not much. Any relationships in the past year?" she inquired.


"No," he replied.


"Why not? You're attractive and in good shape," she inquired.


"I don't know. Maybe I'm too selective for my own good," he guessed.


"Hmm... Do you still masturbate?" she asked.


"Once in a while, but not too often anymore," he admitted, feeling flush.


"How often, Greg?" she pressed, recognizing his embarrassment.


"Once or twice a month," he responded, starting to feel oddly turned on by his embarrassment.


"Well, I'm gonna change that, Greg. If you stay with the program, you'll masturbate for my amusement often. You see, that's going to be your reward for pleasing me. Now take off your clothes and sit down on the floor by me. Just leave your clothes in a pile on the floor", she instructed.


He removed his clothes, exposing his full hard on. She smiled in satisfaction and motioned him over. He sat on the floor in front of her feet.


"Take my shoes off, pet. Tonight, you're going to learn how to serve my feet. I want you to start off by giving them a massage," she instructed.


He removed her shoes and studied her feet. He found them to be far more erotic than he ever had expected to. He began to massage her feet, puzzled at his enjoyment. She spread her legs enough for him to see that she was not wearing any panties.


A few minutes later she announced that she was getting warm, so she interrupted him just long enough to remove her clothing. Greg watched in awe as she stripped. The rest of her magnificent body was just as lean and defined as her luscious legs. Her dark bush was neatly trimmed short. Greg immediately resumed her foot massage with added enthusiasm, looking up at her body often.


"If you please me well enough tonight, I will allow you to masturbate. What I want you to do is make love to my feet. All of my play toys start at the bottom and learn how to worship my feet before I allow them to worship the rest of my body. You'll be no different. You will kiss them, lick them, and even suck on my toes. I'm not going to tell you exactly what to do because I want to see what you've got. I will only suggest that you cover every square inch, and pay special attention to my toes. Especially in between my toes. If I am not pleased, you will not be allowed to masturbate. Furthermore, you will also be punished! If you refuse your punishment, tonight will be the last time you'll ever see me, is that clear? ", she asked.


"Yes," Greg agreed, already hopelessly addicted to her body.


Although Greg had never even touched a woman's feet before, he fervently kissed, licked, and sucked on Nikki's feet. As she had suggested, he also paid special attention to her toes. It came very natural to him, and he found himself wondering why he'd never done this before. Nikki alternately played with her pussy and her breasts as she encouraged him on. She brought herself to several orgasms in the process, which in turn, drew plenty of pre cum from Greg's throbbing cock.


"You're off to a good start, my pet! I'm pleased. You've earned your reward for the evening, but I don't suppose you want to cum all over your carpet. So crawl on your hands and knees and follow me into your bathroom," she instructed.


Greg was too horny at the moment to even care about the humiliation. Nikki stood up and walked very slowly towards the bathroom, hips swaying seductively. Greg crawled behind her, awestricken at her physical beauty.


Once inside Greg's relatively small bathroom, Nikki instructed him to kneel. As she inspected the cleanliness of his bathroom, she strategically bent down so that her luscious ass came within a few inches of his face. She was very displeased with the filth that she found everywhere. She stood up, and turned to face him. Pinched between her thumb and index finger was a mass of hair and dust.


"Do you think this floor is appropriate for my bare feet to walk on?" she asked.


"No," he sheepishly replied, feeling embarrassed. It really WAS a mess.


"The next time I come here, your entire condo will be IMMACULATE. Do you understand?" she demanded, as she deposited the filth in the wastebasket.


"Yes," he replied, as she washed her hands in the vanity basin.


"Worshipping me, my body, AND the very ground that I walk on are all parts of the program, my pet. And I'm NOT kidding! I'm gonna give this place the white glove test next time. So every INCH of this bathroom had better be clean enough for you to LICK. And don't you DARE hire someone else to do it! Do you understand me, pig?" she asked.


"Clearly," he responded, feeling feverishly humiliated.


"Okay then! Go ahead and masturbate for my amusement, my little playtoy. Stroke your cock and show me how far you can shoot your cum," she beckoned.


Greg didn't need any encouragement. He was already on the verge of going over the edge. Nikki turned around and bent over. Once again, she placed her ass just inches from Greg's face.


"Take a good look at my ass, pet. That's what you'll be worshipping next time. I want you to take a long slow whiff, but don't you DARE touch!", she instructed. She then arched her back, and backed up until his nose was between her asscheeks.


Greg indeed took a slow, deep whiff. It was enough to put him over the top. He let out a deep groan, and put his free hand up against the wall for support. He shot his first jet of cum high through her legs. It just missed hitting her belly, landing several feet away from him. He continued beating his meat, pumping out one jet of cum after another. They each landed closer and closer to him until he finally ran dry. His earth shattering orgasm still continued for several more dry shots afterwards. Finally, he slumped to the floor, completely spent. He hadn't cum that hard for over 20 years.


"Welcome to my world, pet," she slyly said. She then walked out of the bathroom.


It took Greg a minute or two to regain himself. When he finally got up to see what Nikki was doing, he was surprised to find her already completely dressed.


"May I have my jacket now?" she asked icily.


"Of course," he replied. He quickly fetched her jacket and handed it to her.


"What's your phone number?" she asked, removing a tiny phone book from her small handbag.


"It's 555*******," he responded.


"You'll be hearing from me soon," she said coolly. She then opened the door and let herself out.


Greg watched the door close behind her. Then he shook his head in disbelief at how easily he had succumbed to her control.





Chapter 2


For two days, Greg felt overwhelmed by his encounter with Nikki. He had some difficulty in putting her out of his mind, and feared how easily he had succumbed to her. Attempting to gain inner strength, he vowed to blow her off if she indeed ever called him.


A couple more days passed without a word from Nikki. Their session together continued to replay over and over in Greg's mind. The more he tried to analyze the situation, the more confused he became. He was now only "pretty sure" that he would blow Nikki off if she ever called.


Three more days passed without a word from Nikki. Greg began to realize that his attempts at resisting her were merely his mind's way of dealing with denial. She indeed had struck some unknown chord deep inside him, and the vibrations were just too pleasing to ignore. His mental replays of their encounter together no longer frightened him as much as they had before. Arousal slowly replaced fear. Greg began keeping his condo a little cleaner without even being aware of it. He no longer had a planned response for Nikki in the event of her call.


By the 10th day, Greg's denial and resistance had yielded to acceptance and desire. He realized that he indeed wanted what Nikki offered, regardless of how unconventional. With his denial now behind him, Greg's lust for Nikki deepened by the hour. He no longer just merely became aroused while replaying their encounter together. He now masturbated furiously to them. He even began noticing a stirring in his loins whenever he performed domestic chores. Now Greg's main concern was that Nikki hadn't called yet.


Over the next two days, the memory and image of Nikki slowly consumed Greg. He masturbated several more times during his deep cleaning chores around his condo. He realized how foolish he had been to deny his inner feelings in the first place. After all, she'd made him cum harder and longer than anyone had for at least the past 20 years.


Greg decided that if Nikki did ever call, he would succumb to her desires and do whatever was necessary to keep her in his ordinary life. After all, Nikki had rekindled his diminishing sex life. She was also the hottest looking woman that Greg had ever been with. Yes, he would play her game, and play them on her terms. After all, no one but Nikki would have to know about their secret.


Nikki still hadn't called though, and Greg worried that he may never hear from her again. Two days later, his worry grew into a full blown panic. It had been two full weeks since their encounter. Every time the phone rang, his heart skipped a beat, then his pulse would quicken as his hopes increased. Then he would grow deeply depressed when he found out that it wasn't Nikki calling. He felt torn between going to the bar each night to see if she might be there, and not wanting to miss her call by leaving his condo.


Friday night, sixteen days after their encounter, Nikki finally called.


"Hello pet, do you miss me?" Nikki mused. Finding Greg home late on a Friday night pleased her. She knew it was a very good sign.


"Oh, YES!" he eagerly responded, immediately exposing his cards.


Nikki smiled widened with deep satisfaction. Greg had been waiting for her call like a lost, hungry puppy. She had played this game enough times to know that by now, he would either have grown disinterested, or hopelessly hooked. She rarely had to cover any ground in between.


"I'm glad to hear that. Then you are ready to see me again." she added, quickly getting down to business.


"Yes!" he replied.


"Very well then. I'll stop by tomorrow night at 8; WITH my white gloves!" she warned.


"Umm..." he hesitated.


"Is there a problem, pet?" she asked.


"No, it's just that I have a prior commitment." he explained.


"You mean you HAD a prior commitment. Break it!" she demanded.


"Yes, of course." he agreed.


"See you tomorrow then." she coolly commented before terminating the call.


Greg's cock had quickly grown hard during their short conversation. When he realized he had some explaining to do to his buddies, however, his cock deflated just as quickly. It was his turn to host their monthly poker game, and now he had to cancel out at the last minute.


Greg felt fortunate that all 5 of his buddies were out for the evening. He left apologetic messages that he had to cancel, but that he would host the game next month for sure. For added insurance, he also left e-mail messages to the 4 who had internet access. He cursed Ron for not being connected online like the rest of his peers. Greg would have to call him again in the morning to make certain that Ron had received his cancellation message. After all, he didn't need Ron showing up after Nikki had arrived!


Sleep was difficult for Greg. Consequently, he stayed in bed much later than usual for a Saturday morning. His nerves tempered his usually strong appetite, and he ate lightly at all three meals. In between meals, he spent most of his time deep cleaning. Although he was aroused many times throughout the day, he chose not to masturbate.


Time dragged on excruciating slow for Greg. He found himself wishing that he'd gone to the gym earlier to blow off some of his nervous energy. To make matters worse, Nikki didn't arrive on time. He paced the floor, checking and rechecking the cleanliness of his place as he waited. At 8:25, the doorbell finally rang. He almost ran to the door to open it.


"Hello pet." she coolly stated.


"Hello!" Greg enthusiastically responded. He stepped aside and allowed Nikki to enter. She wore clothing very similar to what she had worn the last time, but her handbag was much larger.


"Happy to see me?" she mused, stepping into the living room.


"Very!" Greg responded as he watched Nikki remove her jacket. She handed it to him without a word. He hung her jacket and offered her a drink.


"Maybe later. First I want to lay down the law with you. Take off your clothes and kneel before me." she instructed very businesslike.


Greg quickly complied, and his cock quickly grew hard in the process. Nikki fought to suppress a smile. Although deeply pleased, she didn't want to show it.


"I see that my pet is eager for what I can give him! Now pay close attention, as I will not repeat myself. If you fail to follow the rules at any time, you will be punished. First of all, you need to start showing me proper respect. So there will times when you will address me as Goddess." she instructed.


"Yes Goddess." he replied.


"But I DON'T want to hear the word Goddess at the end of every sentence. You'll sound like a fucking broken record, and that would be terribly annoying. Your cue will the word pet. When I address you as pet, you in turn will address me as Goddess. I may add cues in the future as your training progresses, but for now, your only cue will be pet. Understand?" she inquired.


"Yes." he replied.


"Yes, I think you do. Now; have you masturbated since the last time I saw you?" she asked, with a mischievous smile. Greg's face blushed.


"Yes." he admitted.


"How often?" she inquired.


"Quite often." he admitted.


"That's not specific enough. Give me a number." she demanded.


"W-ell, I don't know for sure. Maybe 20 times, 25 at the most." he admitted, turning beet red.


"So you're telling me that you've masturbated more in the past two weeks than you did in the prior 6 months?" she asked.


"Yes." he replied.


"And what did you usually think about while whacking off, my pet?" she mused, knowing full well what his answer would be.


"You, Goddess." he admitted. Nikki was pleased, but once again used great effort to refrain from smiling.


"Every time?" she asked.


"Yes." he replied.


"Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself, because that brings me to my first law, my CARDINAL law! You may no longer cum without my permission. EVER! In fact, I don't even want you to TOUCH your cock in a sexual way without my permission. Your cock belongs to ME now!" she demanded.


"But what if I'm with a woman?" he asked innocently.


"A WOMAN? Are you a fucking idiot? There won't BE any more women in your life as long as I'm in the picture! Let's get this straight! If I find out that you're even TROLLING for women, we are through! DONE! I will be the ONLY woman in your life, or I'll be OUT of your life! Do you understand me?" she asked, angrily.


"Yes." he replied, cock throbbing to his heartbeat.


"I will give you the opportunity to cum once a week, provided that you've pleased me well. Of course, you will often FAIL to please me. But being a fair Goddess, I'll still allow you to cum PROVIDED that you properly submit to my punishments for your failures. Now, until further notice, our sessions will be on Thursdays. If you manage to survive your probationary period, we'll start having most of our sessions over at my place. Any questions, pet?" she asked.


"No, Goddess." he responded.


"Good, then I shall continue. Effective immediately, unless I've invited or instructed you to, you will never gaze upon my naked body. You are to keep your eyes averted down on the ground before me. Understand?


"Yes." he agreed.


"Also; the way I see it, worship isn't just limited to physical actions. Worship should also include verbal actions. So when you worship me or any part of my body, you will always include ample verbal worship along with your physical worship. You will TELL me how you adore me, and how pleased you are to serve me. Is that clear?" she inquired.


"Yes." he replied.


"Then we shall continue. Your ULTIMATE goal is simple, and will remain constant. You will strive to earn the privilege of jerking off for my amusement. Any questions?" she inquired.


"No." he responded.


"Then let's start with the white glove test that I promised you." she said.


Nikki removed a white glove from her handbag, and began to inspect the premises as Greg remained kneeling. It took her much longer to find any fault than she had anticipated. She had mixed feelings about that. She wanted a reason to punish him, but his monumental effort also pleased her.


"Did you do all the cleaning yourself?" she called out from the kitchen.


"Yes." he replied. Nikki returned to the living room.


"You did a fairly good job, but unfortunately, not good enough. You have failed the test." Nikki coolly stated as she held out the tips of her gloved fingers for Greg to see. The tips were noticeably gray. She removed her glove as she sat down on his ottoman. She patted her thighs and motioned him to her.


"Failure to please me will ALWAYS result in punishment! Get over my knees, pet. Support yourself with your arms." she instructed.


"Yes, Goddess." he responded.


Positioning himself was initially awkward. After some adjustments, Greg finally balanced himself over her, placing his rock hard cock between her smooth, bare thighs. He began trembling slightly, which deeply pleased Nikki.


Nikki softly caressed his ass for a moment, impressed with Greg's overall physique. Then she removed her hands and shifted her body somewhat. He heard her open her handbag, and lifted his head to see what she was doing.


"Keep your head down, pet!" she instructed.


"Yes, Goddess." he replied. A few seconds later, he felt her separating his asscheeks with one hand. Then he felt something cool being applied in the crack of his ass near and over his asshole. His body tensed.


"Relax. I'm going to give you a butt plug, so I'm applying a lubricant. The plug itself is not a part of your punishment. It's just a part of your training. Your punishment is going to be a sound spanking. You will hold in the plug for the duration of your punishment." Nikki explained.


Nikki then slowly worked her finger into Greg's hole, then slowly twisted and withdrew most of it. She inserted her finger again and repeated the process several times. She smiled when she noticed that he began to slightly raise and lower his ass in unison to her movements. When she heard his breathing quicken, she smiled even more deeply.


"You are very tight. Does my pet have a virgin ass?" she asked.


"Yes, Goddess." he responded.


"Then we will start with a smaller plug. ," Nikki instructed. She gently inserted the plug into Greg's rectum, advising him to relax. Greg noticed that the lubricant started to feel warmer. His asshole also started to itch. He noticeably raised his ass to meet her insertion.


"Keep STILL!" Nikki demanded. She withdrew the plug and immediately followed with a sharp slap on Greg's right asscheek. His body jumped. She was pleased to notice that his trembling became more noticeable. Greg felt his asshole grow even warmer and itchier.


"My pet WANTS this plug, doesn't he?" she teased, knowing full well that he did.


"Yes, Goddess." he responded, realizing that she had applied something more than just lubricant to his ass.


"What will you give me in return?" she coyly asked. Greg tried to reach his hand over to scratch his ass, but Nikki was well prepared. She smashed his hand with the backside of a hairbrush, warning him not to do that again. She knew that the itch lubricant was taking effect.


"Whatever my Goddess desires!" Greg responded, as the warmth and itching increased.


"Would you like it slow and easy, or rammed it in all at once?" Nikki slyly inquired, fully enjoying his torment.


"All at once!" he pleaded. Nikki laughed.


"Maybe next time. I think we'd better go a little slower on your virgin ass." she chucked deviously. Nikki slowly worked the plug in. Greg grunted and groaned in a combination of pleasure and frustration. Although the plug was small, the widest part was still at least twice as thick as her finger and larger than anything he'd ever had up his ass. As the widest part passed through the rim of his asshole, it effectively scratched his itch; for about 10 seconds.


"The plug has a very narrow tail before the base, so it'll stay in without much effort on your part. The base will prevent losing the plug inside of you. You'll be pleased to know that this particular model has hard little nubs on it's base. Can you feel them?" she asked.


"Not really." he replied.


"Here, let me show you." Nikki responded. She then pushed down on the bottom of the base with her thumb and forefinger and twisted it back and forth. Greg pushed his ass upwards to meet her pressure. The nubs scratched his tormenting itch to the point of ecstasy. She then release the base, leaving him to push against nothing but air. Greg began to lift his weight off of her thighs, attempting to get up.


"Get down RIGHT now, or I'm leaving here and you'll never see me again!" she warned.


"FUCK!" he cursed in frustration, as he backed down.


"I never said it would be easy pet." she laughed mischievously.


"Now, it's time for your spanking. You will count off each slap. If you skip, repeat, or simply count off the wrong number, we will start all over again. The punishment for a failed white glove test is 50 slaps." she announced.


Nikki then proceeded to administer his punishment. She started with moderate blows, but increased the severity over time. Greg carefully counted off each blow, actually appreciating how the pain indirectly helped him to forget his maddening itch. By the time Nikki had reached the 50th blow, both of his asscheeks were burning hot and crimson red. To her delight, his body was visibly shaking.


Nikki instructed Greg to rise to his feet, but to keeps his hands away from his ass. He used the opportunity to press and grind his ass muscles together as much as he could without making it too obvious. Nikki knew full well what he was doing, but she chose to ignore it.


"You accepted your punishment well, my pet. I'm pleased. I hope you've learned your lesson, and that this place will be immaculate next time!" she commented.


"Yes, Goddess!" he agreed.


"You are supposed to worship my ass tonight, but I'm afraid that you're in no condition to do so at the moment. Your concentration will be elsewhere. I think we need to scratch that awful itch of yours first, don't YOU?" she commented in a sly tone.


"Yes!" he readily agreed. Nikki pulled out a flesh colored dildo from her handbag. It looked about the same size as his own cock, but had a more pronounced cockhead and accentuated veins.


"Do you think THIS might do the job?" she coyly inquired. Greg turned flush with humiliation. He realized that she intended to fuck his ass.


"It's 7 inches long, but only an inch and a half in diameter. It's big enough to scratch your itch, but should be small enough to avoid injury. If you behave, I'll be gentle. Are you ready for this, or do you want to call it quits?" she smiled deviously.



"I-I'm ready." he almost whispered.


"What? I didn't hear you." she lied, forcing Greg to repeat himself.


"I'm ready." he repeated a little louder.


"Yes, I believe you ARE!" she laughed wickedly.


"Get down on all fours and wait for me. I'm going to undress, and put on my harness." Nikki instructed. Greg complied.


Nikki walked behind him and removed his plug with one swift movement. Greg moaned in brief ecstasy, but his itch returned seconds later. Nikki left him there as she walked back to her handbag. She took her sweet time undressing and donning her strap on, ecstatic with the way things were progressing. As usual, her tactics for breaking in a novice were working like a charm.


Nikki slowly walked in front of Greg. The color of her dildo almost perfectly matched her skin. He found the image of the dildo protruding from her softly defined, near perfect body to be erotically arousing. His initial bewilderment regarding his arousal soon gave way to a deep, feverish humiliation.


"You naughty pet! Didn't I warn you not to look at me after I've undressed, unless given permission or being instructed otherwise?" she asked angrily, moving closer to him.


"Yes, Goddess." he replied. He immediately averted his eyes, but he could tell that she had moved in closer, and the tip of her dildo was only inches from his face.


"Do you LIKE to be punished, or have you forgotten my rules already?" she snapped.


"I've forgotten." he admitted. Nikki sighed loudly.


"Failure ALWAYS results in more punishment! I'll have to give some thought as to what would be appropriate for your infraction, and when it will be carried out. But trust me, I will NOT forget! Now, look up at my cock! I want you to see something! Do you see how fucking your ass will also give ME pleasure? The extended base will rub on my clit as I fuck you. Do you see the nice, soft little nubs on the underside of the extension, my pet?" she explained as she lifted up the extension with a finger. Greg could also see that she had generously applied lubrication to her clit.


"Yes, Goddess." he responded. A long sticky string of pre-cum dangled off the end of his throbbing cock, and his itch continued to torment him.


"Kiss my cock, pet. Show me how bad you really want it." Nikki instructed, moving in towards Greg another two inches. The tip of her dildo was now less than three inches away from his lips. Greg leaned forward and kissed the tip. He was breaking down fast, and Nikki smiled with deep satisfaction. She knew that after another session or two, she would turn him into a slut for her cock, just like so many men before Greg.


"That's good. Now open your mouth, pet. The only lubrication I'm going to use is what's already in your ass, and your own saliva." she explained. Greg surprised himself by opening his mouth without hesitation. Nikki slowly inserted the cockhead into his mouth. "That's good, my pet! Suck on it! Use your tongue to make my cock nice and wet! You've had your cock sucked before. You know what to do." she instructed.


Greg obediently complied, completely succumbing to Nikki's demands and his own feverish humiliation. She slowly inserted and partially withdrew, giving him more and more each time until the tip of her dildo touched the back of his throat. He gagged on it momentarily, but she quickly pulled back.


"That's good enough for now. You'll have MANY hours of cock training in the future!" Nikki said, not wanting to stop the flow of his surrender. She then completely withdrew her dildo, and slowly walked behind Greg. She knelt down between his legs, and placed the her left hand flat on the small of Greg's back. Nikki then inched herself in closer to him, until the tip of her dildo rested on the crack of his asscheeks.


"You're too low for me. Arch your back, and bring your calves together until they touch my legs." she instructed. Greg readily complied.


"Now bend your arms and support your body with your forearms flat on the floor, instead of just with your hands." she instructed. Greg was glad to relieve some of the pressure of supporting his body with outstretched arms.


"Good! Now bring your forearms back a few inches towards me." she instructed. This effectively raised his ass a few inches.


"Excellent! Now we have the right height AND the right angle. All I need now is to be convinced that you really want my cock!" she said, spreading his sore, red asscheeks with her hands. She then used her right hand to glide the tip of her dildo up and down the crack of Greg's ass.


"Yes, I want it." he responded, body trembling.


"WHAT do you want, my pet?" she teased, still gliding the tip of her dildo along the crack of his ass.


"Your cock, Goddess." he replied.


"Then SAY it!', she demanded, resting the tip of her dildo right on his asshole.


"I want your cock." he responded.


"WHERE do you want my cock?" she asked, reveling in her game.


"I want your cock in my ass." he responded.


Nikki pressed the tip of her dildo hard against Greg's asshole. She applied more pressure until his ass finally swallowed the head of her dildo. Greg gasped in pleasure, waiting for more. But instead of giving him more, Nikki withdrew it. His body shook, and he cursed in frustration.


"Cursing will get you nowhere! If you want it, you'd better tell me HOW you want it! I'm tired of drawing words out of you! Don't you remember what I said about verbal worship? Well, my cock is now a part of me, so you'd better start giving my COCK the verbal worship it deserves too!" she demanded.


"Please, give me your cock! ALL of it! I want it deep up my ass!" Greg pleaded, frustrated beyond belief. Nikki inserted the dildo head in his ass again.


"Please, more! Please give me all of your cock!" he begged. Nikki gave him another inch.


"What do you think of my cock, pet?" she asked, giving him verbal direction.


"I love your cock, Goddess! It's beautiful!" he responded. Nikki slowly gave him another inch.


"More, Goddess! Please give me more! You are the most beautiful woman in the world! Please fuck me, and make yourself cum, Goddess!" he sincerely pleaded. Nikki responded by giving Greg still another inch. He became consumed with a burning submissive fever.


"Yes, fuck me! Please fill me up and scratch my itch with your beautiful cock!" he begged. Nikki inserted her dildo until she felt resistance, then she slowly pulled back.


"Again! Faster! Please!" Greg beckoned through his groans.


Nikki knew that all of his resistance and hesitation had vanished. The knowledge that she had broken him so quickly acted as a powerful aphrodisiac for her. Now her own juices were flowing, and it was time to concentrate on her own pleasure.


Greg continued to shower her with verbal adoration, and Nikki responded by giving his ass a sound fucking. She even grabbed a fist of his hair from the back of his head and pulled his head back towards her as she continued to scratch his insatiable itch by ramming his ass with her dildo.


The more Greg verbally worshipped Nikki, the more he believed in what he was saying. His cock had been so hard for so long that several strands of sticky pre cum had already fallen onto the carpet below him. A new strand was already hanging several inches off the tip of his purple cock head. He was falling deep into her well orchestrated spell.


Nikki fed on Greg's verbal worship like a vampire feeds on blood. It literally increased her power and her sexuality. Her breathing labored noticeably. Her body glistened from a thin layer of sweat, accentuating her pumped up muscles. Juices flowed from her pussy several inches down the insides of her thighs, and her nipples were taut and extended nearly an inch.


When Greg declared himself hers to keep, it put Nikki over the edge. She let go of his hair, and grabbed both of his asscheeks with her strong hands. Her body tensed up so hard that she looked like a bodybuilder. As her climax began, she ground her dildo into Greg so hard that she pushed him down to the floor.


Nikki fell on top of Greg and continued grinding herself into him, intending to milk every ounce out of her glorious orgasm. Her face was now only inches from his ear. The combination of her animalistic moans of pleasure, and his cock now rubbing against the floor was more than he could handle. He released a deep guttural moan from the pit of his being, and began pumping powerful jets of hot cum onto his carpet, joining her animalistic moans almost as if in a duet. They simultaneously rode out their extended orgasms until they both slumped in a mass of spent, wet flesh.


After a minute or two, Nikki withdrew her dildo and stood up. Greg felt a rush of cool air fill the spot that had been vacated.


"You came without my permission, didn't you?" Nikki asked without emotion.


"Yes." Greg admitted.


"You've broken my cardinal rule already! What will I do with you? Clean it up while I take a shower." she instructed, as she walked off still wearing her strap-on. He waited for a couple minutes before getting up. His asscheeks burned, and the once unmerciful itch in his asshole had quickly been replaced with a sore pain.


Greg heard Nikki turn off the water. She had been in the shower for less than 3 minutes. By the time she returned to the living room for her clothes, he still hadn't finished cleaning up his mess. He stopped momentarily to look up at her. She didn't look happy.


"By cumming without my permission, you have failed once AGAIN! I've decided that we're not going to do what we had planned. In fact, this session is OVER!" Nikki said angrily as she quickly dressed.


Nikki quickly deposited all of her belongings into her handbag. She then walked over to the closet, took her jacket and put it on as Greg watched helplessly.


"I'll have to sleep on what your punishment will be. ONE thing I know is that you sure have a lot of it coming!" she warned as she walked towards the door.


Nikki opened the door and stepped out. She turned around and give Greg a piercing look that sent a shiver down his spine.


"I haven't even scratched the surface with you yet." Nikki warned. She then snickered deviously and closed the door.





Chapter 3


During the next several months, Nikki put Greg through some very strict training. As hard as Greg tried to please her, he often failed. Consequently, she punished him often, as she had planned to. Greg always accepted his punishment flawlessly, however, and in so doing, he found himself hopelessly addicted to Nikki.


Just as Nikki had required, Greg learned to worship her, her body, and the very ground that she walked on. He served her well, and eventually proved to be her best trainee ever. She adored his devotion and undying effort to please her. Greg managed to give Nikki far more pleasure and satisfaction than any of her previous submissive men. So it was only natural that he soon became her favorite pet.


The profound changes in Greg's life didn't end with Nikki. Just two months after she came into Greg's life, he and his coworker's office pool won the state lotto. There were ten people in their lotto pool, and Greg's share was $865k. The winnings were paid out in a lump sum. Even after taxes, he still cleared slightly over $500k.


Greg knew how to manage money well. At just under $50k per year, his income was modest. Nevertheless, he had still managed to accumulate almost $200k in savings and investments prior to winning the lotto. He also had paid off the mortgage on his condo several years before.


Nikki knew that Greg had fallen deeply in love with her, so it did not surprise her in the least that Greg readily accepted her marriage proposal. The very next week, they flew to Vegas and tied the knot. Nikki allowed Greg to consummate their marriage with the understanding that their fornication may possibly be the ONLY time that she would allow it.


Greg and Nikki's marathon fuck fest was the best sex that Greg had ever experienced in his lifetime. Also, it was better than Nikki had expected. She came more times than she could count, while Greg came thrice himself. She forced the reluctant Greg to suck her pussy clean after his first two orgasms, but allowed him to quickly fall asleep cuddling her after his third.


They returned home after a brief three 3-day honeymoon. Greg promptly sold his condo and used the proceeds to pay off the mortgage on Nikki's home. They would live rent and mortgage free. Greg couldn't be happier. Now he could serve his Goddess for the rest of his life.


A few days after the honeymoon, however, Greg got quite the shock. Nikki disclosed that she had a longtime lover. That was bad enough. When she also explained that she had no intentions on discontinuing her relationship with Paul, Greg felt devastated. It never even remotely occurred to him that Nikki might have a lover. Greg knew about her other pets, but he also knew that she never allowed her pets to fuck her. Therefore, he had felt a certain level of security from knowing that he was her favorite pet.



Greg never considered that Nikki desired cock. After all, she often impaled herself on dildos that her pets were either obliged to hold in their mouths, or had strapped onto their foreheads. Greg mistakenly assumed that Nikki had been content enough with this arrangement.


The way Greg saw things, having a lover was quite different than having a few pets on the side. He made a big fuss about it, and argued that Nikki should have disclosed her relationship with Paul before proposing marriage. Nikki pointed out that even though Greg was her favorite pet, he was never her lover. Therefore, her love life was of no concern of his, then or now.


Nikki expected that her disclosure about Paul would upset Greg, but she felt that Greg had been growing too complacent. Her motivation for telling Greg was to initially instill some jealousy. She didn't want him to become too comfortable and settled, not just yet anyway. A little more jealousy and humiliation would keep him off balance.


Greg's outburst surprised Nikki, however. Greg had never even raised his voice to Nikki, let alone ranted and raved. His behavior angered her, and she decided to deal with his first episode of blatant insubordination swiftly and harshly. Nikki initially planned to keep her encounters with Paul somewhat discreet, but Greg's outbursts changed Nikki's thinking.


Now Greg would have to be taught a lesson. Nikki decided to punish him by accelerating her plans of bringing Paul directly into the picture, instead of initially keeping him discreetly in the background as originally intended.


Nikki walked right over to the phone and called Paul. As Greg watched in disbelief, she invited Paul over for dinner the very next evening. After she hung up, Greg ranted and raved again, threatening to leave. Nikki realized that she would have to call his bluff.


"You seem to have forgotten who's in charge here! I clearly explained to you that our marriage would NOT change the balance of our relationship. You understood that." she responded.


Nikki then pointed to the door, and added, "There's the fucking door if you don't like it! But just remember, if you leave, I won't EVER take you back! THAT I promise!"


Greg immediately regretted that he had deposited all of his funds into joint accounts with Nikki. She hadn't even put his name on the deed to her home yet. Walking out would cost him several hundred grand. More importantly, he was hopelessly in love with her. Even though Greg was most tempted to leave, he just stood there frozen, unable to move or speak.


Nikki knew that she had successfully called Greg's bluff, but she also saw a look of fear in his eyes that she had never seen before. She quickly assured him that not only he would eventually learn to accept his place in her life, he would soon learn to enjoy it just as much as everything else she had trained him for.


Nikki's reassurance only made Greg angrier. She warned him that if he didn't immediately calm down and start behaving like a true submissive, she wouldn't be the ONLY one sucking Paul's cock tomorrow night. By the piercing look in her eyes, Greg knew that she was dead serious. He didn't say another word after that. They both knew that she had won. Greg would submit to Nikki's whims, just as he always had. His shoulders slumped, as all the fight in him quickly dissipated.


Later that night, Nikki punished Greg for his insubordination. She stuffed her largest butt plug up his ass, put alligator clips on his nipples, and clothespins on his scrotum. She then whipped his ass with a cane until she drew tears from him. Afterwards, she had him bring her to several orgasms with his tongue before finally allowing him to remove the plug, clips, and pins from his body. She didn't allow him to masturbate afterwards.


Nikki instructed Greg to sleep on the floor at the foot of their bed that night. Just before she turned out the lights for the evening, Nikki told Greg that he had submitted to only half of his punishment. He would submit to the other half tomorrow night.


The following day, Greg had an awful day at work. He couldn't think of anything else but Nikki and Paul. He came home straight from work and started cooking dinner as Nikki had instructed. Nikki walked in a few minutes later and warned him that he'd better be on his best behavior tonight.


Paul arrived promptly at seven. Greg opened the door to let him in. As soon as he laid eyes on Paul, Greg's jealousy heightened. Paul looked like a Greek Adonis. He was 30ish, at least 6'2", around 200 lbs., with broad shoulders, trim waist, muscular, and starkly handsome.


Paul ignored Greg, and with an air of superiority, walked straight over to Nikki. He lifted her chin gently, and they kissed open mouthed. Nikki's dominant nature seemed to vanish around Paul. Greg face turned red with a mixture of jealousy, humiliation, and anger.


"Are you hungry?" Nikki asked Paul.


"Famished." Paul replied.


Nikki and Paul conversed during dinner completely ignoring Greg. After they had eaten, Greg was instructed to clean the table and wash the dishes while Nikki and Paul went into the living room for an after dinner drink.


As soon as Greg emerged from the kitchen, Paul took Nikki by the hand and led her into the master bedroom. Nikki instructed Greg to follow. Once in the bedroom, Nikki instructed Greg to strip, kneel down, and watch. She also warned him not to utter a word, unless spoken to.


Paul sat down on the edge of the bed and simply said, "Undress now."


Although Paul voice was even-toned, his words sounded almost like a command. Greg watched as Nikki slowly removed her clothing, revealing her luscious body. She then knelt before Paul.


"Unzip it, Love." Paul added. Without a word, Nikki obediently unzipped his trousers and pulled out Paul's semi hard cock. It was obvious that Paul wasn't wearing any underwear. His cock already appeared at least seven inches long, and it wasn't fully hard yet.


"Suck it." Paul instructed. Greg watched in disbelief as Nikki submissively bent down and took the head of his cock into her mouth. His beloved Nikki, who had behaved dominantly in every way, shape, and form without ever displaying one iota of a submissive nature, was now behaving submissively to this man!


When Paul's cock soon grew to almost obscene proportions, Greg's eyes widened in further disbelief. Greg couldn't tell exactly, since Paul's pants were still on, but Paul's cock was certainly much longer and thicker than Greg's slender seven inches. Nikki bobbed her head and sucked Paul off with hungry abandon.


The thought of being forced to watch Nikki submit to Paul's monster cock somehow cause a stirring in Greg's loins. After all the anguish he had suffered over Paul, Greg's cock started to rise! Greg immediately recalled Nikki's prediction that he would soon learn to accept and enjoy his place with her. He wondered how she could possibly have known. Did she know him better than he knew himself?


Greg's submissive fever began to burn even hotter. He desperately tried to mentally prevent his cock from rising, but it was no use. He also tried looking away from Nikki and Paul several times, but his will power wasn't strong enough. Nikki was too beautiful, and Paul's cock seemed larger than life. Though Greg was filled with jealousy, Nikki and Paul DID look fascinating together.


As Greg's arousal got the best of him, he began to justify that Nikki deserved all the pleasure that she could get. He watched Paul slowly and gently removed his shirt as Nikki continued sucking him off. Paul's shaven body was rippling with lean muscle. Just like Nikki, Paul's body was a piece of art. All Greg could do now is hope that they wouldn't see his rock hard cock throbbing to his heartbeat.


"Stop, Love." Paul instructed. Nikki raised her head, and Paul stood up to remove his trousers. Greg saw his shaven balls for the first time. About the size of small walnuts, they seemed of relatively small proportion to his massive cock. Greg realized that he had under calculated the length of Paul's cock. It was at least 10 or 11 inches long! Paul kept his dark pubic hair short and neatly trimmed, just as Nikki did.


Paul lifted up his cock. As if on a cue, Nikki began alternately kissing his balls and licking the bottom of his shaft. Paul turned his head and first looked into Greg's eyes, then lowered his glance to Greg's erection.


"Your husband seems to be enjoying himself." Paul commented, with a devilish grin.


Nikki turned around to look at Greg's cock. When Greg tried to cover it up with his hands, and Nikki laughed knowingly. Greg bowed his head in shameful humiliation, fully realizing that his wife was about to take him down to submissive depths that he'd never even imagined. She obviously intended to fuck this perfection of a man with his monster-sized cock, and Greg's own cock throbbed with raging approval!


"I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself, my pet. But you really haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until you see what he can DO with his beautiful cock!" she mused.


Greg noticed her love juices already running down the insides of her thighs. He'd never seen her get so wet, so quickly. Nikki licked and sucked on his balls like a slut in heat, as she stroked his saliva glistened cock.


Paul gently pushed her away, and positioned himself flat on the bed. Without a word, Nikki climbed up and straddled her knees around Paul's mid thighs, facing him. She instructed Greg to kneel on the floor near the foot of the bed so that he could get a closer view.


Greg watched as Nikki grabbed Paul's cock with one hand, and glided his huge cock head back and forth along her wet slit. Her breathing became notably labored as she guided the purple head of his big prick into her pussy. She gasped as she slowly impaled herself onto his massive tool. Greg was amazed that she could even take his long and thick cock without splitting herself to injury.


Nikki's love juices ran down halfway to her knees. Her body trembled visibly as her pussy somehow managed to take in most of Paul's cock. Less than a minute later, she was enjoying her first orgasm. She pushed her hands flat against Paul's chest, and screamed out in pleasure. Pre cum formed on Greg's cock slit as he watched.


Without missing a beat, Nikki pursued her second orgasm. It didn't take very long. Less than two minutes later, she grunted and groaned from the pit of her being, profusely tensing up her sweat-glistened body. She thrashed her head about in wild abandon, and came like Greg had never seen her cum before.


After Nikki's orgasm subsided, Paul gently lifted her off his cock. Greg could clearly see her widely gaping pussy, sloppy with her juices. Greg didn't understand his overwhelming arousal. He ached to stroke his throbbing and drooling cock, but he didn't dare.


Paul sat up and moved to the side of the bed. Nikki laid down on her back in the space that Paul had just vacated, and invitingly spread her legs. Paul mounted her, and expertly used his massive tool to make Nikki squeal, moan, scream, and groan her way through three more glorious orgasms in less than five minutes! She behaved like a slut possessed.


Greg marveled not only at Paul's ability to pleasure Nikki, but also at Paul's ability to withhold his own orgasm. Greg knew that would have shot his load along with Nikki's very first orgasm, had he been in Paul's place. Greg also knew that it would have taken only two or three strokes of his leaking cock to bring himself off to a massive orgasm.


"On all fours." Paul said. Nikki immediately positioned herself on her hands and knees for Paul. She arched her back, and offered her ass high in the air like a wanton bitch in heat.


Paul guided his monster tool into her gaping, sloppy wet slit. Then he grabbed her ass cheeks and kneaded them with his strong hands as he fucked her into two more quick, but violent orgasms. Paul continued fucking her without missing a beat, and used her own lubrication to bury his index finger deep inside her asshole. Seconds later he gave her still another earth shattering orgasm.


By then, Nikki had screamed so much that her voice became noticeably hoarse. She was running out of steam, and begged Paul to cum inside her. He grabbed the back of her hair, made a makeshift ponytail with it, and pulled her head back towards him, nearly lifting her hands off the bed in the process.


Greg could see Paul's body start to tense up. Nikki knew that Paul was just seconds away from finally blowing his load deep inside her hungry, wanton cunt. This knowledge set Nikki off for yet another orgasm. Her hoarse screams of pleasure finally put Paul over the edge, and he came along with her. His orgasm was both explosive and long. He pumped numerous jets of hot cum deep inside Nikki's thirsty hole, and kept on pumping until some of his cum noticeably flowed down the existing rivers of her love juice along the insides of her thighs.


After at least 50 thrusts into his orgasm, Paul finally withdrew his cock from Nikki's sore and swollen pussy. He used his cock to glide his cum that had dripped down her thighs, and smeared it along the crack of both her slit and ass several times. Then he finally stood up off the bed. He offered his hand to Nikki and helped her off the bed.


"Now do you understand why I have no intentions of giving up Paul?" Nikki asked Greg in a hoarse voice.


"Yes, Goddess." Greg responded, burning with humiliation.


"Don't I DESERVE the pleasure that he can give me, my pet?" she pressed.


"Yes, Goddess." Greg replied hesitantly, but understanding.


"Then you certainly can't object, CAN you?" she pressed.


"No.", Greg replied, still in awe from what he had just witnessed.


"Well, I'm glad THAT'S settled!" she commented.


Nikki instructed Greg to lie down on the floor, on his back. As soon as Greg complied, Nikki straddled herself over him, facing his feet. She lowered herself, positioning her ass several inches over his face. Greg finally snapped out of his subspace reverie, and realized what her intentions were.


"Goddess, please don't make me do this!" Greg pleaded.


"Why? Did you think your training ended when we got married?" she asked.


"No, but..." Greg tried to respond, but Nikki interrupted.


"I planned to wait until next year to do this, but your behavior last night changed all that. Besides, your cock is still hard, and that clearly contradicts your argument! You see my pet, whether you consciously realize it or not, you WANT this!" she explained.


"Goddess, PLEASE don't!" he begged.


"You promised to be my little cum slut, DIDN'T you?" she asked, as Greg stared at her sloppy, gaping hole. He could smell the sharp, dank aroma of sex.


"Yes, but..." Greg tried to explain, but was interrupted again.


"Did I ever tell you that the only cum you would be required to eat would be your OWN?" she asked. Greg could feel the heat of her well-fucked cunt radiating on his face.


"No, but..." he replied, only to be interrupted once more.


"Tell me my pet, when you promised to be my cum slut forever, did you say ANYTHING to indicate to me that you would only eat YOUR cum?" she pressed. Greg could see a glob of cum starting to slide down her gaping hole.


"No, Goddess." he admitted.


"That's right, you DIDN'T! That leaves you with only one of two choices. From now on, you can either suck Paul's cum out of my pussy, or you can suck it directly out of his cock. Now, I only want to hear ONE word out of you. If I hear any MORE than one word, I promise that you will be punished like you've never been punished before! Now... tell me who you prefer to suck cum out of, Paul or ME?" she demanded, as the glob of cum oozed down her swollen left pussy lip.


After a long hesitation, Greg finally responded, "You."


Nikki slowly lowered her sloppy, gaping, hot cunt down onto Greg's mouth. The raw, dank smell of sex overpowered Greg, and he gagged once before his mouth was covered. Paul stood and positioned himself over Greg, and faced Nikki. She began sucking Paul's cock as Greg sucked on her steaming cream pie.


After Greg's initial disgust, he soon realized that Paul's cum didn't taste much different coming out of Nikki's pussy than his own cum had tasted on their wedding night. Greg's submissive fever kicked into an even higher gear, and he began feeling that this was where he belonged.


It didn't take long for Nikki to start producing fresh love juice. She felt as hot as a firecracker from having Greg working hard, cleaning up her messy pussy while she giving Paul another blowjob. Her fresh juices helped flush Paul's cum out of her gaping hole.


Greg obediently licked, sucked, and deep tongued Nikki's pussy, lapping up gobs of her lover's cum as if he'd done it for years. He became lost in a deep, subspace reverie, and felt euphoric satisfaction from pleasing his Goddess.


When there was no more cum to be had, Greg focused his attention on Nikki's clit. Soon thereafter, he could feel her body trembling. Greg knew that she was only seconds away from cumming again. When Greg increased the speed of his tongue flickers on Nikki's clit, it put her over the top.


Greg heard her muffled groans of pleasure. Nikki ground her pussy so hard on Greg's face that his nose pushed far up into her gaping hole. Even though Greg could hardly even breathe, he performed just like the well-trained boy toy that he was. He held his tongue out pointed, curved, and rigid, just as Nikki had taught him to do during her orgasms.


Nikki slumped off of Paul's cock after her orgasm subsided. Paul backed away, and Nikki dropped her head over Greg's cock in a 69 position. He felt her long hair tickling his throbbing shaft as he watched her pussy hover just inches above his face.


Paul walked around in back of Nikki, and sat on his legs. He spread his legs wide, so that the insides of his lower thighs touched the balls of Greg's shoulders. Paul's scrotum was just a couple inches over Greg's forehead. Greg watched Paul guide his monster cock into Nikki's seemingly insatiable hole.


Paul started fucking Nikki only inches in front of Greg's face. The squishy sounds of sex were magnified intensely by Greg's close proximity to them. Once again, Greg could smell the sharp, musky aroma of sex. As close up as humanly possible, Greg watched Paul's enormous cock shaft stretch his wife's cunt to the limit once again.


The close up scents, sights, and sounds of his Goddess wife being fucked by a sex God drew Greg into a submissive trance unlike anything he had ever experienced. For the first time ever, Greg spiritually existed for the extension and perpetuation of his wife's pleasure. It was his duty to see that she got all the pleasure that she so rightly deserved.


Nikki beckoned Paul to cum deep into her pussy, and Paul did not deny her request. In the position that Paul was in, Nikki had to do most of the work. She increased her thrusting speed twofold as her orgasm began simultaneously with Paul's.


Greg nearly came himself as he watched Paul's cock pump another huge load of spunk into his wife's insatiable hole. Long after Paul's cock pumped dry, he finally withdrew it. Nikki immediately lowered her gaping hole onto Greg's obedient, waiting mouth. This time, Greg hungrily lapped up her pussy without even the slightest hesitation.


Nikki took notice of Greg's unordered and hungry compliance, and immediately understood the new depths of his submission. Greg was ripe for further parameter expansion. After he had cleaned up Nikki's swollen and sore pussy, she stood up.


"This time I want you to clean off Paul too," she instructed.


Consumed in his deep submissive reverie, Greg no longer offered any resistance. He began positioning himself to do what he would have considered unthinkable just hours before. Paul remained in his position. In order to obey Nikki, Greg had to get on all fours and lower his head onto Paul's cock.


The countless hours of dildo training that Nikki had put Greg through had paid off well. Paul watched as Greg quickly licked and sucked the remains of their lovemaking clean. Nikki donned her strap on dildo as she also watched.


Greg soon had Paul's cock deep down his throat, as he now worshipped the phallus that had just given his wife such ecstatic pleasure. Greg didn't miss a beat when he felt Nikki smear some cool jelly along the crack of his ass, and slowly filled his asshole with her large dildo.


Greg quickly established a consuming rhythm. As he backed off of Paul's huge cock, he backed onto Nikki's dildo. Nikki quickly picked up on it, and worked to accommodate the rhythm. She timed her movements to his, and managed to thrust her thick dildo deeply into his ass each time he backed himself towards her.


Before long, Nikki could see Greg's body start to tremble. He was close to cumming. She knew that he was trying hard to hold back, since he didn't have her permission to ejaculate. She had to make a quick decision. She could allow Greg to cum, so that he would associate maximum pleasure with his amazingly rapid descent into submission. Or she could let him cum without her permission, so that punish him and push him even further into his submissive descent.


Nikki decided that she was too exhausted to push things any further. Besides, the night had been a terrific success overall. She reached for the silver serving tray that she usually kept nearby for Greg's sessions. She managed to place it under Greg without allowing her dildo to completely fall out of his ass, and quickly resumed the thrusting rhythm.


"Go ahead and cum, my little pet. Grab your cock and cum hard for me!" she demanded.


Greg immediately grabbed his cock. He only had to stroke it once to put himself over the top. Without losing his rhythm between Nikki and Paul, Greg pumped one glorious jet of cum after another onto the serving tray below him. His orgasm continued long after his pumps went dry. Finally spent, he had to use ever once of remaining energy to prevent his body from falling in a heap, on top of the mess he had made.


"Clean up your mess, my cum slut. Paul and I are going to take a shower." Nikki instructed. As they walked off, Greg stared at his globs of cum. He heard the bathroom door close, and the water go on in the shower.


Greg reluctantly lowered his face to the sparkling silver tray. Just as he was about to perform his cum-eating duty, he heard the bathroom door open. Greg turned to see Nikki's head and torso sticking out of the doorway.


"Since you seem to enjoy Paul's company as much as I do, he's decided to visit us twice a week for the foreseeable future. Of course, you won't be allowed to cum most of the times. Also, he may occasionally bring a friend along. Do you understand?" Nikki asked.


"Yes, Goddess" Greg responded.


"Good. Now make sure that tray is sparkling clean by the time we get out of the shower!" she demanded. Before Greg could even reply, he heard her squeal and then giggle as Paul pulled her back into the bathroom and close the door.



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