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Master Richard

Story of married slaves who are trained to serve at a secret compound. The husband was only a servant and slave. The male slaves would perform all sorts of duties in the compound.

(Interesting concept, but the story is not finished)



Birth of a Malesub

Story of a journey into femdom. Vanilla male is learning how to serve his Femme Domme. After he marries her, he became a cuckold.



Photos of Submissive Husband

She is home and he worships the ground She walks on. Just another simple day in his life of submission.



Rules for Submissive Men  



The Trip of a Submissive Husband

Story of a submissive husband and his duty to serve his Wife.



The Start of My Submission

"Good because today you will become officially a cumeater. A swallower of cum. I'm going to blow you sub. You know I don't swallow, so I will be giving you, your cum to swallow. You will hold it in your mouth unitll I tell you to swallow. Understand?"


submissive male in pain  


Submissive Stories - Submissive to Stepdaughter   

You will be serving me before and after I am with other men.  You will bath, shave, dress and undress Me.



Submissive Male

Your penis is not really suited to a woman's pleasure, the goddess intended you for
other duties. You'll be such a maid...



Submissive Stories - Submissive Male Slave

Her hand still wrapped around Derrick's pole, they were both obviously enjoying Brian's
humiliation. Derrick's erection reached its full size of nearly an entire foot, as Brian
coughed out, "you have a very beautiful cock Sir."



Real Submissive Male

i'm not married, she is, and well she let's me eat her husband's cum fresh from the puss, so you could say i'm cuckolded in that she only keeps me around for my tongue, hands and lovely arse.



Submissive Stories - Submissive Slave Story

He went to speak and I slammed My hand over his mouth, "I do not want you to speak, not a fucking word. I am going to teach you a thing about how to treat a woman."



Training a Submissive Male

She said to her lover, "I want to see him caned, honey. I'm going to sit here in front of him, fucking my vibrator. Every time you hear me moan, I want you to strike his bottom with the cane, ok?"



Submissive Stories - Submissive Fantasy

This evening my wife begins her new career as a hooker and I just can't wait. At last she's going to get some real men's cocks inside her and I'm trembling with excitement and stroking my cock again.



Submissive Male - Submissive Husband

My friend called my husband and he told him to get the front door and to let his friend into the flat. He continued to fuck me and we soon had a young white guy in the bedroom with us.






Being submissive male to a woman is an act of true love.


Crying while being spanked by your wife makes for very special and very meaningful spankings.


You must learn to submit, to obey, and to surrender.


A submissive male who deeply loves a woman should put her first in everything and be submissive to her.


A submissive male should follow his wife's lead, love, honor and obey her and should cater to her interests and needs.


All women like being addressed with respect: "Yes, ma'am", "Right away, dear", "Whatever you say, darling." Phrases like these should be a regular part of a submissive male's vocabulary.


A lot of submissive males not only need spanking but some firm female authority as well. It's a natural need that so many submissive males have.


Try following her directions more, pampering her more and get her to see that being a dominant wife can be fun and very much to her advantage.


The true submissive male gives himself to his wife's service for her pleasure.


Submissive male should be passionate about any opportunity to serve.






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