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Cuckold Story:  Sharing My Slut Wife




It all started back in high school. I met Jan in the 10th grade. We started having sex 3 days after we met and it has continued on for 12 years now. The first thing I learned about Jan is her love for sex; she lives it, sleeps it, and breathes it. We have an open relationship now, well I say open, she sleeps with anybody she wants to, and I sleep with Jan. But it has it’s benefits. Jan is a lovely lady, no man or women can turn her down.


When we walk into a restaurant everybody turns to take a look at Jan. Men get slapped by their wifes for looking at Jan. Young guys drool when they look at her. Jan is so oversexed I can’t fuck her enough, no one man could fuck and suck her pussy enough. But it has it’s good points; I get all the fucking and sucking I want, she has never said no. We get all kinds of free things.


Like when we order a pizza: she brings the pizza delivery boy in the house, pulls down his pants and sucks his cock off, right in front of me. Some of them I bet have never had a blowjob before. We get a free pizza and they get a nice wet blowjob from a pretty woman. One time she got carried away and pulled the pizza boy’s cock out of her mouth and jacked him off on a piece of pizza and stood there and ate it while the young man’s cock was getting hard again. I bet he jerked off in his car before he got back to the pizzeria.


Whenever we need one of the cars serviced she takes it down to the garage and all the mechanics meet her at the door hoping that whatever is wrong with the car they get to work on it. Sometimes if she has time she will fuck and suck all of them. She drives the car back to the house and there will be a puddle of cum on the front seat, where it has been running out of her ass and pussy. She will call me outside and show me the cum then she will bend over and lick the spent cum off of the leather seat. I like to fuck her after she comes back from the garage because her pussy is so wet with all of that cum up in her and it turns her on too.


Lately I have started liking the taste of cum and after she has fucked someone I go down on her and suck the male cum out of her ass or pussy. It turns me on looking and sucking on her hard clit. When she is real turned on, her clit sticks out like a miniature cock and she loves me to roll it around between my lips. One time we were staying in a expensive motel and when we got in the elevator she got the hots for the young man who was working the elevator so she talked him into stopping it in between floors. She unzipped his tux and pulled his cock out and sucked him off right there in the elevator.


But the young man had so much cum she couldn’t swallow all of it so he had a big cum stain on the front of his black tux. She blew him a kiss then we walked out to our room. When we got in the room she was so horny I couldn’t satisfy her so I called up room service. I had just got threw fucking her and she was laying on the bed with a 12 inch dildo sticking in her cunt when the door bell rang. I opened the door and there was a big black bellhop standing there with a bottle of wine.


I told him to come in and place the bottle on the table. He couldn’t help notice my wife lying in the middle of the bed with a dildo in her cunt. I ask him if he wanted a tip, or he could fuck my beautiful wife instead. He ask to use the phone and called down stairs and said he would be back down in about 25 minutes, he had to help one of the guest. He hung up the phone and started taking his clothes off. When he dropped his underwear a giant black cock come rolling out, it looked like a giant black snake.


He walked over to the bed and Jan got up and sat on the side of the bed. She told him she wanted to suck it first. She started licking on this giant black root and it got bigger and bigger. She tried her best but all she could get in her mouth was half the head. She gave up trying to suck it and laid back and spread her legs. He started working it in her cunt and she was moaning very loud, so loud that I got up and put my hand over her mouth so somebody didn’t think we was killing her.


He got a little over half of it in her cunt and she couldn’t take any more so she made me go down and wrap my hand around the base of his big cock, so it couldn’t go in any deeper and she fucked him with all she had. He filled her cunt with cum and it was leaking everywhere. When he came I could feel the cock pumping in my hand. He pulled his cock out of her and thanked us and left.


I had to help her to the bathroom, her poor pussy was bleeding and her legs was shaking so bad. She told me she had never seen a cock that big. I went down and looked at her pussy and told her, I didn’t think it would ever be as tight as it once was. That big black cock did some damage to her cunt.


One of my friends, Dave, was having a bachelor party for a friend of his and he wanted to know if I knew were he could get a stripper. I told him Jan would be more than happy to perform at the party. He was shocked that Jan would do something like that, but I could tell it was turning him on too. The night of the party I drove Jan over to the party and dropped her off.


She was horny and gave me a blowjob on the way over. She got out of the car and walked up to the door. A young man let her in. By the looks of all the cars parked there, there were a lot of men at the party. Jan called me at 4:30 in the morning to come pick her up. When I arrived at the house I walked up to the door and it was cracked open. I peeked inside and my friend Dave had Jan bent over the couch fucking her from behind while some other man had his cock in her mouth. I waited till they where finished cumming before I walked in.


They both acted odd like I didn’t know what had been going on. When I walked up to Jan and wiped a glob of cum off of her face with my finger and feed it to her. They both were shocked. I then looked at them and said She’s a little sexpot, isn’t she? They both agreed. She collected her money and we left. Come to find out she had fucked and sucked twenty different men that night and she was still horny.


When we got to the house I dropped down on my knees and sucked all the cum out of her pussy and ass. She told me that she got fucked in the ass, more than in her pussy. I could tell because her asshole was really puckered. She sucked the cum out of my cock and had me lay on my back and she got over me and dripped the cum from her mouth back in to mine.


She calls that recycling my cum, taking it out of one head and putting it in another one. Three months after the party Jan and I was at a nightclub and we ran into Dave. We were all sitting at a table and Jan had both of her hands under the table. She had my cock in one hand and Dave’s cock in the other. She was real horny and she whispered in my ear that she wanted us to take Dave home with us. She said she wanted to watch Dave and I have oral sex together.


At first I was shocked, then I got horny and started wondering what it would be like to suck a cock. Well we all ended up leaving the nightclub and we all ended up in the same bed. And to make a long story short before the night was over Dave and I enjoyed sucking each others cocks so much that we all get together now twice a week. The three of us fuck and suck each other every sexual combination you can think of. I love my slut wife.






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