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Cuckold Story:  Sex Starved Cuckold



Before I met my wife I had a few sexual adventures that involved Bi married couples. My favorite is a Bi married couple who turned the tables on me. I though I would get some pussy from his beautiful wife. Let her suck and fuck my cock. I would suck her pussy and lick her asshole for her BUT NO, She let me know real quick that I was only there to suck her husband’s cock before and while he fucked her ass and cunt.


Then I was to lick his cock clean. She told me that while I was sucking her husband’s cock she was going to be talking nasty and calling me CumSlut. She also told me that I would have other duties, I am expected to perform. They are: Shave her husbands cock and balls, guide his big cock into her hungry pussy, suck HIS nipples, Lick Her dildo clean.


Lick and tongue both of there assholes. She then told me that if I agreed to these rules that I could spend the weekend with them. And then she informed me that my only pleasure is when they are done with me, I am allowed to jerk myself off and shoot cum on my face.


She then dropped the robe she was wearing and ask me if I would help her teach her husband a lesson. I told her that I wanted to spend the weekend with her and her husband and that I would love to help her out. She then had me strip my clothes off and bend over. She quickly spread my ass cheeks apart and I felt her tonguing my asshole.


Slowly at first then quickening she flicked her tongue in and out of my hole. I wanted her to take my cock in her hand so much, but she acted as if it did not even exist. For what seemed like hours she tongued, licked and fingered my hole. At first inserting a finger only a bit then farther and when my ass ring got used to it she added a second and then a third.


I was on my knees with this sexy woman’s hand up my ass and I was enjoying it. I'm going to let you come soon, she said but that lovely hole of yours needs to feel what I feel when my husband fucks me in the ass. I looked over at her husband and he had his big cock out in his hand and was stroking it up and down. I just knew he was going to come over and stick his hard cock in my ass, but instead she reached around and grabbed a dildo exactly the same size as her husband’s cock.


She told me to lick it; she then quickly shoved it up my ass. Plunging the rubber cock deeper into me she told her husband that my asshole was loose and that I must take a lot of cocks to have ass as loose as mine. Her husband came over to check my ass out. I was just horny as hell, and he had a very large cock that was right there in front of me to suck on, so I did.


As I was sucking him, I was wondering how I could have that size of a cock in my ass. I could barely get the head of his bulging cock into my mouth. As I was sucking his cock he put a blindfold on me and told me that we would be having some more company coming over and he wanted it to be a surprise.

At first I didn’t think much of it but when I heard someone else in the room, I started getting nervous. They could definitely see I had a woman sticking a dildo up my ass and me sucking on a cock. I could feel the flush building in my ass checks as she pounded that huge dildo into my ass.


He pulled his saliva-coated cock out of my mouth and I heard someone else stand in front of me. I felt smooth skin rubbing on my lips and I stuck my tongue out and started licking. I felt a hand guiding what seemed to be a soft cock into my mouth. I started pulling and licking on the soft cock and it started getting bigger and harder.


As the cock got harder I tasted cum oozing out of the pisshole. He started fucking my face hard and just as he unloaded a big creamy load of cum the blindfold fell off and I looked up and saw my black gym coach I had in high school. I had been out of high school for six years and he didn’t at first recognize me.


I had swallowed over half his cum when the blindfold fell off. I started gagging and spitting cum all over the place. I was feeling sick to my stomach. I had just sucked off a black cock and it was a teacher I knew. He was in his late fifty’s and his cum even tasted old.


He grabbed be by my hair and told me that he watched me jack-off one time in the gym. Then he started slapping my face with his semi-hard cock rubbing black clumpy cum all over my face. I was beginning to wonder about the situation I had gotten myself into.


The woman pulled the dildo out of my ass and made me lick my ass juice off of it.


After I told this story to my wife she brought home a big black stud and made me service him over and over.







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