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Some people think that, when you get past the age of 40, your sex life slows down. Well, that was certainly not the case with Ciara and me. My wife has always been an outrageous flirt, but until just after her 45th birthday, I didn't really know how far she'd go - boy, did I ever find out!


"You really want me to do that?" asked my wife, Ciara.


"Oh, god, honey, you'll never know how much. I've wanted it for such a long time, I think since the first day we met, but I've never had the courage to ask either you or Laurence before now! What do you say? Will you do it?"


The question I'd just asked my wife, shortly after her 45th birthday party, seemed so strange even as it came out. Laurence who is black and one of my best friends and I'd wanted him to make love to Ciara for as long as I could remember. I had finally been able to bring the subject up after a game of squash a few nights ago. Laurence and I had just hit the showers after a particularly grueling game and were chatting idly. The subject turned to sex, and I found myself relating to my friend the sex session that Ciara and I had enjoyed the previous night.


"She's still a little tramp in the sack," I said. "She'll do just about anything, man. I fucked her ragged for about an hour last night and I reckon she must have had at least three big orgasms in that time! When I thought I was finally about to get some sleep, she started begging me to do her in the ass!"


"Shit! What did you do Jack?"


"What could I do? You know Ciara, she usually gets what she wants!" I laughed as I continued to soap my body. As the water washed the soap out of my shut eyes, I opened them and looked at Laurence. My friend had never been a small guy in the downstairs department, but as I looked, I was shocked to see his long, thick black cock slowly rising to attention. His cock was bigger then I thought as I saw it get hard.


Laurence noticed my gaze and became instantly embarrassed.


"Shit, sorry Jack," he said, trying to hide his erection as he spoke. "I haven't got laid for weeks, and you talking about Ciara like that... well...damn! Sorry, man!"


I half smiled and half laughed as I tried to put my friend at his ease.


"That's cool, Laurence. I just never knew you thought of Ciara that way!"


"Oh, come on. Your wife is one HOT lady, you know! For a moment we both fell silent. I knew that I should pose the ultimate question now, or I would never do it - I just needed the courage to form the words.


"Well, Laurence," I said, taking a deep breath, "how would you like to break that streak of bad luck?"


Laurence looked more than a little confused. "Oh course I would," he replied, "But it's not for the want of trying, you know. How do you think you can help?"


"If I could get Ciara to agree, how would you like to fuck her?"


Laurence looked at me open mouthed. I thought for a moment that I had tested our friendship too far; what if he thought that I was too weird? Had I said too much?


"Fuck, man. Would I!" he replied after a second. "But do you think she'll go for it? And are YOU sure about all this?"


I smiled at my friend. "Well, there's only one way to find out, I'll ask her!"


So, that was half the problem sorted out. Now I found myself alone with my wife and confiding my innermost desires to her as well.


"Hmmm, I don't know about this, honey." she replied to my last question. "Laurence is a good looking man, and all, but what about us? What about our relationship? I wouldn't want that to suffer."


I started to explain more about my feelings to Ciara. I tried to tell her that this was what I wanted more than anything else. I talked about Laurence, telling her about our previous conversation and mentioning that he was indeed a well endowed fellow. As Ciara heard that latter part of my diatribe, her eyes lit up a little and I could see a fleeting look of lust on her face. All this talk was turning her on as well!


"Okay," she finally said, "if it's you want, then I'll do it! But you have to do something for me now."


I was elated. "Sure, babe, anything you want. Just name it!"


"You got to tell me how bad I am for wanting your black friend to fuck me!"


I smiled at my wife. This was a favorite of hers. One of the many things that got her hot and horny was for me to call her names and tell her how nasty and dirty she was. This was something that I had no problem with at all. Although it was the middle of the afternoon, we were both feeling horny and I had a good idea where this would lead.


Ciara was kneeling on our big double bed with me standing above her. I looked down at her and she lowered her head, a demure smile just visible on her pretty lips.


"So, you like the idea of fucking my best friend, do you?" I said in a stern voice, getting into character. She kept her head bowed, a barely discernable nod was her only reply.


"You like the thought of his big black cock being thrust into you, you little slut?"


Again a nod of the head and a whispered "yes".


"You're such a tramp!," I almost shouted at her, "Nothing more than a married whore! Look up at me you fucking slut!" Ciara obeyed my instructions instinctively. We both loved this game. As I saw her pretty face rise, the look of pure animal excitement was obvious. Her eyes smoldered with lust as I drew down the zip of my jeans and freed my aching cock.


"Suck it you little whore, suck your husband's cock!"


The rest of the afternoon flashed by. Ciara sucked me to orgasm and I returned the favor, spreading her long legs and ripping her little cotton panties off before pressing my lips firmly against her stiff, protruding clit and bringing her to a crashing climax. We fucked twice more we me firing yet another load of hot cum over her large breasts. We ended up both exhausted, but still more than a little excited by the thought of our recently formed plans. While Ciara went to make us something to eat, I used the bedroom phone to call Laurence. I just couldn't wait any longer!


"Hi Laurence," I said lighting up a Marlboro and exhaling a lung full of smoke into the air, "Jack here. Yes, I asked her...Yes, honestly, she's cool about it...when? Um, well, what about tonight? You busy?...Great!...No, seriously, she wants to go for it...okay...okay...fine, 7pm then... see you then, Laurence."


I replaced the receiver and smiled to myself. At last, I though long last!


Ciara was a little surprised at first that it was going to happen so fast, and I half wondered if she would back out. But all I had to do was to call her a "nasty whore" again and remind her of the size of Laurence's prick and the look of lust returned to her face once more.


Laurence arrived early and full of enthusiasm. We all sat in the lounge and shared a bottle of red wine while we exchanged small talk and pleasantries. Half an hour had passed before Ciara spoke. I had been watching her since Laurence had arrived. She was finding it difficult to hide her excitement; crossing and uncrossing her long, stocking clad legs and generally not being able to sit still for more than a few seconds at a time.


"Look, guys," she finally said, rising from her arm chair, "We all know why we're here, so how about we get something going? Laurence," she looked directly at my friend, "I'd love to see this big black cock that Jack has told me so much about!"


Laurence flushed red for a brief moment, and smiled. Once he saw that Ciara was absolutely serious, however, he quickly unzipped his fly and hauled out his big dick. I watched Ciara's eyes light up as they fell to my friend's member. She licked her lips and immediately fell to her knees in front of him. Her long slender fingers wrapped seductively around his hard shaft as she began to play with his huge cock and balls. Laurence sighed deeply as she began to work his foreskin up and over his large bulbous cock head and then slide all the way down again to the base. Tickling his balls briefly and grasping the shaft, she parted her lusciously painted lips and, forming an "O", she took the mushroom shaped head into her hot, wet mouth. As she began to suck hungrily on his dick, I started my verbal barrage once again.


"Suck him you little whore" I cried as I massaged my own solid erection through my pants. "Take his big cock in your hot little mouth. Feel the size of him. Go on, lick the shaft, roll your tongue around his glans like the slut you are!"


My wife was sucking on Laurence's cock for all she was worth. She was kneeling in front of him with her ass in the air. The sight was too much for me and I quickly joined her on the floor, kneeling at her swaying bottom. Laurence was moaning and groaning deeply as I lifted Ciara's skirt and flipped it onto her back. She had changed her panties from earlier and now wore a pair of sexy, lace thongs that revealed the smooth, creamy flesh of her buttocks. I pulled the single string that ran between her cheeks to one side and deftly thrust two fingers deep into her pussy. She was soaking wet down there and my fingers slipped in and out with ease as I began to finger fuck her hard and fast.


The harder I fingered her wet, cunt, the deeper she swallowed Laurence's big cock. I wanted to see what was happening and, looking over my wife's back, I was just in time to see my friend's thick prick disappear right down to the balls in Ciara's throat. She gagged as Laurence began to cum, but then adjusted the angle of her head slightly and allowed his emission to pour into her sweet, hot mouth. Laurence had his eyes tight shut as he climaxed, but I could clearly see the obscene outline of his huge organ as it spasmed inside my wife's mouth. As Ciara slid back to allow his still hard cock to drop from her lips, her lipstick glistened with his seed and I could see some of the residue drip onto her chin.


Ciara was still gasping loudly as I thrust my fingers in and out of her wet snatch. Laurence joined me in helping her to lay down on her back and then assisted me in removing most of her clothes. The skirt was first. I quickly unbuttoned it and Laurence pulled it from her waist and down her legs. Then came her white silk blouse. We took one side each and tore it apart; the buttons popping and flying through the air as Ciara squealed her encouragement at us. The bra and thong quickly followed in the same hurried fashion and Laurence and I knelt back to admire the semi naked woman on the floor between us. Dressed only in her dark stockings and garter belt and with Laurence's cum still streaking her lips, Ciara did indeed look like a complete slut and both Laurence and I told her so. Hearing our words, she wriggled her butt on the carpet and pouted at us. She looked desperate for more attention and we were both pleased to provide it!


Laurence was our guest (and the whole point of the evening) so I decided that he should go first. I was amazed that his cock was still so hard and it throbbed out from his body, slapping against his belly. My own erection was painfully hard as well and I unzipped and released myself quickly. While my friend positioned himself between my wife's outstretched legs and prepared to enter her, I began to roll my hard glans around Ciara's stiff left nipple. Laurence and I were still calling Ciara all the names under the sun, telling her she was a dirty little bitch, a slut and a whore. She lapped up the insults, her breathing coming in ragged short gasps, and as Laurence eased his huge length into her open pussy, she screamed out in the throes of orgasm. It seemed to take ages for her climax to finish, helped along my me pinching and tugging on the hard buds of her nipples.


Laurence was not going to allow her to come down, either. As one orgasm led into another, he pounded his tool deep into her hot pussy, grunting his pleasure and telling her what a hot, wet cunt she had and how he intended to fill it with his cum. I watched the scene with a sense of awed fascination mixed with pure pride as my best friend lunged forward sharply and buried himself right up my wife's pussy with a shout of joy. As he came, he continued to hammer his tool in and out of her, causing the thick white liquid to ooze sexily from the sides of her pussy and run down the crack of her ass.


Gasping for air, Laurence finally pulled out of her and sat back breathing hard.


"Wow!" he exclaimed, "Ciara, you sure are a great fuck! Only the nastiest sluts can take my meat so well."


"You better believe she's a hot bitch," I said, not giving Ciara a chance to reply for herself. "And she's not finished yet! She's still got me to cum yet!"


Replacing Laurence between her spread legs, I looked down at my wife's vagina. The hole was open and dilated, thick white cum seeping from the inside and dripping down to splash lewdly on the carpet under her. My dream had come true, and I wanted to celebrate this occasion by sticking my cock deep into her pussy amid the swirling liquid so recently deposited by my friend. His large organ had left her so open and wide that I hardly felt myself touch the sides of her cunt. I could hear a squishing noise as my own cock slithered up inside her. As I began to ram my erection into Ciara's pussy, I watched my slut turn her head sideways and lick Laurence's soft cock clean of their combined juices. I squeezed her buttocks together as I fucked her harder and harder, my cock flying in and out at a lightening speed. I kept watching as she hungrily lapped all the fluid from my friends cock, the sight bringing me closer and closer to my own climax.


Just as I thought I was about to pass out from the excitement, my balls and cock twitched wildly and I shot a huge stream of cum into my wife's pussy. I wanted the tramp to see it happen, so pulling out quickly I joined Laurence at her head and ran my greasy, spasming cock over her face and lips. She took it all with eager excitement and once again her whole body shuddered into another crashing orgasm.


Laurence stayed over the whole night, that first time. We both fucked my wife several times during the course of a sleepless night and in every position we could think of.


Since that time, Laurence has become a regular visitor to our house and we all but share the charms of our slut Ciara. Whenever she and I run out of new ideas, Laurence usually manages to think up something for us all to do. This weekend we are taking her to the shopping mall. Laurence has insisted that she shaves her pussy and puts on no underwear. Whenever we say the word "slut", she has to flash her pussy at the nearest man or woman. I can't wait to see their faces when they get an eyeful of Ciara's clean cunt! What a great life we have!


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