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Slave Shoelicker Stories:  Alicia's Lackey  -  femdom, human toilet, slave humiliation story of 3 parts

She let go a long hot stream of piss into the funnel. I drank and drank as my cock hardened to the point of near release. When Alicia finished I continued slowly drinking the pee in the funnel, savoring each drop of her fine wine.

I was forced down into the toilet. The trailer toilet was smaller than the average toilet and urine was extremely concentrated, even mixed with the water in the bowl. My whole face and half my head was covered with the foul waste product.




Slave Shoelicker Stories:  Teen Femdom  -  Older man is inslaved by young femdoms. Great Story, all femdom fetishes: spiting, heavy humiliations, tease denial, bondage.

Kim slapped me in the face to bring me back momentarily from the nirvanna state in which I was entering, she grabbed my chin and said "Don't you dare cum!" gathering up all the flem and mucus she could, Kim then spit in my face. It landed on my upper lip and I hugrily reached out with my tongue for the tasty treat so generously offer from my Goddess.

She held both her feet over my face and I was overwelmed by the pungent smell of her soaking wet feet. The incredibly strong smell and the complete degradation before the crowd caused me to shudder with delight and total ecstasy.




Slave Shoelicker Stories:  Femdom Princess Jen  -  foot domination, male slave, story of 4 parts

My degradation at Princess Jen’s feet once again causing a sexual arousal like no other I had experienced before her. Jen removed her foot and I involuntarily groaned in severe disappointment. Causing the vixens to laugh at my servile lust.

“Princess Jen,” i began, “i beg you from the deepest depths of my soul. i yearn to be your slave. Never before have i desired something so much. A greater passion could not be found than the passion burning within me to supplicate myself before you. i vow to relinquish everything i am and devote my entire being as your servant and slave. Please,...Please...”



femdom slave  



Slave Shoelicker Stories:  The Coed's Slave  -  femdom, male slave humiliation, fetish punishments

She surveyed the huge load on the floor. She scraped the bottom of her keds in the disgusting goo and quickly brought it over to my face. Heather was wiping the filthy slime on my face. Using me as her doormat. She smeared it all over my face and hair. I did nothing to prevent her from utterly degrading me so. In fact to my complete surprise, the humiliation had my cock hard once more. Heather scraped some more of the goo and smeared it all over my jacket and tie.




Slave Shoelicker Stories:  Amanda's Delivery Boy  -  feet fetish, mild and short femdom story

She stood up, her back still toward him, and lifted her leg up behind her. The underside of her foot was placed under danny's chin, and she raised his downcast face so he was once again staring at her shapely butt.




Slave Shoelicker Stories:  American Princess  -  Profesor is turned to a slave

She grabbed his collar with both hands and pulled him into her sex. She mashed her slick, soaked, dripping pussy into his face. John sought out his mistress’ honey nectar, his tongue darting about, taking and savoring her sweet juices. He moaned in delight as he worshiped at his temple, tasting his mistress’ savory delight.


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