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Tonight is the tenth anniversary of Eve Harper and Nina Birch's friendship, a day that changed their lives forever. They reminisce about the time Eve first walked in and saw Nina's sissyfied husband. A flashback takes us back and shows an intimate view of the punishment, training and ideas born out of that fateful day.





Sissy Husband to Maid

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Nina's husband has been totally sissified and is fully maid trained, but still needs to be reprimanded on occasion for sloppy behaviour. This is one such time, caught reading a magazine whilst housework has not been done, Nina is furious and reminds him of his submissive place with some strict discipline. To add to the sissy's woes, the new neighbour pops over and is shocked and then intrigued by what she sees, so much so, that she joins in administering punishment.





Sissy Maid on Beach

Whilst relaxing in the sunshine, the two Mistresses decide they want to turn their beach slave into a maid, to wait on them hand and foot. After dressing and making him up, they demand some refreshment, but the maid's poor level of service soon gets him into trouble.





Sissy for Housework

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Mistress Sidonia is dressing her TV today and has some new boots she wants her to try.  She also wants to do some maid training and so dresses her in a full maids outfit. After being instructed to do some cleaning, it soon becomes apparent that her competance as a maid is somewhat lacking. The only appropriate way to hit this home is to use CP correction, after which the maid is left trussed in tape and standing in bondage to contemplate the error of her ways.





Sissy in Trouble

The Mistress enjoys showing off her sissy maid and especially the maid's 'special' chastity device to her guest Mistress Darla. The maid is ordered to serve tea to the two Mistresses but disaster strikes. Mistress Sidonia spanks her slave maid for spilling the tea over her guest. She then asks her guest Mistress Darla if she would personally like to punish the maid before leaving her hog-tied to contemplate the error of her ways.





Her Sissy Maid

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The maid has been slacking in her duties of late and so is put through a number of tests to see how she measures up. All the maids failings are firmly punished by The Lady.





Messy maid

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The Mistresses' tranny maid is left to clean up after a fetish party. On arriving to check her work, the lazy maid has hardly done a thing, there is mess everywhere and the party food has been left out and is ruined. Since she is a 'messy' maid they decide to make her truly messy - throwing and flinging the wasted food all over her.





Little Sissy

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The sissy maid shows just how useless she is when she serves her Mistress the wrong drink. Bent over the Mistresses knee for a good spanking, she is also punished for not wearing regulation panties. A firm hand spanking is quickly followed by the hairbrush, the slipper and finally the cane. Her bottom soon resembles the colour of her dress. The maid must also be trained in how to suck cock and with the size of the Mistress's strapon, it doesn't take long before she's gagging on it.





Sissy Husband

Lady Nina Birch's husband has been slacking recently with his duties, so she decides to turn him into a girl. After dressing her in suspenders, stockings, high heels, make up and a lovely girly wig, she feels the need to remind her who the boss is, so she employs some hard and accurate CP, before fucking her up the arse with a strapon cock. Finally she is left in nylon bondage, all trussed up on the bed.





House Sissy

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The ladies plan to have some fun out on the town and after being served drinks by their housemaid, leave the tranny whore to thoroughly clean the house. On their return, they find the maid cleaning frantically in bondage, but she is not dressed to their satisfaction. After being secured in chastity, the tranny whore is made to parade before them in a variety of slutty outfits. After a thorough spanking, she is then taught how to deep throat a strap-on cock, before being left overnight in a hog tie...





Houseboy Sissy

The new house boy turns up to serve his new Mistresses only to discover they want a house girl and insist that he will have to become the sexy and very feminine girl they want. First make up is applied, next a wig and breasts. Then he is fully dressed and given instruction as to feminine mannerisms. Lastly he is given an understanding of how he will be used by a girl and taught how to suck and be fucked by their strap-on cocks.





She Husband

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Lady Birch has invited two of her friends round for coffee and wants to show off her husband. What they didn't realise is that Lady Birch has transformed her husband into a maid. With regular training and punishment, the maid makes quite the perfect husband...





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Two of the pupils are caught by Miss Birch in the middle of an act of shocking behaviour! When Miss Harper finds out, she deals with the guilty pupil quite firmly. Later that day, the pupils attend the slutty class and are made to dress accordingly. After being made to perform a slutty dance for their teachers, their cock sucking techniques are scrutinised before the new girl is given an introductory anal fucking.





Enforced Sissy

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The manager of a cleaning firm is called in after his staff have been stealing from a client - to make full reparations he must personally take charge of the cleaning - only one problem - he's male and the female owner of the shop only employs women. She therefore decides to transform him, he is tied to a chair for full face make-up and false lashes, and as a perfectionist the woman owner also tries different colours and styles of wig to see which is most suitable for her 'special girl'. With his clothes taken away he is now freed from the bondage and dressed with special breast implants, corset, thick girdle pantyhose to hide his ugly bulge, heels and finally a sexy black dress. She wants to give him the full feminine experience, first a fucking with her strap-on - then she shows her new slut what she's good for - with a special treat...





Club Subs

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Mistress Sidonia and her friends have hired a night-club for a private party but when they arrive a customer refuses to leave. They explain that only male slaves are permitted to remain at the club and so they'll have to turn him into one! He is made to strip, humiliated, beaten and treated to some harsh CBT. The Mistresses now want some entertainment and so make their tranny slave both pole dance and lap dance for them - he even earns some tips, which of course his Mistress Strap-On Jane, pimps from him afterwards. Having fun, the Mistresses then turn on the barman deciding to forcibly TV dress him and then make him pole dance for their amusement.




Sissy Husband Duties

The husband can just never get it right! He has been left to tidy up the house, but when she comes home, her dissapointment in his lack of effort means he is going to have to pay! She makes him clean her shoes and then beats him with a variety of kitchen utensils until his arse is nice and red. Then she uses clothes pegs to make his discomfort even more. When the husband explains he has baked her a cake for her birthday, she is furious as it doesn't really help with her diet plan.  She finds another use for the cake though, which proves to add yet more humiliation for the brow beaten husband...





Sissy Butler

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Humiliated Sissy Husband

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