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One of the greatest nights of my life started with a simple request for my birthday. When my wife Madison asked me what I wanted to do, I told her that I wanted to go out with her and have a night of dancing and drinking as “Chelsea”, my girly-side. I had been cross-dressing for most of my life and just recently my wife has become more accepting of it.


She had never gone out with me as Chelsea, but agreed to make my birthday special by granting my wish. I was soooooooo excited and immeadiately started thinking about all the things a girl would; what I would wear, my hair, my shoes…everything. My wife wanted to make it comfortable so she invited our friend Amy to come along with us. Amy is the only other one in our lives who know about my dressing and just about every other dirty littl secret we have. She has been involved in many of those secrets and my wife really enjoys her company both in and outside of the bedroom. So I figured it could be a really great night out with the girls that could possibly end with a bang. Little did I know how many of my fantasies were going to come into play that night.


The night came and I left the two hotties to get ready in our bedroom as I went to my special room where I keep all my girly things. To set the stage, my wife is 5’2” vixen with long, wavy auburn hair and curves that go on for days. She has a wonderful set of 36D’s and a nice waist that leads down to a gorgeous round ass that’s built for grabbing. Amy is a 5’8” beauty with natural long red hair, a nice set of 36C’s and long, gorgeous legs that just begged to be climbed and conquered.


These two proceeded to shower and pick out their outfits and do all those wonderfully feminine things together while I was left to get ready myself in my own room. My mind would wander from time to time about what distractions might be happening in my absence, but I kept my mind on my transformation from husband to girlfriend.


Time flew for me as I went through my closets of dresses, lingerie and everything, putting together myself and my ensemble. I really wanted to do my best to try and not embarrass my wife and her girlfriend. After they had finished getting ready they joined me in my room and my jaw nearly hit the floor. My wife was wearing a purple busitier with black lace that placed her beautiful tits on wonderful display and a black lace miniskirt that barely covered her gorgeous rump. The 5 inch heels and vampy makeup were not lost on me at all either. Amy had chosen a tight, black, satin cami-top that she had borrowed from my wife which set her cleavage into a constant game of peek-a-boo. She had a grey plaid schoolgirl skirt that came to just the bottom of her delicious ass and made her legs seem to go on for days. As a natural redhead, her paler complexion really takes make-up to a new slutty level when she tries a little bit with it.


They sat in my room as I continued to fix my make-up and hair and chatted amongst themselves. They were very complimentary to me and offered advice and chatted with me like one of the girls. I was in heaven. They loved my new black-patent 5-inch heels with the cute little straps and the two-tone cuban-heel stockings along with it. My wife never care for the tan stockings with the black seams and heels, but changed her mind when she finally saw them on me. They mentioned that I might have a bit too much jewelry on, but generally thought I looked great. Amy expecially complimented the style of my new bunette wig that fell just past my shoulders and finished my look.


I wore a black, chiffon layered halter dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s white number that they thought was very flattering and made me look very femme. The black lace bra that contorlled my own set of 38C’s (falsies of course, but very nice ones) and boyshort panties along with the gartebelt were a big hit as well….but that was later on when they finally got a chance to see them.


Grabbing our purses we were off to the LGBT friendly club that I had gone out to a few times on my own in the past year since my wife has begun to accept Chelsea. We had a really good time dancing and having drinks. They were both quite amazed at my ability to dance and move so well in the heels. I think they also appreciated being the center of attention for so many other girls wandering eyes. They were definitely the sexiest dressed girls there and many of the other girls made it pretty obvious that they would have jumped at a chance to get in their panties. It was awonderful night of getting to be one of the girls that beyond my imagination.


When we returned home, The sound of our heels clicking against the hardwood floors and the giggling between us made it like a dream. We immeadiatelt went up to our bedroom where I took off my dress to reveal my lingerie as they chatted and giggled some more. I then left them alone for a little while (I just love to imagine whats going on when my wife is turned on and alone with someone else and the expectation of it all) to go get a cigarette. Walking through my darkened house to go out to the back porch in my sexy lace lingerie, stockings and heels made my little “clitty” rock hard. Standing outside to smoke a few cigarettes while they were doing who-knows-what made my cockette strain the delicate lace of my panties.


I went back inside and upstairs to see the door partly shut and all the lights out. It was a touch humiliating standing outside the door trying desperately to see what was going on as I heard soft giggles and moans coming from inside. I stood for several minutes outside the bedroom watching the shadowplay and listening to the wet noises and whimpers of my wife and Amy enjoying each other as I lightly stroked my excited cock thru my lace panties.


I walked in quietly and like a good girl, lit some candles and put some music on as they devoured each others mouths hungrily, oblivious to me. I turned on the video camera, hoping the candlelight might catch some of the action and set it beside the bed on the nightstand. I looked down at them and realized much to my dismay that they had removed their sexy club clothes that I was dying to take off them. My wife was in a white, satin chemise and Amy was lying beneath her in just a cute pair of cotton pajama pants. Amy must have had put on the pajama shirt as well, but in my absence they had already started removing clothes to get at each other. My wifes hand was buried down the waistband of her pants and I could make out her fingers moving in and out as Amy mewled like a kitten. It was excitingly humiliating to be standing there in all my sexy lingerie and jewelry as they laid in the bed in their normal sleepwear ignoring me.


They couldn’t get enough of each other as my wife yanked Amy’s bottoms off and slid between her gorgeous legs. I laid on the bed next to them as my wife began noisly licking Amy’s sweet, shaven honeypot. Amy’s hands went back and forth from lovingly stroking my wifes cheeks and hair to casually touching me. My clitty strained against its lace prison, but they both ignored it, concentrating on each others delicacies. My painted lips nibbled at Amy’s breasts as her breathing rushed faster and faster. I let my painted nails graze over her nipples as I kissed her passionately. The feel of my lipstick against hers as she was softly grunting to my wifes probing tongue was electric. Dragging my nails back and forth and pinching her nipples made them rock hard and her hips started bucking as my wife continued to lick up all of her sweet juices.


My wife was a woman possessed as she licked and suckled at Amy’s hot pussy. Amy was nice enough to play with my tits and grab and stroke me in many ways as she rode my wifes honeyed tongue. She still left my little cockette untouched, begging for attention beneath my black, lace panties though.


My wife, on the other hand, paid no attention to her husband dressed in his lingerie, stockings and heels. I guess she had no use for my little clitty when she had Amy’s sweet clit to devour. It was excrutiatingly hot to watch her angelic face bobbing between Amy’s thighs, lost in the dirty little moment. When Amy had had enough she pulled my wife on top of her and started rubbing her hairless mound with a ferocity that left my wife gasping.


I moved down to the foot of the bed and watched for a few moments the two beautiful pussises winking at me. My wife started grinding her hips as she grabbed Amy’s tits and rode her hand. I moved up their legs with slow icks and kisses until I reached Amy’s glistening slit. I lapped at it for a little and then bent down low to reach my tongue out and tease my wifes pussy. With my panty-clad ass high in the air and my heels restinf on top of the footboard, I made myself useful by licking the incredible wetness from my wifes sweet slit. I then went back to Amy’s pussy and began the search for her clit with my lips as they both whimpered and moaned.


My wife soon stripped off her chemise, leaving me as the only girl left with anything on. They were both naked and I still had everything on, including my sky-high heels…delightfully humiliating… I loved it. My wife laid back on the bed and opened her legs. Amy wasted no time, she moved me out of the way to lay between my wifes legs and began lapping at her moist pussy. My wifes moans turned to half-breath grunts as Amy worked her magic tongue all over my wifes dainty sex. I was left behind them and just moved my nose between Amy’s sweet ass cheeks so my tongue could rove over her pussy some more. Her hips started moving rythmically, pressing her soft ass against my face and her wet slit to my mouth as she continued to eat my wife furiously.


My wife's fingers twirled into her beautiful red hair and pulled her tongue deeper inside her as she began rocking her hips towards her big “O”. The sounds of my wife whimpering and mewling beneath Amy’s wet tongue made me dizzy with pent-up excitement. So far I had gotten to service them both as they concentrated on each other, but my neglected cockette was beginning to throb with need. I began rocking my hips back and forth as Amy rode my mouth, my clitty rubbed delightfully against the sheets.


My wife came hard in Amy’s mouth as I humped the bed and furiously worked my tongue in every one of her sweet folds. Amy laid back down on the bed next to my wife and I resumed a position before her; my mouth locked to her delicious sex and my pantied cock rubbing against the bed. I slowly humped the bed and drove my tongue in as far as possible while my wife and Amy started chatting and giggling…. CHATTING & GIGGLING!! I was so emasculated… and so turned on!!! They laid naked side by side looking down at my efforts to devour Amy’s lucious sex in my slutty lingerie and started talking about orgasms and toys and strap-ons and such. Amy made a lot of appreciative noises while they talked and I continued to serve her next to my satiated wife.


They began talking about my wifes favorite toy, the rabbit as my wife alid off the bed and went to the toy drawer. I was still humoing the bed lik a wanton little girl as I licked and suckled Amy’s pussy for all it was worth. They were agreeing at how good the rabbit was and how they both orgasmed so much harder with it compared to a real cock. You would think my clitty would have shrunken at such a condescending conversation between two gorgeous women as I lay there before them dressed like a total whore; but my cockette just strained harder against its lace prison. Amy was giggling a little and telling me that if I was trying to make her cum again, it probably wasn’t going to happen this way. My wife suggested the rabbit…not my neglected cock…the rabbit, to fuck her with so she could cum.


As she mentioned this, I felt her get back on the bed behind me. I felt her fingers sliding up the edge of my panties and pull them aside as they continued chatting about the wonders of the toy. I raised my ass instinctively as my little cockette sprang out from beneath the black lace. She didn’t even pull them off me…just pulled them aside…it made me feel delightfully whorish as I renewed my efforts on Amy’s slick pussy.


Instead of her lips or her fingers encircling my cock, I felt her hand sliding between my shaven ass cheeks. I started mewling into Amy’s pussy as something cold and slick pressed against my girly hole. My wife slipped my vibrating toy deep into my ass as I let out a series of long, muffled moans. She started fucking me deeply as I tried to hold onto Amy’s pussy with my lips. I whimpered and groaned beneath my wifes assault of my “pussy” as Amy smiled down at me between her thighs. My wife reached underneath me and I felt her warm fingers encircling my cock. It didn’t take very much before I was practically yelling as I bucked my hips like a slut in heat and shot my sticky cum across her fingers and the sheets below me.


My wife actually giggled and said “That’s it?....That was quick.”.

Amy whispered in disbelief “Did he come?” as I shuddered from the aftershocks.

My wife giggled again with Amy as she said “Yeah…”.

Amy was still somewhat in disbelief at the quickness of it all and asked “Where?”.

My wife actually laughed a little louder as she said “My hand!!”


They both started giggling at me as they laid back on the bed above me. My head was still buried in Amy’s wet pussy, so I weakly started tongueing her again as they giggled and watched me laying in a black, lacey heap in a puddle of my own creamy cum… my panties askew with my shriveled cockette trapped under the elastic…lapping at Amy’s snatch like good slut. My wife bounced off the bed as they discussed what they would need to cum again. Getting the rabbit my wife pushed me out from Amy’s legs and said with conviction “At least we know this works….”

Amy laughed and spread her legs farther saying “We sure do…it works REALLY well…” as she gazed down at me with a big smile.


I don’t know if that comment was meant as a knock against me and my spent little clitty, but it was arousingly humiliating anyway. My wife slipped the toy inside Amy’s hungry, sloppy sex and turned it on. The electric buzz started and was immeadiately followed by Amy’s heated goans. She began bucking her hips furiously as the toy brought her orgasm crashing down in less than a minute. I had just spent twenty minutes working her delicious pussy and my wife got her to cum in less than a minute. And cum really hard!!


They giggled some more as they embraced for a few moments, casually groping each others breasts and savoring each others lips. Their tongues danced around each other as I lay and watched them basking in the afterglow. They got up and went into the bathroom to clean up, leaving me like a cheap, used whore in my lingerie, heels, stockings and all. My wife was nice enough to pop back into the bedroom and thow me a warm washcloth with a “Hear ya go” chuckle.


I felt used, humiliated, and cheap…. I totally loved every minute of it!!!! I don’t know if that’s what they had in mind, but I felt more like a girl than ever before, and couldn’t thank them enough for turning me into their girlfriend and personal slut for the night.


I hope we can do it again sometime soon. Perhaps with another guy or guys as well. Getting to watch my two lovelies please each other and some “real” cocks would be so humiliatingly erotic as I watch and stroke my panties. Cleaning their swollen, cream-filled pussies would be a delight for this little girl.

Maybe someday….



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