Part 1




Allie and I had been married for three years. Our sex life had become bland, routine, and, frankly, I preferred masturbation to the work it took to cum by intercourse. I was pretty sure that Allie felt that way, too. You see, my cock is, at best, 5 inches. My touch, or my tongue, on her clit seemed to be much better received than my cock in her cunt.


I've always been a cross-dresser. I can remember being in first grade and wearing my older sister's clothes and pretending I was on a date with a boy. Before we married I told Allie about this. She treated it as something that would go away once we were married, and never mentioned it again, no matter how often I referred to it.


Then in June things changed dramatically. I'd kept some magazines showing cross-dressers, and jerked off with them. I always hid them, until one day when I forgot, and left one on the floor next to our bed. It showed a cross-dresser serving a couple, being humiliated and tortured by them. The man in the pictures had a huge cock, at least 10 inches. Allie found it while I was at work, and when I came home she was reading it while sitting in the chair next to our bed.


"You fucking sissy!" she said as I came into the room. " I thought you just fantasized about this, I didn't realize you actually did it!"


"But Allie, dear," I said, "that's all I do. Sure, I jerk off looking at these pictures, but I haven't done it yet."


"Yet?" Allie smiled, and I knew I was in trouble. "Yet? So you admit you want to do this, and might, if the opportunity arose?"


"No, dear," I said. "I would never be unfaithful to you, with a man or a woman!"


"Well, how about if I was part of the process - changing you into a sissy slut - Then it wouldn't be unfaithful, would it? And you would like that, wouldn't you?"


I was confused. What was she proposing? Was she teasing me, or did she have some odd plan in mind? The few moments I took to reply gave her the opening she wanted, and she ran with it.


"Strip. Now!" she said.


I did as she said. In five seconds I was standing naked in front of her. Then she took off her outer clothes, standing in the black slip she knew I loved - to see and, in secret, to wear. My cock got hard from seeing her, and in anticipation of what was to come.


She grabbed my cock and squeezed it so hard I almost fell to my knees. "Yes, dear, I know you like to wear this slip. You may not cum in it, but you forget the little stains your pre-cum leaves. Well, today you will wear much more than this."


She threw back the sheets on our bed, and there was an entire feminine outfit. First she handed me a pair of pink panties. "Put these on, sissy. Actually you need a sissy name. I will call you willow. I will explain why later. Put the panties on now, willow, and then the bra."


The bra was also pink. I put it on backwards, so I could clasp it in the front. Allie smiled. "I see you've done this before." I blushed. Of course, she was right.


Once I was in bra and panties Allie came close, and caressed my cock through the panties. I almost came at her first touch. As I panted she drew back. "No, willow, you will not cum at my touch today. I have bigger plans." She stressed the word "bigger."


Then she gave me a pink slip. It was the same fashion as the black one I loved so much. I almost came putting it on. Allie smiled at the look on my face. "Yes, dear, I know. It took me a while to understand, but now I know how you feel."


Then Allie gave me a sun dress. It was floral, and it swirled as I put it on. I was in heaven - or I would have been, except I was still so confused as to what Allie was doing. Why had she bought these clothes? (I knew her wardrobe, and neither the dress not the lingerie were part of her collection)


She then gave me some high-heeled shoes and told me to put them on. As I bent over to do so Allie yelled "Hey sissy!" I looked up to see our video camera in her hands, aimed at me. "I see you looked up when I called you sissy. Now look at the camera and say "I am a Sissy!"


I looked at the camera and, in a quiet voice said "I am a sissy." This wasn't good enough.


"No dear," said Allie, "say it like you're proud of it."


"I am a Sissy!" I said loudly.


"Play with your little cock in your panties, and tell the camera how much you want a real cock."


"But Allie ..." I started to protest. She slapped me across the face, without losing the focus of the camera. "Do as I say, sissy, or your family gets the tape I've shot so far!"


I was confused. Why was she so demeaning when she had brought me to this point? But I couldn't risk her carrying through on her threat. I looked at the camera and, as I played with my cock, said " I really, really want a cock to suck."


"Good, willow. Now I have you on tape, and if you do not do as I say your family - and your coworkers - will soon have a copy."


Now I was getting scared. Where was she going with this?


"Now that I have you on tape, looking like you, it is time to make you look like a real girl." She then took a blond wig out of a box and held it up. It was made with long, full curls. She put it on me, and turned me to the mirror above our dresser. I looked, and was stunned. Looking back at me was a pretty girl in a floral dress with long blond curls. Though I had no padding, the bra created enough of a breast to make my dress stand out in just the right way.


I stood there for a few seconds, long enough for Allie to grab my hands and pull them back. The next thing I knew my hands were in cuffs behind my back. I started to protest, but Allie slapped me across the face so hard I started to cry.


"Yes, willow, cry, you little sissy. But before this night is over you'll be crying in both pleasure and pain."


Allie took the handcuffs, and pulled me back to a straight-backed chair in the corner of our room. She pulled my cuffed hands over the back of the chair and sat me down hard.


Now willow, you will see the "dark" side of your fantasy! Michael, you can come out now! Then out of the bathroom adjoining our bedroom came Mike. Mike was a friend of ours, a back-stage director of our local theater. And he came out with a huge smile on his face. "Hello, willow," he said. He was wearing just a pair of burgundy bikini briefs. Through them I could see the outline of a huge cock, at least 9 inches while just semi-hard.


Allie went to Mike and kissed him, and rubbed a leg up and down his front. He kissed her back and fondled her breasts.


I started to protest, and they both laughed at me. "Silly sissy willow, Mike and I have been lovers for a year now. What you see is nothing new!" Allie told me. I was stunned, and stared at them with my mouth wide open.


"Yes, dear, open that mouth. It will be filled soon," laughed Allie. "Did you really think that your pitiful excuse for a cock could please me? God, no! Now you see what it takes to really please a woman!" She caressed Mike's cock as she said this, and now I could see that it was a good 11 inches when hard.


"When I found that magazine this morning I knew that it was time we stopped the charade. I was pretending to be happy with your love-making, and you pretended to be a man! Now you and I will set the record straight. I need Mike's cock, and so do you!"


I must admit that my own little cock was quite hard. I had long thought about being a lover to Mike. And now here it was, the opportunity I'd dreamed of! But these circumstances were hardly what I'd hoped for. Or were they?


Mike moved towards me, placing his cock in my face. "Suck it willow, suck my cock you sissy ."


I started to lick his cock through his briefs. In a few seconds I forgot my circumstances - hands cuffed behind me while I sat in the chair in drag - and concentrated only on his magnificent cock. I licked it and sucked through the briefs, and then Allie handed Mike the camera.


"Pull down my briefs, willow - with your teeth." As Mike filmed the episode I did as he told me. I pulled his briefs down with my teeth. Then, without being told to, I took his huge cock into my mouth.


"Oh, yeah, be a good cocksucker, willow! I want this on film. Maybe I'll post this on the internet!"


I took his cock into my mouth. First I licked the head, then I tongued it up and down, up and down. The I just started to take into my mouth, in and out, in and out. Just when I thought he was going to cum in my mouth he pulled out.


I knew why he did that, so I begged to be released from the chair. "Please, Allie, let me go. I need Mike's cock in my ass, and he wants it there too!"


Allie uncuffed my hands and laughed. "That, dear willow, is how you came to that name. Like the tree, you also bend so easily!"


I brought my hands forward and rubbed them where the cuffs were. Mike grabbed my hands and pulled me up. Then he pushed my head down.


"Grab your ankles, willow!"


I did, thrusting my ass up. Mike pulled my panties down and split my cheeks. he put the head of his cock against my ass. Without thinking I said "Oh, please, please!" Then he pushed hard, and that monster cock pushed into my ass. I came the second Mike penetrated me!


Mike started thrusting, in and out. I cried with both the pleasure and the pain of the act, as Allie had predicted. I thrust my ass back hard to take as much of Mike's cock as I could. Our flesh slapped together until he grabbed my hips hard, and thrust so hard into me I thought his cock was halfway up my body.


"Oh, shit!," he screamed as he came in my ass, shooting and shooting his sperm into me. I screamed something unintelligible, and had my second orgasm of the evening. We froze like that for a second, then Mike pushed me off him and onto the bed.


I lay there for a minute, still feeling Mike's cock in me, even though it wasn't there any more. I heard Allie gasp, and looked up to see her with her finger on her clit, cumming as she took in the aftermath of Mike's making love to me.


As she slowly calmed down, Allie said "Now the preliminaries are over, and it's time for the entertainment part of our evening!" I shuddered with the sound of her voice. What it seemed to portend scared me. I was to be proven right.



Cuckolded Sissy


Part 2




"Now the preliminaries are over, and it's time for the entertainment part of our evening!"


That was what Allie, my wife, said to me as I lay on the bed after I had been fucked by our newly mutual lover, Mike. I was dressed in pink panties, bra and slip, and a floral sundress. A blonde wig with long curls was on my head, completing the transformation .


Allie had found a magazine I'd left on the bedroom floor, showing a transvestite being tortured and humiliated by a couple. Although she had always known I liked to crossdress, she had never paid any attention to that side of me. Now she had had me dress up, and her lover of the last year had fucked my face and ass.


Now, I was not sure what she meant by "entertainment, " and it scared me. My fears turned out to be justified.


Allie picked up my magazine she'd found earlier ("Sissy in Peril" was its title). It showed a transvestite being humiliated and tortured by a couple, and Allie had used it as a spring from which to begin my own humiliation, and my forced acceptance of Mike as her (and my) lover.


"Did you know that there is no video of this magazine?" Allie asked. "That seems a shame! I think we should remedy that! What do you think?"


I hesitated with my reply, and was rewarded with a slap across my face by Allie. She then pulled me off the bed and I lay on the floor on my back. "Your only response to my questions is to be yes. Is that clear?"


"Yes, mistress," I replied.


"Oh, there is no need to call me Mistress. Just call me Allie. I think that way your humiliation will be clearer. Not by a truly dominant woman will you be put down, but by the woman to whom you were once betrothed, married, and equal. You have fallen, willow, dear, and I don't think you can get up again!"


I bowed my head. Allie ordered me up onto my knees and I obeyed.


Mike got up from the bed, where he had been laying on his side watching Allie and me with an amused grin on his face. He reached into a gym bag I had not noticed before. He brought out a set of cloth-lined cuffs, about two inches wide, and connected by a chain. He cuffed my ankles together.


I instinctively placed my hands behind me, waiting for their bonds. But Allie ordered me to place my hands down at my side.


Allie then picked up the "Sissy in Peril" magazine, and opened it to a page she'd marked with a post-it note.


"Ah, yes. I see that the woman gets her ass licked by her sissy slave. I think that should be the next act in our video."


I hadn't forgotten the first scenes Allie had captured on our video camera, I was certainly ready for the next scenes.


Allie bent over a chair, and lifted her beautiful ass up. Mike placed his hands under my arms and pulled me up till my face met Allies ass. He then returned to activate the video camera pointed at my face.


"Lick it, sissy willow," she ordered. Of course, I did as I was commanded. Licking Allie's ass was one of my favorite activities, one I never got enough of. I put my tongue deep into her ass, and wiggled it in there for a half minute. Then I slowly drew it back, and lapped around her hole. Up and down her crack I went, over and over. Then I licked circles around her hole, clockwise and back again. As she thrust her ass back I began to put my tongue into her hole, in and out, deeper and deeper.


After 15 minutes or so Allie tightened up her thigh muscles and closed her butt cheek. She screamed with an orgasm.


She turned around, so she was facing forward in the chair. Instinctively I placed my face into her pussy hair, hoping to bring her to another orgasm. Instead of gaining access, I was pushed away. Allie pushed so hard I was on my back with my cuffed legs bent back under me.


Before I could move I felt Allie's foot on my balls. Through my panties her shoe threatened to crush my privates.


"Cunt!" she cried, leaning forward and increasing the pressure on my balls. "I did not tell you to lick my pussy. For that you will be punished!"


Allie snapped her fingers, and Mike lifted me to my knees and brought my hands behind my back and cuffed them there.


I now knelt on my knees. My ankles were cuffed together, and my hands were cuffed behind me. Then Allie put her hand behind my head and pushed me down, so my forehead touched the carpet while my ass pointed up.


"In your magazine the sissy gets spanked by a hairbrush over his mistress's knee. I will not place you over my knee - god knows what your little penis would do in contact with my beautiful thighs. But we will apply the hairbrush my sissy willow."


With my head still down I waited in anticipation of the first swat from my wife. When it came it was so hard I instinctively lifted my head up.


"Oh, no, dear willow" my wife said. "You will not lift up during your training. Will you please hold her down, Mike?"


Mike came over and placed his hand on my neck. Roughly, with no affection, he pushed my face down to the floor. He leaned down and whispered : This turns me on, dear willow. Take this training, and I might give you more of what you need."


Allie began smacking me with the hair brush. Aided by Mike's grip on my neck - and his promise of rewards to come - I accepted 50 strokes with the back of the brush (I counted to myself) with only minor screams, though I was sobbing uncontrollably by the time Allie finished. Then she flipped the brush over and began rubbing my tender butt with the stiff bristles for several minutes as I cried with the pain.


To my surprise - and horror - Allie laughed when she was done. "That was not only for your unauthorized lunge at my pussy, dear willow. That was also generally for being a sissy. I love you, dear, but I hate the sissy in you. Yet the sissy is so much a part of you that it will only be that side of you I will see from now on. If it was only hate I felt, you would be my ex-husband, exposed to his family and friends as a sissy faggot. But because I love you, I am willing to use these punishments to exorcize the hate I feel and find a new venue for us to express our love."


I opened my mouth to respond to this curious contradiction, but hesitated because I did not know what to say. Allie simply laughed. She uncuffed my hands and ankles, and pushed me back so I lay flat on the floor.


She picked up my magazine, and opened to another page she'd marked with a note. She bent over me, showing me the page she's picked, she laughed and said "I had trouble finding these pages, willow. They were stuck together by your cum!"


The pages showed the transvestite with her cuffed hands behind her, attached to a door knob. But the part of the picture which made me cum was that her nipples had clips attached to them, with the clips tied to a chair in front of her. In a succession of pictures the woman in the magazine moved the chair back, stretching the nipples of the poor transvestite.


I opened my mouth again, but this time Allie simply slapped my face. I started to cry with the pain. Allie grabbed my chin and lifted it up. "Yes, my dear, cry now. Soon you will find a reason to cry, but with nobody to hear you." With that she pushed my face down to the floor. She the walked around my rear and whispered into my ear. "Lift your ass, dear willow." I did.


Then Allie passed her foot over my ass. I responded to her stocking-clad touch by raising my ass a bit further. The next thing I knew Allie's foot came up hard and kicked my nuts so hard I fell forward, gasping in pain.


She looked at Mike and turned her palm upward. Mike seized me, and turned me over on my back.


Allie lifted my legs, then brought my hands behind my thighs and recuffed them. I was on my back, with my knees up and my hands cuffed behind them. Allie then went to Mike. Kissing him, stroking him, rubbing her cunt against his thighs. I looked stunned, I guess. Allie looked at me and laughed.


"Poor willow. Are you jealous that I am getting Mike hard?" And hard he was. That huge cock was stretching his briefs. Allie reached in and stroked the cock, then pulled Mike's briefs all the way down. She brought me Mike's underpants, and held them to my nose.


I tried to turn my head, but Allie took my chin and turned me to her. "Open up, dear willow! Smell and taste what a real man is like."


I opened my mouth. Mike's underpants were shoved in. The smell was wonderful, but the stretching of my jaw was uncomfortable.


"That should keep you quiet, dear willow. And hard, I guess."Allie reached down to my panties, and, of course, my small cock was hard.


"Mike, please set up the bucket and hose," Allie said. Mike went into the powder room connected to our bedroom, and picked up a bucket from the floor. He tied a clothesline-type rope to the handle and threw it over the door between the two rooms. He walked the rope over to Allie. Allie pointed to her dresser, and Mike brought her a hanger, I recognized it as a skirt hanger, with two clamps on the cross bar. Allie tied the rope from the bucket to the hanger. My eyes must have doubled in size.


Allie noticed my eyes and laughed. "Oh yes, dear willow. I imagine that, as a sissy, you've always wanted real tits with huge nipples. Am I right?" I nodded in silence. "In fact, I bet you've used this hanger on your nipples yourself, haven't you?" I nodded yes. "Well, let us see if we can take that a bit farther," Allie laughed.


Allie pulled down my dress and bra so she could reach my nipples. She attached the two clamps on the hanger to my nipples. I screamed into Mikes underpants from the pain. Allie simply tugged on the hanger, making the pain worse.


"I'm not sure these will hold, dear. Mike, please hand me the plastic ties from my dresser." Mike did so. They were the types of ties that can be tightened, but cannot be released without being cut. Electricians use them to tie bundles of wire, and you may have seen the larger ones used by police as a substitute for handcuffs.


Allie wrapped them around the clamps from the hangers and pulled them tight. The pain in my nipples was almost unbearable, and my tears flowed freely. Allie ignored them.


"Mike, test the line, please." Mike pushed down on the bucket, and the line over the door pulled mercilessly on the hanger attached so tightly to my nipples. I was sobbing into the underpants stuffed in my mouth.


"Now, dear willow," said Allie, "we are going to place a hose into the bucket. The hose will be connected to the faucet in the bathroom sink. As the water goes into the bucket the weight on your nipples will increase. We will see how big your tits can grow."


I shook my head back and forth quickly, hoping Allie wold take my "no" for an answer.


"Oh, don't worry willow. I have allowed for a release before your nipples are ripped off your tits. Maybe."


"I will stop the water the second you cum in your panties. And to help you do so I have a movie for you to watch. Also, I will be stroking your little cock. Up. Then 10 seconds later down. Then 10 seconds later up. I hope that the movie turns you on enough so that you cum soon, before I have to search for your nipples after they've been ripped off of you. Mike please start the movie."


Mike pushed the play button on our DVD player. A movie called "Sissy Self Fuck" started. On the TV was a transvestite dressed in nothing but hose and bra. She had long red hair and enough makeup for a 15 year old girls's pajama party. Her little cock was hard, and bounced as she moved. She was sitting on a toilet, and in her hand was a plumbers helper. She started taking the handle into her mouth, sucking it like it was a real cock. Then she lowered it to her ass, and started exploring her ass with the handle.


At that point Mike turned on the water into the bucket. My nipples started to stretch out, and the pain began. Allie stroked my little cock. Up


The girl in the video pushed the handle up her ass. She and I both tightened. My nipples stretched further. Allie stroked me down.


The girl in the video started going up and down on the plunger. The pain in my nipples was burning, and my tits stuck out. Allie stroked me up.


In the video the girl was going up and down, up and down on the handle of the tool. Allie stroked me down, and I thought my nipples were about to come off.


The girl in the video sat down hard. The handle of the tool - two feet long - disappeared into her ass. I couldn't believe she could take it. Allie stroked me up and I came like I'd never cum before.


Allie pulled the rope coming from the direction of the bucket, loosening the pull on the hanger. She untied the rope from the hanger, and Mike let the bucket down to the floor. She then pointed to the dresser, and Mike handed her some small sewing scissors. Allie cut the plastic ties from the hanger's clamps. I sighed in relief.


But rather than gently release the clamps from my nipples, Allie simply pulled the hanger as hard as she could, ripping it from my nipples. I sat up with the pain, but Allie pushed me back down. She pointed to the camera, and Mike turned it off


Allie then uncuffed my hands. I lay on my back on the floor, feeling the pain in my nipples, on my ass, and in my jaw, where Mike's underpants still gagged me. I wondered what would be my next humiliation.


Allie motioned to Mike, then to the bed. Mike lifted me onto the bed. He kissed my ear, and started licking my neck. Despite my pain, humiliation, and earlier orgasms, I quickly got hard again.


"Excellent," said Allie. She had started the camera again, and was focused on the tent in my panties. She then moved the focus to my face.


Mike straddled my chest, and started stroking his cock. He took his briefs out of my mouth. I tried to reach his cock with my mouth, but with him on my chest I could not.


"Please, please Mike," I pleaded. "Let me suck it."


Mike ignored me. Allie then came over, and kissed Mike deeply. She stroked his chest all over, chewed on his ear gently, and grabbed his ass hard. Mike stiffened, and came. His sperm landed on my face. Mike laughed, and said "See, I told I would give what you needed."


Allie came around to my side, facing the camera. She used her fingers to gather Mike's cum. She told me to look at the camera and beg for it.


I looked at the camera and pleaded. "Please, please Allie. Let me lick Mike's cum from your fingers."


"Are you my sissy husband?"


"Yes, dear Allie."


"Will you do whatever I want if I give you Mike's cum?"


"Yes, dear Allie."


"Then so be it, willow. Once you were my husband, now you are a sissy slave who will do anything I dictate. And I mean ANYTHING! Is that right, my dear little pantied slave?"


I looked at the camera, knowing that another border had been crossed, but said "Yes, Allie. I am your pantied sissy husband, and I will do anything you ask." Allie let me lick Mike's cum from her fingers. "Make "yummie" noises for the camera, dear willow!" I did.


Only later did I realize what Allie's definition of "anything" entailed.




Cuckolded Sissy


Part 3



I slept on the floor next to the bed that night, still in the lingerie and sundress I'd worn the day before. Allie and Mike, of course, slept together in the bed. As I drifted off to sleep I kept thinking about the events of the evening.


I had been put in women's clothes by my wife, Allie after she found a magazine I forgot to hide. The magazine showed a transvestite being tortured and humiliated by a couple. Allie, who had never shown any interest in my crossdressing had now made it her goal to turn my life into something approaching the pictures in the magazine.


Of course, she also chose that opportunity to introduce me to Mike, her lover of a year. Mike quickly became my lover, then my tormenter, in partnership with Allie.


What bothered me most was that I had promised Allie I would do "anything" she demanded. And the emphasis she placed on the word "anything." made me truly worry about what lay ahead in my future. Unfortunately, my worries proved well-founded the next day.


We all woke about the same time in the morning. Allie looked over at me and laughed."What a sight you are today, willow!"


I'm sure I was. My blond wig had fallen off. There was still cum on my face from Mike, and my own cum had soaked through the clothes.


Allie jumped out of bed, and gently kicked me in the rear. "Into the bathroom, sissy willow!"


I went to the bathroom, and Allie followed me. "Throw your clothes into the corner, dear. We will need to get you your own hamper so your sissy clothes don't get mixed in with those of a real man or a real woman."


I stripped, and Allie handed me a bottle of lotion. "This is a depilatory. Rub it all over your body below your neck, wait 15 minutes, then shower it off. And that includes your dick and balls, too!"


I did as she said. Heck, I'd come this far there was no point in fighting this latest development. I rubbed the lotion on my body. As I did so the unmistakable sound of our bed creaking came from the bedroom. It was clear from the rhythm that Mike and Allie were making love, and rather strenuously at that.


I waited what I thought was 15 minutes before getting on the shower. I must have guessed right, because the shower washed all my body hair away. Here I was, getting my body ready for further feminization, and my wife was fucking her lover in our bed. I still couldn't answer the question in my head; was this what I had wanted in my fantasies? It had already gone much further than I'd ever dreamed, and yet ...


Well, I had no choice now, anyway. The video Mike and Allie had shot thus far ensured my continued cooperation. I washed the hair on my head, turned off the shower, and stepped out to dry off. The bed was still creaking as I dried myself.


I wondered whether I should stay in the bathroom till they were done when I heard Allie yell "Willow ... get ... out ... here!"


I went into the bedroom, and there was Allie, astride Mike, who was on his back thrusting up into her pussy, lifting her entire body as he did. Allie held her palm up to Mike, and he stopped.


Allie pointed to the chair, and said "Put those things on, willow." There was a black longline bra and black panties. The bra came down halfway to my hips. The cups were medium sized, but very well padded. Lace trimmed the top of the cups. Though the panels on the bra were of a lacy material with stemmed flowers raised up from the material, the wide ribs between the lace panels were stiff and strong. Again I put the bra on backwards, but it was so tight I had trouble turning it around.


When the cups rubbed against my nipples I realized how really sore they still were from the last night's torture.


The panties were of very high quality. Heavy material, but very smooth and soft. Lace trimmed the leg holes and waistband.


As I was dressing Allie had moved onto her back on the bed, and Mike was about to mount her in the traditional position. Allie pointed to the dresser. "There on the dresser is a bottle of nail polish I chose just for you. While Mike shows you how a real man fucks a woman, I want you to paint your toe nails."


I went to sit in the chair, but Allie pointed to the floor next to the bed. "I want your face to be at just the same level as we are, so you can get a good look." Of course, she didn't have to add that it was more humiliating to be on the floor than on the chair. The polish was red. A guy would call it fire engine red, but the cosmetics company called in "Fantasy in Red." It was very bright and shiny.


As I sat on the floor Mike started to really pound into Allie. She was thrashing around in pleasure; a sight I had never seen during our lovemaking. It took me 15 minutes to paint my toe nails, and Mike was still going hard. I waited another 20 or so while the polish fully dried, and still he was going strong. Despite my position, I was quite impressed. Then he drove deep into her with one final thrust, and both screamed in unison as they enjoyed a joint orgasm.


Mike gently lowered himself onto his back on the bed. He looked over at me and chuckled. "I guess she liked what she saw, Allie." He pointed to my panties, where my little cock was clearly quite hard. I started to rub it through the panties, and Allie leaped out of the bed and slapped me across the face, knocking me over sideways.


"From now on, willow, you will not touch yourself in that manner unless I say you can. It will not be that often, I assure you. And there will generally be some interesting things going on when it happens. But it only happens when I say so. is that clear?"


"Yes, Allie." My face stung, and my erection had shrunk from the shock and pain of the slap.


"Now Mike and I are going to shower. While we do so you will change the sheets. Put on the good satin ones. When you are done that, you will squeeze fresh orange juice for us. Is that clear, willow?" Allie asked.


"Yes, dear," I said.


"Hmmm. Should I let you call me dear?" Allie mused aloud. "Yes, I think I will. I still love you, after all. And do you still love me, willow?"


I responded that, of course I did, and for some reason added "I would do anything for you."


Allie's smile reminded me of the promise she extracted from me last night. "I think you probably will, but we shall see if you really mean it."


Allie turned to Mike. "Should willow call you dear, as well?"


Mike thought for a few seconds. "No. Not yet. I don't think one fucking and a blow job quite add up to her calling me dear. We'll see what the future brings." Mike and Allie smiled at each other. I did not like those smiles.


As Allie and Mike showered - giggling and gasping all the time as their lovemaking continued - I removed the old sheets and took them to the laundry room, placing them in the washer and starting it. I then made the bed with the satin sheets. These were our special sheets, reserved for (what I had thought) were our special nights in bed. Now I was setting them on the bed for my wife to enjoy with her lover.


I then went downstairs to squeeze the orange juice. When I returned, Mike was wearing jeans and a rugby shirt. Allie was similarly dressed, with a slightly different shirt. Seeing them dressed like a couple certainly made my position in this relationship very clear to me.


Allie pointed to the bed, and told me to dress in the clothes that were there. There was a black leather skirt, white blouse, and black pantyhose, which I put on first. My red toe nails showed clearly through the hose.


The skirt was nearly straight, but at least it came to a relatively modest length. Like the lingerie, it was high quality. The leather was soft and supple. Still, the narrow cut would keep me from taking long strides as I walked. It was pleated, with a waist band that buttoned in front, giving the illusion of a belt.


The blouse was also pleated, in the front, with shiny black stud buttons showing. The sleeves were full length, sheer, and a bit billowing. It was an interesting contrast to the tight, short skirt. Neither Mike nor Allie made any comment about my facility with buttoning a blouse with its buttons opposite from a man's shirt.


Of course, my black bra was easily visible through the material of the blouse.


After I put on these clothes I was handed a pair of open toed white shoes. The contrast with the black hose would catch people's eyes, so they would look and see my red toe nails. At least the shoes had moderate heels, about one inch tall.


Allie picked up her keys off the night table and threw them to Mike. "Would you please drive?"


I looked up in panic. "I can't go out like this! At least give me a wig, so I have a chance of not bing noticed."


"What a sissy! So worried about how you look. Just comb your own hair forward, and you should pass. At least from a half mile away, that is." Allie laughed a rather nasty laugh as she said this. "Besides, dear willow, you really have no choice." As she said this she picked up the video camera, and her threat was clear.


Mike took my elbow and guided me down the stairs, out the front door, and to the garage. Though I saw no neighbors, I was sure they were all watching me from behind their windows.


We got into the car (I was in the backseat, of course). We drove for half an hour, finally pulling into a strip mall I was unfamiliar with. At least, I thought, there doesn't seem any chance we'll run into anyone we knew.


It was still early, and there were no other customers walking around the parking lot. Mike pulled up in front of a store called "The Piercing Place." He and Allie got out of the car. Mike came around and opened my door and offered his hand, in an exaggerated show of gallantry.


He put his arm in mine, and we started walking to the store. "You walk well on heels, willow. Have you had much practice?" He chuckled. I did not answer.


Suddenly, he stopped, grabbed both my shoulders in a very tight grip, spun me to face him, and held me tight in front of him. "I asked you a question, young lady" he said quietly but firmly. Between his grip and the serious look on his face I found myself feeling very small and helpless at that moment.


In a soft voice I said "Yes, I do have a lot of practice walking in heels."


Mike's grip eased, the smile returned to his face, and he once again put his arm in mine and guided me to The Piercing Place.


We walked in. I was thankful that we were the only customers in the place. Behind the counter was a very bored-looking young lady. She couldn't have been more than 18. Her name tag said "Gina."


She was about five feet, six inches tall. She had long black hair, and her face spoke of an Italian heritage. She was wearing yellow stretch capri pants, red canvas sneakers, and a rainbow striped tube top. She had very large breasts that stood nearly straight out, with prominent nipples. A very lovely young lady, and here I was, an obvious sissy, about to have her pierce my ears.


She looked up at us, then focused on me. A wry smile came to her face. She came up to me and said, "Can I help you, Miss ?"


Mike answered for me. "This young lady would like a large gold hoop in each ear. On her left ear, at the top, she wants two flowers. Do you have any pansies?" Gina giggled at that. "On the side of her right ear she will have one of your special earrings." I wondered what he meant by a "special" earring. "Oh, and do you mind if my friend videotapes this?" Mike said, pointing to Allie.


Gina agreed to the taping, and led me to a chair. Within minutes I had the hoops and the flowers. Gina then ducked behind the counter and brought out a black velvet jewelry box, about a foot square and flat. She opened the lid and showed it to Mike. I saw him pick up an earing that was shaped like a very realistic penis, and was about an inch-and-a-half long.


"It's almost as big as yours, willow!" Mike said. Everybody laughed but me.


"This has two posts because of its size. Do you want it pointing up or down?" asked Gina.


Everybody looked at me. I know I was blushing, even after all I'd been through. "Well, willow, do you want your penis up or down?" Allie asked. "Up," I whispered. In a very short time it was done, and the penis, pointing up, was in my right ear.


Gina asked "Is there anything else you want pierced for her? Tongue, eyebrow, navel? I'm a specialist with nipples."


Allie put her hand to her chin. "Hmm. Do you think his nipples are good candidates for it?"


Gina came up to me, and grabbed my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She rubbed them hard through my blouse and bra. Even though still sore from the night before, my nipples grew hard under her touch. I nearly melted under the touch of this beautiful young girl.


"Oh, they'd be fine. I could do rings, posts, crossed posts, whatever you want.


Allie thought for a second, and said that perhaps the nipples would be done in the future but that that was enough for today. .


Gina pointed to my skirt and said "Oh, by the way, she was right. She did want her penis up." Under Gina's treatment of my nipples my cock had again gotten quite hard, and was making a bulge in my skirt.


Allie smiled broadly and said "Maybe we could pierce that?" My eyes must have grown twice their size. Allie giggled and said "No willow, we won't do that. Not if you behave, that is."


Mike paid Gina and we started to walk out of the store. Gina spoke up and said "I'm just curious. Could I ask what the story is here?"


Allie pointed the video camera at my face, and said "Tell her your story, willow!"


I looked at Gina. Those beautiful dark eyes looked right into mine. "I am willow. I am the pantied sissy husband of Allie. I do anything Allie or her lover Mike tell me to."


"So have you sucked his cock?" asked Gina.




"And has he, umm..."


"Yes, " I said.


Allie kicked me in the rear, keeping the camera focused on my face. "Yes what?"she said.


I looked at Gina's beautiful eyes again, and softly said "yes, Mike has fucked me in my ass."


Gina said "Cool. Well come back anytime." Her smile would have melted the coldest heart of any man.


As we left the store Mike again took my arm. There was more foot traffic than there had been earlier. Many people looked our way and stared or laughed. I was amazed that Mike had the confidence in his own manhood to escort me - obviously a man in woman's clothing - and ignore the people around us. My only wish at that point was to get in the car and go home. I got half my wish.


Mike again opened the car door for me. We drove away, but it soon became clear that we were not going home. We drove to an area with a lot of warehouses and used car lots. I was afraid I recognized the area, and when we pulled into a parking lot my fears were realized. We'd driven to the adult book store where I bought my TV magazines.


"I believe you recognize this establishment, willow?" asked Allie. Without waiting for me to answer she got out of the car with the video camera. "Wait here," she told me. Mike and I waited in the car together as she went into the store.


After about five minutes Allie stuck her head out of the shop's door and waved to us, signaling that we should come in. Mike again escorted me to the door. Speaking to Mike, Allie said "All the arrangements are made."


We all walked in. Of course, Nick was there. Nick was almost at the check-out counter. He knew me by sight, but probably never knew my name.


"Hello, willow," he said to me. "Good to see you again." He smiled one of the dirtiest smiles I'd ever seen.


Mike grabbed me by the elbow and led me to the rear of the store, past the books, to the video booth area. "Ever been in here before, willow?" he asked me. I nodded. "But not dressed like that, I suppose, eh?" I shook my head. Where the hell was this going?


Mike released my arm, and began walking back to the front of the store. Allie then took my elbow and led me back into the video booth area. There was nobody else visible, though several of the booths were occupied.


Allie got in front of me and talked quietly, her face close to mine. "As I suspected, Nick remembered you when I showed him a picture of the old you. He told me that, in addition to buying magazines you often would come back to the booths. He was nice enough to make a deal with me."


"I told him about our little video. He's quite interested in seeing, and maybe showing it. In fact, he agreed to let me shoot some of it here. This is the plan, sissy, and you WILL follow it, or Nick won't be the only one getting a copy. You are going to go into the third booth on the left. That is one of the booths with a hole to the next booth. What do you call them?"


"Glory holes," I said quietly. I knew the booth well. Though I was always too scared to actually do something there, it always excited me to watch or be watched through the hole. And when another man would stick his cock through I would quickly cum while looking at it, even though I never touched one.


"Well, willow, I am going to film you in all your glory. You and I are going into that booth. I am going to pick a video for you to watch, then leave. I will close the door. Do not lock it. I am going to find a man with a large cock for you to suck and put him in the next booth. When his cock comes through I want you on your knees with that cock in your mouth. I will then open the door and film this. Is this clear?"


I was about to protest when Allie put a finger to my lips. "Shh, dear. You said anything, and I meant anything." I nodded, meekly.


Allie led me to the booth. We both fit in comfortably. She had obviously reviewed the titles earlier. She put a ten dollar bill in the machine and quickly pushed the channel button to the video she'd chosen.


It was not a TV or shemale video. Instead, it was an all male film. There was one young man tied over a locker room bench. Four men in leather pants and jackets were with him. One was fucking his ass, another was fucking his mouth. The other two waited their turns, stroking their large cocks.


Allie closed the door. Less than a minute later a large cock came through the glory hole. I hesitated for a second, and Allie opened the door. "Now, bitch!" she said.


I got on my knees and wrapped this strange cock with my tongue. Allie started filming, and I could tell by her angle she got both me and the gay film she'd picked in the view.


I licked the cock up and down, up and down. I took it all in my mouth, and held it deep in my throat. Then I started taking it in and out, in and out. I lost myself in the delight of pleasing this strange cock, until Allie spoke to me.


"Now, sissy. Now you may play with yourself. But do not cum until I tell you to." I started to rub myself through my clothes. But Allie was not satisfied. "No, sissy willow, take that little cock out of your panties, lift your skirt, and let the camera see you jerking off."


I did as she ordered, though it was a miracle I did not cum immediately. I continued to make love to this strange cock, and after five minutes or so it erupted in my mouth. I started to swallow, and heard Allie urge me to swallow every drop. I did so, and the cock withdrew. I tried to see who my unknown lover was, but he did not walk by my booth. Allie then told me to stand up and put my back to the wall the hole was in. This put the video screen to my left.


"Now, willow, I want you to watch the video and finish jerking off. When you cum, make sure you catch every drop in your hand. I will, of course, keep filming."


She now was shooting me jerking off watching the man on the bench getting fucked in both ends. It took almost no time for me to cum, though, to be honest, the video was really not the reason. I caught it all in my hand.


"Turn this way, and lick your hand clean, willow." I looked into the camera and did as ordered. When I was done she turned off the camera.


Suddenly Mike appeared at the booth door. Allie asked him what he thought.


"Great," he said. "Best blow job I've had all day." I was surprised - and thankful - to learn that it was Mike's cock I had sucked. I'd always worried about catching a disease from a strange cock in here, and was relieved that that worry was gone on this occasion.


We started to walk out of the store. Nick gave Mike a large bag. "Here are your purchases, sir," Nick said. "When do I get my copy of the video?"


"Oh, its not done yet," Mike said. He patted the large bag, and said "Here's the next act."


"See you later, willow!" laughed Nick.


As we drove home I worried about what the "next act" was going to be.

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