Chapter Two: The Ceremony


The limo drove toward my fate. The girls were laughing and smiling at me. Kate held my hand and tried to keep me calm. All at once we arrived at the park just down the street from the chapel. There was a horse drawn carriage waiting there. The girls helped me out of the limo and into the carriage. Kate whispered to me that I was to take a half hour carriage ride to be alone with my thoughts. The carriage would then take me to the church. I would arrive by myself so all could see. The girls got back in the limo and off the carriage driver went. We went along slowly. This was really scaring me and I could feel what was left of my manhood straining against its cage. I was leaking and I started to cry. I was to become a woman and I had no choice in the matter. I wish one of the girls had stayed with me, but this was Carmen's instruction. She wanted my anticipation to get the best of me so I would be a total sissy, all weepy and shaking as I arrived for the ceremony.


Finally the carriage pulled up in front of the chapel where a huge crowd was gathered. I must have been quite a sight all alone in the carriage. All the women were crying tears of joy for me. Everyone was dressed beautifully. It was a sea of gowns in front of the church. I knew what awaited me inside.


Kate took my hand and Cecilia and Daphne helped with my dress and veil. Up the stairs we went, my dainty heels clicking on the stone. We stopped in the foyer. Daphne and Cecilia carefully arranged my gown and veil for my walk down the aisle. I heard the music begin the bridal march and there was Carmen, beginning her walk. I started to cry; she looked so beautiful. Her dress was simple with a short train and instead of a long veil she had a wreath of flowers in her hair. She was the picture of femininity on her wedding day. I know she wanted me to feel the same way and all at once I was overjoyed. I knew it would all be wonderful now. She gracefully did the wedding march up the aisle and arrived at the altar just as the music subsided.


There was a pause of silence and the music began again, and my bridesmaids one by one walked up the aisle, leaving me alone again. As Daphne, the last maid, took her place at the altar, I began my walk. Carmen turned and smiled at me as if to say come on girl you can do it. My gown felt like it weighed a ton as I slowly walked down the aisle. My blusher covering my nervous face, I arrived at the altar. I took Carmen's outstretched hand. She smiled, being so proud of me. We said our vows and our "I do's". Kate produced a piece of paper with an additional vow for me to read:




I pledge from this day forward to be completely feminine in every way


I pledge to obey my wonderful Mistress in all matters


and to become the best and most beautiful woman I can be.




Carmen smiled and lifted my blusher. She took my face in her hands and kissed me, long and softly. She whispered, tonight you shall understand the total meaning of that vow. We turned and the pastor proclaimed us Mistress and Mrs., and hand in hand we walked back down the aisle with my maids in tow. Out in front of the church the carriage awaited. The girls helped me into the carriage and Carmen sat beside me. A crowd gathered and clapped and waved as Carmen and I were whisked off to the reception.


The huge hall that had been rented for the event was decorated with flowers and garlands. It looked like a fairytale. We sat and waited for my maids to arrive and help me down from the carriage. Carmen wanted me to keep my veil attached for the whole reception. Even though it was cumbersome, she wanted me to dance and socialize with it on. It made me move slowly and gracefully.


We had a private toast between us and the band started playing "When a Man Loves a Woman." Carmen led me as I delicately held my train and veil. She was whispering how special she was going to make our honeymoon and that by the time it was over I would be well acquainted with how a woman feels. One toast after another, a sumptuous meal, and many, many audience-inspired kisses it was time for my bouquet toss and then time to begin our lives together.


My maids, Carmen, and I got into the limo for our ride to the hotel. The girls brought another bottle of champagne for the long ride. I sensed there were games to be played as all the girls were laughing and smiling in a most devious way at me. Carmen and I were settled on one side of the back seat and the girls on the other side facing us. Champagne was poured and with each sip Carmen kissed me and I could feel my chastity belt straining to hold back my clitty. Carmen instructed the girls to make sure my chastity belt and sheath were intact and to change the pad. As Cecilia and Daphne held my dress Kate lowered my panties and put a fresh pad in and then the girls pulled my dress back so all could see my tortured privates. "Oh they are just such a lovely shade of blue," Kate commented. Carmen told her to massage them a bit and with that kissed me deeply. "Yes, dearest, this is just the beginning. You are going to be teased and fondled until your hormones take all that stiffness and dripping away. Think of it as draining off the last of your masculinity." Kate kept massaging, and Daphne and Cecilia took their turns. In a short time I was dripping uncontrollably. Tears of frustration were in my eyes and Carmen just kissed them away. "No darling there will be none of that on MY honeymoon. I will not permit any male behavior from you. You are a WOMAN". With that the girls lowered my dress and returned to their seats. Finally we arrived at the hotel. Carmen invited the girls up for a nightcap and into the elevator we went and up to the bridal suite.





Chapter 3: The Wedding Night


"Leave her gown on for now and the headpiece and veil. I want her to stay in it as long as possible. I want no question in her mind that she is to be the woman in this marriage." With that Carmen went into the bedroom to change her clothes and the girls helped me get seated on an elegant divan. I was posed. It was not particularly comfortable. I felt more like a doll that the girls were playing bridal dress up with. Carmen returned, wearing a black baby doll negligee, with a package wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon. She handed it to me and bid me open it. As I unwrapped the gift I saw it was a fairly large strap-on dildo. Carmen smiled, "Time for the real lesson to begin."


She had the girls lift my gown again and check on my tortured clitty. It was still dripping and I was soooooooooo frustrated. The girls all laughed and my dress was put back down. Everything was feminine and would always be so from now on. "Get her ready girls," Carmen said. With that I was escorted into the bedroom and carefully my veil was removed and then my dress. Cecilia produced the bridal negligee that I was to wear on my wedding night, a sumptuous ivory night gown with a lovely flowing robe. She sat me at the vanity and unpinned my hair and brushed it out into a seductive wave. A bit of hairspray to hold it in place and a dash of my perfume and I was ready for Carmen. Cecilia left me, and Carmen came in, closing the door behind her. I could hear the girls laughing and carrying on in the other room.


Carmen removed her clothes and put the strap-on around her lovely hips. "Come darling, it is time to take your virginity." With that she took me by the hand and lifted my gown and had me lie on the edge of the bed with my derriere in the air. She put a generous amount of lubricant on the dildo and a bit in my puss. "Ready darling?," she asked. I choked back a cry and she entered me. Oh my goodness!! It felt like a telephone pole was going up my ass! Slowly she worked it back and forth and soon my puss was grabbing on wanting more and more. I could feel my dripping become more and more intense but no relief. Carmen clung to my neck kissing me passionately. "Feel it darling! Nothing but a lovely drip and a good milking is all you will get each night now. Soon you will orgasm as a woman does with a kind of full body tremble, but you will NEVER cum as a man again!"


Slowly she withdrew the cock and took it off. Then she bade me kneel in front of her and she spread her legs and I was made to tongue her to orgasm over and over again, all the while knowing I would never get the relief I so badly needed. After what must have been her fourth orgasm, we fell asleep in each others' arms to the sound of laughter in the other room. The girls knew exactly what was in store for me.



by Yvonne

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