Mr. Sissy knows how great he has it with me, because I will love him unconditionaly, he really is a good boyfriend. He gives me whatever I want, whenever I want, he is great at eating pussy, and can make love like you wouldn't believe. But for me, newness is what excites me, new role, new ideas, new men, new women....So it has been made quite clear that when I need something new, I just go and get what I need and my Sissy will just be happy for me that I am being satisfied...


So last week I thought we would try something new, Mr. Sissy works out of town half the week, and when he comes home we usually fuck like bunnies, hence my nick name "Bunny" I love having sex, so he has gotten really used to fucking all the time and masturbating while he is at work, at my requests. So he came home last week, and the first night, I begged him to fck me good and hard, he was glowing because he loves the way I want him all the time. The following two days I wasn't so insistant. I ignored his touches and advances, I would crawl into bed half naked putting my bare ass up against him, and rolling over when he attemted to touch me. This went on until he was just about ready to go back to work. The night before he went to work I asked him to eat me out and he more than willingly obliged. He was so excited thinking this was it, he was finally going to get laid...haha was he wrong, I made sure he made me cum more than once, and then I kissed him good night told him I loved him and rolled over.


He was so dissappointed, and almost a little hurt, but I didn't care, this was about me, I wanted to let him know that I was in control and he would do what I told him too, when I told him too. Before he went to work, I made sure to let my Sissy boy know that he was in no way aloud to self pleasure while at work this week, and if he did I would know and it would be worse for him in the long run, because the fact is, he can only fuck me, I can fuck who ever I want! And I would go find myself a nice strong manly bull to please me over and over again, for weeks maybe months if that is what it took to teach Mr. Sissy a lesson he would never forget.


He was gone to work for four days and when he came back I knew immediatly that he had obeyed me by the erection he had the moment he kissed me hello. Good Sissy I said to him, he smiles sheepishly, I always do what you tell me he responded. It felt incredible to have this much power. So last night I layed next to him in bed, rubbing his penis, which is I guess of average size, but I can definatly say I have seen and had bigger!!!


His erection was so hard it was like stroking a rock. I told him to get between my legs and show me how much he worshipped me, again he didn't have to think twice! He dove right in there as if he had been denied pussy for weeks! I could hear him moaning as he licked my pussy. If only he knew what had been in there the night before!! hehe that of course is "our little secret". Once he made me cum a time or two I told him to fuck me, his eyes got so wide and he giggled like a little sissy school girl, I couldn't believe his excitement, at fucking me after having only been denied sex for 6 days...


This made me think some more about what it was I was doing here. I let him fuck me good and hard, and here and there would tell him to stop or slow down, and he followed every direction I gave him. He is such a good Sissy Boy, he makes me so proud! :p Now for the best part of the evening, when I had my fill of him I demanded that he get off of me, he quickly jumped off, and said are you going to finish on top baby? I looked him straight in the face with what I am sure was an incredibly satisfied look on my face and said "No Sissy, I need a smoke and then it's bed time."


He was so dumb founded, it made me chuckle out loud. Sitting there next to him on the bed with his hard on, and knowing that was it, was awesome! I reiterated the rules of no self pleasuring, and that I would satisfy him when it suited me and only me. We smoked and then I rolled over. It took me about an hour to fall asleep last night because I kept laughing to myself, as he tried so hard to get rid of that erection. He eventually had to lye on his stomach, just to try to stop thinking about it, and make sure he wouldn't touch himself without even realizing it. lol too funny seriously people it was a funny sight to witness.


So now we are at today, Mr. Sissy is in pain, his erections keep randomly popping up, he keeps asking if he will be able to cum tonight, and I was going to let him, but now I am not so sure.....I might just fuck him up right good....I have all kinds of ideas of how I can use him to amuse and satisfy my desires, and see where it takes us...I am really enjoying this bitch persona I have now taken on, and I am not sure I am ready to stop this little game just yet.



So all day yesterday I kept telling my Sissy boy how I had planned a wonderful night for him and that I would give him everything I would want given to me, if of course I had an exceptional lover. He very diligently asked if there was anything he could do during the day to please me, so I made sure that the dishes were done, and laundry was taken care of for me, he even made supper and looked after the children, driving them around everywhere they needed to go, while I sat and relaxed for the day, as I so deserve.


Evening fast approached and the children were all sleeping, Sissy ran me a bath, and watched me bathe in full anticipation. We then proceeded to the bedroom, and I began talking about how much I love women, and how it has been awhile for me since I had been with one. I told him that his treat tonight would be to participate in aiding me to be with another woman. He seemed very bothered by that, as I know he doesn't like the thought of other women in my bed. Not that there is a problem with me doing it, he jsut doesnt want to be part of it.


It thrilled me to see his anxiety over this, he asked if it was someone I knew well, and when she would be arriving, things of that nature. I was completely enthrawled in how this was all working out so well for me. I grabbed my make up bag from my night table and said your her, now pretty yourself up!!!


Sissy was even more uncomfortable with this idea, as in reality he is nothing more than a man's man, he is the most masculine man I know, so this was not an easy task for him at all. He tried to weasle out of this, but I said "get ready bitch!" He walked to the mirror and slowly began to apply eye shadow, and blush, and topped it all off with sparkles that I enjoy wearing myself.


I of course began taking photographs, and giggling out loud. I couldn't help myself it was a pretty humorous site. Once my Sissy slutt was finished applying his make-up I ordered him between my legs and told him to eat me like a woman would, like I would do to another woman. He did and I then told him I wanted him to fuck me. He began to climb ontop of me, and I pushed him off and said NO girls fuck with strap on's, now put it on.



My Sissy boy or should I say girl lookd less than amused when I ordered him to put on the strap on because that only meant one thing.... He wasn't doing any penetration a big beautiful, hard didlo would, and yet he had to do all the work.  But like a good little slutt he did what was ordered of him and he climbed up ontop of me and started fucking me. To be honest with you, it had been awhile since I was fucked by anything bigger than 6 inches or so and wow....It felt infuckencredible!!! I came so hard that my bed was soaked under me. Being able to feel a cock like that made me quiver from head to toe, and I am sure my moans of pleasure did not go unnoticed by my slutt. Every once in awhile I would open my eyes and have to close them again because the site of him dressed as a woman made me want to laugh, but at the same time it was extremely arousing to me.


When I had my fill, I pushed him off of me and demanded he take off the strap on, and give it to me, it was my turn to fuck him! His eyes widened, and he began to stammer asking how I expected to fuck him with a strap on. I ignored him of course because I was much too horny and in too much of a hurry to talk at this point. Once I was strapped up, I pushed him onto the bed, grabbed his legs and held them high in the air, in order to get a good look at my slutt's ass. There it was looking at me, begging me to give it to him. I slipped my plastic cock into his ass, and his whimpers pleased me.


I was fucking him and in plain site before me was his own cock, resting there fully erect. I started to stroke it with my hand, spitting on it and gliding it back and forth in my palms, his whimpers soon became moans of pleasure. "fuck me please, harder" he moaned. I knew this was going to be a night he would never forget. I also knew that the sensations he was feeling at that moment were nearly uncontrollable for him, and just when he was about to cum, my hands left his cock, and I pulled out of him, quickly bringing everything to a screaching halt!!!!


That was awesome I said gleaming from ear to ear. You are suck a good little slutt, I think you just might be my whore from now on! I made him clean everything up, and of course he did as he was told, because the better he is the more I give him....Of course now that I have turned him into my lady friend.....It will be a long time before he is able to cum from regular vanilla sex....I guess I want him to show me how he can cum from being fucked in the ass only, and until that happens, there won't be anything else.


So tonight is our last night together before Sissy goes back to work.....Again there is no self pleasure allowed and I am pretty sure that I am going to purchase the chastity device everyone on here keeps talking about for my bitches birthday.....


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