From Philip A:


Dear Elise, I must have read every letter on your site and have an understanding of every type of female domination described in all your sections. You may be interested in my experience. 


First describing my life, I have been married to a lovely woman for nearly twenty years and we have two lovely children. I have always been into femdom, I love everything feminine. When we first met I told my future wife all about myself because, I did not want to live with deceit, I wanted to be perfectly honest. Although she understood me my wife did not have a desire to go down the femdom road. This did not bother me too much because I had met a woman who was intellectual, fun to talk to and beautiful. 


Throughout our marriage I would often bring up the subject of femdom which thoroughly excited me but there was never any follow through on her part. I could never understand why she would not try it and often got very frustrated.


We have had a good marriage with hiccups like most people experience but over time our marriage eventually started to deteriorate and although we never contemplated splitting, we became to despise each other with row after row.


About 18 months ago thing began to change. A close friend's life was thrown into turmoil when her husband left her just at the same time when we had a big falling out session which threaten our relationship. I think my wife felt threatened by this, she did not want the same to happen to us. She began to realize that maybe trying what I desired may provide a cure. So we began to talk. And talk. And talk. 


It is often difficult to describe ones feeling but what came out of this talking was that she was scared of me and upset by the constant criticisms of her housework. This was the first hurdle to jump, so I agreed that I would no longer criticize her and if I did the she could punish me, we ordered a cane and later a strap on. My male macho often did come out and she would punish me accordingly.


After a few months I found it impossible to criticize her, all I had was admiration. The confidence that shone on her face was remarkable, after a few week she no longer feared me and she was taking control. Over the following months we continued expanding this relationship but I was very impatient and I felt I was driving it, which I did not want to do. We tried many of the things described by others on your letters section. We would always talk and try to work out which worked best for us. 


One night after many drinks sitting at her knee she finally told me what she wanted from me and what she was happy with, she wanted to feminize me. She said as a female I was no longer threatening to her and she could take full control of me and not fear me in this situation.


I could not believe what she was saying; this was my greatest fantasy. She sorted a wardrobe out for me and I would be her female companion whenever possible. I was always to be her female friend. 


What progressed was that I would be her female companion in different roles, one day I would be her sexy companion with short skirt and tights and another day I would be her little girl singing little girl songs. After a while she began to see me more as her little girl and she eventually took the woman out of me. Over the weeks and months this relationship has taken hold and I can tell it is something she desires very strongly. This relationship though has brought out many problems that needed to be solved and our constant talking has sorted this out. 


I love my wife so dearly and she is so loving I am in constant heaven. One night we went out and I was loving and kissing her, trying to turn her on sexually by caressing her. She later told me that this shocked her because now I was her little girl I was not allowed to do things like that, I was truly her little girl and sex and sexual contact no longer played a part in that.


I know that sexual denial is a major part of femdom but that has never been a problem for me. Our love making in the past has always been excellent in the vanilla style and it has always been satisfying. I am a very emotional person and I have realized that non-ejaculation makes me more emotional. I love these emotions so much that the love of these emotions means I prefer not to ejaculate to experience more of them. Chastity is not an issue in our relationship although I realize that for medical reasons I must perform my duties.


Our new relationship means that I am no longer allowed to even talk about sex or to touch my wife sexually, there is no longer a sexual bond between us, but the bond that exists between us now is far stronger than any emotion that I have every experienced. We love each other so much that we can say that we belong to each other and we will never part.


I am always in my place as mummy's little girl, I am always polite and good, helping mummy whenever possible. She spoils me as her little girl buying me all the best dresses and dolls. I always go to bed wearing a nightie and bonnet, wear satin knickers and I always call her mummy. I don't get involved in her needs sexually, she satisfies herself that way in ways I should not be concerned with as a little girl. 


This letter probably does not explain how involved and intense this relationship is but I can tell you I am happier now being mummy's little girl than I ever was being that horrible man criticizing her. She protects me, loves and adores me and makes me very happy. She has total freedom to do what she wants without criticism or jealousy.


She does not like using the word control, but she has full control of everything. I have no worries because I am just her little girl who can only worry about little girl things. I love mummy so much and I know she loves me with all her heart.


Dear Elise I think that in all relationships love must be the binding factor and if everyone was as loving as me and my mummy the world would be a better place.



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