There are 2 characteristics which define the Sissy.

1. Usually Sissys like to be dressed in very "girlie" clothes. They love frilly knickers,silky petticoats. Pretty little frocks with lots of bows and lace. Little ankle socks with Mary Jane shoes. A pretty little bow in the hair adds the final touch to the little girl image.

2. The majority of Sissys that I have met are also very very submissive. They like to be obliged to dress in their "girlie" clothes by a strict and dominating woman. Once dressed they like to become the plaything of their Mistress. Nothing pleases them more than to be humiliated and ridiculed.

Obviously the Sissy MAID scenario is very popular amongst most Sissy males. They enjoy the pretty maids' outfits and also they enjoy being tranformed into a maid by a stern Mistress. The Sissy Maid scenario is also great fun for the Mistress.  This is a point I would like to stress. Being a Sissy Maid is all about serving and obeying a woman who possesses and controls you totally, uncompromisingly.






There is nothing more enjoyable for a Mistress than dressing a male for Sissy Maid service.

No Mistress wants a maid with hairy legs and arms; a maid who is obviously a man dressed in a cap and pinny. Such a creature makes a laughing stock of his Mistress. I always try to transform the Sissy totally so that all traces of masculinity are removed. When I say all traces of masculinity, I mean all. As you will see I shall remove all feelings of masculinity for only then will my Sissy be sufficiently humiliated and submissive to become my plaything. A Sissy Maid is for my pleasure and amusement. Of course, I like to share my fun with other Mistresses (and sometimes other houseboys) but I will tell you more about that later.




First of all your male clothes must be removed so that I can gather them up and put them into a plastic bag and lock them away. You will not get them back until I have finished with you.

This little act helps to set the scene. Just as you are deprived of your male clothes so you will be deprived of your masculinity. This will leave you free to enter fully into your Sissy nature.

Now you are naked and I have a chance to look you over. Are you thin or are you overweight? Have you got a nice little butt with a nicely rounded set of buns? I love a girl with a nice pair of buns that just invite a smacking with the hairbrush or the cane. Are you well hung or do you have a weeny peeny? There is only one way to find out! Stand straight with your legs as wide apart as possible. Good.

Now bend your knees slightly. That's it. This is THE DISPLAY POSITION. Notice how your cock and balls swing freely between your legs.A good opportunity for me to feel them for size and weight.

Next you have a chance to show your Mistress what a big 'girl' you are. I want you to get your cock standing right up. That's it. Right up. No need to be shy I have seen plenty of cocks before. Yours is not the first.





    Answer these questions fully:
  1. Are you a slut?
  2. Are you prepared to lick perpetual pussy?
  3. Do you know how to suck and service girls AND boys?
  4. Do you need a daily spanking?
  5. Do you get wet watching Mistress dress up other sissies?
  6. How would you describe your balls? Small, medium or large?
  7. Have you a Weeny Peeny?
  8. Fold your limp cock between your balls. Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your cock and balls when folded like this. This will determine your bag size. Now we can get on. You are naked and I have had a good look at you. The next stage in your transformation is your make up .





I usually like to do your make up myself. I can then give you the exact type of Sissy girl face I require. I want you to look like a dirty little slut with too red too pouty lips and too-blackened eyes and too curly too big hair. Then two bright pink circles on the cheeks for the blushing little girl look...

Sometimes I will make you wear a wig. It will be a long haired wig so that I can give you Dutch Girl braids with ribbons or part it in the middle and give you two tight pony trails like a Sissy Cheerleader.

What a pretty girl you would look with your balding head covered with a lovely wig tied up in pink ribbons which match your little maid's apron. Do you like the fact that your sissy cock sticks out from under your too short maids dress? This is because we haven't taped it back, or bagged it, or locked it into its chastity belt.... That comes later....

When you are very very naughty I comb your bangs down so they cover your forehead and put you in curlers overnight so you look like a Silly Sissy-Fag with wavy bangs and tight little waves on top and tight little curls on the sides which will keep your hair out of your face while you are doing your Sissy Maid chores, like mopping the floors and scrubbing the toilets, and ironing my panties.

Slowly you will get used to looking like a little sissy slut and you will not be able to leave the house without your lipstick and your powder puff and your hair spray...

It is time now for the serious work of SISSIFICATION to begin.

You are about to be SHAVEN,MILKED,BAGGED and PLUGGED. Then I will give you masturbation exercises and you will spend 3-5 days playing with yourself in the corner -- WITHOUT EJACULATING.

Then we will play out a Sissy Slut Fantasy.



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