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Mother had always been there for me. She was kind and loving, yet strong and forceful. She guided me through childhood and advised me on into adulthood. She taught me about many things like how to stand up for myself and how to support myself. She taught me that while we are all different we are all still human beings and that for the most part each of us deserves respect and compassion, but she also taught me to stand up for the weak and defend them against those who do not know honor or compassion. But the most valuable lesson mom taught me was to defer to and support the women in my life.


"If a woman chooses to accept you into her life, as I have, then you owe her your allegiance and respect." she would remind me. "Don’t do like your father and abuse that trust."


She was right of course...



There was the time that I thought that I had come to understand a woman, and each time, I came to realize that while I had gained understanding, I still had a lot to learn. Take Red for example.


I have known her for some 25 years. We had had many adventures together during that time and had

messed around a little but the timing was always wrong. She is a beautiful little redheaded Irish woman with the temperament to match. She is smart, independent, aggressive and just a little quirky. I love her and I know she loves me.


It had been several years since we last saw each other but we spoke often on the phone and in email... then came the hurricane. I was forced to leave my home with puppies in tow to seek safer dwellings and since Red lived on the other side of the state I decided to ring her up and see if she could put me and the dogs up for a day or two. I was disappointed to hear that while I was welcome to her home, she would be staying at the beach for the weakened. That’s just the kind of timing Red and I have always had. Grateful that I at least had a place to stay, I packed up the mutts and headed out. While enroute to Red's, she called me to tell me that she was canceling her plans because while the storm was supposed to pass well north of her it was         predicted to cause wet weather in her area. Trying to hide my elation, I consoled her and told her that I would take her out for dinner that night to make it up. She then told me that she had a late date that night so dinner out was not good for her. "But" she added, "we can hang out until then, besides I'd like for you to meet him."


After a long and arduous trip I finally arrived at Reds. She met me in the driveway with a warm hug and cocktail in each hand. We soon began to catch up on old times. She had only gotten more desirable over the years and I told her so. Warmly she thanked me and then confessed, "Normally I would be giving myself a pajama party right now." I didn't know what she meant so she continued, "That’s when girls get in their pajamas, and do each others, nails, facials and otherwise primp for their dates. Would you like to have a pajama party with me?" she added. I told her that of course I would help her get ready for her

date but I didn't know the first thing about how to do it. "Thank you so much. This will be so much fun. Don't worry, I will show you everything." With that She was up and out of her chair then after giving me a delightfully delicate kiss she headed for her bedroom.


Soon there was a call for me to join her. "Billie", a pet name she uses that always makes my member twitch when she calls me that, it brings out the feminine side of me and I had always wondered if she knew that, "please come here and pick out some pajamas for our party." When I walked in, I was floored. There on her bed was a large assortment of women’s nighttimes, pajamas, night gowns and panties. Not only that but, there stood Red.


In a beautiful tan teddy and tap pants set that had my "twitch" rapidly turning into a full blown hard on. She began to hold up the lingerie to me asking my opinion about each item.

"I can't wear these" I lied.


"Oh please Billie, pajama parties are for girls. Be a little girl for me, please?" "It is just for tonight."


I could never disappoint Red and so I finally settled on a pink lace teddy and white cotton panties with lace around the borders. Red zeroed in on my erection as I pulled the panties into place. With a look that was unmistakable she informed me

"You will not have sex with me tonight. I have a boyfriend, do you understand?"


'Yes ma'am" I replied, my submissive side already surfacing and giving away my true nature.


"Good, now lets give each other facials and do our nails."


She taught me the fine art of face cleansers and masks. I carefully followed her instruction and soon enough we were done.


"Your face is so smooth" I complimented her.


"Yours too" she said, "except for the stubble." With that she got up and quickly returned with a razor and cream announcing that She was going to give me a shave. By now, I was hers to have. I would have allowed her to take a straight razor to my balls at that point. She shaved my face and neck and then she taught me to do her nails.


"Now we do yours,” she commanded. "Pick a color."


I chose a soft pink color and she quickly had my hands and feet painted. While we were letting everything dry we had cocktails and girlish conversation.


She kept steering the conversation toward how I felt sitting with her in a nightie and with painted nails.

I finally told her that it made me feel submissive. It made me want to worship her at her feet for allowing me to have this time with her, time that I didn't have to worry about my business or my customers.

My job is very high pressured and it was a unique relief for me to finally be helpless, helpless from the storm and from my masculinity. I told her that I hoped the storm (little did I know) would last for days so that I could be her little panty slave.


"Slave is it?" she laughed, "you are my darling Billie and I want you to be my slave while you are staying with me. Would that be OK with you?"


"Yes ma' am" I agreed, "how may I serve you" I asked imagining that she would tell me to worship her body or help her dress for her date.


"Then come with me my pet,” she commanded. I followed her into her bedroom and as directed, sat on her divan. She presented me with a new nightgown, this one white, lacy and see thru.


"Put this on, and these panties too" she commanded.


I did as she asked, first lowering the gown over my head and neck, then letting it slide down over my breasts and stomach. I then pulled the cotton panties down my legs and replaced them with the pair of white lace and silk crotch less panties that she had laid out for me.


"Pull your dick and balls thru the crotch" she chided, "I like to see how excited you are to be my panty slave, and I want to see if you are still so hard when my boyfriend arrives."


Shocked, I began to remove the nightgown and pleaded with Red, "Please don't make me be here when he arrives, not dressed like this."                                                                                                                    

"Be my little panty slut, I want you to be with us when he arrives. You see, he has been asking for a threesome for some time and I think that you will make a perfect sex slave for us" she announced.


Suddenly the doorbell rang. I had never been so nervous in my life. On the one hand, I loved being Red's little girl slave but, on the other hand I was about to meet her boyfriend, dressed in lingerie and painted nails.


Red soon returned with her lover.

"Billie, this is Ed. Ed this is Billie. For tonight she is going to play with us, aren't you Billie?"


"Yes ma'am" I admitted blushingly.


"Good, now be a good dear and go and get us a cocktail."


I did as told and when I returned Red and Ed were already kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. Red motioned for me to come and kneel before them. I did and offered them their drinks.


"Ed, do you see how hard Billie is. She must be very excited about having you here, aren't you Billie!"


It was not a question.


"Billie, why don't you be a dear and help Ed off with his clothes."


Again, it was not a question.


I removed Ed's shoes and socks and when I hesitated, Red stroked my head and encouraged me to continue. With nervous fingers I undid his belt, then his button and zipper. I could tell that he was already hard and when I pulled down his trousers his cock sprang out at me.


My god was he hung!


"Look how big he is Billie. He has a real cock, not like the little sissy cock you have hanging from your panties. Take it in your hands and feel what a real cock is like. Feel how hard and thick and heavy it is. That’s it, now cup his balls and feel how heavy they are. Good, now take him in your mouth and get him ready for me.”


For the first time in my life I sucked another man's cock.


It was smooth and I could tell that he had just showered. The head alone filled my mouth and I did my best to accommodate it while stroking him and tonguing his manhood like I liked having it done for me. Still kneeling, I felt Red touch my face. She was whispering encouragement to me, telling me what a good panty slave I was being. For Ed's part, he was responding to my ministrations and I could feel his cock swell even more in my mouth. Then Red was guiding my mouth away from Ed's cock and I was surprised to find that I regretted having to release him from my lips but, I was delighted to find Red's beautiful pussy in front of me, her red hair glistening with moisture.


"Suck my clitty Billie. Make me extra wet for Ed. His cock is so big. Make my pussy ready for him."


Eagerly I licked and sucked her womanhood. I could have died at that very moment and my only regret would be that I would miss pleasing her so.


After short time I felt Ed pull me away from Red. He then lifted her onto the bed. Red got on her hands and knees and told me to put Ed's cock in her. As Ed knelt beside her, I took his cock and guided it to Red's waiting pussy.


"Ungh" she moaned as I inserted him in her.


"Yes" she breathed as he sank his manhood into her.


They began to fuck in earnest. Ed was giving it to her slow and deep and Red was responding by meeting her thrusts. She was so beautiful. Her eyes were half open and she was looking at me with a faint smile on her lips.


"Come here my pet and lick us both while Ed fucks me. It feels so good with his huge cock in

me. Come and lick us."


I was able to ease my head under her belly and soon was looking at her womanhood being stretched and fucked by Ed. I began by licking Red's clit and sucking her labia. She was lightly moaning and grinding herself against my lips and tongue all the while meeting Ed thrust for thrust.

I was in awe of her. She was a woman who knew how to take her pleasure from a man and knew how to give it as well. Next, I felt Ed's cock slide across my lips and I licked and sucked his shaft as it glided by


"My god!" he exclaimed, "she is sucking me while I fuck you."


With that he began to fuck Red harder.

She was close to coming I could tell. She was trembling and her head was buried in the pillows. Her clit was swollen and twitching against my lips. I reached up and fingered Ed's ball as he fucked her. I was truly Red's little panty slave at that moment. I would have stayed pinned beneath her pussy forever if that was what she wanted.


Red began to moan heavier and encouraged Ed to keep fucking her and soon I felt her tense, smash herself against my lips as I sucked and tongued her clit. And then, with a long "yessss" she came hard convulsing and spasming around Ed's cock. That did it for Ed and he too began to spasm and pulsate.

He was cumming in her and she locked down on his manhood receiving his seed.


Slowly his erection began to subside and I kissed and licked it as it withdrew from her.


"Now be a good slut and lick us both clean" Red instructed. His cum was flowing out of her mixed with her own juices. I sucked her as if it were my last meal. She was now sitting on my face and draining her pussy into me.


"Don't stop" she whispered, "I am going to cum again."

And with that she came on my face, flooding me with her wetness. It was all I could stand to keep from suffocating but I would gladly have succumb to her at that moment. Eventually she released me from her and smiled down at me.


"That was very good Billie. Now I want you to run along. I will see you in the morning. Ed and I still have some fucking to do."


"Yes ma'am" I responded.


And as I got up to leave she said, "keep your night gown on dear and you are not allowed to masturbate. You are my little panty slave now and you are not allowed to cum without my permission."


"Yes ma'am."



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