From Hillary A:


Elise, I just love your web site. I wanted to share with you about my current relationship with my hubby. I am a female executive with a large corporation here in Texas. I have moved up the corporate ladder and now I have many employees that I am responsible for. My husband use to be a cut throat corporate type. He was an executive with a different company and he was very high up in management. Then last year his company was bought out by another company and he lost his job when they eliminated his position. Luckily, he had accumulated lots of stock options over the years and due to this merger, his stock options made him a wealthy man.


We both are very aggressive individuals with strong personalities. However, at home my husband has always encouraged me to take charge of him and we played many D&S games, especially in the bedroom. I love being in charge so I took to the Female Domination lifestyle very quickly. Anyway, once my husband lost his job (but had made enough money through the stock options to never have to work again) I decided to fulfill a fantasy and a desire of mine. I made my hubby into my feminized sissy maid. I totally feminized him and now he spends all of his time cleaning my house and doing chores for me. He has been completely domesticated.


It was a process and it took me a little time to feminize him. I developed a procedure where I used my dominance and sexual power to force him into deep submission to me. Once I had him there, I began to dress him up in woman's clothing and I made him do chores for me. I also started to have sex with him only when he was dressed in woman's lingerie. I began to get more dominant with him and I started to use my strap-on dildo on him when he was dressed nice and feminine for me. I then threw out most of his male clothing and I made him dress up only in woman's clothing. I can't tell you how excited and how powerful I felt doing this to him. He was so macho and he use to treat women that worked for him quite poorly, but now I have transformed this corporate man into my little sissy maid. I could tell that he enjoyed aspects of this as well. Sure he would fight me at times and cop his male attitudes, but I learned how to discipline and control him long ago, so I used my dominant female nature to put him into his place. Now he seems at peace in his new role as my full time house slave.


Recently, I took our D&S relationship and my female authority over him to a new level. I have totally cut my hubby off from sex. I use to deny him for long periods of time but I wanted to go further. I met a nice young submissive male at my company and I have also enslaved this handsome young man. He has now become my new lover. He is young, handsome, and very well hung. I have made this young man into my lover in order to cuckold my husband. It was a little awkward at first and my husband needed lots of firm discipline to accept it, but he has come around. Actually, I think he enjoys being feminized, denied, and cuckolded. It seems to have really fulfilled his submissive desires.


Don't get me wrong. I still spend a lot of quality time with my husband. I make him either watch, video tape, or listen to my sexual escapades with my young lover. My hubby sleeps in a separate bedroom so I had speakers put in so that he can hear everything that goes on in my bedroom. After I have sex with my lover, I go to my husband and I dominate him and humiliate him about him being denied and cuckolded. He wears a chastity device so I know that he isn't relieving himself. I love to tie him up, take off the chastity device, tease him and taunt him about my lover, and then take my hubby with my strap-on dildo. I feel so powerful doing this to him. Afterwards, I place the chastity device back on him to make sure he doesn't masturbate. Ain't I nasty?


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are Dominant women out here that are thriving in this lifestyle. Women are gaining power, Elise. I see it in the corporate world. Also, I have written up my forced feminization procedure that I used on my hubby. If any women out there want it, please forward it along to them. Keep up the good work, Elise.




From Ms Julie:


Elise, Thanks! Saturday night was incredible. I ordered your other procedures and I did procedure number two on my husband. Since we have children, I made us a reservation at a hotel and I arranged for a babysitter.


I would have never guessed that my big husband would become so humiliated and obedient by being feminized. I had Bill clean up and shave when we got to the room taking all of his clothes away. When he came out of the bathroom, I was dressed to kill. I ordered him to crawl to me. I tied his hands behind his back and gave him a couple of quick swats on his ass to get his attention. I then sat down and made myself comfortable with a glass of wine and ordered him to lick and adore my entire body. He stopped at my vagina to tell me how much he adores the smell and taste. I even made him talk directly to it before allowing him a few licks. Then he went up to my breasts and neck. It was glorious and made me feel so sexy. I then had him work down my backside when I straddled the chair ordering him to make my ass cheeks shine - he complied with a fever. I then had him lick my asshole as I masturbated to a fantastic orgasm, telling him he is a much better ass licker than lover. The poor boy was using his mouth and tongue on me well over an hour.


Next I untied his hands and had him put on some thong panties and a too small bra (I guessed wrong) that gave him an impressive cleavage. I had him sit down while I applied lipstick and eye shadow. He looked ridiculous but he had an erection. I sent him to the bathroom to check out the new him. When he stepped back in the room, I was holding a realistic looking 8 inch dildo in front of my crouch. His jaw dropped when I ordered him to his knees to suck on my "cock". I told him how this was the smallest size they sell so he should be able to take it all in his mouth and up his ass. I had him lick the entire length and then suck on it forcing it until he gagged. I kept on telling him what a slut and good cock sucker he was.


Next I had him sit on two pillows that I had placed on the foot of the bed and pushed him back telling him to be prepared for the best fucking of his life. I took off the panties and used some KY jelly I had put under the bed driving in 1 then 2 then 3 fingers to loosen him up. I then pulled out a smaller skinny dildo that I lubricated, lifting his legs to my shoulder. I held the dildo in front of my crotch and entered his virgin ass, asking him if he really was a virgin because it went in so easy (he thought I was using the bigger dildo on him). I proceeded to fuck him hard. Reaching over, I stroked his hard cock. Before long he was shooting a geyser of cum and because of the angle he was laying it went on his chest and face - it was wild. I then took the bigger dildo and scooped up some of his cum and made him lick it off the end. I really started to deride him for cumming when he was being fucked in the ass. What a slut.


Next I flipped him over and put the pillows under him to lift his ass. I secured his wrists and ankles to the bed. Then I spanked him with my hand first lightly then harder. After a nice glow I used a ruler, asking him if he ever got a boner when the nuns used to spank him. I went on to use a hairbrush and a brand new toy I picked up at a farm supply store, a riding crop, Bill was begging me to stop. I listed all the projects and chores he had promised to do at home but didn't. I made him tell me how much he liked to be treated like a slut (he loved it and said that being made to be my sissy maid and taken by a strap-on was one of his biggest fantasies- finally some truth). I told him he could buy me a strap-on harness for our next session but I would also give him a daily chore and a way to honor me in the morning. This was to help him since he wasn't doing too well on his own. He agreed whole heatedly as I continued the hard whipping with the crop. Finally, I released him and held him as he whimpered. We made gentle love together through out the night.


The next morning we didn't have much time but I ordered room service and ordered Bill into his bra and panties and into the bathroom. I told the bellboy my girlfriend was in the bathroom. After the bellboy left, Bill came out I ordered him over to watch me eat. I then asked if he was hungry, he relied - yes. I ordered him under the table where I removed my napkin to expose the dildo smeared with strawberry jam on it. He licked it clean. Unfortunately it was time to go back home.


I really feel I have command in the bedroom now. I am hopeful my chore and honor cards work as a way to keep expanding my control in between sessions. It will work or he will pay. His ass is still warm to the touch and such a delightful array of colors. Thanks for your encouragement and advice.



From Lawrence R:


Dear Ms Sutton, last week I had my first FemDom experience. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I want to share it with you to get your opinion.


I am thirty years old and have fantasized about FemDom since I was a teenager. I am a tall and attractive man (so I have been told by women) but I am shy and have only had a couple of sexual experiences in my life. Until last week, all sexual experiences have been vanilla and none have been all that special. I have never felt comfortable taking the lead in love making and I have always felt awkward. I think it is because I am submissive and the women I have dated, while some were sexually aggressive, they still expected me to be the more aggressive in bed. I have tried to be more aggressive in bed but I could not get aroused unless I was in a submissive posture. I was beginning to think that I would never experience true Female Domination sexually and I wasn't even sure exactly how such an experience could transpire.


I am friends with a couple that I met through my career field. They are an extremely attractive and successful couple. I have had dinner with them on a couple of occasions both at their house and at restaurants. Our relationship is a professional one but I have formed a friendship with them so they usually invite me to their parties or any special engagements they host. The wife's name is Monica and she is part Italian, part Spanish and she is gorgeous. She has beautiful black hair and bronze skin and she has an incredible body. She has a very strong personality and is dominant in her career. However so is Marcus, her husband, and as one views them from a distance, it appears as if he is the dominant one in the marriage, at least in public. I like this couple a lot and they have been very kind to me.


Last week, they hosted a party at their house. I was invited and I attended not expecting anything out of the ordinary to occur. I have been to their parties before and I always have a good time but I am not real good at socializing with strangers and there were a lot of people there I did not know. Marcus was doing business as he mingled with his guests. Since I did not know many people there, Monica spent most of the night entertaining me. We really got to know each other as we had a wonderful conversation. There was something different about her this night. She seemed to be really checking me over and her questioning of me was out of the norm. She asked me a lot about my dating life and even about my sex life. I felt at ease with her so I opened up to her. Maybe it was the champagne or maybe it was her dominant aura but I told her things I have never told another person. Eventually I confessed to her that I had submissive feelings toward women and that I was not comfortable being the aggressor and that was probably why I was still single. She took it all in and really didn't comment when I told her this but I noticed that she did flash me a smile.


Monica was so sexy this night. She wore this tight dress that showed off her incredible cleavage as well as her long, sexy legs. I was very attracted to her but I kept my desires in check because I like her husband and I believed they were happily married. She kept breaking away from me to socialize with her other guest but she would always return to me to chat some more. As her guests began to leave the party, she spent even more time with me. Her husband came by a few times to say Hi but he pretty much ignored us the whole night. Toward the end of the party, he was talking to this beautiful blonde woman and Monica would glance their way but she did not offer much comment. I was surprised that she did not seem to mind that her husband was spending so much time with this other woman.


Marcus finally came over to Monica and told her that his "friend" needed a ride home because she had too much to drink that night and he was going to take her home. Monica smiled and told him to "drive carefully". He kissed her on the cheek and left with this woman. I could tell something was up as she was acting funny but not jealous. She seemed to have an amused look on her face when he told her this. I asked her if I should maybe also be leaving since I was now the last person left at the party. Monica then stunned me by asking me if I would stay the night with her. She said her husband would be gone the rest of the night and she did not want to be alone.


I questioned her about why Marcus would be all night if he were just taking this woman home. Monica then asked me if I could keep a secret. I promised and she then told me that she and Marcus have an open marriage and that she suspects that he will be having sex with the blonde back at his apartment he keeps separate from their home. I was shocked and I did not know what to say to her. I asked her if this upset her and she told me "No" because they have an understanding on what is permitted and what is not within their marriage. She told me that their marriage is more of a business partnership than a traditional marriage. She said it started out as a passionate love affair which lead to marriage but they eventually discovered that their true compatibility was more in the business world than the social world. They keep an appearance of a happy marriage because it is good for business but they have an open sex life. I asked her if she is also free to have sex outside of marriage and she said "absolutely". I began to get very excited.


We talked very openly at this point and Monica told me that she is a dominant woman and she likes to dominate men sexually but Marcus was never willing to take on the submissive role in the bedroom. She also told me that she is bi-sexual and has sex with women as well as men and she is always in the dominant role with her sexual partners. That is when she told me that she would like to take me to bed.


I could not believe what was happening. I actually pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming. Monica told me that she wanted to have sex with me but in a unique way. I asked her if she would dominate me and she said "Yes" but if would be a sensual domination. She was not into leather or whips and chains and she said she had something special in mind for me and she felt that I would respond to it favorably. I told her I was hers and that I would do whatever she requested.


Monica changed into sexy lingerie and I almost climaxed in my pants just from her appearance when she walked into the bedroom. Her breasts were on display and they were large and perfect. The garter and stockings highlighted her sexy legs, powerful thighs and shapely ass. Monica undressed me and she fondled my body. She then began to dress me up in female lingerie. I have never really fantasized about cross-dressing or forced feminization but I could not get over how erotic this was and how submissive I felt to her. As she was dressing me up feminine, Monica told me that I was meant to be a passive lover and that she would do all the work. I was just to relax and follow her lead. She told me that I was not capable of being masculine in the bedroom and that I needed to be feminine and passive. Sex never felt as right as it did this night.


Once I was dressed in my feminine attire, Monica guided me to her bed and began to kiss me passionately. She was on top and her breasts caressed my body as she made love to me. I warned her that I was about to have an "accident" as her body was pressing against my throbbing penis. Monica placed her breasts against my penis and she told me to go ahead and have an orgasm. I exploded all over her soft breasts. It was the best orgasm of my life. It was intense and my whole body shook.


Monica took a dildo and she smeared my cum that was all over her breasts onto the dildo. She then placed the dildo to my mouth and she told me that she wanted me to suck the dildo for her. I hesitated slightly but I obeyed her. She told me to suck it and to deep throat it. I did and I gagged from the dildo and the taste of my own cum. Monica shoved the dildo in and out of my mouth and she got forceful with her voice, calling me her little slut. I sucked the dildo clean and Monica then went back to kissing me and fondling my feminine clothed body.


Monica got me aroused again in a hurry and she took a strap-on harness and placed the dildo into the harness. I was worried because I had never been penetrated in my anus before. Monica took off her thong and placed the strap-on around her waist and inserted a vibrator that was attached to the strap-on into her pussy. I was still on my back and she raised my legs over her head. She lubricated her fingers and inserted them into my anus and she finger fucked me. She probed my hole and massaged my prostate. I about climaxed again but I was unable to cum. It was a combination of pain and pleasure, of being aroused and being uncomfortable at the same time.


Then Monica began to force the dildo into me. I asked her to stop as it was hurting but she told me to relax. I did and the dildo slid into me all the way. Monica turned on her vibrator and she began to fuck me as she played with my nipples. It was an amazing sensation. I have never felt so submissive in my life. I loved her and I surrendered my very being over to her. I told her that she was a Goddess and that I would serve her all the days of my life. I told her all sort of things like that and she just smiled her approval as she banged me with the strap-on. She called me her slut and she had multiple orgasms from the vibrator as she fucked me. She screamed out in amazing ecstasy and she was dripping in sweat.


I almost had an orgasm from the dildo sensation up my ass but I did not. When she was done, she withdrew the dildo and she took off the harness. She told me to get up and she took my place on the bed. She ordered me between her legs to give her oral sex. I went between her beautiful thighs and I orally pleasured her for the next hour. She had more orgasms and I have never been happier in my life. The time I was between her legs worshipping her pussy was pure Heaven on earth.


When she was satisfied, Monica pushed my head away from her and she placed a condom over my erect penis and she again rolled me on my back. She kissed me passionately again and she slid my penis into her soaking wet pussy. She pinned my hands to the bed, she fucked me forcefully and she ordered me to climax for her. I did on her command. It was incredible. She collapsed into my arms and I spend the night with her.


I did not sleep much that night because the sun came up shortly after we were done having sex. I was worried about Marcus coming home but I did not want to leave without her permission. I finally got up and used her shower and I got dressed. She awoke and I asked her if I could leave. She gave me permission and she rolled backed over. I asked her if this night would remain our secret and she looked up at me and told me that she and Marcus share every detail with each other about their sex lives so she would be telling him. I got very worried but she just ignored me and went back to sleep. I left before Marcus got home. That was a week ago and I have not heard from either of them.


I want to call her but I am afraid that Marcus will answer. I really do not know what to do. I do not want to just call her out of the blue because I do not know how Marcus would feel about me sleeping with his wife. I know they have an open marriage but I still do not want to get on his bad side. I have his e-mail address but not hers so I cannot even write her. I really want to discuss that night with her because it was the greatest night of my life. I have never been as sexually fulfilled as I was that night. Monica was incredible and I can't stop thinking about her.


If nothing ever happens again between me and Monica, I will be fine with that as the memories of that one night will last me the rest of my life. But I would love to be her submissive and be able to serve her in some way. Any words of advice would be appreciated.


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