The Exposing

 by EvilWife






"Sweety come down here, the guests want to meet you."


Thoes words from my wife made me tremble with terror and a feeling of sickness hit me, for a moment I was frozen sitting on the edge of the bed. I looked down at myself wondering how on earth my wife could expose me like she was now calling me to do.


My feet were graced with a pair of black patient strappy high heels that showed off the ruby red of my nail varnish underneath the sheer nylon of the seamed black stockings that encased my legs. Freshly shaved they looked very sleek and were held up by the suspender straps attached to the open crotched black corselette that gripped my torso into a womanly shape and was hidden underneath the satin frilly maids dress that my wife had brought for me to re-enforce my new status in our marriage.


Looking up I looked at my reflection in the wardrobe mirror and saw me all made up with make up and a long dark wig in a pony tail topped off with a dainty maids bonnet, the long eyelashes and red painted pouting lips made me look like a girly me.


A shiver went through me and my penis tingeled but was quickly bitten by the steel of my chastity cage, an item that had been a perminant part of my life for six long weeks now and punished me everytime I had a naughty moment of thought or view which meant it was almost always biting into my weak flesh. 



"We are waiting!" came Tania's now sterner voice floating up the stairs as I looked at my long varnished finger nails. I knew that there was no more putting off of the moment and stood up on rubber fear laden legs and tottered on the five inch high heels towards the bedroom door and towards the stairs.


Panic swelled as I carefully clicked down the wooden stairs. I knew Tania would be able to hear my approach and so would her guests and my breathe was now coming in short gasps as I stuggled to hold my self together. And then I was in the lounge standing in front of all five of them - Tania my wife, Priddy her best friend and Mary, Patricia and Sue.


There was a stunned silence after Tania had introduced me as Carla, her sissy cuckold maid. I bore no relation to Carl the male they had known as Tania's husband although even before today they knew Tania was the ruler of our household and could do as she wished and pleased without bothering with my feelings or opinions.


"My god!" said Priddy letting out a long whoosh of air "Tania what have you done to him?"


Tania giggled and replied "I got myself a maid, I was so sick and tired of having him as a male so I decided to turn him into somthing a little more useful that just a cuckold."


All of the women in the room now spoke asking questions of Tania as I stood there quite and submissive in their presence trying not to appear to be leering at the five sexy beautiful females that were now talking about me as if I was nothing but a slave at auction.


But the sight of so much nylon coated legs and heels and the heady scent of slutty perfumes and risky dresses was causing my frustrated little penis to bloat in its confines.


Tania lit a ciggarette and then spoke to her friends "We have been a circle of friends for about a year now and all of us have been cheating on our husbands when we go clubbing with the hunks that we meet and we have covered up for each other as we had our adulterous adventures, but I decided I wanted more and to cut out the pretence of being a contented wife. I decided that Carl should know and accept his place in our union and only live to serve me and make me happy and that he'll be under no illusion that real men are fucking me with cocks that deserve the name."


There was a ripple of agreement from her friends as they looked at me with a new understanding. Tania went on "I will now show you why I decided Carl should become Carla".


Tania looked at me and ordered me to raise the front of my maids dress. I dreading this moment but with shaking fingers I gripped the lace hem of my maids dress and raised the material so my chastity encased penis was on show for all to see.


Now there was rapt attention as Tania's friends got their first look at a locked up penis and not an eye left my groin as Tania went on. "As you can see Carla's penis is very small so I decided that it was too small for sex and if I was getting sex from real men he had no need for erections or cumming unless I decided it was to get stiff. He has now been in chastity for six weeks and the poor little mite is frustrated out of his mind. So today I wanted to take off the cage and let you see how utterly pathetic he is as a man and why you will agree he needs to be as he is".


The silence in the room was painful. The girls watched as Tania took the key to my chastity lock off from around her neck and mentioned me over to her where she unlocked me and slipped the cage from my penis.


After six confined weeks my penis swelled, helped by the sight of five sexy females and the tickle of my wifes red painted talons on my agonised little testicles and there it was - all erect three slim inches of my manhood.


Mary drew in a gasp "My Lord I did not think they came that small!" she stammered "little boys have bigger willies than this". There were murmmers of agreement and words like Pathetic, joke,useless were banded about.


And then it happened. I could not help it, the torment, the humiliation, everything of these past weeks swept though me and my little penis started to jerk in the thin air and weak little shots of seamen shot out and splattered down onto my wife's and Mary's nylon coated legs, as all five women watched in amazment at the unaided and unauthorised ejaculation.

I hardly had time to enjoy my cumming as terror swept though me and I heard Tania's very clipped voice pronounce. "You'll pay for that, you disgusting sissy cuckold!".



The sight of my seamen soaking into the sheer nylon of my wife’s and Mary’s stocking clad legs was thrilling but I felt a wave of shame burst over me. Tania was right - I had been a disgusting sissy cuckold. I had no time to ponder her words of you’ll pay for that and I did not see her clench her fist as she punched me straight in the testicles.


Next thing I knew was pain and being on my stocking clad knees in front of my goddess gasping for breath and her leaning forward and pulling me towards her by the ear telling me in an angry tone to lick up my filthy mess.


I was aware of the other women gleefully watching the show that Tania was putting on for them and there were tut’s from lipsticked mouths and nods of approval at the pain inflicted on me for the unauthorized spurting. Quickly and without hesitation, fearing even worse punishment I licked my watery sperm off of my wife’s legs then shuffled forward and repeated the process on Mary’s sexy pins begging both to forgive me and how sorry I was for being such a failure.


But it was too little and too late. Tania had already decided on more punishment and told me to stand up. This I did trying to ignore the ache in my testicles from the hefty punch she had given me. She asked Priddy and Mary to assist her on the next part of my chastisement. Both females under Tania’s direction held me securely by each arm, my satin maids dress was tucked into the band of my white piney keeping my stocking tops and soft flaccid penis exposed.


I could do nothing but watch in horror as Tania reached down beside the sofa and picked up one of the black mule slippers she wore every evening, the sexy one with the red feather pom pom on the top. Holding the heel end she used it in a vicious crack on my penis, the sole beating down on my useless piece of flesh. I screamed and started to cry due to the searing pain that was now inflicted on my tender little Willy.


The girls in the room were now clapping and laughing and encouraging Tania to punish me harder and she did not for one moment disappoint her guests as she landed blow after blow on my penis. How long she beat away for I could not tell but at last she flung the mule slipper aside and the girls released my arms. I stood their sniveling like a little girl.


“Oh do stop your simpering sissy” ordered my wife “it’s so pathetic, pull yourself together and apologize to my guests in the proper manner or there will be even worse for you”.


At that moment I really tried to pull myself together but the way Tania had spoken to me terrified me more than ever I thought possible and fear streaked through the whole of my body. I burst out in new floods of tears and then to my shame my bladder failed and I started to wee myself in front of my wife and her friends.


I don’t think I have ever heard a room go so quite so fast as urine ran down my leg and soaked my sheer black stockings then puddled on the gloss wooden floor making a splashing sound that shamed me. Me, a thirty five year old man dressed as a sissy maid pissing himself with fright in front of his wife and her friends.


Even before the urine flow from my beaten penis stopped, Tania was talking in a low and very dangerous voice. “So sissy, this is what has come to pass, is it? Pissing on my floor, you disgusting vile creature! How dare you, what must my guests think of this shameful behavior! They probably think now I have no control over my maid! Well we shall see about that.”


Standing up swiftly, Tania kicked me in between the legs with her black high heeled foot sending me clattering to the floor in spasms of pain. “Girls, hold his head to the floor and make him lick his piss up while I flog his bottom with the riding crop".


I struggled in vain as the girls grabbed me and pushed my face into my own urine screaming at me to suck and lick it all up. I resisted only until the crop sang through the air and lashed down upon my exposed bottom and made me scream like a girl. My tongue lapped away at my piss trying to please my wife, to follow her orders but failing to mollify her mood or her swinging arm as she launched stroke after hurting stroke on my bottom leaving it a mass of deep red welts and cuts.

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I think it was fifty but it could have been more. All I knew was that I collapsed into what was left of my urine on the floor and I lay whimpering begging forgiveness. Tania squatted down at my head and hissed at me “Now kiss all the eight high heeled shoes that are about to give you a good kicking sweetie!"


I did not even have to move my head much as the first shoe was offered to my lips. They were electric blue so I knew they were Sue’s. Time slowed as I kissed them all, one by one. Tania sat back on the sofa urging the girls to show me no mercy.






Tania laid back on the massage table. She shuddered with delight at Colin, one of her lovers, dripped baby oil over her smooth shaven pussy. She was already on heat, her pussy running wet but the oil heated her sex up even more and ran over her quim, lubricated her asshole.


Colin was naked in front of her, his large cock purple with desire and jerking away in the air. She knew the sight of her laying back with her black stockinged legs lewdly open, her high heels making her so slutty was causing his enormous erection to bob with joy.


“Go on then” she panted “fuck me in the ass! I know you want to”. 


Colin gripped his throbbing erection and moved forward and pressed his cock head against her sphincter. Only slight pressure was needed and his hot knob popped into her rectum. Tania groaned with delight and gasped as nine thick inches of cock started to slip deep into her anal passage.


It was about half way into her bottom when Jeff, Colin’s mate, pulled her head to one side and rubbed his cock on her red painted lips and panted heavy with lust “Suck it bitch!" Gladly she opened her mouth and took his hot member and sucked it like a slut, all sloppy and hungry like real men love it.


Colin was now pumping her asshole with long thrusts and his thumb was flicking her swollen clit urging her on to attain the massive orgasms she so loved and demanded of her lovers.


As she rode the pleasure the two men were giving her, she thought about sissy Carla. The poor little mite was still creeping round the house recovering from the beating she and her friends had given him the other day. He was so terrified of her now that he slaved away at the tasks she had left him even though he was still suffering some pain.


As her first orgasm rose in her anus she screamed round the cock fucking her face and all sorts of wicked ideas flooded her mind to torment her husband to the utter limit of his sanity. She wanted him as a simpering pathetic mess, totally enslaved by her. His every thought on his cuckoldress wife frustrated beyond reason.


Colin’s lunges where now coming hard and fast and Tania let her body enjoy every moment. She seemed to be in one huge climax that would not stop but just kept building till her two lovers started to pump their hot creamy spunk in her mouth and ass pushing her over the edge into the sleazy pit of pleasure that she loved so much.



As her orgasm died away, she mused to herself how easy it had been to first tell her husband what she thought of him as a man and a lover and then to push him to be a cuckold and then to feminized sissy maid and the added chastity. Her friends were still enchanted upon finding out and seeing what she had done to Carla and two of them, Priddy and Mary, were already expressing similar ideas for their own husbands.


And really Tania thought that was what their women’s club was all about. It might have started off with just girls nights out for meals and drinks but soon it had progressed to nightclubbing and all the men that were hitting on them and the acceptance of that and then the stockings went on heels got higher and the panties were in the clutch bags as the five of them had started on a sexual feast on all the cock that was being offered to them.


But Tania had wanted more, much more. She wanted to adopt a lifestyle she had read about on the internet - a life of sexual depravity and luxury, the life of a cuckoldress so she could not only have what all women want - great wild dirty sex with well hung men - but also the femdom side where she could use and abuse her husband to whatever depravity, humiliation and pain she decided to amuse herself with.


But now she got back to the pleasure at hand as Jeff lay on his back on the floor and she got up from the massage couch and squatted over his cock. As he fed it into her cum fucked asshole, Coin pushed her back and Jeff gripped her tits as Colin pushed his dick into her pussy and she was double penetrated and getting the fucking she demanded of these two men.







Sissy Carla stood at the kitchen sink with already a day’s work of household tasks behind him. Now he was washing out his wife’s lingerie, stockings and used panties. He was still feeling the effects of the beating and kicking he had suffered at the hands of Tania and her friends, but he was a lot better than he was and his mind was now convincing himself that spurting his sissy seed like than on their silky nylons warranted him being punished in a severe manner.

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He was still smarting though at the thought that all Tania’s friends now knew that he was no longer a man and lived his life to serve his wife as a sissy cuckold! He looked down at the pile of sexy panties he had to wash and lifted the first silky delicate pair. As taught by his wife, he lifted the gusset of the first pair to his mouth and licked the material. Tania insisted he did this with every pair to remove the heavy deposits her cunt, arse and lovers made of her panties. This pair were heavily soiled with one of her lovers sperm and the taste of Tania’s pussy and the males fuck cream flooded his mouth as he licked and sucked on the gusset.


His locked penis reacted and swelled In his chastity cage. After Tania has locked him back up after the other night she had informed him that it would be a very long time indeed before she even condescended to think about any more erections for him and he would just have to behave himself and block his perverted urges.


As he licked through the pile of panties, his mind drifted back and like a sissy he could not help but a tear or two, he cursed himself for being born less than a man with a tiny penis. To him it just seemed to stop growing when he had reached puberty and even the hair on his groin had been thin and sparse. As an adult he had never been able to muster more than three slim inches when erect and he had no staying power even when masturbating. He only lasted a dozen strokes, even less if he had been looking at naughty pictures of scantily clad women.


He knew that Tania had not married him for his prowess in bed. It was more the lifestyle he gave her, the nice house, clothes and car from the business he once had that she had made him sell when he was offered a very large sum of money and then to add to that was the inheritance he had received.


His decent to what he was today had started not long after the money had been banked; she had told him quite bluntly that she was seeing another man for sex! This had shocked him to the core and made him feel an utter failure and he was hurt, he loved Tania. No, he worshipped her. She was sexy, powerful, dominating, sweet and cruel at times and even though she had told him that she was getting better sex elsewhere, he knew he did not want to live without her and she expressed that she still loved him but wanted a husband that did as he was told, who she could use basically as a slave to control and amuse herself with.


She had let him have a think about it but reminded him of his lack of endowment that no woman could ignore or the fact that he had no one else in the world to help in and that only she could make him truly happy. Carla knew she was right.  She always was, so he basically consented and agreed to do anything she wanted to stay being her husband.


Of course he had to prove his devotion to her and her first moves had been to have all their assets put into her sole name. This she did with the help of a lawyer friend of hers who had everything done to the letter of the law. A fancy document that he had signed was nothing better than a contract of slavery giving Tania everything and him nothing, just a vague promise of a shitty little bedsit if she ever threw him out.


Her next move had been the chastity cage. Her reasoning had been simple and he could not even deny her logic “If it’s too small to fuck pussy with, or to wank it, it has no possible reason to erect!” so on went the cage she had already brought for him. It was stainless steel and very small due to his lack of size and it really did not allow any erections, just nasty painful swelling when sissy was aroused which with Tania as his wife was almost a non-stop occurrence.


Then there was Tania’s next demand that Carl should become Carla. Here again she reasoned that having no penis and not being a man Carl would be better off as her maid. A more pleasing sight for her as she directed the work he was to do to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted and really even he agreed after he had let Tania prepair him and dress him that he looked far better as a sissy girly maid than he had ever done as a male.


The pile of panties were now sucked and licked, the gussets as clean as he could make them prior to hand washing and still he had to suck the sweat out of her stockings and pantyhose before she got home.


Sissy Carla hoped that tonight Tania would be in a good mood, just seeing his wife made him helpless in love and he vowed to greet her with a truly slavish effort of kissing her feet when she came through the door. He wanted no re run of the punishment she had melted out to him the other day and he knew from now on that he would make her happy by complying with all her orders to the letter.






Tania clicked up to the front door in her towering high heels, she was feeling very content and still very wet between her legs with spunk sloshing around in both her pussy and arsehole and that aching just fucked feeling that was a major part of her life these days.


And today there was to be more spice as today was going to be Sissy Carla’s first real cream pie! She knew that he was already getting the taste through licking up his own mess and cleaning her panties before washing them.


Putting the key in the lock she pushed open the front door and was happy to see her pathetic maid husband kneeling on the floor in the hallway just as he had been told to do. After entering, he was straight away at her feet, his head lowered and his lips kissing her strappy high heels in greeting.


“Come into the lounge Sissy” she clipped and walked away from his kissing lips. He followed her immediately and once again knelt before her, his eyes drinking in her utter beauty. With teasing red painted nails she slowly unbuttoned the front of her short black and red dress till it hung open revealing her tight lacy black push me up bra that struggled to contain her 38DD breasts and the matching cum sodden panties. Yes, she could see the little twerp shudder with desire at the sight of her long legs encased in the sheer black lace top hold up stockings.

“Lay down sissy” she hissed and waited till he was in position on his back looking up at her with oh so loving eyes.

Tania moved forward so she had her high heeled feet each side of his head and with sexy slowness she pulled open the tie aside ribbons that held her panties together so once undone they dropped down onto his face, the wetness of them making them fall all that much harder.


She smiled as she heard him breathe deeply on her messy knickers but this was not the point so quickly she used her right foot to hook them off his face making him look up to her cunt and she knew that he knew her cunt was a newly fucked mess.


She now squatted down and felt his mouth open and accept the position she now put her pussy, the angle she now hovered over his mouth caused the sperm deep inside her fucked love hole to run out and cascade into her husband’s mouth. She could feel him swallowing and then probing her inside to lick another man’s cum out of her! And at this point she crashed into an orgasm that even she thought she could not have in her after her two lovers had made her come till almost the point of passing out.


But the sheer wickedness, the evil delight of making her husband lick her cunt, soon after it had been fucked by men with real man sized cocks. It was one of the most delightful things she had ever done sexually. She reveled in the fact that Carla was licking her like there was nothing better tasting in the whole world. She wanted him totally devoted to her and her pussy so he was pleasing her with his efforts. After 10 minutes or so she lifted slightly and eased forward till her ravaged bum hole was over his mouth and she felt the tickle as his tongue licked round her shit box feeling its looseness and wetness.


Tania smiled as she noted his body stiffen as he realized that his wife had also been fucked in her arse, but his tongue kept probing and licking, tasting the sperm that was now leaking out of her rectum. It was then to her surprise and then delight she let rip with a huge blast of foul air from her bottom straight into sissy cuckolds mouth causing not only the fart but a huge amount of sperm that had been deep in her bowels to fire into his mouth causing him to swallow convulsively.


“Eat it all out sissy” she urged as he recovered from the sperm fart and she felt his tongue delve as deep as possible into the dark channel licking the sperm coated anal walls soothing the ache she had from taking so much large cock in her anal hole.


For Sissy Carla this first cream pie was a whole new step in life. He had known she was sexing with other men from the love mess he was licking off her panties but now he had faced her ravaged cock pounded pussy swimming with cum that other men had fucked into her! Men that that where better than him? Men with huge cocks, the ones she said she was going to have now he was her sissy cuckold.


Licking away at her dripping hole he tried with his mouth to prove his love and devotion and was as pleased with himself as he had ever been with she had orgasmed on his flicking licking tongue. The pain he was suffering as she enjoyed pleasure was intense. His chastity cage was biting like never before and he felt sick with himself realizing that utter degradation and humiliation was turning him on like he had never experienced, but then there was her move forward and the taste of her divine bottom and he knew then that his gorgeous wife was also allowing men to fuck her in the arse, a place he had never been apart from his tongue.


The fart took his breathe away along with the huge slime shot of sperm and other matter that fired straight into his mouth and it was at that point he really felt the bite on his useless penis and had him at the edge of cumming but not quite. Something did snap in his mind like a door opening to a deeply depraved hole in his mind that begged to be filled. 






Tania saw that Priddy was already seated at a table in the coffee bar in the shopping mall they had arranged to meet. As Tania swept towards her friend, she captured admiring glances and leers from the males that were frequenting the establishment, and so they should she thought, knowing that the click of her high heels, the shortness of her flared skirt and sexiness of the smoky grey seamed stockings she had on where ample to set male blood pressures going and cocks throbbing in appreciation.


Priddy looked radiant as well today in a red and black outfit her make up so slutty. After greetings and calling the waiter over and ordering, Priddy burst forth that she had started to feminize her husband and had like Tania got him into his first chastity device. Tania listened with glee as Priddy recounted her story of how she had maneuvered her husband into his now hopeless state.


After coffee the two women decided to shop and chatted as they delved into the lingerie departments of the mall looking for suitable items to thrill their lovers. It was then that Tania mentioned how delicious and entertaining it would be for both their little transvestite cuckolds to put on a sissy sex show for them and the other girls, seeing’s as the poor little lambs were no longer allowed sex with their wives it seemed kindness itself if once in a while, when she and Priddy allowed, a spot of relief from each other and in doing so give everyone a laugh at their pathetic expense.


Priddy was speechless but took Tania’s hand and squeezed it and said that it was the most outrageous idea she had ever heard and already her panties were soaked with just the thought of it.


Tania’s mobile phone interrupted their conversation; she frowned at the number that flashed up not recognizing it. Only when she answered was she pleasantly surprised to hear Leon’s voice - one of the doormen at the club they went to, she had given him her number a week back and had told him bluntly she wanted his big black cock! As Leon spoke, Tania could hear his voice heavy with lust so she teased him, letting him know that her freshly shaved pussy was all wet hearing him and her cunt juice was soaking her dainty panties.


Leon was begging for her to come round to his apartment but Tania told him that she was with Priddy at the Mall and it seemed unfair to leave her friend just for sex when Priddy was an eager female as well. Tania could hear Leon’s mind turning over.  “Come on Leon” she goaded him “can’t you help us two sex starved wives out we are both in need of fucking with big black cocks”.


Leon needed no further hint and told Tania to bring Priddy round with her and he would call his work colleagues.

“Sure you two ho’s can handle six well hung niggas? We will fuck both of you so you never forget what sex is”.

Promises Promises? Purred Tania winking at Priddy who already looked like she was on the verge of a climax “You boys make sure you are nice and hard for us and you can fuck us all day”.

Leon laughed into her ear “You just get your cute white asses round here soonest and be aware me and the boys are going to fuck both you sluts in every hole till we are dry of spunk”.

Tania cut off the call and smiled at Priddy “Well looks like our cuckolds are going to have a lot to lick up tonight when we get home? Are you ready for some naughty fun”.

Priddy nodded in ecstatic agreement and they headed out of the mall for an afternoon of black action.






Carla was on his stocking clad knees on the floor, his face to the carpet, his ass in the air facing his wife who was behind him and joined to him by the very large strap on dildo that stuck obscenely out from her groin area. The pain had been horrendous at first even after Tania had greased up the large back dildo with lube and had plunged it deep into his tight sissy butt hole.


Carla had screamed in agony as Tania had forced the plastic cock into his virgin ass but his wife’s grip on his suspendered clad thighs had left no escape and the black phallus has slipped. Forced all the way into his rectum leaving him full of cock and mentally having to come to terms with something he had never experienced before.


Tania wondered if her asshole had looked so stretched and slutty when Leon and his friends had fucked her in the ass the other day. Of course she had not screamed! Well she had but in ecstasy not pain and those had been muffled by the throbbing hard black cock that had been fucking her throat at the same time.


Tania smiled at the memory of her and Priddy getting black fucked for hours. Neither of them could hardly walk when they had received every drop of cum the boys had been able to produce. In fact the six of them had all been good stayers and the fucking and spunking had been frantic for nearly five hours leaving Priddy and her swimming in virile black semen in every orifice.


Carla was now starting to feel something very different in his anus. The pain was now slipping away being replaced by a building warm feeling that was like a very seductive itch that just kept building and he found himself humping his ass back on the plastic cock that his wife was fucking him with, added to that his little penis was bloated in its chastity cage aching to be able to erect.


Tania knew all the signs her wimp hubby was now liking this. His ass was jigging around enjoying the feeling of getting fucked and she knew the rigid plastic would be rubbing his prostate gland driving him wild to cum but being unable due to the steel of his penis cage, a milking was in the offing but she would deny the sissy that! Ten more fast hard strokes brought him the edge and that was when she pulled out of his ass, leaving his butt hole gaping and twitching for the dildo and him squealing to be filled up again.


Carla begged his wife to fill him up, but already she was moving to the front of him and cupping his chin with her hand lifting his head, so pretty she thought looking at his made up face as she pushed the slick dildo to his red painted lips. “Suck it clean dear” she hissed and was happy to see him open wide and accept the cock she forced all the way down his throat.


Carla could smell his ass on the dildo as he looked up at Tania with submissive loving eyes as she pushed the strap on all the way in, with no thought to his discomfort. Already he was gagging and tears forming in his eyes as Tania jerked her hips and started to fuck his throat as hard as she had fucked his ass. She could feel real panic in her sissy as he struggled to accommodate the oral violation she now inflicted on him and she did it harder to bring on the degradation she wanted to make him suffer.


Pulling out swiftly she reveled in the sight of her sissy spewing up loads of clear mucus that clung to her strap on and dripped to the floor, his body was heaving and gasping for air tears streaming down his made up face ruining the make up making him look like a cheap slutty whore. She left him only a few moments till she plunged the plastic cock back into his mouth and bashed it all the way in again making the mucus squirt out of his snorting nostrils.


Tania was really enjoying this and she was already eager to have sissy Carla and Priddy’s husband sissy Jane put on a sleazy show for the girls. It was going to be so much fun to see the two sweet little sissy cuckolds try to pleasure each other, it was going to be delightful to force her husband to perform sordid homosexual acts for entertainment even if the types of penis the sissies had were not much larger than female clits.


Finally Tania stopped the furious mouth fucking and pulled away leaving Carla retching on the floor brining up more mucus and sobbing like a pansy assed girl.


“Clean your disgusting mess up Sweetie and go and get yourself cleaned up and ready for bed!"


She smiled, thinking of all new things she will force him to do.




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