by SissySchoolGirl




It's been two weeks since I last had sex with my wife - if you can call it sex. I lasted just 30 seconds, much to my beautiful wife Lindsay's great amusement and derisive laughter. 


Two weeks ago I cashed in my "cucky points" - the system we agreed to last year as the basis on which I'm allowed to have sex with Lindsay. I need 200 cucky points to make a request for sex with my wife. I've only earned enough points nine times in the last year to cash them in for sex, so it's a fairly rare privilege. Made more so by the fact that Lindsay retains the right, at her sole option to cancel my accumulated cucky points at any time, for any reason (or no reason). Three of those nine times I approached her to redeem my points, she informed me that they had been reduced to zero and that I had to start over. 


Lindsay is a tall 5'10', blonde with large C cup breasts and perfectly tanned skin on a perfectly toned body. How do you say no to Lindsay? You don't.


How do I earn cucky points? It's simple: the more I humiliate myself the more points I get. Lindsay enjoys seeing me be humiliated, although she is not obsessed with it like a natural fem dom, so the system is designed to incentivize me to humiliate myself. The more I make a fool of myself, the more cucky points I earn.


As Lindsay explained her philosophy once: "It is not your choice to be a cuckold. I made that choice for you by cuckolding you. There is no such thing as being 'uncuckolded' and so it is your misfortune that you will be my cuckold for the rest of your life." 


"However," she continued, "I will let you decide how much of a sissy you want to be. I have my preferences of course, and that's why I will offer you incentives, but the CHOICE is YOURS. If you wish to take advantage of these incentives then you can choose to become a sissy cuckold. You already are a cuckold and you always will be. But becoming a sissy cuckold will be your choice - you're going to have to want it and you're going to have to work for it."


At first, I earned one point for each day that I wore women's panties.

As that was the easiest point to earn, I began to wear panties every day to the point that I no longer needed my men's underwear taking up space in the drawer and we got rid of it. At that point, Lindsay argued that as I need to wear underwear anyway and as I now only owned panties, it was no longer a "choice" for me to wear panties in the morning, it had become an expectation and as a result, a few months ago she let me know that she would no longer award me the point for wearing panties. 


I do still get a point though for wearing a bra. As a man, a bra is obviously totally unnecessary as an article of clothing - but an obvious reminder of my diminished status in our relationship. And unlike the panties, it is totally my choice. Lindsay never requires that I wear a bra, and in fact has never asked me to wear one. She will however, happily award me one cucky point for every day that I do.


As a result, I voluntarily choose to humiliate myself each day by wearing any one of my many lace bras, doing my best to pick one that matches the panties I'm wearing that day. So, that's a reliable 30 points per month!


The next, easiest way to pick up points is to forgo men's socks for either a pair of pantyhose (1 point) or if I think I can get away with it, a lace garter belt and a pair of stockings. (2 points) During the summer, I can still earn points if I'm wearing sandals by painting my toenails and leaving them exposed - which also earns me 2 points.


It is a very rare occasion that I choose to wear men's socks (i.e. going to the airport or the doctor) so I try to wear the garter belt and stockings as much as possible - usually 5 or 6 days out of the week - while sometimes I do just wear regular pantyhose.


Just by wearing my sexy feminine delights under my normal clothes, I can typically earn somewhere around 20 points per week. If that's all I did, I could still earn sex every 10 weeks or so!


But fortunately, Lindsay is generous enough to offer other incentives that can speed up my progress. 


The next easiest way I can earn a whopping five points at a time is by donning one of my french maid uniforms (I have three) and doing our household chores. This means dishes washed, carpets vaccuumed, windows washed, surfaces polished and laundry done.



During the summer, Lindsay went on a "green" kick and said that from now on, whenever we could we would hang dry our clothes. This presents me with another opportunity: by going outside into our backyard, in full view of our neighbours in my french maid uniform, I can earn an additional 2 bonus points! It is definitely humiliating, especially the time that one of our neighbors' teenage daughter was sitting poolside with her friends only to peek over the fence and enjoy the spectacle. At first, I ran for the door to their laughter, but Lindsay stood in the doorway with a stern face. "Have you hung all the laundry?" 

"No, Miss, I...."

"Then go back out and finish your work, NOW, unless you want me to start deducting points?"


I curtsied, then turned around to face a roar of laughter as I minced back out into the yard on my high heels and spent the next ten minutes hanging the drying as I was watched constantly by the group of sadistic young women.


The upside to that event was that the secret was out to some degree and from then on, while I was never comfortable doing it, it didn't bother me as much, especially knowing that I could earn extra points. 


I generally provide maid service to Lindsay at least once a week, so that's another reliable 20 points each month, and sometimes more, especially during the summer. Even in the winter, Lindsay is pretty good about offering some bonus opportunities for humiliating myself - a couple months ago she even offered a whopping 10 bonus points if I answered the door for the pizza delivery in my french maid uniform. Lindsay asked if I wanted to do it, and before I could answer I was headed for the door. Of course, usually after an episode like this Lindsay will remind me that she had not told me to do so, that she had merely given me the option and that I am the one who decided to make a fool of myself.


When I am very, very lucky, Lindsay will offer me the opportunity to eat her pussy after she has been satisfied by another one of her lovers. This disgusting task, which I hate, yields 10 points all at once. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating Lindsay, but the huge, stringy, salty dollops of sperm which I must digest are truly awful.

The only time I can say I look forward to it is when I'm 30 points or less away from hitting 200. On those occasions I lick away as fast and furiously as I can, knowing that I'm inching forward to having my own opportunity to have sex with my wife.


The other good thing about eating creampie is that it isn't the worst task. The worst, which I've only done three time, is being given the opportunity to perform a blowjob on one of Lindsay's lovers. It happens rarely as it is difficult to find a man who will go along with it, but occasionally she does. The first time I did it, I cried myself to sleep afterwards with shame. The worst part of it was Lindsay's emphasizing that I was choosing to do it. 


"Cucky!" she barked at me with that glint in her eye. "Do you want to suck Brad's cock?"


I knew that a whole 50 points was on the line. Still I had to think about it. They both stared at me as I did the math in my head. I'm at 144 - with these 50 points, and provided I wear a bra and a garter belt and stockings for the next two days (along with my panties of course) - I'll be able to have sex with my wife in just two days.




"Yes." I replied, eyes downcast. "I want to suck Brad's cock."


Ten minutes later I had earned my 50 points - in addition to a cum facial. 


When Brad left he looked at me, then up at Lindsay. "I can't wait to tell my buddy about this - but I don't think he'll believe me. Not only am I banging this panty-wearing loser's wife, but he sucked my cock too. What a world!"


That was only the first time, in the succeeding two times I've become more used to it, and if Lindsay's lovers are to be believed, I think I'm getting better at it too. Lindsay has said that she'd offer me the massive sum of 100 points if I agree to being fucked in the ass by one of her lovers, although she hasn't found a man who'd be willing to do the job...yet.


This past weekend Lindsay went away to her latest lover's cabin for a weekend of sex and debauchery. On her way back she sent me a text:


"Hi Cucky - on my way back now - going to have the girls around tonight for a bottle of wine, they want to hear all about my big weekend - If you wish to serve us as our french maid tonight I could offer you 25 points. I know it would be really humiliating so it is completely up to you. xx Linds"


I put down the phone and paused for a moment. Pulling back the closet door I reached in and pulled out the shiny black satin french maid's uniform by its hanger and hung it up on the back of the door. From my drawer I selected a matching black lace bra and panty set as well as a garter belt and a pair of lace-topped fishnet stockings. 


As happens so often these days, I had made the decision - my own decision - to humiliate myself once again.






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