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My first wife was something else.


We married young and I was the first one to ever get in her pants. We started having sex every time we went out which was almost every other day. We had been married for several years and as a part of our sex life we would read Penthouse and other letters from people about having sex with others. I would spoon her with my dick buried in her pussy while we read and when we get to the good parts of the letters she would always cum hard. It wasn't a far stretch from reading about having sex with others to make it happen.


To my knowledge her first affair started with a friend of ours. He was older and had an unhappy marriage. She told me that he come over while I was gone and she had just got out of the shower and was in a robe. She said they sat and talked and flirted and it wasn't long before they were kissing and feeling each other up. She said that she layed down on the carpet and he got undressed and that they fucked until they both came. I came home later that day and she said she had something to tell me and we sat and she gave me the story. She wasn't sure what I would do and ask if I was ok. I took her hand and placed it on my very hard dick and said what do you think. I ask her if he had a big dick and she said no but it was thick. I then layed her down on the carpet just as he had done and ate her still wet pussy, then got between her legs and fucked what seemed to be forever. The orgasm was very intense for both of us. We lay there afterwords and she said well I guess that answers her question.


They saw each other off and on with my approval. They went out on a boat with another friend one day and she came back and looked well fucked. I asked her if they had fucked and she said yes and no. I asked what she ment and she said that she had fucked our friend while she sucked off the other guy.


This went on until she became pregnant, with my child. She wouldn't do anything till after our second daughter was born and about 2 years old.


Then one afternoon while I was at work she said that a salesman had come by and that she wanted a new vaccum. I told her that it was to much for us at the time and she said that she had promised the man that she would buy it. I told her to just explain the situation and go from there. I left out of town for a few days and when I returned I asked her about the salesman and she said she told him no. I knew by the way she was acting that there was more so I asked her what had happened. She said that he was disappointed but started being real friendly and coming on to her. She said that he moved next to her and started kissing her and touching her breast. The kids were outsude playing at the time and the saleman said he wanted to fuck her and she said she couldn't because the kids were home. He kept after her untill she said she had him stand up and unzipped his pants. She said she then took what she said was a very nice size cock and started giving him a blowjob.


I asked her if she let him cum on her or in her mouth. She said that when he started cumming she just decided to swallow his load and that he came a lot. I just sat there and looked at her and she reached over and grabbed my cock and said I knew you would like it!



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My brief life as a cuck is a true story. My current girlfriend loves the idea but just won't take that first step, so my only experience was with a previous girlfriend nearly 10 years ago. When we moved into a house together, Beth's father came down to London to do some work on the place. There was a fair amount of work to be done so after the first couple of trips he brought with him a friend to help. It was clear from the start that this guy, Phil, had the hots for Beth. I loved seeing him constantly looking at her legs and cleavage, using excuses to do some work in the room she was in and on numerous occasions trying to look up her skirt.


Beth was well aware of this too and we both enjoyed the attention she was getting. She admitted that if she was single she would 'definitely do' him, despite the fact that she had just turned 22 and he was nearly 40. I asked her if he'd done anything else on any of the days whilst I'd been at work. He'd only done what he normally did, ogle and manoeuvre to try to look up her skirt. I told her that she should let him look up her skirt. She knew that I liked her to show off and wouldn't mind in the slightest if he saw up her skirt so from then on she deliberately got into positions where he couldn't help but see up her skirt, sometime whilst I was there.


Our bedroom talk got filthier and ended up talking about her getting fucked by him. I'd previously told her about my cuckold fantasies but only now did she realise I meant it. Over the next few nights Beth admitted that she was turned on by his attention and did want to let him fuck her. The only problem was that whenever he came to London, her father was always there. Beth used to visit home in Cheshire every 3-4 weeks over a weekend when I was working so this would be ideal. The only problem was, I wouldn't be there to see it if anything happened.


We decided on a plan. She'd treat Phil and her father to a meal on the Friday night when she went home. Her father drove and after the meal, and a few drinks, dropped Phil home and Beth at her friend's. 'Conveniently', her friend wouldn't be in so she walked to Phil's, a short distance away. She told what happened from then on, which went pretty much to plan. He welcomed her in thinking she was going to wait for her father to return or whilst she called a cab. She accepted a drink which became two and three until she pretended to be fairly drunk and started flirting outrageously. He eventually made a move, they started kissing and his hands moved all over her body. She excused herself to use the toilet and sent me a text to tell me what had happened so far and asked me to confirm if I was still okay if she carried on with our plan. I sent a text back saying, 'Yes, go 4 it!'


They carried on where they'd left off. This time his hands went inside her top and bra to grope her tits and up her skirt, inside her knickers to finger her pussy. She took his cock out and sucked it while she kicked her knickers off and spread her legs for him. He brought her close to orgasm when he was fingering her so they went upstairs to his bed. They didn't play around any further, just got straight to it. They pulled the rest of their clothes off and he put her onto his bed. He got on, took hold of her ankles, pulled her legs apart and pushed them up to her shoulders. He looked at her pussy for a few seconds and then guided his cock to it. He hadn't bothered to get, nor even mention, a condom. She was fully aware of this but later told me that she didn't mind anyway, she was far too horny and wanted him bareback. He fucked her quite hard for a few minutes but couldn't hold back. He made no effort to pull out and just kept his cock deep inside her while he came.


She stayed the night and they fucked quickly again before she went back to her parents the next morning. She'd sent me texts while I was at work the next day but I had to phone when I got home. I had to know every little detail. My emotions the night before and when she was telling me what had happened were sensational. I told her that I wished I'd been there. We agreed that although she was prepared to fuck him again, we didn't think he'd agree if I was there or even knew about it. After the phone call I was thinking of all the possibilities. The only thing I could think of was leaving her phone on so I could hear them. I phoned her again and told her. She hadn't arranged anything definite for the Saturday evening and she agreed to go and fuck him again but couldn't promise getting away with the phone plan.


She went to Phil's on the off chance and fortunately he was in. As with the previous night, after a few drinks, he was all over her. They played around for a while and he later invited her upstairs. She again went to the loo and sent me a text telling me to give it 15 minutes before phoning. It was ages before 15 minutes were up. I remember my hand was shaking by the time I phoned. They hadn't jumped straight in like the night before but he was just about to mount her when her phone rang. She took the call and told me that she was with her friends. We spoke briefly, said our goodbyes and she put the phone by the bed without closing the line. To be honest, it wasn't as clear as I had hoped but I could just about make out his occasional grunt and her exaggerated moaning. It didn't take long for me to coat my knuckles. She stayed the night again and let him fuck her again.


Their relationship continued for sometime and every time she went home to Cheshire. They fucked twice on a Friday night whilst I waited eagerly to hear the details. The details were usually the same as the previous time but they still turned me on immensely.




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I bought my wife a few new pairs of sandals for Valentines day and some lingerie and looking at her shoe rack I counted 19 pairs of high heels, thongs & strappy sandals she's worn at her lovers. Most pairs she's worn for him 3 or more times. Looking at the sexy sandals & remembering some of the fun we shared when she wore them was intoxicating.

Worshipping her feet when they are making out and removing her sandals so they can fuck than putting them back on her pretty feet so her bare Goddess feet never touch the floor has become a ritual for us.







I basically have 2 fetishes. First, that my wife would actually go through with cuckolding me, and the other is for her feet. Basically I fantasize that she would take a lover, or lovers and would eventually cut me off completely from having sex with her, but she allows me to watch her and, when she is finished, she allows me to worship and jerk off on her feet. I would want her lover(s) to be very dominant and possessive of her and while they are playing with her, play with her feet and like, flaunt the fact that they can do whatever they like while I have to wait for them to be finished.






I have been lucky enough to have very fresh sloppy seconds. My wife dated and fucked one guy that she never wore a condom with. From the first time they fucked, he came in her pussy and every time after that he came in her pussy. In the beginning it was more like a threesome, except my wife's boyfriend always got to go first. After he finished fucking my wife for the first time and had came in her pussy, my wife said it was my turn. I had been waiting a long time to slide my dick into my wife's freshly fucked and well lubed pussy, but never really thought I would get the chance since she always had the guys wear a condom. At first I was a little in shock, looking down at my wife's fucked pussy, watching as another man's cum slowly started running out. I was so hard and excited, but it took me a moment to get over the shock. Soon my excitement took over and I slid my hard dick into my wife's fucked pussy. It was silky smooth, warm, absolutely no friction. Another man's cum is better than any fake lube I have ever used. Of course my wife's pussy was completely lubed from the inside out. Since my wife's boyfriend shot his cum deep inside her, every inch of my wife's pussy was lubed. There was no resistance, no friction like I said. My dick was just gliding in another man's cum inside my wife's pussy.


I probably wouldn't have been able to cum myself except for the thought, and reality, that my dick was in my wife's pussy after it had been filled full by another man's cum. Another thing that made me cum was that my wife told me to pull out and cum on a towel so her boyfriend could fuck her again. That kind of did it for me and I pulled out of my wife's fucked pussy and came on a towel. Then, a little later my wife's boyfriend did fuck my wife again and he once again came in her pussy. Of course my wife was tired by then and didn't let me fuck her again. It was nice that my wife's boyfriend got to cum in her pussy twice while she told me to pull out to cum.




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I subtly tried to introduce my Wife to cuckolding about 3 years ago. I started out by eating my own creampies, at first she didnt like it and would only let me go down on her for a few seconds after sex. After months, literally, it got to the point where during sex she would tell me that once I came she was going to make me lick her clean. Several times she has told me to cum on her ass and lick it off. Most of the time when she jerks me off she will scoop it up and feed it to me. Alot of times I keep my eyes closed but when I do look at her while she feeds me it is very humiliating and I can see a degree of disgust in her eyes.


About this time she was going out with her friends every now and then, so I started paying more attention to her getting ready to go out. Dreaming in my mind it was for a date. I would tell her during sex how hot it was to watch her getting ready to go out without me. I told her that all the guys at the bar/concert/wherever she was going would be looking at her and wanting her. I told her how much that turned me on. She then starting playing along during sex that she would meet a guy at the bar and fool around. Thats, unfortunately, as far as I have gotten with that so far. She doesnt go out as often as I would like and we have kids that are a little older so it puts a cramp in the fantasy of watching her get ready. We shall see where this goes. In the next few months we will have a couple of occassions with no kids.


The chastity thing has definitely worked so far though. I think for a variety of reasons, 1 her sex drive is not as high as mine and I can see that she enjoys dictating when and how we are having sex the past couple of weeks, or not having sex. 2nd, I laid it out there that this really turns me on, and she likes to please me reasonably. I told her right up front that I was jerking off a minimum of 2 times a day and she was a little surprised. 3rdly, I dont know if its because of everything that I have read about chastity that causes me to do this, or if it really is a physcological change but I pay ALOT more attention to her. I want to kiss her, touch her, stare at her, and just be around her alot more than in the past. Like I said I dont know if this is just me doing it on my own or if it is some real change. I have even found myself letting her watch whatever she wants on tv. I cant help but touch or rub her everytime she walks by, and whenever she or I leave I have to make sure I get plenty of kisses. This morning she came into the bathroom while I was getting out of the shower, she stared at the cage and made many remarks about me not getting hard, maybe tonight, that she is a policewoman, etc. Last week she made many "funny" remarks, I think trying to see how embarrassed I would be. Now that she sees that Im not going to be "shamed" into stopping I think she is taking off. She even talked about how she was going to clean the cage after the next time it came off.


Soon i will talk about her going out in mixed company while I am at home locked up. We will see where this leads.




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