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My girlfriend of 2 years have sure changed a lot. When I first told her I wanted her to fuck other men she was angry and hurt. Then as we kept talking about it she would get horny. Then about six months into our relationship she went out with her girlfriend one night and they brought 2 guys home, that were much younger than them, and they fucked them in her bed at the same time.


She called me the next day to come over for lunch and told me about it. She said she felt guilty and like a slut. But as she told me this she had a glow about her and a big smile. We fucked for hours after that and she teased me about the fun she had the night before.


Time went on and she developed more guy friends, made out with many of them and fucked a couple. Then about 3 mouths ago she went out partying and went home with a bunch of guys. They wound up tying her to the bed face down and taking turns on her. She came home late the next morning looking like hell. She told me that she had been bad, and was very tired and that she would tell me about it later. Later that day she told me that she fucked this guy at the party.


Then about 3 weeks ago she told me the whole story. that they were partying at there house and she was drunk. that she was laying on the bed making out with this guy and other guys started pulling her clothes off. She did not stop them. She said they were fingering her and touching her all over. Then someone started taking pics. Then she told the guy she was making out with, lets go somewhere else. So she got up and walked naked through the house to another bedroom. He tied her hands to the bed with her face down and proceeded to fuck her. than she said someone else came in and started to fuck her. She said that she tried to turn around to see who but every time she turned her head they would push her head back down and she would giggle. She has no idea how many guys fucked her. She siad she new they all wore condoms because she could feel it when she would reach down to put there dick in. She thinks at least 3 guys fucked her but maybe 5 guys.


So , last weekend I went away on some business. I talked to my girl on Friday around noon. She said she was going to go out and have some fun. Then that night she would not answer her phone at all. The next morning I still had not heard from her, I call and text a couple times but still no answer. Finally around 3 she answers and she tells me she went to a local fall festival. I asked her what she had been doing and why she would not answer, She said baby i will tell you when you get home. Of course I tried calling her on sunday morning but no answer. She finally answered when I got back to my home airport around 1 in the afternoon. She told me to come see her as soon as possiable.


When I got there she told me that she had been really bad. We went to her room and I just began worshipping her body. Gave her a massage, sucked on her toes and kissed her all over. Then she told me to draw her a bath and we got in her big tub and I bathed her and shaved her. We got out of the tub and went to the bed and I ate her pussy for awhile . then she told me to fuck her.


She told me that she brought home a friend Fri night, I guy she has known for a while and they fucked most of the night. She said the last time she got it was around 6 am. Then Sat. night she brought him home again. Her daughter was home that night so they watched a movie and he felt asleep on the couch and she went to bed. Around 3 he came up and fucked her again for 2 hours. Than around nine in Sunday morning she snuck him out of the house while her daughter was still in her room. She is telling me this while I am trying to fuck her. It was very hard not to cum.









I've been lurking here for a time, while I tried to convince my wife to enjoy fucking whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. It took a long time, but I'll save that story for later. About 6 months ago she found a guy and ended up keeping him as her regular boyfriend, and it's gotten progressively more intense. I just wanted to post a short summary of a really hot conversation we had last night.


The background is that they've been seeing each other for a few months now, and are seeing each other gradually more and more often. It started with a date a week or so, now it's up to two or three. And they've seen each other four times in the last four days. She told me at the beginning of their relationship that he was bigger, which was nice, but that my skills in bed were a bit better, so she liked having sex with us both.


Last night she asked if I could stay late at work so he could come over; she said she'd text me when they were done. I was at work (not getting much done, lol), and she texted me around 10 pm. I came home and she was just sitting on the couch, smiling and looking completely satisfied. She told me that lately he'd been getting much better and that sex with him was now "unbelievable." She said that he fucked her for 45 minutes, that she came 3 times, and the last one was a triple orgasm. She led me back to the bedroom and showed me that the bed was moved away from the wall about 5 feet, and was completely messed up from the sex. She laid down on the bed ("because I'm not sure I can stand straight right now") while I moved it back, all the while talking about how she's never felt this good in her whole life. And then she said "I know it's been a while for you"...(in fact, it's been three weeks since she fucked me, whereas she fucks him at least twice a week)..."and i know we were going to have sex tomorrow, but can i see him again? he gets off work early again and now that i know how amazing sex can be i feel like if i don't have it all the time i'll die." i told her that of course she could see him again, i wanted her to be satisfied, and that by the way if she ever can't see him, she can always have me. she looked over at me with a mixture of amusement and pity in her eyes and said "honey. i love you. i'm even in love with you. and i used to enjoy sex with you. if he dumps me i'll probably enjoy sex with you again, at least a bit. but fucking you when i had him the day before and will have him again the day after is so...uninspiring."


I said I knew and understood, and she leaned back and her eyes got all unfocused again. "Good. It's not that you're bad or that I don't love you. It's just that he's...(she whispered this) soooo bed." We went to bed, and all I could think about all night was my wife with her "magnificent" boyfriend...being fucked after just a few months like I've never been able to fuck her in our years together.


My desires are, I suppose, pretty moderate. I definitely want to remain in her life, and to be her romantic priority. I don't think that's a problem, as we're both very open with each other, and are much closer emotionally and romantically than we were even before this 'experimentation' started. Ideally, I like a little moderate denial and moderate humiliation. I love it that her boyfriend gets to sleep with her far more frequently than I do (and I've calculated that she's sucked his cock more in the few months they've been together than she has mine in the years we've been married). I love how intense our relationship gets, and how much I pamper her, when I'm horny and frustrated and denied for a while. I love it when we go most of the week without sex, as she tells me "I don't feel like it right now, maybe tomorrow" and then when her date night comes she spends hours getting ready, totally excited to see him. And I like a little penis humiliation, so any time she casually mentions his larger size, or just how much she likes his cock (recently she told me that "it's not just that it's big, it's also just shaped perfectly, like it was made just for my hits every sensitive spot like I've never felt before") it drives me wild. I don't know if I'd want to be cut off completely or not, but I definitely want him to be her first sexual priority. And I think I would like for her to be more active and systematic about it...for her not just to neglect sex with me, but to actually deny it to me for a while, and to let him know that at least for the most part he is her man in bed.


She was initially reluctant to humiliate me like that, to the point of not telling me how big he was for a while for fear of hurting my feelings. However, when she does bring it up I make sure to not act hurt, but rather to act happy for her that she has this great pleasure, and also to compare myself to him as much as possible, in the areas where he's got the advantage over me. I think this is working; the last time we fucked a few weeks ago, it actually began with her making a crack about my cock size, and with me joking about how she doesn't need to worry about it anymore, with her boyfriend taking care of her. This led to her getting curious about the actual difference (he had measured his, but I never had). So she went down on me to get me hard (something she hadn't done in quite a while) and then measured my cock. She could tell I was horny, so she rode me until I came, and then pecked me on the cheek and rolled off. While I caught my breath and threw out the condom, she called her boyfriend and gave him the official measurement, b/c I guess she thought he'd like to know. It was a bit humiliating, but completely hot. I hope this sort of thing continues. As for the other stuff, I actually am not really into creampie/cleaning, or anything like that. I'm not sure how I feel about watching, and definitely don't want to participate. Some of these things can evolve with time, but right now I just want her totally fulfilled by him in a way that I cannot give her.




my wife is with her bf right now. he had to work a little bit late tonight, so he didn't come pick her up until around 8. since she was ready for him around 6, we sat around and watched tv until he was done. i was horny (helping her pick out sexy clothes always gets me aroused) and tried to see if she'd fuck me before her date, but she just giggled and said that she was planning to spend the night with him and didn't want to ruin the evening. this is the first time she's planning on spending the night at his place, and i'm looking forward to waking up alone tomorrow morning, or waking up to her coming home in the morning. i told her i'd love her to stay with him, i know they're connecting well and i know she loves morning sex the most with me; i hope it blows her mind with him.


another sexy thing: after the last time they were together (at our place) i asked if maybe the sex was better since it was here, in our bed. she said "no, the sex is always amazing, no matter where it is"...and then proceeded to tell me all the places he fucked her, including his car, our car, the park, our apartment, his apartment, and his friend's apartment. but she said she liked fucking at our place because she knew she could be as loud as she wanted.


even though she turned me down for the last three nights in a row, she's totally excited about having sex with him tonight, despite the fact that this week and especially today was really tiring for her. i helped her get ready, she's wearing a sexy matching pink lingerie set that she bought just for him (i haven't seen her in it except to get ready for him), a cute skirt, heels, and a sexy blouse. she's all dressed up in makeup, nice hairstyle, and her best jewelry that i bought her for our anniversary.


it seems like a long time since she's been with him, even though they saw each other for four days in a row at the beginning of the week. i think we're both just realizing that she needs a good fuck most days, and when she doesn't get it for most of the week she craves it. i won't be surprised if she starts to stay over at his place for about half the nights of the week. she's definitely happier and more relaxed on the day after her dates. i'll pass on what she has to say about her date tonight, as well as tell you how this all started, over the weekend. good luck, everyone!


p.s. one more sexy thing: while i was looking through her drawer for the lingerie she wanted to wear tonight, she came in and pulled open a different drawer to get a condom. she pulled one out, and then seemed to think about it for a minute...and then pulled out four more! i asked if she was going to use them all, and she giggled and said "maybe not, but a girl can be optimistic, right? and it wouldn't be unprecedented, anyway." i must have looked surprised, because then she said "you know, some guys can get it up more than once a month or so"...which hurt a bit, because she knew i'd been horny for a while, but was also just humiliating enough to be extremely sexy.




My wife (I guess using names would make things easier...her name's Becky)and her boyfriend (Tom) had a great time on their double date with her friend and her bf (I guess ten days ago time flies!). They got along really well, and had another double date on Thursday; I guess they intend to do it pretty regularly. It seems like this friend at least, who is pretty much Becky's best friend, already likes him more than she ever liked me. She was over a couple of days ago to visit, and they just hung out and chatted about their boyfriends the whole time. I was working in the den, and the only time I heard my name mentioned is when they were talking about who was better in bed. My wife's friend (Jessica)actually brought it up, so my wife must have told her about it even before this. When Jessica went to leave, she said that she was really looking forward to seeing her and Tom again, and just waved at me quickly before going out the door.


I work pretty long hours, and this is especially the case on Mondays. Last Monday, they both had off so they spent pretty much the whole day in bed in our apartment. When I got home, he was just leaving and she was putting on pajamas. She said that they had had an amazing day, basically spending the whole time slowly making love and that both the lovemaking and the climax were unlike anything she had ever felt in her life. I've always wanted to go slowly like that, and to be really intimate, but even when I try to go slow I just can't last that long. I can't argue with his results though, one of the main reasons I wanted to do this is because I want her to be satisfied, and this is definitely the best sex she's ever had. Next Monday they don't have off, but I'm staying late so that he can come to our place for a bit. She wants to do something really nice for him to thank him for last Monday, so she's going to cook him his favorite dinner, serve it to him in just brand new lingerie and heels, and then let him request literally anything he wants from her sexually. I guess we'll see what that is; maybe I'll have more to report after Monday.


We did have the talk about what sort of relationship ours will be now and in the future. She does not want to stop having sex with me; while she doesn't get much out of it anymore in the way of pleasure, she still finds joy in the closeness and intimacy that sex provides for us, and we're still very close and in love. We've decided that when it comes to the two of us, we're still married and will still have sex (although, she admitted, not nearly as much...she said "I need good sex all the time, I only need sexual intimacy with you now and then"). However, when it comes to her relationship with Tom, my role will be as her best friend and roommate. So she'll have him over pretty frequently, and I'll give them privacy in the apartment as often as it's often as I'd give a roommate the same courtesy. This is important to her, because she wants to be able to cuddle with him and kiss him in my presence without worrying about either of us being weirded out, and thinking of me as her roommate in those situations makes that easier.











My wife is cuckolding me with her lover and denies me sex, keeping herself faithful to her lover. She has however told me that if i want to have sex with her she will allow it on special occassions but it will cost me $1500 !

i thik this is a wonderful situation as it really puts me in my place and i can feel how she is taking advantage of me.









At this moment in time we are about to step into a new "sleeping arrangement"

My wife usually meets her lover at a fancy hotel so i usually never get to watch them together, which i find more kinky, submissive and "cuckoldy"

One a few occasions she has sent me a phone message telling me to go to bed and that she would be home in the morning. On these occasions I had to wear a pink sissy nightdress for bed and she would return and climb in next to me and tell me of the nights events and usually id be allowed to orgasm over her feet.


But a new idea that we have had,is that we will redo our guestroom into a girly pink room with all the fittings, and when she has returned from her dates in the future, she will go to bed in "our bed" and make me sleep seperate from her. The idea of this makes me feel VERY "pushed out", submissive and wimpy, making me feel "not man enough, and "not worth it". Plus it will be a nightmare thinking how she has just come from another mans arms and bed and is laying there full of his sperm...and i have been outcast to the "guest room" where i will be feeling VERY unmanly, humiliated and degraded.











My wife always wants me to be present. To watch. Her dream is to tie me on a chair, but in that case I can't make pictures she is loving so much. Too, she can't force me to suck or clean his dick. This coming weekend, I have to put on my Birdlocked or CB6000 cage for the first time.








I have not posted here for a while as so many things in my life have changed in the last few months but the main one is that I left my cuck for one of my bulls. He is just 26 were I am 42. His stamina is so good he wants to fuck me all the time and I can tell you I want it all the time. He no longer lets me wear any knickers so that he has easy access when ever he likes and I am very happy to do this for him. When we are at home I am naked most of the time so that he can use and abuse my body when ever he likes. Again I am happy for him to do this. The sex is just so good. He will normally take me several times a day and I just love it. I just love taking his cock and feeling his sperm inside of me. He uses all my holes and I never refuse. When we go out I have to dress slutty so that I tease other guys and my body is on display to them. My bull also makes me flash others to. Again I am hapy to do this for him. I just now seem to crave sex and his wonderful cock.


As for my cuck I often now phone him up and let his listen while my bull takes full advantage of me which I know the he loves. I also tell him how good my bull is and how perthetic he was. He also some times is allowed to visit me. I then cover up a bit. But when he is here my bull always gives me a good fucking in another room just so my old cuck can listen and hear me get the fucking of my life. Some times I even scoop out some of my bull sperm and take it to cuck and let him clean it from my hand just as a treat. If cuck is here for a few hours my bull will fuck me a coulpe of times as well as abuse me just so cuck can listen. But he is not allowed to get his perthetic cock out after all I dont want his mess in my flat. I know cuck would like me back but I am enjoying myself to much. I just love being my bulls sex toy & slut.










I miss how my wife used to leave me at home while she went to the bar our friend tended bar at. She used to flirt with him while he worked. All the while they both knew what was going to happen every time she went there alone.


She would sit at the bar for a couple hours and get a little tipsy. Our friend would drive her back to his place after his shift ended, which was usually around 2:00am. Meanwhile I am at home lying awake in bed, rubbing my dick, thinking about how naughty my wife is being right about now. I could only imagine how she may have had his dick deep in her throat, or maybe he was having the pleasure of her soaking wet pussy. She gets unbelievably wet. My cock is literally twitching in my hand at this point.


He would bring her back to me usually around 4 or 5 am. She would come in the bedroom already naked, and usually hop right on my face. It was fucking amazing to lick a soaked pussy. Knowing that someone else was just inside my gorgeous wife's pussy made me both jealous, and extremely horny at the same time. Then she would fuck me with her warm dripping wet pussy, and it was great sex everytime.












My wife has told her two best friends that the only way i can get an erection is while talking to her, about her cuckolding me with a black man.

We see these two women almost daily, and they have started teasing me about taking my wife out and introducing her to some black cock.

Try as I may when they torment me about having my wife blacked, I can not help getting an erection. This only serves to make them more agressive.

Saying things like he must really want her to try black cock, look how hard his little white pee pee is getting.

My wife adds to this by telling them that, now you see why I am thinking about doing a big black cock

After these women leave, my wife just has to touch my hard-on, and I explode.

I have been told that when she is ready to take the next step, it will be her friends that get to watch her take the plunge.

They can then tell me about it.










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