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From Jerry H:



I am writing this as a tribute to the Dominatrix Mistress of my dreams, Mistress Mary Anne McCormick.  I had the honor and privilege of serving her several times in 1986 and have had no contact with her since then.  I am writing because I hope that my story will interest you and also in the hope that somehow, I can re-connect and truly serve her again.  If anyone knows her or where she is, I would dedicate myself to serving Her.



First, about me- I am a life-long male masochist committed to serving the Dominant Female.  I remember that as early as sixth grade, I would try to create situations where the Girls in my school and neighborhood would dominate me or beat me up (or both).  I did not succeed in this.


I went on to live what appeared to be a normal life- school, college, relationships, "conventional" marriage and family.  After a few years' of marriage, at the age of 32, I took an ad in a local "alternative" newspaper in Washington, D.C., stating, "submissive man seeks to serve Dominant Woman."  Mistress Mary Anne McCormick, a 20 year old stunning beauty renting a townhouse in Georgetown responded to the voice mail, and I arranged immediately to meet her.


She ordered me to meet her at a local bistro.  I obeyed.  She was sitting there when I arrived- tall with long flowing wavy bright red-orange hair and many freckles, and dressed in black leather- my Dream Dominatrix.  I asked tentatively, "Mistress Anne?"  She nodded.  I said, "I am slave jerry."  She motioned and said, "Sit down, jerry."  I obeyed.


She took out a cigarette and tossed matches on our small table (one could smoke at restauarnts then).  I fumbled and lit her cigarette and leaned towards her, hoping that she would blow smoke in my face.  She smiled and did.  I closed my eyes for a moment to savor the experience.  "Tell me about yourself, jerry," She said.  I immediately proceeded to describe in detail my complete sexual history- my fantasies, desires, preferences and all my experiences, from those initial attempts in sixth grade through the most intimate details of my sexual relationship with my wife.  At the conclusion, I said, "and now, I request to serve you as your slave."  She smiled slightly and nodded her consent.  I continued, saying, "I hope that you will always see me totally and completely obedient."  "Oh I will," She responded.  I continued, saying, "Although I expect you to see me naked, I hope that I never ever see you naked." 


"Oh you won't," she responded, blowing more smoke in my face.  "Thank You, thank You, thank You," I panted to her.


There was a little commotion on the side of our table, and we broke eye contact.  Her eyes darted to both sides.  The couple at the next table looked away from us, blushing and trying to suppress their laughter at me- they had overheard me.  On the other side of our small table was a waitress, certainly no more than twenty years old also.  She was looking down and biting her lip to try to avoid laughing at me.  Mistress Anne took charge and told the waitress that I would pay for her bill, and that I would not be having anything to eat or drink.  She ordered me to leave a large tip and then slipped me a note with her address and whispered, "Meet me there in 20 minutes."  She rose as a Queen and left the restaurant.  With head bowed and blushing, I left a ten dollar bill for her $3.50 drink and slithered out of the restaurant.  I could feel their eyes following me and laughing at me as I left with my head hung low, making no eye contact with anyone.



I arrived within the required time.  She opened the door slightly, standing behind it.  "Go upstairs, get undressed and wait for me," She ordered.  I jumped up the steps in 3 seconds, entered a loft-type room, and tore my clothes off in less than 20 seconds.  I stood there completely naked for at least 15 minutes.  I heard her downstairs.  Those many minutes gave me plenty of time to contemplate the step that I was taking with my life- I was afraid "out of my mind" but wanted to be her slave. 


Finally, I heard her climbing the stairs.  I quickly went to the top of the stairs in order to present myself to her.  She appeared wearing a tight black leather mini-skirt one-piece dress, with black leather gloves and black spike-heeled boots!  I stood there passively, totally naked.  She looked at me and gazed at my penis and balls- I was embarrassed that my penis was so flaccid, but I was so nervous and a little afraid of her and what I was doing.  She walked around me, and ran a black-leather gloved finger across my naked ass and returned to look me in the eye.  I couldn't stand being in front of Her, so I fell to my knees and bowed down to her.  She chuckled and put her booted foot under my chin and raised my head with it.  "Move over here," She calmly ordered.



I was naked and on all my hands and knees in front of Her.  Before I knew anything, She had taken two pairs of handcuffs and cuffed together both my wrists and my ankles.  "Hey!" I exclaimed.  She very gently lightly touched the underside of my balls, which were hanging down and exposed to her mercy.  "Be quiet, or I'll spank your balls!" She said.  "Yes Ma’am," I crocked as an answer.  "Good," She laughed.  My terror was complete- less than an hour ago, I had never met this Woman before, and She had barely spoken a complete sentence to me.  Yet here I was, exposed naked and vulnerable in the most explicit way, knowing nothing about her except that she was going to whip me.


She presented me with two whips and asked me to kiss the one that I wanted her to use.  Not knowing anything, I kissed one.  "Good," She said.  She put a booted foot on my head and lowered my face to the ground. "Watch this," She said, as she stood behind me and I looked between my legs to see my flaccid penis and drooping balls hanging between my legs and the image of her booted legs and the whip standing behind me.  I endured my first whipping. 


She sat down, obviously satisfied.  My ass hurt, but I tolerated it with pleasure.  She told me to go downstairs and bring her a drink, and laughed as she watched me struggle downstairs and then again upstairs, naked with a red ass and cuffed at the wrists and ankles.


While she was enjoying the beverage, she ordered me to lick Her boots.  I didn't do a good job, so she took off the boots and ordered me to worship Her feet.  This was something that had not been a fantasy for me.  I of course obeyed her completely and immediately, and started to kiss and lick the bottom of her feet. She apparently enjoyed it- She moaned and laughed ever so slightly and re-adjusted her sitting position.  Not knowing if I was pleasuring her or discomforting Her, I stopped and looked up at her.  As I lifted my head from the floor, I saw that She had hiked up her miniskirt ever so slightly and had spread her legs.


I found myself with my face at her knees, staring straight ahead at the most beautiful pussy in the world.  Her crotch was full of abundant curly bright orange hair, cropped in a perfect inverted triangle.  She looked down at me and told me to keep my eyes below her knees, and focused on my job.


I obeyed immediately and took to my assignment with a passion.  I was totally obsessed with making love to her feet- kissing and licking the bottoms of her feet.  I sucked each individual toe of hers and then inserted all five into my mouth- I took as much of her foot into my mouth until I was almost gagging- my jaw was sore and I was breathing through my nostrils. All the while she was pleasuring herself with her fingers. I dared not look but I could hear her sighs of pleasure and I could sense her sexual excitement.


Suddenly, a tremendous spasm shook my body with an intensity unlike anything that I had experienced before or after.  I gently withdrew her foot from my mouth and looked to see that I had apparently developed a throbbing erection- I had been so obsessed with worshipping and making love to her foot that I didn't even realize it.  She had used her other foot to press at the base of my penis and she had led me to sexual orgasm- the most powerful and intense of my life- in the 20 prior years and in the 20 subsequent years.  While I was worshipping and making love to her foot, she had taken from me my slave virginity- I knew that this had been a sexual experience with my Mistress.  I gazed up at her and whispered, "I love you."



There is more to share but I will stop here. I had the honor of serving her a few more times. I still think about her often and I replay that first experience in my mind. If anyone knows whatever happened to her, I would love to let her know how much I appreciated my Femdom experiences with her.


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