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From Chad O:




Although I am not what you would call a hard-wired submissive male, I do find the fantasy of being dominated by a woman to be my favorite sexual fantasy.



I had a real life female domination experience, although it did not involve leather, whips or BDSM. It was a sexual experience with my former girlfriend, and one I cannot get out of my mind.  We use to watch skin flicks on VHS every weekend and have sex afterwards (and sometimes during). I would go to the local video store and rent XXX videos. She loved them. She was the only woman I ever met that would actually request that I go rent some XXX movies.


My experience was when we rented this movie and it had a scene where this woman was like the Queen over a male harem. They undressed her and fed her grapes and one guy fanned her while another guy kissed her feet. All the men were naked and she played with their enormous cocks, stroking them and teasing them. It was very hot.


The scene that really scorched the screen was when she had this one male slave approach her and he was wearing a chastity device. She removed it and he became erect and he had to be nine inches, maybe more. She teased him and told him to insert the tip of his penis into her pussy, but only the head. One of the other male slaves tied his hands behind his back and the look of sexual frustration on his face was out of this world. He would insert just the head of his penis inside the Queen (all caught close-up by the camera) and she would tell him to stop there and just hold it there but his penis would begin to slide in a little deeper and she would slap him across his face and make him pull out and try again. This went on and on as the poor guy could only put the head of his penis inside her and he had to hold still in that position.


Finally, he was ordered back into his chastity device and he had to stand there, frustrated and denied, along with the other slaves as they had to watch as she selected this one large man to have sex with her in front of all the other slaves.



My girlfriend was very amused and I might add excited about this scene in this video. She said she wanted to try it with me. She made me kneel in front of her as she was seated like the Queen, with her legs spread, and I had to insert only the tip of my penis inside her pussy. This was so hard to do and the sexual frustration was out of this world. I kept sliding deeper inside her and she slapped me, which startled me, but I tried again. I finally was able to get just the head inside of her as I concentrated on not moving. It was so hard to do. She laughed at me the whole time and she was enjoying every minute of my frustration.


What made it so hard was that I was feeling no pleasure, it was all frustration. It was like she was holding the prize of pleasure millimeters from me but she would not allow me to grab the prize. My head kept popping out of her and I had to try it again and again before I got it right. What an experience that was.




We ended up having sex and I got my release but when I read stories about male chastity and denial, I now wonder what it would’ve been like had she placed me inside a chastity device and denied me release after this frustrating exhibition. I wonder if any other women do this to their denied husbands. Do they ever make them insert only the head of the penis inside and deny them full penetration? That is even more frustrating than total denial. I would love to experience this again with a dominant woman.



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