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From Adam N:




I am not really into Femdom but I enjoy all expressions of human sexuality. I do have submissive fantasies but I don’t know if I could ever allow a woman to have as much control over me as the couples who contribute to your site.


I think of all the stories that I’ve read on your site, I enjoy the cuckolding experiences the most. The reason is probably because of an experience I had with a former girlfriend.


We were into swinging. If you would have met this woman, you never would have guessed it. She was (and still is) beautiful, with blonde hair and fair skin. She was an elementary teacher and most would evaluate her as conservative. But she could not get enough sex.


I had never been into swinging until I began to date her and she got me interested. She had been swinging for years prior to meeting me. I thought I was dating a nice, elementary teacher. Naturally I got excited when she would share her fantasies and experiences with me.


I attended a ‘Lifestyle Convention’ with her, which is a convention for swingers. They have them on the east and west coast. She took on a different personality at this convention but I found it to be erotic as hell, watching her interact with both men and women. I did ‘swing’ with another woman at this convention but I could not get into it like my girlfriend. I had a blast but swinging is not for everyone and I realized that I was not meant to swing.


My girlfriend understood and after the convention, she told me that she could suspend her swinging lifestyle while we built our relationship. I was happy but I told her that if she wanted to swing on occasion, I might be willing to accept that if I didn’t have to participate.


Nothing was said and we dated for about nine months being totally monogamous with each other. Then it was my birthday and she said that she wanted to do something special for me. We had moved in together and she told me that some friends of hers were coming over to help celebrate my birthday. About eight o’clock that night, an African American couple arrived and she was tall and really built. He was rather small and slender. We had dinner and through the various conversations, I realized that this was a couple that my girlfriend had met once through the swinging lifestyle.


After dinner, we listened to some music and chatted some more. Then my girlfriend announced that it was time for my present. She excused herself, and told me to bring one of the dining room chairs and follow her to our bedroom. She told me to sit in the chair. She removed my shirt and pants but left my under briefs on and she got some rope and tied me up very tightly.


She left me and rejoined her guests and about ten minutes later, all three of them came into the bedroom and they had a threesome on the bed, while all I could do was watch. The woman had an amazing body and I regretted having told my girlfriend that I was not interested in swinging. As a matter of fact, she teased me rather mercilessly about how I had told her that I was Ok if she wanted to swing as long as I didn’t participate.


The man, although short in stature, was hung like the proverbial horse. He was huge. Watching my fair skinned girlfriend having sex with two dark skinned people was erotic. All I could do was watch. My girlfriend came over to me a few times and sucked on my nipples and gave me a kiss, but then she would jump back in bed and go at it some more with her friends. The bi-sexual interactions between she and the other woman was incredibly hot.


It was a night I will never forget. I was cuckolded that night and didn’t even know what the word was or what it meant.


In the end my relationship with her did not survive because she wanted me to become active in the swinging lifestyle with her and I didn’t feel comfortable. We departed on good terms.


Looking back on my relationship with her, I wouldn’t say she was dominant with me but she was sexually selfish. Our sex life was always about her pleasure and she desired lots of sex, more than one man could provide, and I guess that is why she enjoyed the swinging lifestyle.


I reflect on that night more often than I probably should, and it makes me wonder if perhaps I am not a candidate to be a woman’s cuckold if I were to meet a dominant woman. I have no desire to do housework or surrender my pay check or be whipped but I think I could accept being a woman’s cuckold provided I was also allowed to have sex with her.




Thanks again for your website.

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