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I have always been submissive to women, and I have taken it to a new level lately. My wife enjoys a night out so, in addition to my Monday thru Friday day job, I recently applied for a waiter’s job on Friday and Saturday nights to earn more money so my wife could go out with her single friends on the weekends.


I love it. I pick her up from work and we go home, I change into my uniform (white shirt, black bow-tie, black pants, black vest, black shoes and white apron while I buy her sexy outfits (she wouldn't wear around me) like boob tubes, short skirts and sexy high heel sandals with the extra money I earn. I kneel before her and give her a pedicure while she teases me that other men will be perving on her all night. I put an anklet on her right anklet for the hotwife thing, but she is unaware of it’s meaning (even though the next morning she tells me she was the belle of the ball with the single men).


I drive her and her friends into a cool nightclub, while I go off to work from 7pm-1am. I love working hard in uniform, on my feet all night, not drinking, not smoking, not knowing what she is up too, calling people Ma'am and Sir, feeling subservient, being in subspace and knowing she is spending the money I make.


I wonder if she is relaxing sitting down (or dancing with other men - I dare not ask), drinking (she gets 'available' when drunk), smoking, knowing I am working hard, and happily spending all my waiters salary during the night. When finished work, I wait in the city for when she and her friends are finished having fun. She calls me on my cell phone (I have to answer on the first ring), and I pick them up, open the doors (I put the child lock on so I have to get out in my uniform and open the door - as a proper servant should).


I love this life, and think other men should obey the supreme female in this way.  I have a fantasy that my wife and her female friends would come for dinner at the restaurant I work at before they go out. I would love to be in uniform, taking their orders and watching them go out for a good time, while I wash their plates and serve others. And I want my wife to have me in a chastity belt while doing this (with the key in her purse) as a sign of domination.



I do not want to push her too fast and scare her away. I think my wife will think it's taking it too far if I share with her my fantasy.








My wife and I have been in a femdom relationship for most of our 9 year marriage. Until recently, we kept all D/S activities private and lived a more or less vanilla life in public. That changed somewhat when we met another femdom couple (I’ll call them Jane and Jim) in our city. My wife had briefly worked with the woman years before, and it wasn’t long until we were sharing the details of our lifestyle with them. For me, it was great to have another submissive to talk to. Jim and I are both househusbands, and we would have a lot of fun discussing our everyday experiences as helpmates to professional women.


A few weeks ago, I broke my wrist in an accident at home and was not able to do housework. Jane offered to let Jim come over to do some of the household chores, and my wife agreed. Jane has him well trained, and I can’t deny he’s a superior sub. He has greater domestic skills, is more cheerful, attentive, intuitive, and totally obedient. Well, my wife was extremely impressed. I really fell short in comparison. I went from being the best sub she had known to a slacker. She told me I needed to improve, and she asked Jane what the secret was.


Jane said that Jim was such a good sub because of heavy discipline and chastity. Except for very infrequent masturbation sessions, he is kept chaste 24/7. He is whipped weekly and is kept on a very strict diet and exercise regimen. He has very restricted access to the internet. He watches no television, and has an early bedtime if his chores are done. It is Jane’s philosophy that any distractions in a man’s life must be removed in order for him to remain focused on his wife.


 chastity training


My wife is very intrigued with this philosophy. She has informed me that drastic changes are going to be made. She says I’m going to have to endure intense, weekly physical discipline. She has told me to prepare myself for eventual long term chastity, and is planning to start me on saw palmetto for prostate health. She says that much of Jane’s program will be implemented gradually during the next few months, and that it will improve and exhilarate our marriage.



I seriously doubt if I can handle this. I’m not a “pain puppy” and although my wife has denied me for extended periods in the past, I think there is a limit to my tolerance for chastity. The other restrictions would be difficult as well. I do have to admit that Jim seems very happy and content, but what is right for one sub may not be right for all.


 male chastity and teasing


I know I sound whiny, but I really do want to please my wife. I’ve already been lowered in her eyes, and I don’t want to disappoint her anymore. I will try to submit to her program and hope for the best.









I am married and my wife is a dominant woman. We engage in such activities as discipline, corporal punishment, male chastity and cuckolding. We are not 24/7 because of our children and my wife’s close proximity to her family, who drop by and visit more than I would like, but I submit to it. Our Femdom sessions occur exclusively when we go away. I travel on business and our children are old enough now that my wife can accompany me on some of my trips.



She always packs some toys and leather outfits and she likes to dominate me in our hotel room. My latest promotion at work has given me the perk of better accommodations on the road so we always stay in nice rooms, sometimes we get a suite. It can be difficult to concentrate on my job when I know my wife will greet me that night back at the hotel in a leather outfit and I will have to submit to her all night long.



We have a great time and my wife has become rather skilled with the whip and the paddle. Take last week for example. We were on the road and she tied me down to the bed in our suite and she gagged me with her panties so that the people in the next room could not hear my cries. My wife brought her cane and she had me dancing on the bed as I turned and twisted my body from the discipline I was receiving from her. The ropes kept me a prisoner and at her mercy. By the time she was done, my ass cheeks were so sore I could not sit the rest of the night or the next day without the constant reminder of what I had endured.


dominant wife



My wife will sometimes go out at night as I stay back at the room and work on my notebook computer, preparing for the next day’s clients. She never goes far, usually just down to the hotel bar or lounge for a few drinks or to hear a band. She has had me bathe her and dress her in her sexy leather prior to her leaving the room. We don’t do this often but she will initiate this when she is in the mood.



There have been a few occasions when she has picked up a man she was attracted to and went back to his room for sex. I know she has the right to do this and she always tells me where she is going, the room number, etc. And there have been two occasions when she brought the man back to our room. Once she called up and told me that I had 30 minutes to vacate the room and I was not to return until she called me on my cell phone. I was out until 1am until I got the call. That is an embarrassing feeling to be sitting at a Denny’s restaurant working on my computer, being tired and wanting to sleep but not being allowed in my own hotel room because my wife is having sex with another man.


cuckolded husband



Another time she brought a man back to our room and I was forced to watch. This was the lone time that has ever happened. My wife actually told this man she met in a hotel lounge about our Femdom marriage. He was a businessman who was staying in the same hotel, a big man, and he was excited about having me watch as he had sex with my wife. I sat in a chair and watched them go at it (yes, he used a condom). That was a very embarrassing experience, especially since my wife ordered me to put on my CB2000.



I am a lucky man to be married to my wife. She is so daring and venturesome. At the same time, she is a great mother to our children and a wonderful housewife. She settles into those traditional roles with ease when we are home but as soon as we go on the road and she is free from the children and her family, she becomes this dominant woman who is carefree and wild.













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