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Submissive Male in Femdom Relationship



From Brian K:



I am a submissive male in a femdom relationship with my lovely girlfriend of 2 years.  Our relationship is fantastic!  A few years back, I decided to actively seek a woman with whom to pursue a femdom styled relationship. 


In part simply being myself during the courting process, I have found her.  Though being somewhat nervous, I brought up the idea of femdom fairly early in the relationship ---about the 2 month mark.  I didn't want to wait 5 years and realize she was vanilla, and create a tremendous emotional strain.  To my elation, when I confessed my fantasies and desires, she not only took well to them, but called a few of them 'tame.'  It was exciting to be able to move into 'intermediate' level femdom so early in a new relationship!  We have matured together, fell in love, and practiced a femdom styled relationship that is growing stronger.  I seen how much she's grown in her dominance and it's wonderful to admire.  As we have grown more in love, we have grown more in femdom, and regularly practice facesitting, orgasm control/denial, worship sessions, humiliations of all types both private and public.  I am much better at asking her permission before I embark upon a course of action, which is directly tied to our femdom practice.  Because of these practices, I think I am a better man, and certainly a more fulfilled man. 




As our relationship has progressed, her need to dominate has seemingly increased 10-fold.  Sometimes, I look at her dominance with sheer awe, because I never imagined her being quite SO dominant.  This of course has fueled my submission and led us deeper into femdom. 


About a year ago, the subject of cuckolding came up while we were having an off-line discussion of our desires and fantasies.  I somewhat shamefully admitted the idea was an extreme hot button for me, but admitted that I wasn't sure if the reality of cuckolding would be the same as the fantasy.  Nevertheless, the cuckolding theme has become more and more part of the relationship. 


It's her #1 favorite role-play when we are intimate.  She has role-played the fantasy a hundred times, and in a hundred different ways.  It turns me into a puddle every time.  For months on end, we role-played the fantasy, and with very steamy results.  Eventually we talked about what would be required to actually pull it off in reality.  Ultimately, she decided (and I agreed) that if she could promise not to become emotionally connected, and that I could handle the plethora of emotions that this scenarios is likely to create...then it would be a possibility. 


We discussed going to nightclubs and letting her flirt with available men, to see if I could handle the innate jealousy and belittlement.  We discussed posting an ad in a kinky personals website.  Though we did neither, she eventually pulled the trigger on her own, and cuckolded me with a man she had always felt was attractive.  When it happened, I was working late into the wee hours of the morning...and the opportunity suddenly arose for her.  The man was a sales rep who does business with her company.  She works for a large company, so it is very unlikely for them to be discovered and potentially hamper their careers.  We live in the Midwest, this man lives in New York...he was in-town on business; he's always been interested in my girlfriend, so she impulsively gave him exactly what he wanted.  They had a wild sexual encounter in his hotel room that night, and arrived home before I did.  She was glowing for days afterward.



When she eventually told me of her tryst, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I felt so small, and VERY submissive.  I was at my computer desk the day afterward, and she told me.  I got up and fell to my knees in front of her, hugged her and kissed her navel and pussy through her clothes.  She knew at that point she didn't need to regret the incident.  We then retired into the bedroom and she recounted the event in glorious detail and teased me unmercifully. 


It was powerful!  Two weeks later, I was out of town for business and she played her trump card again!  I could scarcely believe it…this time with a local man, but who is not in our circle of friends.  She had a long and pleasant night with him, and then telephoned me at my hotel and told me her nefarious deed.  I begged for details, but she withheld any until my return.  When I returned home, my girlfriend guided into the bedroom, grabbed my hair and thrust my face into the 'stained' spot where their sex had taken place.  I reached a new level sub-space when this occurred.  It was at this moment I knew my girlfriend was capable of anything.  Imagine the amount of respect and reverence this generates; I developed a truly Goddess-like reverence for my girlfriend.


Those encounters took place this spring, and there have been no others since, save role-plays which are always hot, and readily available.  Lately we've been discussing getting engaged.  We are resolved to take this next step in the relationship.  We want to make the day I propose to her very special, and we both have fantasized about her cuckolding me (while I watch) the moment after I pledge a lifetime's devotion to her. 


Though it might seem a little crazy, this act would be hugely symbolic, and would usher in a lifetime of loving female authority.  We have been discussing it a lot lately, and we realize that choosing the right man is essential.  If we choose poorly, the event may be lackluster.  However, if we choose wisely, the day we become engaged might be the stuff of legends.  We realize that our choice of how to usher in the next phase might seem a bit extreme...but we are excited to do it. 


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