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Sweet Submission and Humiliation of a cuckold husband





In June my wife was having a few drinks with our best friend's wife, they got quite tipsy and my wife told her about our f.l.r marriage and me being locked in a cb6000 chastity device.


Well things progressed to me having to unzip and show my locked away manhood in panties. She laughed a little and thought it was weird but very intriguing while wanting to know more on this lifestyle. Since that night her and my wife have chatted a lot more about female led marriage/relationships and the wonderful benefits of keeping your husband in chastity.


I was a bit embarrassed but when the mild laugh turned to being a very interesting look i was more at ease. Me and my wife do believe that our friend is going to put her husband into a chastity device, most likely a cb6000 very shortly. While her husband does not know of me in chastity at this point, when he is in, my wife will make me expose my self to him and discover what an femdom marriage is all about. In reguards to leaking, I do all the time, since my orgasms are denied all but 5 or less times a year and i'm only milked while a great pleasure now comes from my wife using her strapon on a regular basis. Take care.










My Keyholder had her best friend over for dinner and drinks. After a few drinks the subject turned to sex. That when my wife blurt out that she keeps me locked up. Her friend said she was lying so I was made to pull down my shorts. Not only did she see me locked in a cb3000 but she also learned that I wear girls panties. It was very humiliating. My wife went on to explain what I had to do to be released.


Now whenever I see her friend she immediately grabs my cock to make sure it is locked up.


They are even talking about me being loaned out to her friend for a weekend, to clean her house and do chores. Of coarse my wife would keep the key. I sure hope this happens soon.











my Mistresses invited her "vanilla" friend over last night. After going over some basics, do not talk unless spoken too, no direct eye contact etc, i greeted our guest & proceeded to serve drinks, appetizers, main dishes & dessert before the conversation turned towards me. i was instructed to stand in front of her and lift my dress. She was not familiar with chastity but was surprised that i was restrained day & night & made a comment on how pretty the pink was. The usual questions were answered ( why this is good for me & my Mistresses) and they talked about my pretty panties and other things before the conversation turned to my training. i had anticipated maybe an over the knee spanking or a demonstration on flogging for her, but the light hearted tone turned when i was told to go the back room.


A chair had been placed by the bed for our guest to watch and converse with my Mistresses for the next few hours. Before i knew what was happening, i was stripped, restrained, blindfolded, gagged & plugged. She gave  her a great instructional on bdsm & intense sissy training techniques.

Our guest really seemed to enjoy and had so many questions and input. The entire session, as always, was wonderful, but i have to admit to an extra thrill knowing a complete stranger was seeing what a complete sissy i have been turned into & the fact she was taking pictures as i was force fed a dildo. Everyone had a wonderful time & as she was leaving, i over heard her talking about "next time..." & my Mistresses have teased me about serving male guests in the future too.


After she had left, Mistresses had other tasks for me to complete before the night was really over for me. 


The experience has left me feeling even more owned & obedient.











I feel that I could almost cry at the moment, but I also feel that it is one more step towards what my mistress wife really wants. I think that she really wants to break my will, and turn me into her cuckold sissy.

We have always had a great sex life together and on the odd occasion we have even been swingers meeting with other couples, and for her birthday I did arrange for three men to join us, but this time it feels completely different and I’m slightly scared. On every other occasion that we have done anything like this before we have always had a giggle and there has been a humour to events, but this time it feels much darker.


I have placed, on her behalf, a few ads looking for bulls, now this I thought would be just like the ads for single men when we were swingers but it’s not. I think that she now has three dates lined up for the next couple of weeks but she just isn’t communicating with me like we have done in the past. She has always been strong at work and I guess I have always been the strong one at home, but now since I have been caged she is the strong one. I guess also it could be that I haven’t had any relief for a few nights now, and last night I felt humiliated when she told me her nipples had never been this erect for so long talking to these bulls.


Along with my cage we also bought a sex swing that we had talked about getting for ages, but it was a lot of money so we took a bit of time deciding. Anyway it arrived on Thursday and I rushed home to put it up hoping that we might have a little fun, but once again no. I know that she has told all the bulls that she has this new toy, and I wonder if it wasn’t really for us to have fun on it was for her to have fun with her bull on. I just feel that the bulls are taking precedence.


I think tonight could be the night that changes everything. Danny is coming over to see me as her slave and he’s going to screw her in front of me. She says that she want to see my face with a real cock inside of her. Truthfully I think that she wants to see the exact moment that I am broken as a man.











My wife loves locking  me in a cb2000

She loves dominating me and humiliating me,

She loves fucking, sucking and the taste of cum

She loves playing with dildos,

she loves flirting with delivery men, door salesmen and repair men,

She loves me wanking over the thought of her fucking other guys,

She loves dressing like a slut,

She loves telling me how nice guys she's just met are,

She loves chatting to guys online,

She loves me getting guys to chat to her online

And she loves me begging guys to seduce her with a view to fucking her.











It has been over 18 years ago since my wife cuckolded me for over 2 years.


What I still remember and what still turns me on, is remembering how I would prepare my wife for her dates with her boyfriend, Kenny. Sometimes, it would start as early as days before, when her and I would go to the local mall and I would help her pick out the clothes she would be wearing for her upcoming date. Her and Kenny would go out dancing, usually on a Saturday night. After that she would usually spend the night at his house not coming home until the next day or even not until Monday. Usually she would inform me as to how everything went, including the love making. Once she said they made love 6 times in the 2 days she was gone. She more or less treated me like a girlfriend, telling me about her date. I on the other hand, only had my hand to make love too.


Usually on Saturday evening after I got home from work I would be allowed

to either bathe my wife or even get into the shower with her and wash her hair, which was very long and straight, almost touching her ass. I would also wash her body and pat her dry after her bath or shower.


Needless to say I had a constant hard on the whole time with my cock dripping precum endlessly. I remember that sometimes she would get some on her index finger and feed me my cum, after I licked her finger, she would tell me I was a nasty boy. If she had washed her hair I was given the task to blow dry her hair which took a long time. I would paint her toenails and fingernails. Usually I was given the task to trim her pussy.


For the most part she was completely shaved except for a small patch of hair above her pussy. I would sit at her feet while she put her makeup on. Most of the time she was naked, or would just have on the skimpy panties she would be wearing that night. I remembered once how I stole those panties on a Monday morning after she had gotten home. The were black and had a lot of cum stains on the crotch. I would sniff them while jerking off imagining the 2 of them making love.


Anyway, after she put on her makeup and did her hair, I would help her get dressed. A faint touch of perfume on her neck and the crotch of her panties usually would finish things off. She would tell me to be good and not jerk off before leaving for her date. Of course that never happened. I usually jerked off 2-4 times that night thinking about her.


I would have enjoyed the whole experience more if I had not been so scared to lose her. She would say the whole two years that she would not leave me because she loved me. But her actions still confused me. She finally ended her affair after Kenny got too serious and wanted for her to divorce me and marry him.

I can only remembering her and I fooling around on 2 occasions in the 2 years. I do know I ate at least 3 creampies from her.


I was lucky. I have the experience of being cuckolded, and still kept my wife, being happily married now for over 33 years.











I have always wanted to be a Sissy to my partner and now I am in a loving relationship with a very sexual woman who I have bared all and told I want to be her Sissy and her my Mistress and to my amazement she has decided to try this.


Before we met she was enjoying a time after her marriage had ended of dating several men and having safe casual sex, she is very sexual and loves strong dark men, and she kept in contact with many of these men after we met each other.


I suggested early in our relationship I would like her to have sex with other men, no strings just sex, while I wanted her to deny me sex and use a CB 3000 on me.


Well 8 months on and I have a CB6000 and she has three men she sees about once every two weeks, we are now looking for a man who can pleasure her twice a week while I now as her Sissy am no longer allowed to enter her and can only pleasure her orally.


I do get some pleasure which is about once a week, she masturbates me with a leather glove and i have 30 seconds to orgasm, she doesnt even look at me as she does this saying its tedious and a Sissy just needs to empty herself.











1. have your husband shave YOU before sex


2. have your husband lick your Pussy to get YOU ready for your Dildo / Vibrator


3. have your husband lick your Pussy when your playing with your Dildo / Vibrator until YOU cum


4. have your husband wear a condom when YOU make love and have him lick YOU after he cums inside YOU


5. when he gets good at # 4 have him make love to YOU with out a condom and lick YOU clean


6. have you husband cum inside YOU then use your Dildo /Vibrator to get YOU real wet and have him clean YOU and your Dildo/Vibrator with his mouth till YOU cum


7. Tell him how good it feels to having him clean up after your Lover stretches and fills your Pussy with his Big Cock


8. Tell him YOU like how it looks when he has your Lovers Cock in his mouth


9. Tell him this is what he is going to have to do to have sex from now on


10. If YOU ever give him oral keep his cum in your mouth and kiss him after letting it go into his mouth.











I personally believe that once a male agrees to submit to chastity (no matter whose idea it was), he has in effect denied his wife his penis. Sure, the sub suffers terribly as most are wankers (like me) and the loss of all pleasurable feelings in a sub's penis is a tremendous emotional hurdle. After a while, he accepts being his wife's eunuch.


Unfortunately, for many women, being married to a eunuch is indeed not what they signed up for and extra-marital sex (cuckolding) is sure to follow a husband in chastity. My wife and I agreed to both chastity for me and lovers for her when we first got together. This has been our sex life together. I do get a lot of pleasure from worshipping her and she, of course, simply loves being able to have lovers. But, even in the best of situations, there are a few potholes which must be navigated.


1. Does your chastised husband get to watch you have sex? Believe it or not, many male lovers are not up for this and a few will suffer performance anxiety if the husband is present. Also, my wife, initially lost focus with her first couple of lovers because she was distracted by my presence.


2. How will your husband react? The emotional response in a male, especially one that is locked in chastity, cannot be overestimated. He is watching you pleasure a penis other than his. He is watching your lover do for you what he cannot. He is suffering a mixture of jealousy and envy as your lover receives the ultimate sexual gift of penetration and orgasm. In my case, communication and my wife's strong will got us through it. Then an unusual thing happened. She had a regular lover for several months who came by our home several times a week. His cock was so perfect for her (8 inches and really thick and always hard). She had orgasms multiple times through penetration. My 3.5 inch penis (which is only a button when soft, especially in chastity) simply cannot compete with what he had to work with. I suddenly realized why my sex life led to to complete submission to a woman's pussy and full time chastity.











I  have been locked in my cb2000 since christmas day and I thought tonight was going to be a great relief when my mistress walked in with an adult movie and told me to strip naked, she cable tied me to a chair and stood over me, she then took the cb2000 off and put the dvd on. It was great, instantly hard. I was then told to pleasure mistress which I love doing, afterwards I was told to enjoy my "freedom" and was left tied to the chair watching the rest of the dvd whilst mistress had a bath. Afterwards I was subjected to the "ice cube treatment" to calm my erection and locked back up again!! Hopefully mistress will take pity on me soon!!!











Well, tonight after my husband fucked me with the strap-on, and we were cuddeling, he told me he had an idea about how I could get cock. Now this was a day earlier than I had told him he needed to decide if we were going to end the chastity play, or what....that I had not signed up for chastity.


So anyway, as he lay next to me in his cb2000 and panties he said he really enjoyed being in chastity (I'll NEVER be able to figure that one out) but he understood my need for real cock. HE suggested that I find another man to satisfy my needs!! I must say that I hoped he would reach that conclusion, but I really was surprised that he did. We talked quite a bit about me having other lovers, and agreed that it would always just be about sex, and that I would always tell him whenever I had sex, and perhaps let him watch.


I'm still amazed that he could/want to do this, but I'm very excited about it! I told him that HE was going to be responsible for finding me my first fuck, and that until he found me a real man, he would not be allowed to cum. Needless to say, he wants to go out to a local pick-up joint tomorrow night, we'll see.


I've also pushed his feminization a bit as well. He has been very receptive to wearing his panties (not that he has any choice since I tossed his underwear out), and sleeping in his woman's night shirt. This week I had him help me paint my nails and while we were at it I painted his toenails. I also had him "help" me with my makeup, and he did a terrible job. I told him that if he ever expected to cum again, he better get better at making me up; and that if he wants to practice on himself, then I suggest he do that.


That was on tuesday, I've watched him put makeup on every night since. Oh he is so bad at it, but I guess practice makes perfect!



Well, last night was the first time I have had a cock other than my husbands since I got married!! I was so nervous, but it turned out GREAT.


When hubby got home from work, I asked him if he was sure he wanted to go through with this and he reaffirmed that he was. I had him help me get preped for the evening, a nice hot bath, shaved legs and pussy, makeup, peerfume...the works. Our plan was to go to the local pick up bar, he would go in first and an hour later I would follow. He would chat up some likely candidates and when I walked in, if any showed interest, he would encourage the guy to talk to me. We had no intention of letting anyone know we were married.


So I got dressed in one of my sluttier outfits, short skirt, tight top, slut shoes,heavy makeup...all the while getting hubby's advicce and assistance. Before he left, I told him that as I was walking out of the bar with my new cock, I would look at him, and unless he gave me a thumbs up, I would not go through with it.


Well, sure enough, as soon as I walked in a guy in his 20's came up to me and immediately started hitting me up. I was so nervous, my legs were shaking. Anyway, he did not waste much time, two beers later we were walking out the door. Sure enough I looked back at my husband and he gave me the thumbs up.


I followed him back to his place and as soon as we walked in the door, he turned and kissed me. Well, you all know how it goes and before you know it we were in his bedroom and I was sucking a strange cock. He fucked me twice that evening (and yes I made him wear a condom, pills do nothing for STD!) IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! Oh I had forgotten what a good fuck was like. He was not particularly big, but a little bigger than normal, certainly bigger than my husband.


Our fucking session went on for about 2 hours, before I got up and headed home. When I got in, hubby was in bed, wearing makeup as best he could apply it (he's getting better, and I certainly appreciate the effort) and had a hard on in his little cage. As we cuddeled, I told him all about the evening, and how good it was, but that it was just sex and I still loved only him. He then reminded me that I said he could cum when he found me a real cock. I admitted that joe's cock certainly was real, so I told him that I could let him out of his cage and he could straddle my body and masturbate onto my belly, or he could stay locked up another two weeks and then fuck me. He decided to wait, though he told me that I should continue to find real cocks as often as I needed to. WOW what a change.










Today is Saturday and my wife has gone to her bf's house for the day. Before she left she had me pack her new lingerie that i was required to purchase for her on a recent trip. When the salesgirl said your husband should enjoy these things, my wife replied to her, oh these aren't for his enjoyment, they're for my bf's. Needless to say, they were beautiful as she is in them.

I am so happy that she finds pleasure,even if with another man. It is so comforting to have our sex completely under her control.

we started with me finding her bulls. Now she enjoys finding her own so who and where she is is a mystery to me. When she arrives home this evening, her house will be spotless, her dinner cooked and her husband waiting with her cocktail in hand and in my cb6000 of course.

what is there not to be happy about?











I  have practised Chastity Control on my sissy sub for two years. There is nothing funnier than ruining his orgasm after he waited two months for it. I basically restrain him so he can't move, then masturbate him. At the moment he cums, I squeeze the base of his cock HARD between my thumb and finger. This complete ruins the orgasm, stopping the muscle contractions, and leaving and the semen to dribble out. This I follow with a stiff whipping, and the cock restraint is placed straight back on. This is usually enough to produce some very pleasing tears of pain and frustration, and of course, total obedience for two more months.













i really love it when my Wife unlocks and removes the chastity (except for the CB3K ring) and then 'works' on me for a while... having me stand at attention while touching me, rubbing my little clitty with a stiff brush, pinching my nipples, and having me curtsey and speaking politely. My Wife/Mistress loves the little moans and whimpers, and i love taking Her direction not to move a muscle especially during really intense stimulation. it even gets me more excited when She decides that it's time for Her (or Her Sister's or other Lady's) used panties are brought out. Panties are my favorite play thing! when Mistress calculates i've had enough of Panties then i'm bent over a stool for a good milking!


of course, immediately afterwards i'm curtseying and thanking Her, and looking at the CB3K beinh lcoked-on again. and getting Mistress something on the serving tray...












all i can think of in my head is that HER orgasms and HER pleasure are so many hundreds of times more important than mine, that my own release can only be of consequense in the context of how it would encourage me to better support Her needs.


i am Hers to take advantage of.

She may simply ignor my orgams as long as She pleases, humiliating me by treating my orgasm as nothing to be bothered with.


She may occasionaly take me out and have me cum over and over and over until it is painfull and i am milked dry -just to wake up all of my feelings- only to cage me up again, so the pent-up will be renewed.


She may tease me, offering orgasm and at the last minute retracting it, instead occuping me with a more important task such as standing at her side holding a tray wiht a napkin on it -in case She should have need for one. CRUSHING any notions that my orgasm matters at all.


But OH to look into Her smilng eyes when She RUINS my orgasm with Her mere fingertips... oh how divine to feel my place so intensely! :_)



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