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My stupid cuckold husband



My husband Josh is truly an idiot. We got married in August of '07 and he still doesn't know that I was gangbanged by his best man and all of his groomsmen after the rehersal dinner. Josh thought that I was going to save myself for marriage, and I had, until that night. Josh was 24 and I was 19. After the rehersal dinner he went back to our apartment, and he believed that I was going to stay at my parents house. Instead I went to his best man's house and the groomsmen came along too. As the rehersal dinner was held at a casual restaurant, I was dressed in a pink g string with a short jean skirt, my black bra and bright pink polo shirt and 6 inch black platform heels (I didn't want to look awkward in wedding pics as Josh is 6"2 and I am only 5"4, 98 lbs.)

It didn't take long for the debauchery to begin. Josh's best man John grabbed me and pulled off my g string, and then lifted me over his face and held me in the air while he ate me to orgasm. Once he had finished he laid me onto the kitchen table and took off his pants and boxers. He had the largest cock I had ever seen (i was still a virgin, but I had sucked a good number of cocks). As he started to rub his cock head against my virgin pussy, I noticed the other six guys gathering around, and they were all naked. James and Mike moved into place near my hands and i began to jerk them both off. Tyrone, the only black man in the wedding party took a spot over my head which was leaning over the edge of the table. I thought John's cock was big. Tyrone's was at least 3 inches around and 11 long. He put his hands on both of my jaws and opened my mouth and inserted his long cock into it. At the same time, John slid his cock into my tight pussy, I tried to cry out in pain but Tyrone's cock muffled my cries. John came after slamming my pussy for about 10 minutes. Joey took over pounding my pussy while Tyrone finished and shot his load of black baby batter down my throat. Brad came over and started to skull fuck me. Mike and James shot their loads all over my face. Scott was the first to fuck my ass. After everyone had gotten their turn tearing my pussy apart and fucking my mouth, scott put me onto the table on my hands and knees. He slammed his cock into my asshole and fucked me until he busted his load into my ass, and it ran out and down my crack to my pussy.

The next night when it was time to fuck my husband Josh for the first time, he had no idea what I had done the night before. As soon as he penetrated me, he told me I felt loose, however I countered that his cock is smaller than my tiny vibrator. He shut up and continued to fuck me.

Since the wedding, I have continued to fuck all of the groomsmen and best man, as well as some other guys. And Josh is clueless.



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