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My GF and I are long-distance. I'm 27. She is 20, and she's still in college. She is the most stunning, cute, and sexy little blond you've ever seen (5'2", 105lbs). You won't believe me.. you'll think I'm making this up, but that's ok.


Anyway.. tonight over webcam I helped her pick out what she was to wear to the party. I chose her to wear a tight, long sleeve black shirt over a tank top, jeans, and knee-high boots. She looks very classy and sexy. Her long blond hair is down, and her soft milky skin is as delicious looking as always.


She knows I'm jealous and concerned about her going out - as always - so she told me she won't be doing anything naughty. Of course, she always tells me that... then in a few hours or the next day, I'm listening to her as she says or types those words.. "baby, I've been bad ". I then listen/read as she confesses what she's done.


It's usually nothing too bad.. most often just heavy flirting.. a couple times she's kissed the guy... one time she got fingered, and another time she gave a guy a handjob, but he was aching for her mouth, and she couldn't resist, so as he got close to orgasm she took him in her mouth and down her throat (she is the best deepthroater ever), and then let him cum all over her face and tits (she said she had her shirt off, but pants on). That guy was her ex-ex-bf. He is the head of the frat that she's going to tonight.


Now.. I'm no sissy/whimp. I can make her cum like nobody else. The thing is... she's a sex freak. She is constantly masturbating. She simply can't help herself. She started talking online with other guys, but she can never control herself. She has this compulsion to please all men, and make them find her sexy. She will send pics and has even masturbated on webcam for guys. The more a guy says she is probably ugly, the more she has to prove him wrong.


We've had fights over her antics... but it really comes down to the fact that we are long-distance. That she NEEDS sex and to get off, but I'm not always there. For a while I forbid her, but she just got so upset.. with life and with me. Eventually I let her do what she wants, but asked her to be considerate. Now she is sometimes only-semi appologetic when she gets up to her antics. Things like "I'm sorry baby, but you weren't around and you know how I get".


Anyway, she's been at the party for about 30 minutes now. She usually goes with her sister, who's presence - to a point - keeps her under control. Her sister didn't go with her tonight though. I'm really thinking - despite her reassurances - I'll be listening to her confess again.






Let me start out by telling you that Deb and I have been married for over 20 years and have kids that are grown and gone. She is 47 and I'm 49. I know all of us cuck wanna bees are convinced that we don't satisfy our wives but I know for a fact that I don't. My cock is average to small ( just a hair under 5", cut and average in girth ) but my problem is I cum very quickly and always have.

Our sex life now involves me using my tongue on her 95% of the time, then fucking her with one of many of her large dildos ( the black one is her most preferred ) When she does let me put my cock in her she looks at her wrist watch and tells me to begin. The clock starts when I start pumping and my average is 1 min. 10 secs. I have never made her cum with my cock. My quickest is 23 sec. and the longest she has timed me is 1 min 50 secs.

I know this sounds pathetic and it's no wonder why I've never pleased a woman and had to learn at an early age to be a pro with my tongue. But lately I can tell that Deb needs a good fucking from a Bull with nice cock. She has told me on several occasions that a tongue, or finger or dildo orgasm is great, but nothing matches a good cum from a Bull who knows how to use his cock.

She knows I masturbate all the time and I've asked her to put my little cock in a cage so she can really control me but she just isn't into that ( too bad ) She knows my desire to see her with another man and sometimes she indulges me with some roll play where she goes out on a date and ends up staying the night , coming home to me the next day and telling me all about the great sex she had. I do feel with her level of frustration rising do to my unsatisfying performances will drive her to find a Bull.


I can only hope.











I was laying in bed tonight, feeling my pussy, and my muscular legs. I have worked very hard to maintain a tight body......however, it occured to me that the reason I do so, is for my bulls, not my hubby.

I love the hot passionate sex I have with my lovers. Sometimes it gets so deep, we look into each others eyes and I actually think I love some of them. Especially Jesee. I think about him every time I touch my sweett pussy, and wish it was him inside me.

My husband and I are both overseas a lot for work, and rarely see each other, sometimes for 6 months to a year at a time. Which sexually, is fine by me. I notice that when we do reunite after months apart, the sex is so quick, and expected. After we are done, we pick everything up, and get on with our days. No snuggling, no cuddling, and certainly no repeated performance. There is something about married sex that is so boring.

My husband is very self conscious about his body. He is something like 5'10, 260? 240? I don't know for sure. It is such a turn off that he won't fuck in front of mirrors, or on camera....and he usually takes me from behind, so I can't see anything.

That is why I have multiple lovers, and sex all the time. I have a burning drive to have a huge black cock in me as much as I can. Also I love having my husband in the room, so he can see a real stud tear up his wife. He knows that he can't please me. Even though he is above average hung, that cock just isn't sexy.

I laugh when he tells me about old girlfriends he has fucked, telling me how he made them scream and cum. I talked to some of them, even fucked one of them myself, and it was hysterical. They all agreed that he was a lame fuck, and that they were just faking it.

I love to punish him when he gets all cocky, denying him sex, and calling him out on his inability. I told him, „fine, if you are so awesome in bed, then I want to see you fuck a girl for me, I want to see you make her scream.“ He won't though, I think he knows.

I was hoping that cucking him would inspire him to be as awesome of a lover, as he is a husband. It hasn't so far.

I plan to turn up the heat a little. I am seriously looking for a black boyfriend, to date solely. I have a few ads out, and when I return from overseas, I plan to hit some clubs in search of that perfect bull.

I know as long as I have a steady bull, I won't be obligated to have sex with my husband very often.

He gets all pissed, and he probably will after he reads this, but I can't care about that. Deep down he is a sissy cuck. That is his lot in life. That is what he is meant to do. His job in this marriage is to get me ready for my dates, to buy me clothes and hot shoes, and be my driver. I need him to hold the camera while we are making a video, and to lick the bull cum from my pussy. He is a great bitch!

The best is having him make us sandwiches, and get us water, then serve it to us in his bed after we just fucked. I wonder what it feels like when he walks by the room at four in the morning, and sees my bull wrapped around his wifes naked body, spooning all night? My pussy lips all swollen and glistening with cum.








My wife and I started a game early in the 2000's where in 2001 she would have to fuck another guy first before I would get my chance. For 2002, it would have to be two guys, etc.


Well, it worked fine through 2003 since she always has some regulars around who enable her to reach her goals early in the year. However, for 2004 she was only seeing two other guys at the time. I got lucky with her third as she enjoyed a one night stand while on a business trip but her fourth conquest escaped her.


I was okay for the first month, but I started to get very frustrated when she began arranging second and even third dates with her regulars while I was still denied. My wife, being the sweetheart that she is, let me know that we could call off the game, but I insisted we see it through. I practically begged her to find another guy to fuck every time we were together. When we were together I would point out good looking guys. I encouraged her to answer more ads on AFF. I bought her all sorts of provacative clothing so that she looked available at all times. In short, I did everything but ask every guy I saw if they would make an attempt to seduce my wife.


It was early March when fortune turned my way. I had returned home from work on Thursday evening to find my wife getting all dolled up for a date. To my relief and surprise, my wife told me that a guy she had dated several years earlier was in town for the night and had asked her to dinner and "whatever". Hearing this, I almost came right there in my pants! I immedietly went to work helping my wife get ready by laying out her sexy underwear and helping her snap her garters to her stockings. At the same time my wife was teasing me saying things like, "I think I'll just have dinner and skip going back to his room. I'm not really in the mood for sex." We both know she was only kidding and before long she was giving me a sweet kiss on the cheek and leaving on her date.


Well, that night I was like a kid at Christmas. I couldn't sleep a wink and when I heard my wife's car drive up at 1:00 in the morning I was besides myself. She looked so very sexy in her typical just fucked look and I was so excited that I skipped protocol and didn't go down on her first before I had my first fuck of 2004. It was amazing as I probably only lasted a minute or so, but I felt so good as my wife wrapped her legs around my back, telling me that she loved me and urging me to enjoy myself.



The entire following weekend, we made up for the first two months with almost constant sex. We also agreed not to end the game that year!







I've been lurking here for a time, while I tried to convince my wife to enjoy fucking whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. It took a long time, but I'll save that story for later. About 6 months ago she found a guy and ended up keeping him as her regular boyfriend, and it's gotten progressively more intense. I just wanted to post a short summary of a really hot conversation we had last night.


The background is that they've been seeing each other for a few months now, and are seeing each other gradually more and more often. It started with a date a week or so, now it's up to two or three. And they've seen each other four times in the last four days. She told me at the beginning of their relationship that he was bigger, which was nice, but that my skills in bed were a bit better, so she liked having sex with us both.


Last night she asked if I could stay late at work so he could come over; she said she'd text me when they were done. I was at work (not getting much done, lol), and she texted me around 10 pm. I came home and she was just sitting on the couch, smiling and looking completely satisfied. She told me that lately he'd been getting much better and that sex with him was now "unbelievable." She said that he fucked her for 45 minutes, that she came 3 times, and the last one was a triple orgasm. She led me back to the bedroom and showed me that the bed was moved away from the wall about 5 feet, and was completely messed up from the sex. She laid down on the bed ("because I'm not sure I can stand straight right now") while I moved it back, all the while talking about how she's never felt this good in her whole life. And then she said "I know it's been a while for you"...(in fact, it's been three weeks since she fucked me, whereas she fucks him at least twice a week)..."and i know we were going to have sex tomorrow, but can i see him again? he gets off work early again and now that i know how amazing sex can be i feel like if i don't have it all the time i'll die." i told her that of course she could see him again, i wanted her to be satisfied, and that by the way if she ever can't see him, she can always have me. she looked over at me with a mixture of amusement and pity in her eyes and said "honey. i love you. i'm even in love with you. and i used to enjoy sex with you. if he dumps me i'll probably enjoy sex with you again, at least a bit. but fucking you when i had him the day before and will have him again the day after is so...uninspiring."


I said I knew and understood, and she leaned back and her eyes got all unfocused again. "Good. It's not that you're bad or that I don't love you. It's just that he's...(she whispered this) soooo bed." We went to bed, and all I could think about all night was my wife with her "magnificent" boyfriend...being fucked after just a few months like I've never been able to fuck her in our years together.



Sorry this was long; I just had to share.







I'm passing through a very interesting experience. I was not a cuck til my wife discovered I was a sissy. After that and during 8 years I was cucked and hummiliated in a very diferente ways. In the end she left me for a much younger guy, one of her previous bulls. So after she left me I'm leaving a wonderfull time cause, now everyone know I was cucked and at the same time the fact of being left over is, for me, the ultimate experience a cuck can have. So now I have new girl friend, but I became a wanker and I live to wank and be hummiliate in chats ans forums. If she wants I still pay for the expensive lingeries and shoes, even if I dont have any contacts with her after. I just go, pay and deliver because she tell me to do. If I have to do cleaning in her new house I do, and others hummiliations. I also mantains my activitys as sissy. This is the reason why I say, onde you a cuck you will be always a cuck.










I think the most amazing hot thing about my marriage; is that my pussy has the power to make my husband submit to my every wish. I can see him aching wanting to fuck me so bad; and wishing he was that thick, black, cock going deep inside my ass. My husbands cock is positively delicious, thick, and huge.......not the typical skinny white boy sissy cock.....but it has to kill him knowing even with such a perfect cock, I still crave my BBC lovers over him.

Something about the way a black man takes charge of my body......sensuous at first, then hard and aggressive. The way his hips grind me in that perfect black rythm. I beg and moan, and want him deep inside me.

I love it when my husband has to sit and watch this perfect hard black man bring me to orgasm. I love it when my bull orders him over to clean the cum from my pussy. I tell my husband when he can cum, and when he cant. Often I desire to give the key to my husbands chastity device to my black lover. Giving him control over his cock. Parading through the room in front of my lovers bull friends, dropping to my knees tasting their thick creamy cum. Looking into my husbands eyes as they take turns on me, Him not knowing if he is going to get to fuck me this week or next.

I love the care he has to take with me to make sure I am perfect for my bull. Buying me clothes and sexy shoes, knowing I will be wrapping my thighs around my bull and not him; in the dress he bought me that day.

I have the biggest sexual appetite, and the greatest husband in the world to let me fuck my lover hard and often.








I had an idea recently that I thought I'd share. Basically the cuck is forced/allowed to watch the bull and wife/gf have sex. If he has been good the wife has him kneel beside the bed afterward and tells him he will be allowed to masturbate. She has him get hard, if he isn't already, then comes over to him. Standing before him she says she will help by providing some lube. She squats down a bit and then proceeds to drip some of the bulls semen from her pussy onto his cock and stroking hand. He has to rub that in and use it to continue or finish. If they use condoms she could of course empty that onto his cock and hand instead.








Yesterday I moved to NY to my loved girlfriend, that we supposed to get married soon. We are both in Female Domination theme and we discussed it a lot.

At this time she doesn't want to cuckold me, so she tells she doesn't want anyone else in our life at this time, but there are so many other aspects, that she wants to try make true right now, that at some point she ll surely understand, that she needs to enjoy full sexual life and then she'll get a lover, she knows that she can. We are 33 y.o., I have an average size, but cannot last much time and she tells I cannot satisfy her with my dick.


So she decided, that she'll absolutely deny me any kind of penetrative sex, vaginal, oral and anal. I should be ready to satisfy her orally at any time or with a vibrator. That's not all, she excited from the stories, where wives doesn't allow to their husbands to see them naked, so she decided that this is what should be between us. So when she is changing her clothes, she is closing the door, or asks me from the room. She decided, that she'll not allow me to see any of intimate parts of her "it's not for you" she said (she read it somewhere).


And also we decided, than I shouldn't have a right to orgasm. For a while she told that may be she'll let me eventually to explode in orgasm, but our goal is for me to forget the feeling and to get the release of sperm through prostate massage once a week, and in a time to lower my releases to once a month or something. She is really enjoying when she knows that I amextremely horny and don't have a release.

As about anal sex she is very eager to try, she has virgin hole and she told me that if she is going to try it, so I'll not be the man to take her virginity, it's not for my dick she said, it's for real man dick.

So anyway, once she can get to the point she wants to have a lover, just to have penetration of the real dick for herself.








My wife has yet to cuckold me, as she is not interested in sleeping with another man. But I have gotten her to do the orgasm denial. I was a chronic masturbator, before and after I got married. My wife did not approve of it and I would continue to do it in private. As I have realized my cuckold desires, I have started to plant the idea in her head. We had a hard time at first as she still had the attitude of taking care of me in bed. We would start a week of orgasm denial for me, and because she didn't really care, I would end up cumming because I didn't have enough control to voluntarily stop. Plus my wife is hot and very hard for me to resist. Over the last year we have come along way to where I am not on a set schedule, but instead we negotiate a number of massages for her that I need to complete then I get to cum. Usually she lets me cum a couple of times when that happens and then we get to start again.


Currently I am at #11 of 20 massages and I haven't cum for 19 days. We still have sex and she gives me blowjobs because she has gotten to really enjoy watching me get close and then not finishing. Her attitude has changed to where she loves to tell me 'No' anytime I ask if she is going to let me cum tonight. This morning she woke up and asked me to get the kids breakfast while she played with her toy that I got for my birthday. When we have sex, I always have to wear a condom. At first I bought a pack of pleasure control and she told me to get the ultra sensitive ones instead because she wanted me to feel more and she didn't like it when I couldn't feel anything. It made a real difference and I love it.


Last night I asked her if she thought it would be fun for her to only let me cum once a month for a full year. She said she thought that would be too much for me to handle, but that the idea sounded fun and she would definitely enjoy it. I love her new attitude and hopefully we will be having more fun soon. The next step is for her to get me caged.








My Wife and I have been working out a new agreement for the direction of our cuckold relationship. I am really questioning my decision. I gave up so much and am getting very little in return.

I'll tell you what I got first and then what my Wife got.

My Wife promised that on February 29th, 2012, she will give me my very first handjob. The next leap year, in 2016, she has promised to give me my first blowjob. On February 29th, 2020, my Wife is going to let me enter her ass for the first time. And finally, on February 29th, 2024, I will get to lose my virginity and have marital intercourse with my own Wife. I'll be 50 years old. I'm sure that the last two will never take place. My Wife has a way of getting out of her promises with me.

My Wife also agreed on giving me at least one hour per day to worship some part of her body (her choice). By worship I mean licking, sucking and smelling her. The only parts of my Wife's body I am allowed to worship are her feet, her armpits, her ass, and her pussy. She enjoys my worship of her so usually I get to worship her longer than an hour.

I also get to lick my Wife's pussy clean after she pees whenever it is possible. She has also promised that she will piss directly in my mouth allowing me to drink her golden nectar at least once a week.

Finally, all my orgasms will include my bare penis rubbing on either my Wife's bare ass, feet, or by humping her bare leg. I still have to lick up my ejaculate, but no more condoms for me!

Now here's what my Wife got. First of all she achieved her goal of reducing my orgasms and putting me into chastity. Instead of coming every second and last Sunday of each month plus three additional orgasms equaling 27 orgasms for the year I only get to come on the last Sunday of each month (minus December when my only orgasm will be on Christmas) plus January 1st, and September 16th (my birthday). I went from 27 orgasms to 14, giving up almost half of my precious few orgasms.

On Christmas of this year I will be given a chastity devise (any suggestions, my penis flaccid is under 2 inches) and on January 1st, 2010, after my first orgasm of the new year, my penis will be cleaned and placed in chastity for the first time. I am so scarred about this.

But what my Wife really wanted and got is her boyfriend moving in with us and our cuckolding relationship in the open completely for the first time. Her boyfriend is our neighbor. He owns his own business and travels more often than not during the week and spends most weekends at our house fucking my Wife while I hide in the spare room. He knows about our relationship and is very cool about it. He has just agreed to rent out his house for a year and move in with us. That way he can keep all his furniture and not have to move so much over to my Wife's house. The people renting his house have agreed to let him store the rest of his things in the unfinished part of the basement.

While he is living with us, I have to agree to obey him like I would my Wife. He's not an asshole or anything so I'm pretty sure he won't be cruel or anything. I just will be serving him and things like that.

When he's in town, I will be regulated to the spare room or if they want, on the floor in the main bedroom in case they need anything.

When he's on business, I will be permitted to sometimes sleep in bed with my Wife if she wants to cuddle or at her feet.

My Wife will finally get to humiliate me in front of her lover like she has been dying to do all along.

Here's the part that I fought the most and finally agreed to when she relented on letting me give up the condoms and get to feel my Wife's flesh on my bare penis 14 times a year. My Wife is going to make me lick them while they fuck. Both of them. Her pussy where his cock is penetrating her, her asshole or her feet. But what I fought hard against is that she wants me to lick and suck her lover's balls while he is fucking her. When he comes inside her, I'm going to be forced to suck his cock clean before I eat my Wife's creampie.

I've also agreed to fluff him for her and if he ever desires it, I will have to suck him to completion and swallow ever drop of his load. She really wants to see me sucking cock and I really don't know why. She says it will probably be one of the hottest things she's made me do. She promises I'll like it but the thought of it makes me sick. She said that he'll be into it and that I may be doing it every time she doesn't feel like it and he does.

We have all three agreed to do this for at least one year.









Some things that my wife has gradually added to the list of things to do when I do come that you could use on him:


1) She grabs my balls and holds them as tight as she can until I come and then dips her nipples in my come and has me suck them clean.

2) She lets me come on the crack of her ass (not in her ass) and then makes me lick it clean until she comes at lease once.

3) I jerk off with the panties she has worn all day and after I come she has me lick and suck them clean.

4) When I am allowed to come in her pussy she almost always has me clean up the mess.


I am gradually getting her to treat me like a semi cuckold without her knowing what the lifestyle is about.

I do not have her being so nice as to fuck me in the ass with a strap on yet although she has used toys on me.


When we get to that stage I would like to see her collect my come and drip it on the strapon as I lick and suck it.


I wish I was at your stage now, hope you can use some of our stuff.








My husband turned 36 recently & this is the birthday present I gave him.


This is a very part time game for us. Rob is not a wimp, he doesn't have a small penis, & we have very satistying sex. But we have some kinky urges we like to act on once in a while. Rob has a submissive streak (only sexually, not in our "real" life), & he has a major foot fetish. I have come to really get off on indulging these kinks.


So, for Rob's birthday, I cuckolded him. This was the second time I have cuckolded him; the first was last year. He knew I had something up my sleeve but didn't know the details. We had the weekend free & the kids were safely at grandma's. We drove to a town about 100 miles away & met a guy I had met online. In the car I wore a short skirt with no panties, low cut top & fuck-me heels. We met Dave at a bar, as arranged. We immediately sat at a corner table & began making out like horny teenagers, while Rob watched from a nearby table.


After an hour or so of this & a couple of drinks, we went to the hotel next door. As soon as we entered our room, Dave & I collapsed on the bed & began making out again. I kicked off my heels & ordered Rob to kiss my bare feet.


Soon Dave & I were both naked on the bed. I ordered Rob to strip naked & kneel at the foot of the bed. I told him I was going to suck my lover's cock & that he needed to worship my feet the whole time. I gave Dave a long sloppy blowjob while my husband lovingly licked & sucked my toes & soles. Dave came in my mouth & I swallowed most of his cum, allowing some to dribble down my chin. I ordered Rob to get dressed & go out & get us some wine.


While Rob was getting the wine, Dave & I talked, kissed & fondled each other. By the time Rob got back Dave was hard again & ready. I told Rob to pour the wine, strip again & get back to worshipping his Goddess' feet. Dave fucked me in several positions: him on top, me riding him, from behind. All the while Rob was trying to keep his mouth on my feet. I told Dave how big his cock was. (Actually he was about the same size as Rob, but I knew Rob would enjoy hearing that.) We finished with me on top again, kissing Dave wetly as we fucked each other hard. As we both were coming, in between gasps & screams I shouted "Happy Birthday honey, I love you!" I came franticly while my toes twitched in my husband's mouth.


When we were done I allowed Rob to jerk off on my feet. When he was done I made him lick it up.


Rob told me this was the best birthday present he'd ever had. Hope you enjoy reading about it.






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