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From Loren P:




I would like to share my experience with the femdom lifestyle.




I have always been a dominant woman, and now I have made my life into my kind of relationship. I have by my dominance turned my husband into my slave. It all started as some mistress-slave games played on weekends, and I soon discovered it was an awful thrill for both of us. When every weekend you have a man at your beck and call, it is hard to go without during the rest of the week. Once I became the pampered and spoiled Queen, I wanted it all the time.



My husband has a submissive nature, but he liked our arrangement in just playing the femdom-scene on weekends and then on the other days he was free. But I couldn’t forget the thought of bringing it further to a real 24/7 mistress-slave relationship. And why not take advance of the situation? Am I not the dominant one, and do I not deserve having my way? If my husband wanted to be my slave on weekends, I decided he had to become my fulltime slave. It would be all or nothing. I made my decision.



The next weekend we as usual played and as usual he wore a cb-3000. During such weekends I got a lot of orgasms (always with my slave down between my legs orally pleasing my needs) while he only got one. This one ends our weekends. But this weekend I didn’t unlock his belt. I told him he had to earn the privilege of relief, and I was the one to decide when he had earned this privilege.


I was excited to see his reaction, but my new pronouncement only appealed to his submissive nature – little did he know my plans for the future. This first time I let him wait to Wednesday before he got his relief – at that point he was so eager to serve me, I had never seen before. It was remarkable how a couple of days changed his attitude. I had found a very powerful weapon – and I was ready to use it. I was sure things would go my way, and even my husbands couldn’t change that.


After his relief I again put on the cb-3000. The next weekend I repeated the procedure, but on Wednesday I simply ignored his sexual needs. Instead I had him down between my legs, where his tongue made my day. Thursday he was really on his toes to serve me, to show his willingness to please me and to meet all my needs in some hope I would grant him relief. I didn’t. This was really funny and a tremendous power-rush. Now I had a man who literally jumped at every snap at my finger in hope I was in the mood of giving him relief. But instead he had his tongue pleasing my every sexual need. I can’t exactly explain why, but denying him relief, while I formally bathed in orgasm after orgasm was a new kick. The sexual please was only for me – his needs were on no concern.


Now it was easy to push our relationship to a fulltime mistress-slave lifestyle. I had the denial weapon and used it frequently. Every time he didn’t come up to my kind of service or tried to questing my authority I simply expanded his denial period. It was like the cat playing with the mouse.


Some times he pleaded with me to get a relief – normally after a denial period longer than 3 weeks, which isn’t unusual. But he now knows any such pleading would simply expand his denial period. He now knows the only road: Become my perfect slave.


Some would say that a denial period of 3-5 weeks is harsh and would demand a tremendous willpower. No problem. I have that willpower, and if he can’t stand it, he only has to meet my needs with more perfection. Simple, isn’t it?


By the way I took more advantaged of the situation: Now he is responsible for all household chores. He cleans, he cooks, he does the dishes, he does vacuuming, - you name it.



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