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My sex life with my wife is solely kissing her ass while she masturbates and sometimes she lets me jack off onto her asscheeks but I have to lick it all up.









I clicked everything, although that isn't entirely true. My situation may be different that others. My wife moved out last May and lives 5 hours away. Since she moved out she has had several lovers and a few boyfriends. She actually has a boyfriend now. I get to see her every 3 weeks or so. She still fucks me when we see each other, although she is fucking other guys a lot more than she is fucking me. She hasn't given me a blowjob in 6 years and has told me she never will again although she has sucked off countless guys since she moved out. She also never gives me a hand job, although she does give me foot jobs by smashing my balls with her feet. If she has me masturbate, she has me sniff her asshole while I do it. She is always impressed with how fast I finish.


So, in recap:


1. I have sex with my wife maybe 4 times a month, although her boyfriend fucks her a lot more than that.

2. My wife has not gave me a blowjob in 6 years and she said she never will again, but still sucks off other guys.

3. My wife will smash my balls with her feet until I cum.

4. Sometimes she has me masturbate while I sniff her asshole.


I also masturbate quite a bit looking at photos of her pussy. She has been kind enough to give me a few pairs of her creampie panties from a few of her lovers, so I sniff them a lot while I masturbate too.











I've been allowed to cum just 3 times in 2011 - all supervised masturbation. Once licking my cum off Her ass, and once cumming on Her pussy and slurping it down. The other time Mistress ordered me to cum in my panties and leave it there. Intercourse for me? Forget about it!


tiny tom








Well i used to get released once a month, but now wifey has her regular fuck buddy, i still get released but she wont make me cum, i'm only allowed to masturbate whilst she watches and laughs whilst i wank my cock.

I get a little edging, as she humiliates my cock, she will handle it, but i get no sucking or blowjob, she has used her strap on on me once since, but she says that wont be happening any more, she much rather prefers her fuck buddies cock, she says i cant satisfy her any more, and my cock is useless.

It's so erotic knowing that she is taking another mans cock in her pussy, and sucking his cock with the mouth that she lets me kiss.

She has only let me taste her pussy a couple of times too, she says now he has started to enjoy licking her pussy she wont be wanting that from me either.










Im allowed supervised masturbation as she verbally abuses me. Sometimes she has a container of my saved sperm that she then pours into my mouth, face, hair, or over her pretty feet and makes me lick it up.

Sometimes im allowed to come over her feet, but i must always lick it up afterwards.

Otherwise I play with myself as she tells me what a useless faggot I am and how she loves being unfaithful to me and how good the different guys make her feel.









I was allowed to fuck my wife twice in 2 days in mid February, and since then nothing more. I am beginning to think I will never be allowed inside her again, as she has become very condescending toward me and has berated me for not being able to get it up for her. I can get it up, but just don't last more than 30 seconds or so on a good night without cumming. Sometimes I only last about 5 strokes before cumming, usually because it's been 6 months or more since the last time I got any. I'm more than certain I'm nowhere near enough for her, which is why she avoids sex with me. Five to thirty seconds every 6 months just won't do it for her, I'm afraid.









Sex?? About 3 years and even then it was with a condom and she pushed me off before I could cum, she had long since lost interest in sex with me.


Once a hotwife gets real men between her thighs and into her mouth, being with her unsatisfying husband just doesn't happen. I sneak in masturbation when I know she won't catch me (she thinks it sad that I am a cuck but loves me so she stays with me, but she doesn't want to know I am pulling on the cock she wants nothing more to do with).


I do all I can to help her by keeping out of her way when she wants to bring men home (she totally forbids me to be around) or is going out for the night, driving her to her dates or nights on the town with an understanding single friend. She knows I crave the details of her fucks and blowjobs and she keeps a tight rein on the house using that power, me doing all the housework and her making all the decisions.


I am a happy cuckold  She is my adoration and what makes her happy, I do.


david murray










I've been denied for at least three months now and about 5 months before that. When my wife asks if I want to have sex she's not referring to penetrative sex. If it is penetrative then it's merely for her benefit only and I'm certainly not allowed to cum in her (unless she say's it's alright, which is rare anymore). If she lets me enter her it's only for a short while and I have to finish things off by eating her out, which I love to do. I always bring her to climax first though except for other times when she has something she wants me to do. After licking her to climax she typically rolls over, puts her clothes back on and tells me to just "do myself". For whatever reason this is an absolute turn-on to me. The thought of being allowed to lick her to climax and then being denied anything further other than my own hand really does it for me. There are times she'll get dressed and then turn on the TV in our room and flash semi-nude pictures of herself on the screen and have me jerk myself to her pics. She even leaves the room at times while I'm "handling" things to go get something to drink in the kitchen. She'll return a minute later and make comments like "Oh you're still jacking off?".


On the rare occasion she starts things off by pleasuring me first I've learned its usually because there's something she wants me to buy her or do for her. This too is a huge turn-on because she really taunts me with her body and her comments, but still refuses to let me have real sex no matter what. No matter what her motive is she will typically have me jerking off in front of her and will just walk over and rub her panties in my face telling me to smell "her" and just imagine what it's like to be in her. She say's I've had her in the past and to simply think back on what it felt like, and that will just have to do in place of the real thing. If I don't say it's okay she will grab my balls, gently squeeze and say "That's okay isn't it?". She'll usually make me thank her for letting me at least smell it and will sometimes tell me I might get to enter her at some specific date in the future (anniversary, birthday, etc. but that never happens either. The date will arrive and she'll once again say this or that will have to do instead. Of course it always does because I really am thankful to even see "it").


It was some time before it hit me I was literally being denied but when I finally realized it the thought was an amazing turn-on. Now she just tells me she's denying me because she knows it turns me on, and she gets to do it because she knows it's a real power trip for her. I might get to actually cum in her maybe two or three times per year at this point, and when she does let me I have to promise to buy her something special just before I do. Once I decided to see if she was just playing the part by saying that so I resisted when she told me what I had to get her before cumming. Although I was right at the point of no return she hopped off me and made me finish myself. As playful as things seemed it was apparent this was actually serious. I haven't resisted since then, as those "real sex" moments don't come around often!


So yes, I'm denied and I love it!










Denied for a full year now. I do get to see her naked often but that’s about it. I can cum but only by jerking myself off. A year into my last real penetration and she still reminds me that I was the one who wanted it this way to begin with (which I did but didn’t know I would go a full year without being in her).


She recently told me that she would consider letting me “pump her” a few times on our anniversary, which isn’t for another 6 months. She said I could get like five or six pumps in just so I could remember the feel of a real vagina but that would be it. Out it goes after that for manual relief. All depends on how I treat her.


I’d do anything for just two pumps at this point . . . .








I am in a cuckold relationship, wife has had other men, though doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment. Whether or not she is seeing someone else, she has decided to deny me sex.


It started as part of the cuckolding game, she said she would not have sex with me again until she had another man. Well, it took a few months, and in that time she was true to word and i had no sex with her, apart from licking her pussy and caressing her. Then, when she did have sex with another man, she enjoyed it so much that she decided not to have sex with me afterward anyway. We decided to make it a full year instead. It had started as a New Year's resolution.


The year came and went, she had sex with another guy, but never with me. I was amazed she didn't even WANT to! I asked if she missed it with me, and she actually LAUGHED! She said that she didn't miss it at all, not one tiny drop, and she could have much more satisfying sex with other men. We do still have close bodily contact-- we kiss, hug, caress, and I finger her or lick her to orgasm, or use dildos on her. She does not give me blowjobs (but ALWAYS to lovers!) she says my little dick just does not inspire her to suck it at all. And obviously no anal sex. SO my sexlife consists of licking her pussy and asshole, and pleasing her. She occassionally gives me handjobs, but not often. She generally likes me NOT to have an orgasm when we have "sex"-- she likes it to be focussed on her, and when she is satisfied, she rolls over and goes to sleep, or we cuddle some more.


It makes me feel like a real, submissive husband, who puts his wife before himself and pleasures her without expecting her to pleasure him. We both love it like this. Just a couple days ago, I looked up at her, seeing her pussy hair and above it her face looking down at me, and it was a beautiful moment. She told me later that she thinks of me more and more as her servant and sex slave, there to pleasure her, and less and less as her sex partner. We are both happy with this arrangement.


We do talk about it a lot, and I am happy this way, having "sex" only with my hand or hers when I am lucky, I really enjoy the humiliation and the submission to her. It has now been more than 2 years, nearly 2 and a half since I have had sex. In a way I am really proud of this. She tells me that someone with a tiny, useless little dick that either doesn't get hard or when it does cums way too fast (true, all true...), doesn't deserve to ever be in a pussy again. I agree. Though I am happy, as I say, I still ask her often how long this will last, or if I will ever be allowed sex again, and she usually just laughs or says "it will be a LONG, LONG time....." Basically she plans that I will never have sex again as long as I live, certainly not with her and certainly with no one else, either, unless my own hand counts!


I really, really enjoy this, and am happy that she ended my sexlife.





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