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She's alway been sleeping around with other men, ever since we started dating really. The second time we had sex she invited my roommate, that was a little embarresing but only being with one other girl sexually i got over the fact quickly. Her fucking around quickly started turning me and she loves me for it. I married her because she is very good looking and knew damn well that she would continue sleeping around. She said this would be a good marriage because no matter who she would end up marring she couldn't stop screwing other guys. But now after almost 6 months of no sex she seems to love me more than ever. I do love the fact of being denied sex but it sure make me sexually frustrated some times.


Jack Smith







I only knew my wife for 5 weeks before she proposed marriage. I was a virgin still,(at 32!), but she had been married before. On our wedding day, she was flirting with many of the other guys, including the Best man.

An hour or so into the reception she disappeared, as had the Bestman and a few other guys. So I went searching for her. Eventually I came to a bedroom and could hear moaning and grunts, so I snuck in hoping to see some horny guys fucking. Being the voyeur that I am and went in and through the hinge crack of the bedroom door I could see some lucky guy nailing some slut on the bed. Only when he had finished and got off, I could see who the slut was. You guessed it, it was my new wife, Lisa.

At first it was a shock, but soon enough the idea settled in, then I realised "hey,she's a slut-but you've wed her so get to like it!).

Still peering through the door, I undid my pants, underpants down to my knees and started my favourite passtime, wanking-while watching my slut wife in her favourite passtime, fucking.

After a while, one of the guys left the room, (I couldn't see all the room-only most of the bed), saw me and came up behind me.

In his most embarrassing, sneering condescending voice, he said in a very loud slow voice, "you disgusting pervert..."and some other things.

Of course all the others, including my wife, came in to see what was going on. After a lot of humiliating taunting, she eventually came up to me and said how revolted and humiliated I made her and to punish me for the huge humiliation I put her through, she said she would never fuck me again. This brought much sniggering and jeering from all the guys. She then pointed to all the REAL men in the room-not me- and said "these are the only guys who'll be fucking me from now on, you can just be a wanker now ,forever watching me making love to real men".

Truely, I've never entered any pussy for the past 20 years! I'm 50 now, so I'll probably end my days having only ever fucked pussy twice!










I've been denied for at least three months now and about 5 months before that. When my wife asks if I want to have sex she's not referring to penetrative sex. If it is penetrative then it's merely for her benefit only and I'm certainly not allowed to cum in her (unless she say's it's alright, which is rare anymore). If she lets me enter her it's only for a short while and I have to finish things off by eating her out, which I love to do. I always bring her to climax first though except for other times when she has something she wants me to do. After licking her to climax she typically rolls over, puts her clothes back on and tells me to just "do myself". For whatever reason this is an absolute turn-on to me. The thought of being allowed to lick her to climax and then being denied anything further other than my own hand really does it for me. There are times she'll get dressed and then turn on the TV in our room and flash semi-nude pictures of herself on the screen and have me jerk myself to her pics. She even leaves the room at times while I'm "handling" things to go get something to drink in the kitchen. She'll return a minute later and make comments like "Oh you're still jacking off?".


On the rare occasion she starts things off by pleasuring me first I've learned its usually because there's something she wants me to buy her or do for her. This too is a huge turn-on because she really taunts me with her body and her comments, but still refuses to let me have real sex no matter what. No matter what her motive is she will typically have me jerking off in front of her and will just walk over and rub her panties in my face telling me to smell "her" and just imagine what it's like to be in her. She says I've had her in the past and to simply think back on what it felt like, and that will just have to do in place of the real thing. If I don't say it's okay she will grab my balls, gently squeeze and say "That's okay isn't it?". She'll usually make me thank her for letting me at least smell it and will sometimes tell me I might get to enter her at some specific date in the future (anniversary, birthday, etc. but that never happens either. The date will arrive and she'll once again says this or that will have to do instead. Of course it always does because I really am thankful to even see "it").


It was some time before it hit me I was literally being denied but when I finally realized it the thought was an amazing turn-on. Now she just tells me she's denying me because she knows it turns me on, and she gets to do it because she knows it's a real power trip for her. I might get to actually cum in her maybe two or three times per year at this point, and when she does let me I have to promise to buy her something special just before I do. Once I decided to see if she was just playing the part by saying that so I resisted when she told me what I had to get her before cumming. Although I was right at the point of no return she hopped off me and made me finish myself. As playful as things seemed it was apparent this was actually serious. I haven't resisted since then, as those "real sex" moments don't come around often!


I know many guys who would probably divorce if this were happening to them but to many of us this is a great thing. So yes, I'm denied and I love it!













My wife lives in Dublin, while I am woking over seas.


She is a beautiful brunette 38 years, long hair, olive skin, superb figure and sensational legs.


Discovered some extremely erotic text messages on her phone from 2 of her co-workers Martin and Pat, one of whom is her boss.


Even checked the sent messages to find she had requested them come over for dirty group sex, and had called to one of the guys in a hotel for a champagne evening and sex. He thanked her by text the following morning!


I noticed she had deleted them all the following day, when I checked again.


There was exciting new nylons, bra's and panties in her knicker drawer. There was even a ridiculously short leather mini skirt and thick belt.


She always wears short skirts and nylons, hi heeled pumps or knee high leather boots to work. I know it would be such a turn on for her co-workers.


I was so shocked to discover those perverted bastards were double fucking my wife.


I finally confronted her when I discovered 8 condoms in a bag in our bedside table. I was furious but shocked at my excited cock getting hard in my pants.


She actually laughed and told me the condoms were for me in the event she let me fuck her - which she didn't the whole week. She added that Martin and Pat do not wear anywhen they screw her - the are allowed to go bareback.


I am ashamed to admit I just pumelled the inside of my boxers with 3 hot spurts of cum when she said that.


She looked at me in disgust as she watched the dark stain spread and said that was all I was fit for.


The sexy humiliation of it all!


I am back at work now. I stole a pair of her pantyhose and panties to toss myself off in bed thinking about what she is up to at home.


What a complete denied silly cuckold I am, but how I love her!



Jonas Collins







Denied for a full year now. I do get to see her naked often but that’s about it. I can cum but only by jerking myself off. A year into my last real penetration and she still reminds me that I was the one who wanted it this way to begin with (which I did but didn’t know I would go a full year without being in her).


She recently told me that she would consider letting me “pump her” a few times on our anniversary, which isn’t for another 6 months. She said I could get like five or six pumps in just so I could remember the feel of a real vagina but that would be it. Out it goes after that for manual relief. All depends on how I treat her.


I’d do anything for just two pumps at this point . . . .















It will be 2 years in August since i last had intercourse. i'm so small that i am barely able to penetrate Mistress and can only last a minute or two, at best. After that i either cum or just lose my erection without cumming. Obviously this does NOTHING for Mistress. She hasn't specifically said so but i doubt that She intends to bother with intercourse with me again. She has real men in Her life, of course. In fact She is at a hotel with one of them right now as i type this. This particular guy only gets into the area about once a year ( on business ). They always get together at his hotel and fuck each other's brains out. Once She let me listen to them on the phone as they fucked. But not this year, unfortunately.


This will be the third different guy in three consecutive nights for Mistress. And all three are well hung and great lovers so Mistress should be in a good and benevolent mood for at least a couple of days - and this works to my benefit of course. At times when Mistress is horny and frustrated She tends to take it out on me a little bit. That's Her right, of course. But we're both happier when She is sexually satisfied. i can give Mistress good orgasms with my tongue, and She praises me for it. But we both know that even a very talented tongue just isn't the equal of a big hard cock.


As for masturbation, Mistress does allow me to do that occasionally. In fact just last week She actually brought me off with Her own hand (which is a rarity) as we lay side by side in bed. That was my first orgasm in three months. It completely soaked the hem of my nighty with my cum, and was WONDERFUL. i love my Mistress Wife!!!


It was 3 years in August and i'm pretty sure will never happen again. i'm not even certain if i could anymore, anyway. (i'm not getting any younger and they say, "Use it or lose it.") i do get to cum occasionally, but only with permission. And even that hasn't happened in over 2 months now. But maybe in October when we go on vacation Mistress will allow me to masturbate, or She might even do me Herself - rubbing me off with Her finger tips the way She sometimes does.


What really matters to us both is that Mistress is getting LOTS & LOTS of great fucking. And most of the time i get to hear about it.


tiny tom












My lovely wife has not allowed me to enter her since June 2003. She took her first Black lover in 2001, at my urging. I do not even remember the last time she took me in her mouth and anal is totally out of the question. She will masturbate me every other week or so, as long as i wear a condom, so that i don't get any of my "nasty" cum on her. She has enjoyed a never ending succession of Black lovers to keep her happy. If she is happy, i am happy. i do masturbate daily, some days multiple times. She doesn't mind , so long as i clean up and don't bother her.



Mr T Slick








My wife has forbidden entrance to her now for over 3 months, She made me beg to ask her to keep faithful to her boyfriend (she wanked me and kept me excited until I said it ) I saw this as taking advantage of my "weak situation". However I loved it, and did beg her to keep herself faithful to her boyfriend (which she now enforces to 100% ).


She has mentioned both 6 months and a at the moment I dont know how long it will be, although I am hoping for a year ( even though its killing me and I desire her so very much, its a sexy,hurtful nice torture ).

I get to wank over her feet or dirty socks and thats all.











I am in a cuckold relationship, wife has had other men, though doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment. Whether or not she is seeing someone else, she has decided to deny me sex.


It started as part of the cuckolding game, she said she would not have sex with me again until she had another man. Well, it took a few months, and in that time she was true to word and i had no sex with her, apart from licking her pussy and caressing her. Then, when she did have sex with another man, she enjoyed it so much that she decided not to have sex with me afterward anyway. She decided to make it a full year instead. It had started as a New Year's resolution.


The year came and went, she had sex with another guy, but never with me. I was amazed she didn't even WANT to! I asked if she missed it with me, and she actually LAUGHED! She said that she didn't miss it at all, not one tiny drop, and she could have much more satisfying sex with other men. We do still have close bodily contact-- we kiss, hug, caress, and I finger her or lick her to orgasm, or use dildos on her. She does not give me blowjobs (but ALWAYS to lovers!) she says my little dick just does not inspire her to suck it at all. And obviously no anal sex. SO my sexlife consists of licking her pussy and asshole, and pleasing her. She occassionally gives me handjobs, but not often. She generally likes me NOT to have an orgasm when we have "sex"-- she likes it to be focussed on her, and when she is satisfied, she rolls over and goes to sleep, or we cuddle some more.


I LOVE it this way!!!! It makes me feel like a real, submissive husband, who puts his wife before himself and pleasures her without expecting her to pleasure him. We both love it like this. Just a couple days ago, I looked up at her, seeing her pussy hair and above it her face looking down at me, and it was a beautiful moment. She told me later that she thinks of me more and more as her servant and sex slave, there to pleasure her, and less and less as her sex partner. We are both happy with this arrangement.


We do talk about it a lot, and I am happy this way, having "sex" only with my hand or hers when I am lucky, I really enjoy the humiliation and the submission to her. It has now been more than 2 years, nearly 2 and a half since I have had sex. In a way I am really proud of this. She tells me that someone with a tiny, useless little dick that either doesn't get hard or when it does cums way too fast (true, all true...), doesn't deserve to ever be in a pussy again. I agree. Though I am happy, as I say, I still ask her often how long this will last, or if I will ever be allowed sex again, and she usually just laughs or says "it will be a LONG, LONG time....." Basically she plans that I will never have sex again as long as I live, certainly not with her and certainly with no one else, either, unless my own hand counts!


I really, really enjoy this, and am happy that she ended my sexlife.








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