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I am a cuckold husband and my wife allowed me to write this.


She has a boyfriend who she has been fucking for awhile now. Up until last night she has allowed me to watch them have sex and that has been really powerful for me and our relationship. Her boyfriend is very muscular and has a cock that is both longer and thicker than mine (although I am not tiny and my wife can get off with me). That said, she prefers more than I have to offer.


Last night I got home late from an out of town business trip and my wife was waiting in the driveway wearing shear white pajama pants and a matching top. The first thing I noticed was her ass, then her nipples on display as if she wore nothing. She gave me a hug and whispered that she had a surprise for me and led me upstairs. She told me to undress and she did the same. At this time I could smell the cologne of her boyfriend lingering in the bedroom. I asked her if he was there and she told me he just left and to lay on the bed.


I did as I was told and she sat on my face with her ass towards my face. Her tight little asshole was perky and covered in cum. She shoved her hole on my mouth and I licked her lover's cum from her body for the first time. I was uneasy for about 1 second before I got lost in the unbelievable situation I was in. I have licked her ass before but after being fucked up there, I was able to get my tongue deep inside her and it was the most erotic experience of my life. I cant believe how soft and warm and wonderful it was. I am so amazed that she let me share this experience with her and she has agreed to let me clean her whenever she has been with her man. When we were done she confessed how she felt so desired and she felt sexy and powerful and those were the words I have been longing to hear since the day we met. There will be more experiences to come and I feel like the luckiest man alive!!!










This is a real long story because it all unwound over a several months, but I’ll try to cut it down to the main points.


After being married for two years, my wife confessed that she had swapped partners with her ex-husband and his friends a few times. She asked how I would feel about trying it out. After covering all my questions, concerns, thoughts, and the birth control issue we set out to find a boyfriend for her. After finding somebody she was comfortable with they started going out and spending time together to get to know each other.


After a few times out, my wife asked me if she could be alone with her boyfriend for awhile to have sex without me being involved. She claimed that the first couple of times would be nervous sex and if I was there it would complicate things. She reassured me that everything was fine and it was only sex. I agreed to it and everything was set.


The following week they planned to go out dancing and then come back to the house afterward. The evening arrived and she showered and shaved and she asked me to pick out a sexy outfit for her to wear and help her get dressed.


He arrived on time and I let him in and we made idol chatter. A few minutes latter she came out of the room and, I was totally amazed. She was a very hot looking lady. She spun around and asked how she looked. Her date made a growling sound as if he couldn’t wait to devour her. She came over to me and kissed me and said don’t wait up for her, because she would be out late. The following hours were murder for me. So many weird thoughts and feelings were running through me, I didn’t know what to think. On one end I thought I had gone crazy and on the other end I was extremely aroused because of everything that was happening and the thought of my wife was on a date with another guy that would be stuffing her pussy later that night.


It was about 1am and I finally convince myself to got to bed, as I was laying there trying to go to sleep I heard our car pull into the driveway and the doors close. A few seconds later the door open and I heard two whispering voices, and then I heard my wife’s heels clicking across the floor and going towards the door that lead down stairs, and then I heard the door close. My heart was pounding in my chest and I thought for sure she would have heard it.


It was a few hours later as I was lying in bed, the bedroom door pushed open and she walked in with just her robe on. With the light still off she slid into bed with me and whispered into my ear that he did her. It was such a weird feeling, for me, I was excited and relieved at the same time. I asked her how she liked it and she said it was good but she was nervous and couldn’t orgasm. She told me about the positions they did and that he filled her pussy up with cum. I was so excited and curious about this, I wanted to see his cum in her pussy. She spread her legs and I grabbed a flashlight to look at his deposit. I was amazed and shocked by what I had seen. My hands were trembling and my heart was racing, here I was, after growing up in a sheltered live, looking into my wife’s well used pussy and seeing a fresh load of cum that didn’t belong to me, but in fact it came from her boyfriend. I though I had died and gone to heaven. I was hooked, I asked her if she would be screwing her boyfriend more and she said yes.


As time went on she brought him home every other weekend and she even asked me to go downstairs so they could have the bed. It got to the point where they were together more than I was with her. She was giddy and excited, and she once told me that she was very happy that her husband let her have a boyfriend. I felt good because I knew my wife was happy, well so I thought.


To make a long story short my wife decided pursue other pastures, and I decided to look into what I had learned from her about wife’s having boyfriends. I have learned alot from this website and have discovered that I am okay and not alone in this type of lifestyle.


On the other hand I have also discovered that it is hard to find another women that is into this sort of lifestyle. I have brought it up casually to the girls I have been dating and their reaction and talk about it says a definite no for sure.













I'm new here and figured I'd lay out my experience as a cuckold. I'm in my thirties now but when I was in my twenties I kept encouraging my wife at the time to cuck me. Finally a few years later it happened. She really responded strongly to the guy and felt so comfortable with him she said she didn't want to try it with anyone else as long as she had him. We settled into a routine then with him and her getting together every few weeks with me cooking them candle-lit dinners, etc. He was really into swinging and eventually his girlfriend would come along, too and he'd get to have both ladies and I got to eat them out afterwards. I even gave him handjobs sometimes to get him started. We all got so tight we even took to taking long weekends together. That was my only real-life experience with this but it all took place over the most exhilirating 11 month period of my life! My wife at the time started getting turned off to it when I sucked the bull's cock in front of her a few times.











My husband and I ride to work together each day but he works on the other side of town so I generally have 30 minutes or so to kill before he picks me up in the evenings. The other day my boyfriend called and asked if I had time for a quickie before my husband came to get me.


He picked me up outside my building and we drove to a secluded area. On our way, he told me he had been thinking about my beautiful pussy all day and wanted to watch me masturbate. I clawed into the backseat of the SUV and removed my pants and panties.


He adjusted his rearview mirror so he could watch me in it. I rest my feet on the backs on the front seats and spread my legs apart to give him a good view. I stroked my clit and ran my finger along the lips of my pussy. My clit was getting hard and by the time we got to our spot, I was dripping wet. He got out of the SUV and opened the rear door. I slid over to the edge of the seat with my legs dangling out the door. As he kissed me, he slowly thrust his finger deep inside me. I laid back on the seat as he gently sucked and licked my clit while plunging his finger inside of me. I was biting my lip to keep from screaming I was so ready to cum. I told him to fuck me, I wanted to feel him inside me when I came. He unzipped his pants and shoved his big fat hard cock inside. As he penetrated me he said how wet and hot my pussy was and that he was so turned on he was ready to cum. I wrapped my legs around his waist so he could get deeper inside me. He sighed with relief and he shot cum over my pussy. We drove back to my office where my husband picked me up.











I love when my wife makes me give her a footrub before she even gets out of bed. When we have time (once or twice a week) I'll get in the shower with her. I drop straight to my knees and start washing one of her legs. I love looking up in her eyes as I do it. I then wash the other leg and she places a foot on my lap for me to wash it. She then has me wash her other foot.


She'll make me wash her pubic area and rear, first with soap and after rinsing with water, I clean these areas with my tongue. She'll then have me wash her armpits and back before I towel her down when she gets out of the shower.


As she sits at her dressing table blowdrying her hair, I start to massage body cream into her shoulders and back. I'll then drop to me knees and massage her legs and feet, while she's still doing her hair. When she gets up she usually allows me a brief kiss of her pubic area followed by a quick lick of her rear.


I then thank her.











From Daniel P:


I was wondering if you’ve heard of any fetish classification of women who prefer to masturbate over having physical sex with a man. The reason I ask is because my wife is like that. She was not always that way, but when I introduced her to female domination, our sex life has veered off into a most unusual course. My wife likes for me to suck her toes and lightly lick and bite the bottoms of her feet while she masturbates with a vibrator. 


It all happened one night, kind of out of the blue. She was wearing this astoundingly sexy outfit and she did a tease and denial session with me. She teased me with her body and she used this black vibrator against my penis and my balls. She brought me to the edge many times, only to turn off the vibrator which left me on the edge and frustrated. The vibrator is not the thin, sleek kind a woman uses to pleasure herself but it is one of those large models with the large, round head that can be used to massage different parts of your body. It felt great against my genitals but my wife did not allow me to climax.


At one point in this tease and denial session, my wife removed her panties and she began to pleasure herself by rubbing the pulsating vibrator against her clit. She placed her stocking covered feet in my face and asked me to suck her toes. I obliged and as I was sucking her toes, she had an intense orgasm. It was so intense that she screamed louder than I had ever heard her when it came to any kind of sex. Her entire body shook during her orgasm.


From that night onward, my wife’s favorite sexual activity is for her to masturbate using the vibrator against her clit while I suck her toes. She wants to do this all the time, or at least when she is in the mood to have sex. She no longer wants to have intercourse with me. She will dominate me by spanking me or playing tease and denial games, but she will always go for her vibrator at some point and she’ll order me to suck her toes. She seldom asks me to go down on her. I miss doing that even more than intercourse. When I verbalized to her how much I miss going down on her, she tells me that she prefers to have me suck her toes because she likes the sensation of having her toes sucked while she is stimulating her clit with the vibrator.


I can tell that she is having great orgasms from how her body quakes and the noises she makes when she is climaxing. I have never witnessed her having orgasms of this intensity from intercourse or from me going down on her. I do not want to deny her this pleasure but I do feel a detachment from the process. I love watching her pleasure herself while I suck her toes but I miss the intimacy.











My wife Anna was fond of what she termed "time outs", contemplative time that I earned by either admiring an attractive woman or by failing to pay complete attention to her. I got a time out, for example, if I appeared flirtatious while greeting a female neighbor, or noticeably gazed at an attractive woman in a shopping mall. Another way to earn a time out involved my conduct over dinner at the neighborhood pub that we frequented. During televised sporting events she would ask for a seat in plain view of the television (a device she called "the male pacifier"). I got a time out if she caught my eyes leaving the table toward the television (or toward one of the many attractive waitresses). This idea was an extrapolation from "The Story of O", recall the dinner scene where the submissives are taunted to look upward from the table and thus earn punishments. Conversely, if I made any commotion during one of the televised dance competitions that engrossed her at home, she wouldn’t hesitate to put me in my ball gag trainer. My job was to keep her wine glass full, and do so silently.


A "time out" for Anna means me kneeling on the tiled hallway, where she sprinkled rice on the floor, providing a course kneeling surface, with me restrained in my wrist-to-thigh belt, facing a wall while contemplating a photograph of her. Anna had a bright red suit with a short, tight skirt that flattered her very well; the photo she used was one of her wearing this suit along with matching pumps and the shimmering pantyhose that I admire. To be released, I had to wait at least ten minutes (I counted to myself slowly to 600 to make sure I had "made my time good", because if I asked for an early release, Anna would reset her timer), and convince her that I was sufficiently penitent. She would quiz me (for example) as to why I found a baseball game on television more interesting than her, or make me repeat a statement like "You are the most beautiful woman in the world" until the tone of my voice expressed sufficient emotion. On occasion she would also give me several large glasses of water before a time out so that my contrition would be enhanced by an urgency to use the restroom. Had the Hanson Humbler been available then I am certain this would have been standard equipment, as it appears ideal for a "time out".


Of course, no relationship or set of experiences is perfect. There were occasions when I felt a time out was unjustified, and others when I simply was not in a submissive frame of mind and the time out was a genuine discomfort that I tolerated but resented. But most often the time out was a good stress reliever. It provided a framework within which I could comfortably transition from the ordinary world into the world where nothing mattered but Anna. I drew comfort from the high bar of expectation the time out set. It both gave me a clear objective, and defined the behavior that I needed to demonstrate to meet that objective. It broke down emotional barriers and gave me the strength to transition fully into my submissive persona. There were a few occasions when I actually broke down into tears while being contrite. This stunned Anna at first, but we discussed the issue and she grew accustomed to this as merely a mechanism by which I shed my male ego.


When my duration was over and I got released from the belt, quite often I would be so emotionally charged that I would offer myself for a beating and dildoing (these offers were always enthusiastically accepted, with a grin). It was as if the transitory phase of the "time out" gave me the opportunity to focus on Anna and shed any misgivings I harbored about my role in our relationship.












Everything in our wife-led relationship has gone along great. My husband agrees to do what I consider the best thing for us. He even goes along with his monthly discipline sessions which occur even when he has behaved the way I expect him to. We are not 24/7.


Now I have found a new turn-on for us: Clothed Female Naked Male, CFNM domination and it came about spur of the moment.


My younger sister was getting married and I was to throw her a bachlorette party in the basement of my house. I hired a stripper and about 12 ladies were coming over. I thought we needed a bartender so I asked my husband to take care of it. While he was setting up the basement, I got an idea that it would be fun to make him serve us. The ladies loved the fact that my cute husband was bowing and obeying them submissively dressed only in a tight workout shirt and bicycle shorts.


When the stripper showed up, my husband started to go upstairs but my sister said to let him stay and make him watch. I figured, why not? We made him sit up front between my sister and me and held him there so he couldn't leave. He was extremely embarrassed when the stripper got to his G-string and paraded in front of us. My sister gave the stripper a 50 dollar bill to go nude which he did. He let my sister and then me fondle his cock and balls while right in front of my husband who was now very red in the face. My sister made fun of my husband's obvious erection. The other ladies were going wild.


The stripper got dressed and before he left, told us that he never stripped to a room full of women with an obviously sub husband also there. He said he was straight but that this got him very excited. I told him that I had a fantasy of watching a man spank my naked husband while he was across his lap. He told me that as long as no sex was involved, he would be willing to spank my husband. He told me to give him a call if I was serious about pursuing my fantasy. I might have to take him up on this.


After the other ladies left, my sister, my husband and myself were in the basement and I told my husband to begin cleaning up while we kept drinking. She asked me how I got him to be so obedient. I told her how I got fed up with him and spanked him and forced him to see things my way. My sister is dying to see the stripper come over and spank him as she teases him non-stop about it. I have also noticed that my sister has become more aggressive and dominant with her new husband. We have talked about throwing our own CFNM parties in the future.











My wife Anna insisted on dining out several times weekly at my expense. By the time Friday arrived, and the stresses of the workweek had dissipated, Anna was usually expecting more than a dining experience.


On arriving home from work on Friday evenings, once inside condo, I had to strip naked immediately in the entrance foyer, carry my clothes to the laundry hamper, and shower. While showering, Anna would select the outfit I was to wear for the evening - sometimes, nothing more than slacks with a coat and tie, but more often, my Access Denied chastity belt with pantyhose and a bra, or a bodystocking, to wear underneath my clothes. Though Anna questioned my crossdressing during the earliest stages of our relationship, once she realized that my desires were limited to private moments in the home, she often made me wear feminine undergarments in public, as she knew I was terrified of being "outed".


Returning home from dining was an event I came to dread.  If her mood, the lateness of the hour, and the degree of privacy we enjoyed would allow, Anna would drag me from the car, though the parking lot, and into the building by my hair or my necktie. Once inside condo, I was told to sit, ordered to fix her a drink, or (in her bitchiest moods) literally thrown over an overstuffed easy chair in her living room. Though I lived there also, it was always "her" residence. After she changed clothes, Anna would emerge from her bedroom with her arsenal - a 36" 3/8" cane she called her "schoolboy", and the heavy wooden paddle she referred to as her "board of education". The cane was simply a woodworker dowel from the local hardware store, the paddle I purchased for her at Leather Man in NY City. Anna didn't believe in mincing words or warmups, if I was already bent over the chair she simply began, if I weren't she would simply tell me to "get over here".


The pain of her initial blows, delivered full force, was indescribable. I always resented the first few, usually delivered with the cane (she said she liked to switch between the cane and paddle because although the paddle was more painful, she liked the welts the cane left on me), and I nearly always asked myself why I allowed her to do this to me. But after stroke five or six, I no longer felt the pain, I only heard the swoosh as the schoolboy or the board sailed through the air, and felt an intense emotional rush, almost an out-of-body type experience. My hands would cup my face, and my resentment turned to a strange mix of fear and excitement. My surreal protests turned to the squealing, feminine whimpers Anna loved to hear. Instead of resisting the blows, I would lean into them, eager to meet Anna's challenge to be a real sub. I would tremble uncontrollably, and my eyes would swell up with tears, while Anna would giggle and comment on what a wonderful shade of red my buttocks were.


When my absolute limit (usually about 25-30 strokes) was reached, I would burst into tears, and collapse on my knees before her, frantically embracing her around the waist, thanking and kissing her, and, if she were wearing her dildo, unconsciously fellating her. She had two wearable dildos, the very sensual latex dildo panties, I purchased for her at Dressing for Pleasure in Montclair, NJ, and the more fearsome-looking strapon, that came from The Noose in NY City. From that moment, I was hers, to please her traditionally, orally, or with DP/SO time. Though this regimen took time, discussion, and some fumbling to develop, once established, our relationship benefitted enormously. Anna loved the physical sensation and transformational mystique of the dildos, and the empowerment that they and her arsenal gave her.


For me, the pain and humiliation were beneficial on several levels. Obviously, they reminded me of just who was in charge of the relationship. But more subtly, having my attention periodically refocused by this recurring event set a healthy stage for the regular submissive behavior that Anna expected. I drew comfort and strength from the regular beatings. The torrent of emotion released by being pushed to my limit of pain tolerance was profoundly liberating, and worked for me as a high bar of expectation that put no level of submissive behavior beyond the pale. I no longer felt embarrassed by reluctant to act out my submissive desires, or struggled to balance them with the male persona I felt obligated to portray in my daily life. Instead, I felt a reassurance that my submissive nature was encouraged as a normal part of our relationship. Once this high bar had been established, I felt the freedom to act in the zone that she had created.


I enjoyed embracing her, arms around her neck, with my backside facing the closet mirror so Anna could admire the welts I was so proud of. I would kiss her softly and thank her for the experience. My acceptance of DP/SO time was not begrudging (as, admittedly, it became by midweek), but enthusiastic. There were no arguments about my need to remain silent and follow her with a shopping cart in the supermarket, do the household chores nude while she chatted on the telephone with her mother (who thought my choretime uniform was cute), keep the closets organized, turn my paycheck over to her, abide by her choice of restaurants, be on time for events (such as the figure skating performances she enjoyed), respect deadlines (trash out by 7PM, etc), do favors for her friends (e.g., drive Sarah to the airport), run errands, or hold her purse should she choose to chat at length with a female neighbor. Unexpected chocolates, flowers, and notes arrived often.


Anna never put her thoughts on paper, but if she had, I think she would have said that some men simply need regular beatings to remain focused on relationship goals, and be communicative. Men are solitary and non-communicative by nature; traits that served them well in primitive (male as hunter, female as gatherer) times, but to be true partners in successful, modern relationships of any sort (personal and professional), they need to transcend these instinctive communication barriers. In our case, a beating intended not to punish (those didn't wait for Friday evenings...) but instead merely to assert authority was what I needed.




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