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I have been given instructions to clean the house top to bottom on Saturday while my hot wife and her man are out somewhere having a good time.

They will be home around 5PM and by then I will be cooking a large romantic dinner for them.I will be wearing my usual house clothes,a dress,bra,panties and stockings. I am required to dress like this to remind me that I'm not a real man and that my place is to serve my beautiful wife and her superior male lover.I find it much easier to be submissive and obedient this way and when He is around I feel so inferior and effiminate, that wearing a dress and panties seems appropiate.

While I'm getting the dinner ready they will be having drinks in the living room. When It's time for them to dine I stand back waiting for any orders from them and when they are finished I clean the table and wash the disher.As soon as I'm done I'm sent to my room for the night where I put on a diaper and plastic pants as I'm a bedwetter.
I hope I do a good job for them and don't screw up or I'll get another ass beating with his leather belt like I got this morning before they left.

From my tiny closet bedroom I will hear them in the master bedroom making hot love all Valentine's night and be reminded of how uncapable I am of pleasing my own wife.In the morning my usual duty will be to lick her clean and then go prepare breakfast for them.



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