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My wife is using orgasm control as part of my training.  She routinely makes me go 1-2 months between releases. During this time we do have intercourse, only I am not permitted to cum.  I am able to control myself while she rides me but the longer it has been since my last orgasm, the shorter my duration gets, and I am then forced to advise her that I am going to cum. At which point she stops and let's me recover.



Recently, after 2 months of not cuming, my wife was riding me and had an explosive orgasm, this is always the hardest time for me.  After she came she just kept on riding me and was getting close to her 2nd orgasm. At this point I was near the breaking point and told her I was about to cum. She stopped riding me and said "don't you dare".  That was all it took.  Right as she said that I exploded.  She was upset with me that I had disobeyed her order not to cum.  She finished riding me to her 2nd orgasm and as punishment she then climbed up my chest and had me orally clean her.  She also told me I would be going 3 months before my next orgasm. 





My girlfriend and her friends went to a bachelorette party and brought home the pictures. Her friends showed me pictures of the strippers and several pictures of my girlfriend holding the guy's package and smiling. These guys were huge and I was literally shaking with humiliation, since I could never measure up to these guys. Something happened within me. I got exited by my feeling of inadequacy. Her friends were really pushing my buttons telling about how much fun my girlfriend had grabbing and touching these men. It was humiliating looking at all of  the pictures.



After that night my girlfriend became more assertive and demanding in bed. She also began looking at guys and commenting on their bodies. I promised her I would never to go to a female strip club if she promised never to attend on of those male shows. She told me she had "the best time of her life" and would be going back again any time she wanted.  But I was still forbidden from attending a strip club. Her new attitude excites me to no end. I have even begun to desire to be a cuckold to my girlfriend.






I was introduced to female superiority when I met a wonderful woman two years ago. She cared for me and took on the task to make me understand the rationale of female superiority. After a year of our relationship I accepted her authority (she is older than me) and her disciplinary measures and agreed a year ago to it as a lifestyle.



I obey her rules now.  I don't have to wear a chastity belt, but I'm not permitted to touch myself. She wants her word to be stronger than any restraint. Once a week she allows me relief and her feminine hands rarely need more than a minute to make me come. I'm punished only for my shortcomings and accept it since she is taking on the responsibility to make me a better man. When I'm released from the hand-cuffs (maybe one day I'll be able to welcome her administration so that they won't be necessary anymore) I'm allowed to serve her orally. I love this very much even when she looses control and I receive her golden nectar. It makes me very proud that my tongue is making her climax. I'm doing my best to please her and we will marry this fall.



Last fall she announced a different regime to reinforce my chastity and our bonds. Instead of being corrected when I fail to fulfill her expectations she now punishes me regularly. I dread the weekends because the caning is severe now. She hits me until I don't have an erection any more. This can take up to two dozen strokes because she stimulates me after some strokes before resuming the punishment. Only when she is certain that I won't stiffen anymore, I'm freed and allowed to serve her orally. Despite the pain, I'm often turned on to no end but she is usually very exhausted afterwards and sends me to bed without giving me relief.


When I asked for the reason she simply said that it is her right to correct me as she sees fit.




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