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I have systematically been breaking my sissy cuck slut over the last year. He is a former Dom so it is all the more satisfying to force him into a life of degradation and depravity.


Knowing his weaknesses, mainly me acting a complete PVC slut and cuckolding bitch, I created his ultimate fantasy figure and then used his desire against him to break down his will, force him into chastity and then blackmail him into supporting my Hot Wife Bitch lifestyle as I behave like his fantasy slut Goddess in front of him with my studs - Mmmmm!


Well, being a completely depraved kinky Bitch, I never feel satisfied with his suffering and am always on the look out for the next degrading thing to force him into! I think it is time to put him to work on the streets as a full time TV prostitute, that way as his Pimp Mistress, I can then take all his earnings and force him to watch me spend it on buying new super hot and slutty PVC gear to make my studs rock hard with desire for me - I LOVE IT!!!


He can beg as much as he wants, he has no choice in the matter though, as I am blackmailing him and have an ever growing file of compromising pictures and videos - the slut is trapped and he knows I wont hesitate to use what I have against him if he doesn't tow the line - dirty little bitch - He He He!!!!


Not only am I going to be pimping him out full time to earn me money - he has a new job and I can control him by threatening to expose his dirty little secrets - but I am also going to be slowly taking over all his assets, including his house, and force him to live as my whored out cuckolded bitch who's only purpose in life is to earn me money, be a cum dump and fuck toy for my studs and buy me slutty gear so I can look hot for any bull who has a big enough cock.



Mistress Lynn






Yesterday she gave me a ruined orgasm!

She made me wait for her while she talked to a couple guys online then, I had to stroke next to her while she did. Then after she was done talking, she sat down on my face and grabbed my dick which was all ready to cum. She stroked for about 30 seconds.

I asked her if I could cum, she said no I asked her a lot more cause she kept stroking. I begged

and begged, then she suddenly stopped and told me not to cum.

after about 2 secs, with my cock jumping around by itself, a lil squirt shot up. she got mad and grabbed my balls, squeezed them very hard. “I told you not to cum” she said

My cock stopped cumming quickly after all that squeezing.

But, seconds later she started stroking my dick again.

The same thing again, I only lasted about a minute and begged for her to let me cum.

she said no, no, no!

And just as I started to shoot cum uncontrollably, she let go of my cock and laughed while all my cum oozed out of the tip.

Then after all the sperm was seemingly all out of my cock, she squeezed my balls harder and more cum did squirt out.

Such a tease, she enjoyed it.








My wife spent the weekend teasing me every chance she got. Friday night when we went to bed, she removed my cage, stripped naked and lay next to me rubbing and caressing me. She let me rub her nipples and kiss her. After 20 minutes of this, she said she was sleepy and put my cage back on. She stayed naked and fell asleep with me playing with her tits.


Saturday morning, she got out of the shower and said the night before had turned her on. She had me lick her pussy to orgasm and said we couldn't have sex because she had just gotten out of the shower and didn't want to get messy again. That evening, she uncaged me and sat on my face and had me lick her pussy and ass to orgasm while she edged me several times. That night she had a date and she brought him home afterward. I sat and watched as he fucked her and came in and on her twice. She removed my cage and made me lick her clean. She edged me a few times with a bullet vibrator in my ass. She put me back in the cage and she sent me to the guest room and we all went to sleep. I woke up the next morning hearing them fucking again.


Her boyfriend left and she spent most of the day completely naked. She knows that makes me incredibly horny. Throughout the day, she had me lick her pussy, her ass, her tits, suck on her toes and give her a massage. I thought I would explode. Last night, we spent an hour with me looking at cuckold and femdom porn and her jerking me off. She must have brought me to the edge 30 or 40 times. We went to bed and she put on her strapon and fucked me. She then put my cage back on. This morning, my balls feel like they have a gallon of cum in them.






It happens to me regularly that my wife asks her boyfriend to punish me, usually when I've really pissed her off. They do it together. She starts with the paddle until she's tired. Then he ties me down and gives me a caning on the bared bottom, and she eggs him on to spank harder. I'm usually in tears after this, she teases me about crying like a girl, which makes it even more humiliating. She then finishes the punishment herself.


It leaves my buttocks are welted and bright red, stinging for the next 2 days. The most embarrasing part of it is that she make me dress in a skirt and panties after being spanked, and then made to blow her boyfriend to express my gratitude for being spanked.


How's that for a not-so-pleasant punishment?









One of the aspects of our cuckolding relationship that I dislike the most is my Wife's demand for limiting my orgasms. Before I married her, I was a chronic masturbator. I'd jack off at least once or twice daily. Now I am only allowed to have an orgasm on the second and last Sundays of each month; plus on Christmas, our anniversary, and my birthday. I went from over 700 orgasms a year to 27. The first two years of our marriage (we've been married over five years now) I got to come every Sunday, but my Wife believed that that was far too many orgasms for her cuckold.


As you can imagine it was pretty tough adjusting to such infrequent moments of sexual relief. Sexual frustration is my life. I am a married virgin cuckold who, as long as I am married to my Wife, will never have sex with my own Wife or any other woman. My only sexual relief is through masturbation. My Wife always chooses how I acheive my orgasms and She makes me consume my ejaculate every time, which ruins the moment of post orgasmic bliss.


As I have mentioned earlier, I am allowed release on the second and last Sundays of each month. This month is a dreaded Five Sunday Month. I have not come in 20 days. My Wife has been blueballing me daily, making me produce precum constantly. My balls are so sore and full and tender. If I even touched myself I think I'd explode. I have to be very careful. I had to stop watching my Wife fuck her lover, our 48 year old neighbor (my Wife's 31 and I'm 35) from our closet because it was beginning to be too much for me.


I was scheduled to come tomorrow, but my Wife just made a deal with me to wait until Labor Day. By waiting one day, my Wife has promised me a weekend of humiliation as She "unleashes the Bitch." On Monday, I get a Cuckold Appreciation Day where I get to do all the things She allows me, as her cuckold, to do with Her. At the end of the day, she is going to let me hump her leg like a dog Without one of my tiny condoms on. She is going to actually let my bare penis touch her bare leg for the first time. I'll probably come on contact so there will be very little humping going on. I will probably dribble out about a gallon of semen on my Wife's smooth lovely leg. And then She's going to make me lick all my cum off of her, but it'll be worth it.


I expect She will have lots of sex with her lover this weekend. They are going out for dinner tonight and She's getting ready right now. She looks so hot that I'm trying to avoid her so that my balls don't turn a darker shade of blue. They are planning on coming back to my Wife's house to fuck. I don't know how I'm going to handle two more days listening to them fucking and hearing my Wife praise her lover while she's belittling me. Hopefully Monday will be worth what will be 22 days of blueballed frustration.


My Wife loves the fact that She is 100% in control of every aspect of my sexual life. It turns her on to do so many things with men not married to her that her own husband is forbidden. She especially loves the fact that I will not come without her permission. Most of all She swears that "a horny cuck is an obediant cuck."


tease denial video  






I've been denied for at least three months now and about 5 months before that. When my wife asks if I want to have sex she's not referring to penetrative sex. If it is penetrative then it's merely for her benefit only and I'm certainly not allowed to cum in her (unless she say's it's alright, which is rare anymore). If she lets me enter her it's only for a short while and I have to finish things off by eating her out, which I love to do. I always bring her to climax first though except for other times when she has something she wants me to do. After licking her to climax she typically rolls over, puts her clothes back on and tells me to just "do myself". For whatever reason this is an absolute turn-on to me. The thought of being allowed to lick her to climax and then being denied anything further other than my own hand really does it for me. There are times she'll get dressed and then turn on the TV in our room and flash semi-nude pictures of herself on the screen and have me jerk myself to her pics. She even leaves the room at times while I'm "handling" things to go get something to drink in the kitchen. She'll return a minute later and make comments like "Oh you're still jacking off?".


On the rare occasion she starts things off by pleasuring me first I've learned its usually because there's something she wants me to buy her or do for her. This too is a huge turn-on because she really taunts me with her body and her comments, but still refuses to let me have real sex no matter what. No matter what her motive is she will typically have me jerking off in front of her and will just walk over and rub her panties in my face telling me to smell "her" and just imagine what it's like to be in her. She say's I've had her in the past and to simply think back on what it felt like, and that will just have to do in place of the real thing. If I don't say it's okay she will grab my balls, gently squeeze and say "That's okay isn't it?". She'll usually make me thank her for letting me at least smell it and will sometimes tell me I might get to enter her at some specific date in the future (anniversary, birthday, etc � but that never happens either. The date will arrive and she'll once again say this or that will have to do instead. Of course it always does because I really am thankful to even see "it").


It was some time before it hit me I was literally being denied but when I finally realized it the thought was an amazing turn-on. Now she just tells me she's denying me because she knows it turns me on, and she gets to do it because she knows it's a real power trip for her. I might get to actually cum in her maybe two or three times per year at this point, and when she does let me I have to promise to buy her something special just before I do. Once I decided to see if she was just playing the part by saying that so I resisted when she told me what I had to get her before cumming. Although I was right at the point of no return she hopped off me and made me finish myself. As playful as things seemed it was apparent this was actually serious. I haven't resisted since then, as those "real sex" moments don't come around often!



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