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Wife hasn't been doing much with her boyfriend(s) lately but we have been playing at something in the meantime. Just occurred to me that people in here might be interested.


Sometimes she says I can only cum if I can get someone else to say it's OK. So she lets me go away and call girls on niteflirt, trying to find someone who will let me.


But...she has me tell them that if they don't let me then I have to send them an extra ten dollars. So for me to finish I have to find someone who will give up a small amount of money just to be nice to me. It is very, very frustrating. I don't want to shatter anyone's illusions here but...those girls are on there for the money and it isn't easy to convince any of them to give it up.


The hottest way to play it not to tell them until near the end of the call, when they finally say you've been good, that they feel sorry for you and agree you can cum. Then, tell them about the deal and listen to their mind working. You would be surprised how many good-natured, nice girls turn into heartless bitches for a few dollars. Your only hope is that they think you might come back if they let you cum or that they genuinely feel sorry for you.


I could give you a few names of girls on Niteflirt to try if you like. Jinxypie would be my first choice though. She let me the first time but didn't the second. Maybe depends what mood she's in.


There are others who are total bitches and just think the whole thing is hilarious. It seems like this is something even the girls are shocked at. Seems to wake some of them up a little.


Let me know what you think,














My wife makes me shave her pussy early in the evening all the while telling me how her stud is going to fuck her. Later when the door bell rings she makes me escort her studs - usually two black bulls to our bedroom. I am naked with my tiny cock hard as a rock. She makes me pull down their pants to reveal their long flaccid cocks that are twice the size of mine. She tells me she is going fuck them dry and then I will clean her and them. It really turns me on to hear her beg to be fucked. She fucks and sucks them until she has cum running out of her pussy, ass hole and mouth. She then lays back and orders me to lick all their cum out and off her. She and her studs laugh and mock me as I lick her swollen pussy and big soft tits clean.

She then makes me lick thir huge semi flaccid cocks clean. I am not allowed to touch myself during all of this. I am ready to cum just telling you this! My wife is such a slut!!


tiny one







My wife and I have been playing a game for the past month, she calls "cuckold bag tag." Whenever she gets a chance and I am not expecting it, she punches me in the nuts as hard as she can and "tags" me. At first I obviously didn't like it since it hurts, but now I am really geting off on it. If she can tag me five times in one day, then I have to do something for her that is extra humiliating. The last time she won, I had to pick up a black guy at a bar for her. She had me go over and ask the guy if he would like to take her home and fuck her. I had to tell the guy that I thought he was really hansome and that he looked like he had a big dick. I also had to tell him that she didn't have any panties on and he could go over and put his hand up her skirt and see for himself and finger her pussy. Needless to say, the guy did just that and took her to his house that night. Then I had to pick her up from his house in the morning and give him a thank-you card for fucking her and some pictures of her naked along with her cell phone number. He called her back that night and she went over and spent the night at his house again. She has already spent the night with him at least ten times since then. In the game your wife can impose whatever punishment she wants on you and change the number of tag times too, nothing is set in stone. We play everywhere, at home and in public, but you could play it where you like. In fact she taged me this mourning as I gave her a goodbye kiss before I left for work. We think this is an excellent cuckold game and would like to have others try it out and maybe start some cuckold bag tag pics and vids.














Yesterday she gave me a ruined orgasm!

She made me wait for her while she talked to a couple guys online then, I had to stroke next to her while she did. Then after she was done talking, she sat down on my face and grabbed my dick which was all ready to cum. She stroked for about 30 seconds.

I asked her if I could cum, she said no I asked her a lot more cause she kept stroking. I begged

and begged, then she suddenly stopped and told me not to cum.

after about 2 secs, with my cock jumping around by itself, a lil squirt shot up. she got mad and grabbed my balls, squeezed them very hard. “I told you not to cum” she said

My cock stopped cumming quickly after all that squeezing.

But, seconds later she started stroking my dick again.

The same thing again, I only lasted about a minute and begged for her to let me cum.

she said no, no, no!

And just as I started to shoot cum uncontrollably, she let go of my cock and laughed while all my cum oozed out of the tip.

Then after all the sperm was seemingly all out of my cock, she squeezed my balls harder and more cum did squirt out.

Such a tease, she enjoyed it









When women are keeping us frustrated with tease and denial and/or chastity (or even if the man is just a premature ejaculator), and they require us to play a game of "How long can he last?" or "Who will cum first?" in order to earn sex or something else that submissives and cuckolds are usually denied.


I get off on the fact that women almost always win, but on top of that I like them to be evil and rig the games so that the cuck can never win, and even so the whole thing is self-perpetuating.


For instance, lets say I've been in chastity for 8 days. I have another 6 days to go (to make my 2 weeks) until I'm allowed to cum, and another 2 weeks to go after that before I'm allowed to have sex again, but my girlfriend wants to make a deal with me. She has a date scheduled with her big-cocked lover in a few days during which my baby cock will remain locked in its tube and I'll be worshiping her feet while she gets her pussy stuffed by a cock two times the size of mine....


So, I can receive my cuckolding, do my time in my tube, get my release next week, and even have "big boy sex" this month as usual. Or.... I can accept the challenge. She'll unlock my cock right now, strip to her bra and panties, and slowly massage my cock with lotion. All I have to do is last for 2 minutes. If I can last for 2 minutes without squirting my load, she'll stroke me until I cum (without a condom and I dont even have to eat my cum), and fuck me until I cum again tonight. She'll then cancel her date for this week, I'll get to fuck her instead, and again the following week, and on my sex day she'll do anything I want all night. On top of that, she wont fuck anyone but me for the rest of the month....


But... if I lose, and cum too fast, my cock immediately gets locked back in the tube for a month, I lose my sex days for 3 months (I'll be cucked on those days), my regular release days will now take place with a condom, I will eat my cum every time, she will call her lover over tonight and be fucking him more regularly, and the list goes on and on and on. Basically, if I think she's made me desperate and pathetic at this point, I ain't seen nothin' yet.


I know I shouldnt accept the challenge, that would be so stupid. By locking up my cock, she's made it impossible for me to win. 2 minutes seems like nothing, but I havent cum in 8 days. At this point my cock is just constantly drooling precum and straining in its tube every time I even think about my girlfriend for one second. I'm so frustrated at this point that she could make me cry like a bitch just by the saying the right thing. She could get me to do absolutely anything she wanted right now. Its the reason I'll never win this game, and the same reason I have to try no matter what. Thats the beauty of it for her.


And the best part of it for the women is that after we lose by blowing our load after 10 seconds, the next time we play the game we have 10 times more reason to play yet 10 times more likely to lose, because our desperate situation just gets worse and worse lol.


Think about it. Theres no way I can win, but I go for it, thinking about finally having sex with my girl again, actually getting one of those blowjobs that she gives to the big cocks, and even if I lose, atleast I get to cum. So I stupidly say yes. Of course, she makes me squirt my load in a matter of seconds, and now She owns me for atleast 3 months. So a month and a half in, she gives me another shot... but this time she barely offers anything for winning, maybe just a handjob. And she takes away even more for losing. But I do it again because I need her to own me, and I'm even more desperate than I was the first time.


Its great lol. Your girl only needs to convince you to play the game one time, and as soon as you say yes, you've lost all sex, all freedom to masturbate, all power in the bedroom, all say whatsoever, because its perpetual, and since you're already under her control, she can change the rules at random and do whatever she wants to make sure you never win.











I have systematically been breaking my sissy cuck slut over the last year. He is a former Dom so it is all the more satisfying to force him into a life of degradation and depravity.


Knowing his weaknesses, mainly me acting a complete PVC slut and cuckolding bitch, I created his ultimate fantasy figure and then used his desire against him to break down his will, force him into chastity and then blackmail him into supporting my Hot Wife Bitch lifestyle as I behave like his fantasy slut Goddess in front of him with my studs - Mmmmm!


Well, being a completely depraved kinky Bitch, I never feel satisfied with his suffering and am always on the look out for the next degrading thing to force him into! I think it is time to put him to work on the streets as a full time TV prostitute, that way as his Pimp Mistress, I can then take all his earnings and force him to watch me spend it on buying new super hot and slutty PVC gear to make my studs rock hard with desire for me - I LOVE IT!!!


He can beg as much as he wants, he has no choice in the matter though, as I am blackmailing him and have an ever growing file of compromising pictures and videos - the slut is trapped and he knows I wont hesitate to use what I have against him if he doesn't tow the line - dirty little bitch.









My wife spent the weekend teasing me every chance she got. Friday night when we went to bed, she removed my cage, stripped naked and lay next to me rubbing and caressing me. She let me rub her nipples and kiss her. After 20 minutes of this, she said she was sleepy and put my cage back on. She stayed naked and fell asleep with me playing with her tits.


Saturday morning, she got out of the shower and said the night before had turned her on. She had me lick her pussy to orgasm and said we couldn't have sex because she had just gotten out of the shower and didn't want to get messy again. That evening, she uncaged me and sat on my face and had me lick her pussy and ass to orgasm while she edged me several times. That night she had a date and she brought him home afterward. I sat and watched as he fucked her and came in and on her twice. She removed my cage and made me lick her clean. She edged me a few times with a bullet vibrator in my ass. She put me back in the cage and she sent me to the guest room and we all went to sleep. I woke up the next morning hearing them fucking again.


Her boyfriend left and she spent most of the day completely naked. She knows that makes me incredibly horny. Throughout the day, she had me lick her pussy, her ass, her tits, suck on her toes and give her a massage. I thought I would explode. Last night, we spent an hour with me looking at cuckold and femdom porn and her jerking me off. She must have brought me to the edge 30 or 40 times. We went to bed and she put on her strapon and fucked me. She then put my cage back on. This morning, my balls feel like they have a gallon of cum in them.


White Cuckold







It happens to me regularly that my wife asks her boyfriend to punish me, usually when I've really pissed her off. They do it together. She starts with the paddle until she's tired. Then he ties me down and gives me a caning on the bared bottom, and she eggs him on to spank harder. I'm usually in tears after this, she teases me about crying like a girl, which makes it even more humiliating. She then finishes the punishment herself.


It leaves my buttocks welted and bright red, stinging for the next 2 days. The most embarrasing part of it is that she make me dress in a skirt and panties after being spanked, and then made to blow her boyfriend to express my gratitude for being spanked.


How's that for a not-so-pleasant punishment?









Humiliation idea:

Cuck strips naked and kneels in front of the toilet. He gets an erection and slips his cock under the toilet set so that it is trapped between the rim of the bowl below and the seat above. Hi wife/mistress now sits on the cistern facing him, resting her feet on the toilet lid. If the proportions of the toilet are just right, the cuck should be facing his wife's crotch. The cuck can now try to get himself off by thrusting backwards and forwards. The wife can vary the pleasure/pain by increasing and decreasing the pressure of her feet on the lid. There are many variations you can try - wife dressed or naked; wife ignoring the slave and reading a magazine; cuck with hands tied behind his back; cuck kneeling on sandpaper or rice grains; wife pissing on cuck; cuck straining to reach wife's pussy and lick it. Cuck may or may not be allowed to cum. The beauty of the position is that if he does cum, his semen go where they belong, straight down the toilet.










My wife emailed me this morning saying that she was horny and wanted to fuck me when I got home. Now, it's been about 6 months since I've been allowed to have sex with her. She has gotten fucked regularly in that time, but I've had nothing but my hand. So this was great news to me. I got regular emails from her talking about getting naked and fucking me when I got home. By the time I pulled in the driveway, I was about to explode.


I walked in and she led me upstairs. We got naked and she laid back and spread her legs. She said "you know the rule." She won't touch my dick until I lick her to orgasm. I ate her pussy with enthusiasm and she soon had a huge orgasm. She said that I had done a great job. She went to the bathroom to get my reward. All I wanted was to put my aching dick in her pussy. I knew I would cum in about 10 seconds but I didn't care.


She came out of the bathroom wearing one of her strapon cocks. I figured she wanted to have a little play before we fucked. She had me kneel in front of her and suck her "dick". After a bit of that, she bent me over the bed and started fucking me. When she started talking dirty and saying how she was fucking me, I realized that all day she said she was going to fuck me. She never said it any other way. She tells me that she wants me to cum while she fucks me. My dick was still hard as a rock, so I start to stroke it and of course cum within a minute. She laughed and said I must really enjoy her cock. After she finished I told her that I thought she was wanting me to fuck her. She laughed and said that if she was horny for cock, it certainly wouldn't be my little nub.






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