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There are many cuckold releationships that border on FemDomme lifestyles. Mine is one of them. While my wife is not a "fetish" Domme, she is very domineering. I am pussy whipped. She does not like having sex with me except to allow me to worship her and especially worship her ass. I desperately enjoy doing this as it has become my sex life with her. She enjoys watching me suck cock. It turns her on to watch me service "real" men with functional cocks that are of an adequate size. Sometimes I get to watch her have sex with a real man. I am always required to lick up his cum afterwards.










I dont know if any other cucks have experienced this but after leading the life of a cuckold for several years with my stunning highly sexed wife she decided that she was not getting enough attention / cock by just meeting guys on the odd occassion that we managed to get a night out in town. Unknown to me she called up an escort agency and advertised on a few sites and now the slut is out most nights fucking guys and takes great delight in coming home and waving her earnings in front of me while graphically telling me how he fucked her. She always takes home the used condom and shows me the load that the guy has blown and I have to admit some of them near fill the rubber compared to the tiny amount I seem to fill it with.








Here are a couple of items I do use and are wonderfully humiliating:


I have a electronic picture frame. About 50 of the 300 pics in the rotation are of of my boyfriends/lovers. It's right next to the TV so he has to look at them as they fade in and out of the screen.


I keep an entire drawer of lingerie, in beta's dresser, that I only wear for my lovers. These are garters and stockings, special bra and pantie sets they like to see me in. beta had to purchase them but I never have worn any of the sexy underwear for him. He has seen them on me but only when I have had a date and has help me get ready.


I have a lovely onyx and silver cuckold anklet with a matching bracelet and ring. beta has to wear the same ring on his neck on a little sissy chain. His fingers are really too big to unlock the hasp. So, for people that may, or may not know, I explain why we wear the jewelry we do.


I will slap his face in public. This sends him into head-space immediately and gets some rather surprising looks in the process.


beta traditionally has slept at the foot of our bed. But over the last couple of days, at my boyfriends request I have prepared the bed in the guest room with plastic sheets and pillow cases. beta is not sleeping in the same bedroom with me at the moment. What's worse, he does not like sleeping in a bed that is noisy and uncomfortable simply because my boyfriend suggested it.


If it didn't make him so hard, I might be inclined to agree. I'm afraid I look at his physical responses rather than what he says all the time.


This leads us to what I call our "Question and answer sessions."


I will ask him for example:


if it would be "OK," to go out with my lover and his birthday and stay out all night with him. There is no question that I plan to go to bed with him before I return home.


I place my hand a zipper-level and see if what he says matches what his penis thinks. It has always said, it was OK to go out, on such a special day.











I have a woman my sissy works with coming over tuesday so sissy can make us lunch. This girl is Bisexual so I am hoping to get a little going with her while sissy stands by in lingerie and chastity cage to serve us. She told us innitially about a swingers site and hubby revealed to her we meet with others and I joined. I posted pics of sissy dressed in fem lingerie and clothes, revealed he is in chastity, BIsexual, and never fucks me as I think his cockette is pathetic and disgusts me. This girl has always wanted to sleep with my hubby (I don't know why) and he has always wanted her. I may let sissy fuck her so she can see the real reason I need big cocked lovers who can maintain and erection and fuckfor hours before cuming. I have also asked her to show no mercy on my pathetic little sissy when she comes over for luch tuesday and gave her the okay to humiliate or use sissy for her own enjoyment any time she wishes. I will keep you posted ...










Do any other Bitch wives make your cucks or sissies clean them up after using the toilet? I have sissy on stand by as my personal toilet paper for the whole weekend every weekend, I love the feeling of being so clean serviced this way by a devoted sissy cuck. Sissy never misses a drop! She loves cleanning both and does her lowly duties with an uncanny desire to please me and keep my ass and pussy clean for my lovers....











I once had a wonderful relationship where She would actually shit in my mouth, and what I could not finish I would have to rub into my hair and under my arms and go toil in the yard for the rest of the day, smelling of Her royal waste! It was humiliating but I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! One day when I did not answer Her respectfully enough, SHe went to the bathroom and came back with a nylon stocking which SHe had filled the toe with Her waste. Once in my mouth and tied around my head, I had to stand in the corner for a half hour before She ordered me to go and paint the spare bedroom. I was tasting Her shit for most of the day before I was allowed to take it out and then thank Her for the wonderful opportunity of being so intimate with Her. She howled with laughter when I was thanking Her. Once again, I loved it and my cock was straining at its little plastic prison!










My Wife was laid on the hotel bed at the time talking to a black guy she had arranged to meet on our weekend away. As I listened to one side of their conversation every fibre of my being ached to kiss those gorgeous tiny feet. The thought of slipping my tongue inside her shoe had me almost passing out!

Unfortunately, she had decided that I could have a choice this weekend. I could either give in to her teasing and worship her perfect feet and toes or I could have an orgasm. Said orgasm to be in a manner of her choosing - of course.

If you'd spent the last three weeks in a chastity belt which would you choose?










My wife confessed to me a decade ago that she didn't enjoy penetration with me - something to do with the shape of my penis. I let her decide after that and penetration dropped to a one or twice a year event (for me; we were already cuckolding.) About seven or eight years ago she cut me off for good. Since then her mouth has also gone off limits for my cock and I've even signed papers swearing to never again penetrate the orifices of another person with my little cock.


She does enjoy penetration and giving blow-jobs with her lovers, and she allows me to pleasure her sometimes. She has also allowed me to be penetrated and generally used by others (in chastity, I am not allowed to come while having sex with people) but any possibility of me "topping" is forbidden (even with my blow-up doll husband - I only receive, never penetrate.)


I wish I could tell you that the memory fades and the desire to sink yourself into the warm folds (or to feel her lips wrapped around you) goes away - but so far it doesn't one bit.


For me, I get a deeper thrill from the denial, the degradation, the humiliation of it all - a thrill that gets greater as each year goes by. (Sometimes she teases me about the day years from now when I can no longer get it up and how I'll look back on decades of wasted potential and feel the full burden of my loss!)








My wife no longer wants sex from me, although she will on rare occasions (twice this year so far) have mercy on me and allow penetration, all the while telling me to hurry up. She generally has a bored look while I am making love to her. She does, however, have a boyfriend that she sees regularly. I saw the two of them together once and he is huge, at least 10, perhaps 12 inches! No wonder she looks bored with me now. They have been seeing each other for a few years now and since then I have been moved out of the bedroom completely.


One thing I have found that takes the edge off for me is a device called a "fleshlight". If you have never experienced one, it is well worth it. It feels very close to the real thing, not a perfect substitute, but the closest thing I can have regularly.


My wife & I have discussed the idea of her boyfriend moving in with us. While I cringe at the thought, I would at least get to hear her enjoying sex from time to time and maybe even get to watch. My wife loves the idea of me cleaning her up afterward, which I have done often, but not recently. I have also performed orally for a previous lover of hers and actually enjoyed it! Once, and I have fond memories, she took me with a strap-on while I sucked her lover. It was awesome! But, I also was allowed to penetrate her afterword as well. Now, if we were to repeat the situation, I am not so sure...but I would do it to at least have some kind of sex with her.


Her pleasure is the most important to me.








We purchased a CB6000. I am a cuckold and have been since 2006. My wife got the device not to wear permanently, but she insists I wear it during her dates with Bob. She says it reminds me of my place. When I'm prepping Bob or cleaning up, that chastity belt reminds me that I am a cuckold. I am not allowed too many orgasms, but my wife and Bob have a wonderfully full sex life. When I lick up his milky cum, it reminds we of who I am.

You know when my wife started having the affair, and then began cuckolding me, I had a hard time. However, after over 2 years, I have come to the understanding that with a 31/2 cock, I was born to be a cuckold. I love my wife, and she deserves to have nice things and a full sex life. Bob provides her with gifts I couldn't afford, and I love the look of glee on her face when he shows up. I am her husband but Bob is her lover. So whenever she has me get the CB6000 and puts it on me, I know that she is either going out with him, or he is coming to the house.















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