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Every time my wife goes out with her fuck buddy he does her so long and so hard she's sore for days after and I can't get near her.


By the time she's feeling better, she tells me she needs to save herself for her next date. I never agreed to be cut off when she first told she had a crush on this guy and I agreed to let her have some fun.


After her first few dates she did bring up the fact that he wasn't crazy about sharing her with me or anyone else. She also said something about her being a "one man woman" but I told her to tell him I wasn't going to be cut off. She said okay but now I know she's playing games to keep me out of her as much as possible.


She tries to steer me away from her pussy and does her best to make me cum with a blow job or hand job or foot job. She even sends me links to porn sites in hope of getting me to jerk off. Anything but her pussy. I know I'm being played but I have to admit her efforts to keep me out make me hot.


The other morning when she was still half asleep I pulled her panties aside and slipped in. At first she tried to push me out but pretty soon she gave up and fucked me back like a whore in heat. Later that day she said Roger was pissed at her but didn't say why. They went out a few days later and when she came home that night she had some bruises on her ass. I figure he gave her a hard spanking for having fucked me. Just wondering if other have had the similar experiences.


Mark Pillage







My wife wont even touch my cock to play with it unless it is wrapped in a condom, I hardly get any head, and it has been months since I was permitted to enter her and then she only allowed me for about 3 strokes in her then said I was a pathetic faggot and bored her before walking out of our bedroom as she ordered me back into my CB2000. I am only permitted to cum wearing a condom while pleasuring myself. It has been well over a year since I had an orgasm I havent given myself.....Her pussy and ass is for real men only and they never wear condoms and I am always made to clean up thier mess.....








My wife let me have sex with her last night for the first time in three months. Last time we had sex it only lasted a couple of minutes then I went limp and couldn't get it up again. This time, after three months, I came within a minute of sex. It felt so good I couldn't help myself. I wonder how long it will be before she lets me have another chance.


Right now she has three lovers off and on that I'm aware of and before we had sex she was talking about taking another one, a guy I went to school with.


She usually sleeps with these men while I'm at work and twice a week she'll stay over at there house. I usually don't get home from work till ten at night, so she'll have them come over and leave before I get home. She has sex almost every day and I'm perfectly fine only getting some once in a blue moon. She does tease me though and rubs me on most nights she's home, but rarley lets me cum. I have to do that on my own when she's gone.


Jack Smith








We are very public about my cuckold / sissy status. A few years back I was "married" to my blow-up doll while wearing full gown in front of a number of friends and acquaintances.


I also take trash down to the compacter room and go down to the mailbox in our NYC apartment building in my maid's uniform and have even gone grocery shopping and run other errands (laundromat, dry cleaners, shoe repair, hardware store, to-go food order pick-up, etc.) in uniform.


I am less likely to do such outside errands in uniform these days, it isn't worth the drama. I do sometimes wear t-shirts proclaiming my status (as cuckold, sissy, or bride). These too can be a bit in-you-face, but as we live in lower Manhattan, it is not so out of place.


Of course I regularly serve guests at parties in uniform and have been lent out for serving or cleaning to friends and have more than once had to travel to their places in uniform.







Most of my wife's friends are aware that she fucks other guys because I am small. I find it very exciting being around them and knowing that they know our little secret.


It has actually led to a funny twist. Most of her friends are afraid to leave her alone with their husbands (she has already fucked a few of them anyways) and on the flip side, several of them have expressed to my wife that they are interested in seeing how small I am. She has several pictures of my little dick that she has shown them but a few have insisted that they want to see it in person. The idea of having to expose myself to them and hear their comments about how small I am is extremely exciting to me.







Like many, we were pretty slow to evolve. The better part of a year went by between hubby having the courage to tell me he wanted me to see other guys, to the point where I had my first date. And even then, nothing happened for several weeks as I got to know my new partner and felt my way along whether I'd be destroying my marriage by sleeping with someone new.


Before it was "consummated", hubby was on pins and needles wanting it to happen. I remember getting home from my first date and telling him there was nothing more than a little kissing exchanged...he was like a little kid, disappointed that we didn't land in the sack. During these times, he was in a constant state of arousal - and indeed, to a good degree, that's what gave me confidence to take it further.


Then, "it" happened, and hubby's attitude changed pretty radically. I remember him looking at me with those big puppy dog eyes afterwards asking if I was going to see him again, one part hoping I'd say "yes", another part wanting me to say "no". In retrospect, I think the *second* time was much, much more difficult for him to get his head around.


We talked a lot and worked our way through it, but I think a lot of you guys should be thinking about what happens after that first time and deciding whether you can handle your wife entering into some sort of steady thing. In our experience, that's when the reality hit home full force.









Keywords being "vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience", this should be right up the alley of many a cuckold hubby and dominant wife. Control him financially. Control him sexually. Just plain control him by making him obey you.


He will be the monk in your temple, dedicating his life to worshipping you. The fruits of his labour will be sacrificed for your pleasure. His sexual relief granted by your benevolence only. He will bend to your will.


As a token of his dedication to you, after making his vows he will create a tonsure on his head as a sign of servitude to his Goddess. Is it your wish to keep his devotion to you hidden from the world, make him buy a wig, to reveal his tonsure only at appropriate times. If not, he will obey your wish to flaunt his submission to you to the world.



Make sure to test his obedience to you by presenting him with onerous tasks. Make him take a Vow of Silence for a given period of time; and make him uphold that vow while being brutally punished by a big strap-on!

Remember, his submission to you will be worth more for him if you make him struggle.










My wife is out on her "date" as I write, she has been with her boyfriend for exactly 5 hours and 40 minutes ( not that Im counting


She has sent an SMS to me twice during the time, each time telling me that she was now in the bathroom letting his sperm drip from her into the small container that she always brings with her.....SO !....he has come twice into her.....wonderful ! Im soooo excited and cant sit still !


Tonight when she comes home ( if she comes home) I know I will only be allowed to wank myself over her sexy feet and then lick it up..or she will give me a pair of her dirty white ankle socks and watch me wank myself to orgasm as I smell them...either way it will be heaven ( I am not allowed inside of her anymore )....the whole time she will be telling me how much better he is and what a pathetic sissy wimp I am.








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