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Dear Desire presents,


I thought you and the readers may be interested in one of our adventures in domination, submission, feminization and humiliation.

I have feminized and dominated my husband since before we married almost 30 years ago.

I  ordered Sarah to write an account of one of our adventures to a friend of mine and thought it was too good for only one pair of eyes, hence sending you a copy. So here she is.





The evening in question was at a birthday party for a good friends brother, at the Hammersmith Palais in the mid nineties. So we had arranged to stay at the party host's Shepherds Bush flat. Celia our good friend cried off at the last minute which really disappointed us as she is fully aware of our relationship and is one of the few people to have seen me in my maids dress. Anyway, another of our long time friends, who lives near Brighton was also meeting us there. Martin is also aware that we have a D/s relationship.


I knew that Mistress had something special in mind as she dressed me for the party.


I was laced into an extremely tight black corset, black seamed stockings were added. the bra was slightly padded, also black. Unusually my chastity cage was removed and I was put into a restrainer, that is used for cbt. My balls are seperated by a t strap and this attaches to a small corset that laces very tightly around my sissy stick. lastly a rubber sphere, filled on the inside with rubber spikes is fitted over what sticks out, if you get my drift. The effect of this is that if I get even slightly turned on, my glans swells much more than usual. The tight lacing and severely separated balls are specifically designed to cause this effect in other words, to cause maximum pain if I get excited.


Over this, went a pair of very full, double lined silk panties, covered in row after row of long frills. Outer wear was little better, a white silk blouse/shirt and black, boot cut, silk trousers. Black patent loafers with 2 and a half inch heels and of course, no socks. Lastly I was lightly and subtly made up. I also wore a necklace with a pendant saying 'slave' on it.


I looked in the mirror and was horrified to see that my corset and bra were very visible, beneath my blouse.

There was also a noticable bulge in the slacks and one could see that something was filling the seat of them out.

I began to be very nervous indeed.


To his credit Martin did not laugh at me, only saying that I looked nice.

Mistress wore a red silk dress with a very flirty, flared skirt. she also wore stockings and incredibly high scarlet heels.

Anyway, we took a cab to the venue, it was dark, fortunately. We greeted our host and were quite surprised to find there were literally 200 people there. I breathed a sigh of relief, I hoped I would not stand out too much.


We were really enjoying the party, good music and a very lively crowd. Mistress and Martin were enjoying their drinks, although I was only allowed orange juice and lemonade. We took a pill each and really got into the night. Mistress had not allowed me to sit, only kneel next to her at our table. a group of much younger girls kept looking our way and giggling.


Mistress sent me to the bar, to replenish our drinks and when I returned, she and Martin were snogging. I knelt obediently, at Mistress's side and tried to breathe.

The kiss ended and Martin asked Mistress, if I minded. She turned and ordered, 'tell him you don't mind'.

He looked at me, a question in his eyes. I nodded and swallowed hard.

Mistress reached out and slapped my face, hard. ' I said tell him'. She snapped.

' I would be very pleased if you would give Carol pleasure. I am not important. Mistress can do as she pleases.'.

Martin needed no further  reassurance and they kissed again.


The MC announced that the headline band, Eat Static, were coming on and Mistress pulled Martin to his feet and said to me.

'We are going down the front to dance. You may sit in my seat and make sure that you keep our table. Oh! And if anyone asks to sit here, they can, until your Mistress returns, you are ordered to use those words and answer truthfully any further enquiry. Do you understand slave.'

Yes Mistress.' I replied.

'Good you may kiss my feet and we will see you later, be good.'

Still on my knees, I bent and kissed her feet.


I had been sat at the table,for a few minutes, my aching knees recovering slowly when the group of girls approached me.

'Do you mind if we sit here?' One asked.

'You may sit there until my Mistress returns' I said.


Of course that opened the floodgates. I was asked many questions, was Mistress my wife, Yes. Was Martin her boyfriend, for this evening, yes and on and on. I found myself explaining my feminization, of course they could see the corset and bra, they confirmed the stockings and panties by feeling around me and eventually noticed the make up. They asked if I liked it when Mistress had slapped my face, if I was jealous of her and Martin, if I enjoyed being dressed as a woman, if I wore dresses too. They questioned me for over an hour. I had been told by Mistress to tell the truth, so I did. One of the girls, a beautiful redhead in a black mini dress was intrigued that I had to wear dresses and asked if I wore a maids dress. I explained that I was only allowed feminine clothing at home and that I wore one of my maids dresses most of the time. Of course my sissy stick was throbbing and the spikes really dug in. The redhead noticed me wriggling and wincing and asked what was hurting. I explained that my bits were in bondage and that it was designed to punish me if I became excited. She laughed and immediately felt around my crotch, she took her time and took great pleasure in feeling my sissy stick jump as she did so. They pulled up the legs of my slacks next, admiring my stockings and girls shoes.


The redhead asked if  my nails had varnish on them. I confirmed that they did. Of course they had to inspect these too. ‘oh what pretty pink polish they exclaimed. Well of course they inspected my hands and were dismayed to see no colour there only clear polish. The redhead said ‘we will soon fix that’ and delved in her bag, producing a bottle of pink varnish. ‘please don’t I begged.’. Do as I say or I will go and get your Mistress’ she threatened. Not at all sure that Mistress would object, I capitulated. In very short order my hands were also adorned with pink nail polish. I was ordered to recount some of the things that Mistres does to me, including my chastity, her use of bondage and her regular use of her whip for transgressions. The redhead sat beside me and stroking my crutch and stocking tops asked me about Martin and how I could possibly be Ok with Mistress flaunting a boyfriend in public. I explained that Mistress had an absolute right to have sex with who she wished, whenever she wished. I told them of her penchant for women and that I had been happy to serve her and numerous girlfriends over the years. That one had seen me many times dressed in a very frilly maids uniform and had even whipped me herself. Mistress likes to keep me locked up for long periods and needs sexual satisfaction from other men occasionally and that I was very happy for this to happen as it gave us both lots of pleasure.


Eventually Mistress and Martin returned and the girls were all over Mistress, with compliments and kisses, congratulating her on how well trained I was and confirming lots of the things I had recounted. The redheaded girl showed them my newly painted nails and recounted my reluctance to have them done.


Mistress was not pleased and ordered me to my knees and slapped my face twice, reminding me that ALL women were my superiors. She then ordered me to kiss the redhead’s feet and beg forgiveness. The girl whispered something to Mistress and Mistress said be my guest. Redhead then slapped me, quite hard too. ‘ say thak you for your pretty nails slave.’


I was shocked but managed to stammer a thank you. Mistress then sent me to the bar.


After a couple more rounds of drinks, with me returning to kneeling at her side as she chatted to the gilrs. Mistress decided that we would go back to the flat.


When we were in I fixed the drinks and while I was in the kitchen, Mistress came in and said. ' You are to take the drinks in and then curtsy to Martin and ask him to please fuck your wife.' What could I do.but obey?

I took the drinks in and Mistress was sat on Martin's knee, they were kissing again and I noticed that he had his hand up her skirt.

I stood, obediently waiting. It was some time.

Eventually, Mistress said. 'Martin, my slave has a request.' She nodded to me.

I gripped the seams of my slacks and bobbed a curtsy. ' Martin would you please be kind enough to fuck Carol. I am currently in chastity and cannot satisfy her needs. I am sure you will enjoy her as she is quite sensational. would you please. Fuck my wife?'

'Yes, of course. Are you sure you won't mind?'

'Mistress is obviously very randy and it would be a sin for that to be unfulfilled, so no I do not mind and ask again, will you please make love to my wife?'

'Right, Sarah.' Said Carol, using my fem name in front of Martin for the first time. 'Time to make you uncomfortable.'

She took me through to the bedroom and told me to remove my trousers, shoes and blouse. Then lay on the bed.


She tied my hands to each side of the headboard and then my ankles to the bottom legs. My panties were pulled down a bit and the wicked restrainer was removed, although the t strap was left on. She removed her soaking wet panties and rolled them into a ball. stuffing them into my mouth. warning me not to spit them out. She kissed my forehead and left me bound.


For the next two hours I could hear them making love in the other room. Mistress must have come half a dozen times.


Mistress came into the room and removed my gag. I knew what was coming next. As she climbed onto the bed, I just glimpsed a naked Martin standing in the doorway.

Mistress lowered her swollen come filled pussy onto my mouth and I began to clean my friends spunk from her. I heard Mistress say to him. 'Look at his cock Do you need any more proof that he loves me to treat him like this.' to my shame, I was rock hard and sucking cream from her with gusto.


I was intensely humiliated but that just added to my pleasure and of course that of my divine Mistress

to his credit, Martin has never mentioned the evening since but I know that he has fucked her many times since.


Thanks for reading. Sarah x





There you go.

What sarah didn’t know, was that Martin and I stood back watching her being teased and questioned by the group of girls for about half an hour. To see my lovely husband squirming in her seat as she was mercilessly teased and tormented.

My knickers were soaking and if I thought I could have got away with it, I would have sat on her face then and there in the club.

I hoped you enjoyed that. I know I did, that ranks in the top ten of our many adventures.

Let me know what you think and if you would like to hear more.


Love and kisses. Carol





©  Real Cuckold



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