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My Wife's Slave






I am my wifes slave and no-one elses, my wife has control of our sex life and is free to have casual sex with anyone she chooses whilst I am hers alone. She does not include other men in our liasons and in return I worship her feet.


I do all the housework, cooking, go out to work to earn us a living and I am at her beck and call. During sex there is only one thing she considers and that is her own satisfaction, there is also only one thing I consider and, unsurprisingly, it is her satisfaction. My wife’s orgasms are the most important thing in the world to me, whether they be induced by me, or someone else because I know that it is how she most receiveves satisfaction. She is my Goddess and I am completeley devoted to her, even if she is not completeley devoted to me. She is a kind Mistress, she often lets me voice my opinions and doesn't punish me unless I truly deserve it. Sometimes, when my punishment is denial of orgasm, she will relent before the full term of denial is complete, but I have to be really, really good to receive that leniency. When I have done something wrong and deserve punishment I accept it without question, even if my Mistress makes a mistake and punishes me unnecessarily (glad she won’t be reading this, even hinting that she may sometimes have a lapse of misjudgement is a punishable offence) I accept it like a good sub would. When i feel the sting of a riding crop on my ass I feel absolved because I know I am paying for the sin of letting down my Mistress.







My wife threatened to leave me this weekend, and I begged her to stay because I am nothing without her. She agreed to stay under the condition that I must do whatever she says without question. Monday, she began to lay down the rules of the house to me. First, all my money goes into our joint account. Moreover, she has a separate account to which I have no access. Second,  I have to bring her refreshments when she snaps her fingers. Third, when she tells me to shut up I must relent in the conversation. Third, she is in total control in the bedroom, but I am lucky because she makes sure that I enjoy it too. However, now she makes me do things that are degrading. She now sits on my face, so my nose is pressed against her anus. She also makes me sniff and lick her tight, red butthole. I have to go to sleep with my face pressed against her butt with my nose between her buttcheeks. And no matter if she farts, I am not allowed to move unless I do so in my sleep. She has assured me that this is just the beginning. I am somewhat afraid because she can really be cruel. Please, tell me; how bad can it get?







I had a married girl friend and we would fuck in front of her husband (which I loved!!). As a little show of dominance, she would have hubby slurp her urine out of toilet and I would watch. Frankly, it turned me on like it did her….LOL! I would get hard in an instant. Finally, she had him slurp OUR urine out of the bowl. I would splash piss on the rim and she would have him lick that off too. It made our sex even hotter!










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