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 Just back from a trip home to UK. My wife lives in Dublin, while I am woking over seas.


She is a beautiful brunette 38years, long hair, olive skin, superb figure and sensational legs.


Discovered some extremely erotic text messages on her phone from 2 of her co-workers Martin and Pat, one of whom is her boss.


Even checked the sent messages to find she had requested them come over for dirty group sex, and had called to one of the guys in a hotel for a champagne evening and sex. He thanked her by text the following morning!


I noticed she had deleted them all the following day, when I checked again.


There was exciting new nylons, bra's and panties in her knicker drawer. There was even a ridiculously short leather mini skirt and thick belt.


She always wears short skirts and nylons, hi heeled pumps or knee high leather boots to work. I know it would be such a turn on for her co-workers.


I was so shocked to discover those perverted bastards were double fucking my wife.


I finally confronted her when I discovered 8 condoms in a bag in our bedside table. I was furious but shocked at my excited cock getting hard in my pants.


She actually laughed and told me the condoms were for me in the event she let me fuck her - which she didn't the whole week. She added that Martin and Pat do not wear any when they screw her - thye are allowed to go bareback.


I am ashamed to admit I just pumelled the inside of my boxers with 3 hot spurts of cum when she said that.


She looked at me in disgust as she watched the dark stain spread and said that was all I was fit for.


The sexy humiliation of it all!


I am back at work now. I stole a pair of her pantyhose and panties to toss myself off in bed thinking about what she is up to at home.


What a complete denied silly cuckold I am, but how I love her!







It will be 2 years in August since i last had intercourse. i'm so small that i am barely able to penetrate my Wife and can only last a minute or two, at best. After that i either cum or just lose my erection without cumming. Obviously this does NOTHING for Wife. She hasn't specifically said so but i doubt that She intends to bother with intercourse with me again. She has real men in Her life, of course. In fact She is at a hotel with one of them right now as i type this. This particular guy only gets into the area about once a year ( on business ). They always get together at his hotel and fuck each other's brains out. Once She let me listen to them on the phone as they fucked. But not this year, unfortunately.


This will be the third different guy in three consecutive nights for Wife. And all three are well hung and great lovers so Wife should be in a good and benevolent mood for at least a couple of days - and this works to my benefit of course. At times when Wife is horny and frustrated She tends to take it out on me a little bit. That's Her right, of course. But we're both happier when She is sexually satisfied. i can give Wife good orgasms with my tongue, and She praises me for it. But we both know that even a very talented tongue just isn't the equal of a big hard cock.


As for masturbation, Wife does allow me to do that occasionally. In fact just last week She actually brought me off with Her own hand (which is a rarity) as we lay side by side in bed. That was my first orgasm in three months. It completely soaked the hem of my nighty with my cum, and was WONDERFUL. i love my Wife!!!



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My wife has forbidden entrance to her now for over 3 months, She made me beg her to keep faithful to her boyfriend (she wanked me and kept me excited until I said it ) I saw this as taking advantage of my "weak situation". However I loved it, and did beg her to keep herself faithful to her boyfriend (which she now enforces to 100% ).


She has mentioned both 6 months and a at the moment I dont know how long it will be, although I am hoping for a year ( even though its killing me and I desire her so very much,its a sexy, hurtful nice torture ).

I get to wank over her feet or dirty socks and thats all.










Since we have been in this lifestyle, it has been my husband's responsibility to keep my purse and nightstand stocked with condoms. Until last Friday, he did a commendable job in this duty.


Friday night, my date and I had enjoyed our dinner and had rented a room a local hotel for the night. As things got rolling, I went to my purse to get him a condom. There wasn't one there!!! I thought about going without, but this boyfriend doesn't like to fuck me again when I have cum spilling out. I wanted more than one session, so I just gave him a blowjob. Then, I called my husband at home and made him drive to the hotel to bring us some supplies.


My husband really hates it when I spank him in front of a boyfriend, but I saw no alternative in the situation.


This is the lame excuse he came up with. He knew there were two condoms in my purse when I left for work Friday morning. He also knew I was going to visit another boyfriend in his office over lunch. I mentioned that the other boyfriend had a client in his office when I got there. My husband assumed from that statement that I hadn't had an opportunity to use either of the condoms. Don't you think he should know me well enough by now to know that the client would simply use the second one?










My wife goes out with her slutty friends on some weekend nights. I ALWAYS make sure she has a good supply of condoms in her purse. Sometimes they pick up several guys and I always want to make sure she is well prepared to take them all on if she wants to. By having at least one of the girl friends in on the arrangement she (and I) feel it's safer for the girls this way. Most times it's two or three girls (including my wife) and the same number of guys, but sometimes it's been just two girls and 4 guys. Good thing I put enough condoms in her purse, as some of the guys wanted seconds! A good cuck husband always makes sure his wife is well supplied! There's no forgiveness and he should be made to raise an interracial baby if he keeps messing up!








Safe sex is the best way to go. The use of condoms has it’s own rewards. The wife can bring them home as gift showing her husband she was thinking of him. I enjoy the responsibility making sure that she had an ample supply of condom at home and in her purse.


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I am thankful that Libby chooses to cuckold me regularly. It is now understood that this will continue to be part of our femdom marriage. I know I am a pathetic excuse for a man, and I don't deserve to feel pussy on my cock when I need to cum.


Every man she has slept with is more deserving than I, and I deserved tasting all of them inside her. I have now eaten four other men's cum from my wife's pussy over the last year, and three of the men had multiple encounters with Libby, while one man was a one time thing. I was a little dissapointed that he had no repeat performances. He was 6'4" with a huge cock and he came so much; I've never seen her pussy so cum-filled and messy before that day.


creampie for cuckold husband


There is nothing more powerful than the feelings I get when I am under her, cleaning her, eating another man's cum from her. I couldn't even get hard for her pussy after the feelings took over. Libby has made me understand that she wants my pathetic cock hard enough for her to slide her fucked pussy up and down it; she says I deserve to have another man's cum on my cock as well as in my mouth.


I have been able to overcome my feelings of inadequacy and do this for her. Now my cock stands up nice and stiff for her when she wants to cover it with another man's cum. This doesn't mean I'm allowed release as I am to stay hard for her, but no cumming. Whenever I do have sex with Libby, I have to eat my own cum from her immediately afterwards. This was a bit of a chore in the beginnining, but now I am used to it and have no problem with clean-up. The fuzzy feeling that cum leaves in the back of my throat is how I know that I just swallowed sperm. I have eaten a lot of cum, and I expect that I will eat a lot more in the future.


Libby's Sissy








I was the one that suggested my girlfriend get sex from another man as I couldn't satisfy her completely most times as she has a very high sex drive. I had been cleaning her up after having sex with her and also to get her off orally. When she asked me if I'd like her to have sex with someone else, I showed her that my dick was hard and that I also wanted her to have bareback sex and let him cum in her for me to clean up. The first time she did was so hot as she fucked him in our bed while I waited in another room. By the time she came to see me, it was running down her legs. I loved licking her clean and she giggled that it was turning her on to see me enjoy licking her clean. I was hooked on cleaning her up and practically begged her to fuck him more and let me have the creampies to clean up.


She eventually had even bigger cocked lovers and I cleaned up their creampies too. Even though we talked about it, and it turned her on to talk about, she never did have me clean their cocks or let me be present while she fucked them. She just let me clean her up after. It finally got to a point that she only let me have sex with her after I'd cleaned her up first. Of course, that only made it hotter for me to know that I had to clean her up first as a reward to put my smaller dick into her and feel how stretched out and slippery she was. Man, I love that taste and feeling!







One of the most erotic experiences a cockold can have is to be sitting on the floor while his wife and her boyfriend make out. It is hubby's job to strip both of them while they kiss. Hubby must then orally prepare both for their lovemaking. He then gets a ring side seat while they make love. Of course his reward is to orally clean both afterwards.







I have two long term lovers who fuck me regularly and sleep over. Hubby gets the privaliege of preparing them and cleaning up afterwards. They don't use condoms but if I trust them to fuck me without one and cum inside me I trust its fine for hubby to swallow it all down. When its the wrong time of my cycle he even gets used by them for release. He says he enjoys the experiences and its very humbling for him but turns him on because he can see I enjoy it so much.









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