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The past few years, I've had the very strong urge to cheat on my husband. We love each other very much, but for some reason having sex with someone else turns me on totally, makes me feel sexier. My husband is great, but I have the urge to find better and tell him about it. I told him I was planning on cheating on him and, while he said he got hurt, he also got totally turned on. It was a "good" hurt he said. I suggested the following changes to our sex life:



1) I can deny him as long as I want. No orgasm without my say so and with me only.



2) I can demand sex with him whenever I want, and I can have sex with whomever I want, wherever I want. Regarding the latter, it's none of his business and he can ask no questions.



3) If he whines or complains when I go out (Where am I going? Who am I meeting? Where were you?), I can deny him longer.



We both agree this is very exciting. He told me he enjoys the fact that I'm honest with him. It also turns him on that I want to find someone better than him. When I told him I'd planned on cheating on him and lightly giggled, I could tell he was hurt. But he said he loved it and I found I loved relishing in his humiliation! I often wear boots (his favorite) and smoke (another favorite fetish of his) and he said it drives him insane when I tell him I am going out somewhere and he can't ask.



This is so much fun for me and spicy. I've never felt sexier or stronger.






My husband and I are into FemDom for more than nine years now, and we

deeply love each other. About one year ago he told my about his desire to be cuckolded. My first reaction was that I wouldn't take the chance to lose him and I didn't want it. But since I read your thoughts on the subject a few months ago, we talked about it again.



My husband said that it would be his ultimate proof of submission to me and that he has been thinking about it for many years. He said that he really needed to see me having great pleasure with other men, while I'm denying him all sexual pleasure. I think I am beginning to understand what he means. The thought of having sex with other men in front of him to humiliate him is becoming very appealing to me. But I love my husband and I don't want to lose him. So I want to do things the right way.






I have positive views on cuckoldry as a tool for achieving genuine female control. It is my belief that patriarchy is based as much on the territorial instincts of the male as on simple brute strength. This instinct produces the mindset which includes exclusive rights to females as part of the male's territory and possessions.



In my experience, knowing that my wife is involved sexually with other males has done wonders for my submissive mindset. Our relationship had reached the point where she knew that I was prepared to go deeper into subspace, and she announced her intentions to take lovers. I rebelled initially, but she made it clear that I had no say in the matter. After her first extramarital experience she was excited and radiant. I came to realize that her affairs were a source of great pleasure for her and that she delighted in telling me the details. A few of her lovers exhibited submissive tendencies, and she has rewarded me by bringing them home and dominating me with them.



I have totally overcome my jealousies and have never been happier in service to her. In short, our female domination experience moved from occasional bedroom games to a more pervasive lifestyle. I'm thrilled to be her cuckold, and I recommend that other women utilize this important tool.  




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