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I have a favorite bull. He doesn't have the big cock that I crave, but he has lots of cum and is willing to do anything I want now, and in the future.


I was tired, not having gotten much sleep the past two nights due to family obligations, but I wanted a good fuck, so I asked him over.


I laid back on the bed while he was in the bathroom freshening up from his long drive. When he came back to the bedroom, he was halfway disrobed and had that look in his eye when he saw me laying on the bed, my pussy lips playfully saying, "come lick me!"


He obliged. I turned on a recorder because I want Tomy to hear how much I enjoy myself.


Oh... he was so good with his tongue! Lightly, feather-like, rolling the tip of his tongue over my clit and down one side of my pussy lips, when he got to the bottom, digging in to catch the moisture I was already quenching! The way he was leaning across the bed (which is high), my foot was next to his cock and I rubbed it hard. He liked it, rubbing his balls and cock against my toes, stiffening and dry humping against it, getting more excited.


I came. Wonderfuly orgasm with his tongue deep in my pussy... he licked up the juice.


I recovered while he slowly licked my clit. Then I told him I needed to be fucked, and hard.


He knelt in front of me. I put my legs on his shoulder. Oh, it felt so good to have a stiff cock enter my already engorged pussy and start thrusting!


I cum easily and I can cum many times, but I wanted to make this last. I wanted a lot of fucking!


I asked him about a female friend he's mentioned. I am not bisexual, but I will play that way. Nothing like licking a pussy while you're being fucked, or licking a cock that has penetrated another woman's pussy... yum!


And, I wondered, so I asked... would you put your cock in my hubby's mouth? He said yes! I know Tomy won't like it, but he'll do it because he knows I realllllllly want him to do it. I want to see hips wrapped around a nice stiff cock and listen to him gag as his mouth get fucked.


Well, that made me cum again! hehe

My bull partner had to slow down.... so he pulled out before I recovered and laid back down on the bed.


I started licking off the pussy juice. I love to roll my tongue around the top and dig into the hole, getting any precum possibly left there... then I lick up the sides, the balls, and head straight into sucking top to bottom. I love a stiff and eager cock and we had been fucking and playing for long enough... he was ready to let it out.


I wanted it from behind, but laid back on my back and raised my legs again... it felt so good before and I wanted the cum deep inside of me, and wanted to take pictures.


I came twice before he did! Nothing like feeling a throbbing cock that wants to burst as it gets faster and hotter, and all the while my pussy is raising up inside and begging for the sticky liquid to fill me up!


I hope I don't get pregnant. I like it deep so I raise my hips tight against my bulls so I get every precious inch of their delicious cocks. Because I cum so easily, you know those sneaky little guys will swim right up my pussy!


Then I had the bull do a video. Hadn't tried that before... SO FINE!

Cum dripping out of my worn-out pussy... I contract and it drips out more, running down my bottom... then I finger in and pull some out, teasing my hubby later with him knowing he doesn't get to clean up this time. This fuck was for me. Maybe next time he'll get the cum directly in his mouth! Serves him right. Sissy cuck. Needs a better cock.


When hubby is home tomorrow, I'm going to have him listen to the tape, and then watch the video.


For now, I'm going to call him on the phone. I'm telling him a bedtime story. It will torment him... craving his creampie dessert that he missed.....










My wife and I have been playing cuckold games for several years and recently there has been a lull in the action. She sort of lost interest for a while. About two month ago I mentioned to her that I would like to be cuckolded some more and maybe even be more extreme, thinking that maybe that may revive her interest.


Two weeks ago we had a great night of sex where we both came really hard. Normally after sex like that we fall fast asleep in each others arms, but that night she said in a very sexy voice “ Harry will you lick my pussy clean and lick me to another orgasm”. I was really tired and of course don’t find cum to appealing right after I cum. “I really want you to and I have a surprise for you when you’re done”. How could I refuse the only way to get the surprise was to eat my cum out of her and lick that beautiful pussy to another orgasm.


I hadn’t cum for a few days and left quite a large amount in her. I did as she asked; I cleaned up every last drop and spent a long time licking and teasing her clit. Most times when I’m doing this she reads stories in Penthouse letters. Not tonight. She moaned said things I couldn’t understand and seemed to be concentrating on something really hard. At least an hour later she exploded into one of the strongest orgasms I can remember in a long time.


Well by this time I was rock hard and ready for round two. She stood up and said “no you can’t fuck me again. Remember I said I have a surprise for you” and she left the bedroom. When she returned she was carrying a shopping bag. I just lay in bed with my hard dick and stared at her sexy body and especially her hott hott shaved pussy which I really wanted. She set on the bed beside me and said” remember how you said a while ago that you wanted to start being cuckold again and you even wanted to kick it up a notch”. I did remember and her saying that made my dick even harder.


“Well tonight I am going to start fulfilling your wish”. With that statement she removed an ice cold wash cloth from the bag and started rubbing my cock. At the same time she held ice cubes in her other hand and rubbed them against my balls. I tried to protest but she said “now Harry, please do this for me. This is the beginning of your new cuckold life. I really want you to do this for me”. How could I resist. I had asked her for this and somehow she saw this as this way to start.


Eventually my dick got soft and returned to its normal placid size. She then pulled a CB2000 from the bag, locked my dick in it and left the room with the key.


”That will keep your little dick nice and safe. It will be locked up for a while so get used to it”.


”How long” I asked?

“That depends on some things that you really have no control over. Now I’m really tired so let’s go to sleep”.


I had a very hard time falling asleep.


The next night when we went to bed my wife said “last night as you licked you’re cum from my pussy I was fantasying about a couple of guys I met and have been talking to on the phone. They are both very good looking and have longer, thicker dicks then you. I have decided to start dating both of them and we will see where it goes. Honey you don’t mind do you?”


This actually made me quite excited and I was happy for her.


“Harry you know I love you and only want to make you happy and from what you’ve told me I think this will make you happy”


My emotions were conflicting. Yes on one hand the idea of her being with another man really excited me but how did that affect my sex life with her. My dick had been in a cage for 24 hours and it needed her, badly!


”Tell me Harry would you like it if I started seeing other men on a regular basis?”


“Well …yes I would, but”


“Great it’s settled” she broke in. “I am going to call Carl and you can get started licking my pussy”.



She talked to Carl for a long time as they planed their date for the upcoming Friday night. The combination of my licking her and talking to Carl brought her to several orgasms.


We fell asleep in each others arms. Her with her pussy nicely satisfied and me with my dick straining at the cage.








When my wife enjoys her boyfriends:

I feel overwhelming Pride, jealousy, desire, love. My little penis is rock hard every time. I feel almost a queezy feeling in the pit of my stomach, almost to the point of being sick, but enjoyable. I at times almost feel what my wife is feeling. As long as the guy is good and my wife is loving it, I feel complete enjoyment that my wife can be pleased so much and I can be at least a part of it, when I know I could never do it by myself. All the emotions are more intense than anything in life by far. I feel extreame pain but enjoyable pain from the jealousy. I feel like I want the experience to never ever end, but then when they are finally through and I'm able to be with my wife, I feel stronger love and passion and desire than any other time in my life. Finally after we're done and falling off to sleep the feeling changes to complete and utter satisfaction. Nothing in the world like it.


Then after the first few times she did it, I was jealous for days and at times extreamly sad then extreamly turned on. The very first time this was so intense I was in tears for hours the next morning, absolutely certain there was no way she could stay with me after being so satisfied by someone else. The first time is very very extream. If you've never done it, be carefull. It was VERY hard to control my emotions, but most of this has gone away now that she has enjoyed it many times and I know she isn't going to leave me, but the parts above are still there, and I suspect will continue to be. Just be sure your relationship is strong to start with, the jealousy can be overwhelming at times.








I wanted secretly another man to fuck my wife from the beginning of our relationship. When I realized that it happened my first reaction was anger. But I started to jerk off instantly and it was much more exciting than a normal fucking with my wife. At the first period sometimes a great wave of anger flood me but I knew that it was my wish too and I was lucky to find a woman who did that. Soon I accepted my state as cuckold and developed our relationship to that direction what both of us enjoyed.

Unfortunately my wife and her lover breaked up and I'm working to move us to our cuckold lifestyle.

I loved the thought that another man's semen is in my wife's pussy. I secretly wanted him to make my wife pregnant. I loved to hel her to get ready. I loved my first creampie. I loved to watch her having a lover.








You always end up at least admiring the cock that ends up in your wife. It's a natural progression from giving your wife's pussy to the guy. Now it's HIS pussy to fuck and you have to know that it must be a great cock or it wouldn't be in there. Your wife likes it in there and if it's good enough for her then it's good enough for you. You end up thinking that you should experience at least some of what your wife is experiencing, so you start to fantasize about sucking it the same as your wife has done so many times. You already swallow his cum when it leaks out of your wife, so why not suck it and get it directly?


Then you talk it over with your wife, and she agrees that it would be fine with her as long as you don't get addicted to sucking cocks. But you only want to suck this one anyway, so arrangements are made.


The day comes and your wife and her lover sit on the couch, completely naked. You kneel before the guy and begin to suck his dick. Your wife is kissing the guy on the mouth and jacking him at the base of his cock while your head bobs up and down on the penis that has penetrated your wife so many times. After about 15 minutes he moans and starts to cum, releasing big streams of jizz into your mouth. It tastes very familiar to you and you swallow. You clean up any that dripped down the side of his cock.


Your wife smiles at you. The guy gets up and heads for the shower. Your wife spreads her legs now. You have to eat her now because she's turned on by the fact that her lover just squirted his cum into her husband's mouth. You lick her clit and she cums quickly. Moments later she gets up to join her lover in the shower. You watch her hot body walk away. You feel completely humiliated, but happy. You stroke your cock and cum in about 5 seconds.


Later, you all go together to get some dinner like nothing's happened. But you play it all over and over in your mind and you agree with your wife that the guy's dick is the greatest thing in the world.


After some time, you end up being the lover's regular cocksucker while your wife is on her period.


Been there. Done that.

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