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She has been planning her date with her boyfriend for a few days. The plan was that she would meet him tonight and be his whore. Well she just text me and told me she was to drunk to drive. I text her back and told her to stay there for the night and then come home in the morning. I was soo looking forward to a juicy creampie tonight. And I am wearing a CB6000 that I thought I might be released from when she got home. it is going to be a long night.


Before she left I emailed her from work this afternoon and told her to have a good time. I told her just how much I enjoyed her cuckolding me. I went on to say how excited I got thinking of him kissing her, rubbing her ass, and fucking her. I told her how I know that she needed his cock. I know he fucks her long and strong. I only last two minutes max when I fuck her.


Well she just called my cell and placed the phone down. I could not make out the words they were saying untill she started screaming for him to fuck her harder. It went on for at leat 25 minutes. I could clearly make out the sound of her ass getting smacked every now and then and I know he was doing her dogging cause of the rythmic slapping. My wife is not very religous but she was definatley calling out for God.


After they calmed down I heard them laughing and then the phone went dead. All I could do was text her back "thank you".



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